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A Journey Through Time in Verse and Rhyme

Author : Heather Thomas
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A collection of themed and seasonal poetry for use by teachers of children aged six to fourteen.

My Journey Through Poetry

Author : Janice A. Smith
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The poetry reflects her sense of the rhythm and flow of the topic. The form of the poem also is a reflection of its meaning. Each poem is unique on its own merit. Some poems rhyme; some use a recurring line or lines. Most are free verse and have their own musical flow. “The Time Was November” uses rhyme and this recurring line.

Flights Of Fancy 2 A Journey Through Poetry Prose And Drama 2nd Edition

Author :
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Journey Into Time

Author : Dwight Johnson
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Global Warming. Rising Oceans. Population Explosion. Hunger. Rise in Crime. Strange Diseases. Where is this planet headed? What is in store for us, for our children, or for future generations? When standing at the check-out counter of any grocery or convenience stores, one cannot help but wonder as you read the headlines of the magazines for sale. Titles like, World Will End Soon, Giant Asteroid on Collision Course with Earth, Are There Intelligent Beings in Other Galaxies? People purchase these magazines or stand and read them while waiting to go through the check-out. They are interested in what the future holds. Along with the interest in the unknown, people are also concerned with the terms that psychics and prophets use in their predictions, like 666, The Millennium, Christ's Return, Life on the Other Side of Death, The End of the World, 144,000, and the Mark of the Beast. What do they all mean? As you relax with this book on the subway, the airplane, or by the fireplace, you will find answers to these and many other questions you may have, as you Journey Into Time!

Journey Through Experience

Author : Joseph M. Coddington
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A burst of flapping, rapid Above the waters, slightly Across the sun, darkened by the mighty burst of wings. For those who never flew I describe the scene; For those who had the wings, but would not, could not try to fly, I describe the sound: the thunder the brilliance of the flight For those who did not try, I will fly beyond the reach of doubt, beyond the touch of pain, beyond the feel of fear, until I’m home again. Once again I’ll tell the story that I flew to those who chose to forget, but always knew...

Teaching Modern Latin American Poetries

Author : Jill S. Kuhnheim
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The essays in this book, groundbreaking for its focus on teaching Latin American poetry, reflect the region's geographic and cultural heterogeneity. They address works from Mexico, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Uruguay, as well as from indigenous communities found within these national distinctions, including the Kaqchikel Maya and Zapotec. The volume's essays help instructors teach poetry written from the second half of the twentieth century on, meaningfully connecting this contemporary corpus with older poetic traditions. Contributors address teaching various topics, from the silva and the long poem to Afro-descendant poetry, in ways that bring performance, digital approaches, queer theory, and translation into action. The insights offered here will demonstrate how Latin American poetry can become a part of classes in African diasporic studies, indigenous studies, history, and anthropology.

A Journey Into Thomas Hardy s Poetry

Author : Joanna Cullen Brown
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Twenty Three

Author : Kendyl Rose
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Twenty: Three is a collection of poetry through which author Kendyl Rose transformed her thoughts into words. A journey through time, it explores the fluidity of mindset and emotions.Raw, emotional and touching, Twenty: Three will speak to anyone who has suffered through life, love and loss and emerged battered, bruised, but ultimately better than befor

The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
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Author :
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A Child s Introduction to Poetry

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Provides an introduction to different poetry genres, including nursery rhymes, ballads, and free verse, along with examples and excerpts from such poets as Homer, John Milton, Emily Dickinson, and Maya Angelou.

Streaming Consciousness

Author : Barbara Sher Tinsley
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What motivated/inspired you to write this book? Reflecting on the diverse experiences of life: a grand marriage; foreign travel – we’ve lived in Paris, Florence, and southern Spain; teaching, painting, raising children, gardening, and practicing classical music; writing books on history, a novel, etc.; it struck me that my life has not only contained much art and striving for knowledge, but it has given me much to remember, to engage with, both with myself and my loved ones about our past, our present, and future. Even streams store much along their banks, create sheltered coves and marshes, and, in a figurative sense, after resting, continue to make progress. This collection of 115 poems draws on many themes, including: hope, famous literature (novelists, poets), ageing, romantic love, philosophers, ethics, protest, marriage, natural beauty, childhood, education, ekphrastic poetry, and poetics. This book is largely autobiographical. I seem to be piecing out my life like a colorful “quilt,” a pattern not found in quilting books, but recognizable by others. Sharing one’s life is another form of teaching, and I always thought that a noble profession. I have found no real obstacles, since I regard life’s lessons very similar to those we teachers teach our students, using history or literature for material. I accumulated this material through conscious living, long years of studying literature, history and several foreign languages, reflecting on the diverse experiences of life. I usually write at night. I think of an object or experience, reach for my pen and paper, and the poem emerges: sometimes in as little as five minutes. “Streaming consciousness,” a term recognized since the mid-l9th century, was defined as an interior monologue or unedited continuous chronological flow of the mind’s conscious experience. The author regards these pieces as edited interior dialogues, for a monologue would not produce such varying perspectives. But stream these poems do, as do thoughts, actions, memories. The reader will note that many describe the “lives” of rivulets, streams, and rivers, and how they affect the poet before they eventually empty into the sea, which may be viewed as the vast ocean of human experience, i.e., life. The ocean represents life, since life began there. The poet views hope, as in her poem “Aspiration,” as a chance to win the best things in life (idealism), just as early man hoped to learn how to clothe himself by making boots for cold weather in “Footwear: A History.” “In Dubious Battle,” farm workers hope for justice in terms of respect and fair wages. “Pen and I” conveys hope by artistic creation. Other themes include intimacy, education, childhood, sensitivity, frustration, governmental and social injustice, nature, family relationships, social protest. Not all her poems treat only what their titles suggest; each poem contains some surprise content.

Oz Words Too

Author : David J. McMullen
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He'll tempt you ... he'll taunt you ... he'll inspire you.He'll bring a tear to your eye, and one thing's for sure ... he'll make you think.McMullen is a true wordsmith.His words could change your world.Oz Words Too is a book of poetry and verse, and some short, sharp, rapid rhymes about life. The first chapter looks at Australia: the cities, the people, the Outback and the two sports that are almost religion, namely cricket and Aussie-rules football.In Chapters 2 and 3, McMullen takes a poetic look at what everyone has to deal with at one time or another: the world out there as it is today. Some of the poems are sweet, some brutal. McMullen will take you on a literary journey through love, loss, greed, fear, and the loss of respect in the world.But it's not all doom and gloom; Chapter 4 will inspire you as McMullen looks at the good in people, in our lives and in the world around us.David McMullen is a direct descendant of the much revered Australian author and poet Henry Lawson (1867-1922). Lawson's works are now folklore in Australia, although during his lifetime he was fairly unknown. Oz Words Too is a follow-up to McMullen's first book, Oz Words. Originally from Tasmania, McMullen now lives in Melbourne, Australia, and is currently writing a trilogy of teen novels as well as a series of children's books.Publisher's Web site: http: //

Timothy Mean and the Time Machine

Author : William Ae Ford
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With Timothy Mean's amazing imagination and time machine, anything and anywhere is possible! Join Timothy on a magical rhyming adventure as he skips through time and pranks with pirates, gets daring with dragons, and even teases a T-Rex!"It's Monday. Hip hip hooray! Where shall we travel in time today?With Timothy Mean, every day is a rhyme in time!

George Gershwin His Journey to Greatness

Author : David Ewen
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A revised biography traces Gershwin's development from his childhood (on New York's East Side) to his present status in American music

Twentieth century Literary Criticism

Author : Gale Research Company
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Excerpts from criticism of the works of novelists, poets, playwrights, and other creative writers, 1900-1960.

A Journey Into China s Antiquity Warring States Period Qin Dynasty The Western and Eastern Han Dynasties Three Kingdoms through Western and Eastern Jin to Northern and Southern Dynasties

Author : Chung-kuo li shih po wu kuan
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This beautiful series tells the story of China's rich history and civilization through a collection of excellent photographs and descriptions of thousands of precious relics. Arranged chronologically in four volumes, the book vividly portrays the rise of the Chinese civilization, following its trails from remote antiquity in the Palaeolithic Age through the end of the Qing dynasty. Along the way it explores the achievements in science, economy, social life, literature and arts of the Chinese people. Rare artifacts, portraits, books, and historical documents never before published were exclusively photographed for these four volumes.

Journey to the Sublime Porte

Author : Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad Nahrawālī
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CD-ROM includes the original text in Arabic.

Fun with Action Rhymes and Poems

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Dictionary of Literature in English

Author : Neil King
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First Published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.