The Afterlives of Monuments

Author : Deborah Cherry
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This book was published as a special issue of South Asian Studies.

The Afterlives of Walter Scott

Author : Ann Rigney
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This book explores how works like Waverley, Ivanhoe, and Rob Roy percolated into all aspects of cultural and social life in the nineteenth century, and how his work continues to resonate into the present day even if Scott is no longer ...

The Afterlives of Roland Barthes

Author : Neil Badmington
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For me, the Monument is not the durable, the eternal (my doctrine is too
profoundly Everything passes: tombs die too), it is an act, an action, an activity
that brings recognition.61 A certain distance arises between Barthes and
Mallarmé at this ...

The Afterlife of John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Author : Michael J. Hogan
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He had never designed a memorial gravesite. His first effort would face intense
scrutiny from professional architects and art critics, and would be supervised by a
demanding widow who had a clear vision of how she wanted her husband ...

Memory History Nation

Author : Katharine Hodgkin
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THE. AFTERLIFE. OF. ITS. MONUMENTS. Making and marketing the past in
Budapest's Statue Park Museum Maya ... Park Museum (Szoborpark Mtizeum)
fails to capture any image of a statue or monument that does not include houses,

The Afterlife of Greek and Roman Sculpture

Author : Troels M Kristensen
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A landmark volume on the uses and reuses of statuary in late antiquity.

The Afterlife of Little Women

Author : Beverly Lyon Clark
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The physical monument ... anticipates some of what Amy Kaplan would find
characteristic of late-nineteenth-century local-color fiction, which embodies both
Housing the Alcotts and the Marches Illustration by E. H. 24 the afterlife of little

The Afterlife of Inscriptions

Author : Alison Cooley
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21 Gibson worked in this spirit of Hellenism and examples of other funerary
monuments display his absorption of Greek art similar to that seen in the
memorial to Emily Robinson ( see the monuments to William Earle , Fig . 10 . 6 ,
and the ...

The Partitions of Memory

Author : Suvir Kaul
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An exploration of representation, memory, and Partition in contemporary life in India and Pakistan.

The Afterlife

Author : John Updike
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Calypso and Neuman drifted away from the square with its monuments and
taverna, and found a small store down a side street, where they bought souvenir
scarves and aprons, baskets and vases for their spouses and children. He said ...

Shakespeare Survey Volume 63 Shakespeare s English Histories and Their Afterlives

Author : Peter Holland
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War memorials have long been regarded as the most visible form of Great War
commemoration practices.1 Whether through public memorial or private grave,
the First World War has been fixed in collective memory for its numerous dead.

Music as Concept and Practice in the Late Middle Ages

Author : Reinhard Strohm
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... whether of medieval churches and codices or of classical statues and
architectural monuments , required interpretation . ... and rebirth : barbaric
medieval conditions had threatened the afterlives of the ancient monuments and
documents .