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A Conception of Teaching

Author : Nathaniel L. Gage
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The literature of the behavioural and social sciences is full of theory and research on learning and memory. Teaching is comparatively a stepchild, neglected by those who have built a formidable body of theories of learning and memory. However, teaching is where learning and memory theory should pay off. "A Conception of Teaching" dedicates a chapter to each of the following important components: the need for a theory; the possibility of a theory; the evolution of a paradigm for the study of teaching; a conception of the process of teaching; a conception of the content of teaching; a conception of students’ cognitive capabilities and motivations; a conception of classroom management; and the integration of these conceptions. Written in a highly accessible style, while maintaining a base in research, Dr. Nathaniel L. Gage presents "A Conception of Teaching" with clarity and well situated within current educational debates.

Concepts of Teaching

Author : Charles James Barr Macmillan
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Teachers Know How

Author : Christopher Winch
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Teachers’ Know-How: A Philosophical Investigation presents a comprehensive and up to date philosophical treatment of the kinds of knowledge and “know-how” that educators should possess. Offers an original and in-depth study of teachers’ know-how which situates teaching within the spectrum of professions Critiques the currently fashionable craft conception of teaching and the view of teaching as protocol-driven which is currently influential in policymaking circles Utilizes epistemological debates on the nature of know-how to inform understanding of the work of teachers Features detailed examples including some drawn from the author’s own long professional experience of a teacher in a wide range of different contexts

Making Sense of Education

Author : David Carr
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Making Sense of Education provides a contemporary introduction to the key issues in educational philosophy and theory. Exploring major past and present conceptions of education, teaching and learning, this book makes philosophy of education relevant to the professional practice of teachers and student teachers, as well of interest to those studying education as an academic subject. The book is divided into three parts: education, teaching and professional practice: issues concerning education, the role of the teacher, the relationship of educational theory to practice and the wider moral dimensions of pedagogy learning, knowledge and curriculum: issues concerning behaviourist and cognitive theories of learning, knowledge and meaning, curriculum aims and content and evaluation and assessment schooling, society and culture: issues of the wider social and political context of education concerning liberalism and communitarianism, justice and equality, differentiation, authority and discipline. This timely and up-to-date introduction assists all those studying and/or working in education to appreciate the main philosophical sources of and influences on present day thinking about education, teaching and learning

Teaching at the Crossroads of Faith and School

Author : Jeffrey Ayala Milligan
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Milligan (educational leadership and policy studies, Florida State U.) notes that in recent years important progress has been made in America's public school system to honor differences in race, ethnicity, culture, gender, and sexual orientation, while ignoring religious identity and diversity. In t.

On the Teaching of Modern Language in Theory and Practice Two Lectures Delivered in the University of Cambridge 1887

Author : Charles Colbeck
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Geology and its teaching especially as it relates to the Development Theory as propounded in R Chambers s Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation and Darwin s Origin of Species An original essay by the author of Our Opinions etc reprinted from the Leeds Express

Author :
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The Art of Teaching and Studying Languages

Author : François Gouin
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About Becoming a Teacher

Author : William Ayers
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"The book provides practical steps on how to prepare for a life in teaching, curriculum-making, building relationships with students, and fostering an effective learning environment. Should I become a teacher? What commitments should I bring with me into the classroom? How should I develop my own unique teaching signature? These are three of the questions that shape and structure this accessible and helpful guide for people who are moving toward teaching. Grounding hands-on advice and concrete examples in a concept of teaching as both a practical art and an essentially ethical practice, this book can be put to immediate use even as it invites new and prospective teachers to consider the deepest dimensions of a life in teaching"--

Resources in Education

Author :
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Teacher Education and the Development of Practical Judgement

Author : Ruth Heilbronn
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Current conceptions of teacher training reflect key issues in professional practices. Two prevailing views seem to be in conflict, the first is that a teacher ought to be able to act as an autonomous professional, trusted to have and apply subject knowledge, through the exercise of judgement. The second conception views the teacher more as a 'deliverer' of a specific curriculum, defined centrally in various government sponsored strategies. Much has been written on the development of 'the reflective practitioner' as crucial to the first conception, and a strong critique of 'the audit culture' in education has emerged. Currently we are at a significant moment in teacher education, - a 'lighter touch' KS3 curriculum and the instigation of new standards for the award of qualified teacher status (QTS). The QTS standards are important as they are set to form the basis of standards at all levels of teaching. This book examines in depth current education and suggests why and how teachers need to develop and exercise practical knowledge and understanding; how standards assessment alone cannot support this teacher 'formation'; and what good 'formation' might be. The nature of practical knowledge is analysed, using some concepts from the work of John Dewey, in two theoretical chapters (4 and 5). The current standards-based model of teacher training in England is predominantly instrumentalist in its application of 'technical rationality' and unsuited to the formation of teachers. However, the often invoked concept of the 'reflective practitioner' is underdetermined and a conception of reflection is needed to illuminate its contribution to the development of practical judgement. The book's argument applies more widely to the debate between 'deregulators' and 'professionalisers' in other spheres of economic and social activity. In asking specific questions about teacher education, questions about the aims of education within specific conditions are raised.

Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction for the State of Indiana Being the Bi ennial Report for the Years and

Author : Indiana. Department of Public Instruction
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Deep Knowledge

Author : Douglas B. Larkin
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Deep Knowledge is a book about how peoples ideas change as they learn to teach. Using the experiences of six middle and high school student teachers as they learn to teach science in diverse classrooms, Larkin explores how their work changes the way they think about students, society, schools, and science itself. Through engaging case stories, Deep Knowledge challenges some commonly held assumptions about learning to teach and tackles problems inherent in many teacher education programs. This book digs deep into the details of teacher learning in a way seldom attempted in teacher education textbooks.

Understanding Language Teaching

Author : Karen E. Johnson
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Drawing from seminal, foundational texts and from critical commentaries made by various scholars, the author examines the profession's transition from method to postmethod and, in the process, elucidates the relationship between theory, research, and practice. This book is intended for teacher educators, practicing teachers and graduate students.

Learning to Teach for Understanding in a Technology mediated Professional Development Program

Author : Rodney Williams
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Toward a Theory of Instruction

Author : Jerome Seymour Bruner
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Instruction is an effort to assist or to shape growth. In devising instruction for the young, one would be ill advised indeed to ignore what is known about growth, its constraints and opportunities. And a theory of instruction - and this book is a series of exercises in such a theory - is in effect a theory of how growth and development are assisted by diverse means.

Sonnenschein s Cyclopaedia of Education

Author : Alfred Ewen Fletcher
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Teaching the Chinese Learner

Author : David A. Watkins
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This is a sequel to 'The Chinese learner', co-published with the Comparative Education Research Centre in Hong Kong in 1996. This book extends the earlier work by focusing on the work of teachers. It analyses the ways in which Chinese teachers think about their teaching and identifies differences in approach.

Teaching as a Moral Craft

Author : Alan R. Tom
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The Essentials of Teaching

Author : John D. McNeil
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