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A Journey Through Time in Verse and Rhyme

Author : Heather Thomas
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A collection of themed and seasonal poetry for use by teachers of children aged six to fourteen.

My Journey Through Poetry

Author : Janice A Smith
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The poetry reflects her sense of the rhythm and flow of the topic. The form of the poem also is a reflection of its meaning. Each poem is unique on its own merit. Some poems rhyme; some use a recurring line or lines. Most are free verse and have their own musical flow. "The Time Was November" uses rhyme and this recurring line.

Flights Of Fancy 2 A Journey Through Poetry Prose And Drama 2nd Edition

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Teaching Modern Latin American Poetries

Author : Jill S. Kuhnheim
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The essays in this book, groundbreaking for its focus on teaching Latin American poetry, reflect the region's geographic and cultural heterogeneity. They address works from Mexico, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Uruguay, as well as from indigenous communities found within these national distinctions, including the Kaqchikel Maya and Zapotec. The volume's essays help instructors teach poetry written from the second half of the twentieth century on, meaningfully connecting this contemporary corpus with older poetic traditions. Contributors address teaching various topics, from the silva and the long poem to Afro-descendant poetry, in ways that bring performance, digital approaches, queer theory, and translation into action. The insights offered here will demonstrate how Latin American poetry can become a part of classes in African diasporic studies, indigenous studies, history, and anthropology.

Looking Forward

Author : Molly Von Heider
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Book to help teachers find the kind of movement exercises which will benefit the children in their early years, and lay the foundation for a sound learning process.

Old School Time Crime Rhyme

Author : S A Gerber
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This volume of poems by S. A. (Steven) Gerber takes the reader on an intriguing journey through the author's consciousness. Matters of everyday life, including the trials and tribulations of putting verse on paper, communicating with others and making sense of the world as one perceives it, take center stage in these poems. His use of rhyme, a practice that for some has gone by the wayside, is in step with traditional verse, and breathes his work full of whimsical life. His world view is unique, colorful and absorbing, and readers will undoubtedly find a great deal to enjoy and ponder in these pages

The Collected Poetry of Mary Tighe

Author : Mary Tighe
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The Kiss ("When the Sun with amorous beams")

Journey Into Time

Author : Dwight Johnson
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Global Warming. Rising Oceans. Population Explosion. Hunger. Rise in Crime. Strange Diseases. Where is this planet headed? What is in store for us, for our children, or for future generations? When standing at the check-out counter of any grocery or convenience stores, one cannot help but wonder as you read the headlines of the magazines for sale. Titles like, World Will End Soon, Giant Asteroid on Collision Course with Earth, Are There Intelligent Beings in Other Galaxies? People purchase these magazines or stand and read them while waiting to go through the check-out. They are interested in what the future holds. Along with the interest in the unknown, people are also concerned with the terms that psychics and prophets use in their predictions, like 666, The Millennium, Christ's Return, Life on the Other Side of Death, The End of the World, 144,000, and the Mark of the Beast. What do they all mean? As you relax with this book on the subway, the airplane, or by the fireplace, you will find answers to these and many other questions you may have, as you Journey Into Time!

The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
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The Star seer s Aerial Voyage

Author : William Dearden
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Twenty Three

Author : Kendyl Rose
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Twenty: Three is a collection of poetry through which author Kendyl Rose transformed her thoughts into words. A journey through time, it explores the fluidity of mindset and emotions.Raw, emotional and touching, Twenty: Three will speak to anyone who has suffered through life, love and loss and emerged battered, bruised, but ultimately better than befor

A Literary Journey Through Wartime Britain

Author : Alfred Charles Ward
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Children s Books in Print 2007

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Journey Through Judaism

Author : Alan D. Bennett
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A collection of readings selected to enhance the new directions of Reform Jewish education, covering such areas as "The Jew and the Law," "Of Jews and Languages," and "A Jew Congregates with Other Jews."

Twentieth century Literary Criticism

Author : Gale Research Company
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Excerpts from criticism of the works of novelists, poets, playwrights, and other creative writers, 1900-1960.

The Story of the World s Literature

Author : John Albert Macy
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Journey Through the Unapparent

Author : Ann Shealy
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The Works of William Cowper Comprising His Poems Correspondence and Translations by the Editor Robert Southey LL D

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