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A Snicker of Magic Scholastic Gold

Author : Natalie Lloyd
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Introducing an extraordinary new voice---a magical debut that will make your skin tingle, your eyes glisten . . .and your heart sing.

A Snicker Story

Author : Maria Gray
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Snicker is a Sheltie stray struggling to survive on the harsh streets of the city. She is horrified when she comes across two men who torture dogs for mere enjoyment. Enraged, Snicker decides to form a club against animal cruelty. But will it succeed? Will it help make the future brighter for all canines? Join Snicker in her mission to make a difference.

The Problim Children

Author : Natalie Lloyd
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With a dash of Lemony Snicket, a dollop of the Addams Family, and a hearty dose of adventure, New York Times bestselling author Natalie Lloyd introduces a new series about seven strange and adventurous siblings who tackle problems together—even when their new neighbors try to tear them apart. Filled with mystery, humor, and adventure, the first book in this new trilogy is an unforgettable tale of adventure, family, and finding the courage to face any problem heart-first. When the Problim children’s ramshackle bungalow in the Swampy Woods goes kaboom, the seven siblings—each born on a different day of the week—have to move into their grandpa’s bizarre old mansion in Lost Cove. No problem! For the Problim children, every problem is a gift! But rumors about their family run rampant in the small town: tales of a bitter feud, a hidden treasure, and a certain kind of magic lingering in the halls of #7 Main Street. Their neighbors, the O’Pinions, will do anything to find the secrets lurking inside the Problim household—including sending the seven children to seven different houses on seven different continents!

The Magic of Love Series

Author : Margaret Locke
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All three of Margaret Locke's highly acclaimed, award-winning books in the Magic of Love series in one convenient box set! How far would you go for friendship, self-discovery, and second chances? A Man of Character: A thirty-five-year-old bookstore owner must choose between fantasy and reality after discovering the men she's dating are living versions of fictional characters she'd created long ago. 2017 Kindle Book Review Semi-Finalist, Romance 2016 HOLT Medallion Certificate of Merit winner for Best First Book 2015 LYRA Winner for Best General Fiction A Matter of Time: A modern-day Austenite's dream comes true when she lands in the arms of a Regency duke, only to learn some fantasies aren't all they're cracked up to be when he proves less than a Prince Charming. 2016 HOLT Medallion Winner for Best Paranormal Romance 2016 RONE Finalist for Best Paranormal Romance A Scandalous Matter: A scandal-scarred duke's sister travels from Regency England to present-day Virginia in pursuit of the education and independence she's long desired, but unexpectedly finds herself entangled with a career-consumed professor. Can they blend past and present into a mutual future? 2017 Publishers Weekly BookLife Prize Finalist 2017 Desert Rose RWA Golden Quill Finalist 2017 Orange County RWA Book Buyer's Best Finalist Three independent novels with recurring characters. One laugh-evoking, tear-inducing, thought-provoking series.

Blades Of Magic Crown Service 1

Author : Terah Edun
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It is not a peaceful time in the Algardis Empire. War is raging between the mages and seventeen-year-old Sara Fairchild will be right in the middle of it. She just doesn't know it yet. Sara is the daughter of a disgraced imperial commander, executed for desertion. Sara is also the best duelist and hand-to-hand combatant in Sandrin. She lives quietly with her family’s shame but when challenged about her family’s honor, her opponent inevitably loses. On the night she finds out her father’s true last actions, she takes the Mercenary Guilds’ vows to serve in the emperor’s army. Using her quick wits and fierce fighting skills, she earns a spot in the first division. There she discovers secrets the mages on both sides would prefer stay hidden. Dark enemies hunt her and soon it's not just Sara questioning the motivation behind this war. While fighting mages, blackmailing merchants and discovering new friends, Sara comes across something she’s never had before - passion. The question is - can she fight for her empress against a mage who might unwittingly claim her heart? This is year one of the Initiate Wars. Sara is hoping it doesn't become the year she dies.

For the Love of Magic

Author : Janet Chapman
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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New York Times bestselling author Janet Chapman welcomes you back to Spellbound Falls, where love and magic can conquer anything…usually. After forty years of marriage, Rana Oceanus has done the unthinkable and run away from her mighty, magical husband. Not that she ran very far, having purchased a house in Spellbound Falls right on the shore of the Bottomless Sea, where she intends to prepare for the scariest battle of her life. The only flaw in her plan, however, is that she is still very much in love with Titus… Shocked and deeply shaken that his wife really has left him—though he still can’t fathom why—Titus sets out to win her back. But when grand gestures of his esteem don’t seem to further his cause, he conjures up some of his original courtship magic. But his plan backfires when Titus discovers that dealing with demons is far less threatening than the little secret his very mortal wife has been keeping from him...

The Problim Children Island in the Stars

Author : Natalie Lloyd
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Mystery and mayhem abound in the final book in New York Times bestselling author Natalie Lloyd's middle grade series, as the Problim siblings board a pirate ship to rescue their missing Mama and baby brother from the villainous Cheesebreath. Problim Children to the rescue! Sal and his siblings follow a trail of Toot’s toots as they sail through the barrier islands to rescue their baby brother from the evil Cheesebreath. He’s been holding Toot and Mama Problim hostage in the hopes that the Problims will lead him to their granddaddy’s treacherous treasure. But not all treasure is gold, and this one was buried long-ago for good reason. Can the Problims find Mama, rescue their brother, and destroy the treasure before Cheesebreath and their nasty neighbor Desdemona capture them all? Bursting with adventure, mystery, humor, and heart, the final book in Natalie Lloyd’s series is an affectionate ode to the wonders of being a weird kid in a weird family.

Deadtime Stories Little Magic Shop of Horrors

Author : Annette Cascone
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Deadtime Stories by "Twisted Sisters" Annette and Gina Cascone—they'll scare you silly and give you giggles at the same time. Peter Newman really wants a twenty-one-speed mountain bike. That's the grand prize for his school's talent competition. And Peter's pretty sure he can win it. All he needs is a talent.... When he and his best friend Bo see an ad for the Little Magic Shop of Horrors, they rush right over. For only $9.95, Peter buys a magic kit and becomes "Peter the Great." Now he can do tricks even Houdini couldn't perform! The only problem is Peter can't undo the tricks. But that doesn't bother him too much. Until he wins the talent contest—by taking off Bo's head! Will Peter be able to save his headless best friend? At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Over the Moon

Author : Natalie Lloyd
File Size : 21.10 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The highly anticipated new novel from Natalie Lloyd, the critically acclaimed, bestselling author of A Snicker of Magic!

The Key to Extraordinary

Author : Natalie Lloyd
File Size : 60.4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The highly anticipated new novel from the author of A Snicker of Magic

Elf Lord

Author : David Wright
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Deep in the heart of Xristhana, richest city in all of Ilios, an ancient ritual is about to occur, a glaive duel between champions. It is a custom enjoyed by all noble elves, all except Ilona, fabled princess of the House of Fire. When she fails to thwart the barbaric duel with her powerful magic, she is confronted by the victor who attempts to win her heart with his prize. Before love can blossom, Mithrain, who is a lowly glaive lord’s son, must return to the battlefield. Meanwhile Ilona learns of a plot to murder him and his family. Against all reason, she journeys to the Blacklands to save him. Ten years later, Mithrain returns to Xristhana a changed elf. Violent and sullen, he seems hell-bent on revenge against the powerful magical clan of Etoca, and this time Ilona may be powerless to save him. But there are greater troubles on the horizon. Magic is about to fail the enchanted city of Xristhana, a demon is on the rise and a monster perhaps even more powerful awaits just beyond the nether vale.


Author : Ash Van Otterloo
File Size : 73.50 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The magical story of a hex that goes haywire, and the power of friendship to set things right!

The Spirit of Cattail County

Author : Victoria Piontek
File Size : 49.29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A heart-expanding, magical debut from one of the most exciting new voices in the grand tradition of southern literature.

Forever Glimmer Creek

Author : Stacy Hackney
File Size : 21.83 MB
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Gilmore Girls meets A Snicker of Magic in this sweet debut novel about twelve-year-old Rosie Flynn, whose film-making skills may be the answer to uncovering the miracles of her town and bringing her father home. There’s no accounting for Miracles, at least that’s what the folks of Glimmer Creek say. Every year, one lucky inhabitant survives danger, and bits of magic cling to them for a lifetime. Rosie Flynn doesn’t know how to get a Miracle but knows for sure they’re real. It’s the same way she’s certain she’ll always have her two best friends, Henry and Cam, that she’ll be a famous film director someday, and that she and her Mama are the perfect team of two. But when someone Rosie loves goes missing, she just might discover that the true Miracle of Glimmer Creek is much different than she’d always believed and that the relationships she holds dear are the most fortunate gift of all.

Want More Life

Author : Natalie Lloyd
File Size : 67.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This collection of devotions for teenage girls offers biblical insights, thoughtful questions and space for personal journaling on such issues as self-image, dating, finding spiritual role models, developing godly friendships and more. This title kicks off a new devotional series from "Brio," a magazine for teen girls from Focus on the Family(.

The Magic Midland

Author : Harold Waldo
File Size : 71.69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Magic Mirror

Author : Elmer George Suhr
File Size : 27.29 MB
Format : PDF
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The Magic Mirror

Author : George Jean Nathan
File Size : 51.24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Lost Tide Warriors

Author : Catherine Doyle
File Size : 27.18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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“Fans of Harry Potter or Percy Jackson can add Fionn Boyle as a generous and brave hero from the Emerald Isle.” – School Library Connection on The Storm Keeper's Island There is magic deep within Arranmore Island, and Fionn Boyle is beginning to discover how it has woven its way through generations of his family's history. But Arranmore is in trouble; evil sorceress Morrigan's soul stalkers have returned, giving rise to widespread fear and suspicion. Fionn wants to help, but the Storm Keeper magic passed down from his grandfather seems to have deserted him. Fionn sets out to summon the merrows, a vast army of sea creatures who may be his only chance. But how can he find them without the faintest idea of where to look? The battle to save Arranmore has begun. This gorgeously written, magical tale of family, bravery, and self-discovery is perfect for fans of Orphan Island and A Snicker of Magic.

Tumble Blue

Author : Cassie Beasley
File Size : 88.42 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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From the New York Times bestselling author of Circus Mirandus comes the magic-infused story of a golden gator, two cursed kids, and how they take their destinies into their own hands. When the red moon rises over the heart of the Okefenokee swamp, legend says that the mysterious golden gator Munch will grant good luck to the poor soul foolish enough to face him. But in 1817, when TWO fools reach him at the same time, the night’s fate is split. With disastrous consequences for both . . . and their descendants. Half of the descendants have great fates, and the other half have terrible ones. Now, Tumble Wilson and Blue Montgomery are determined to fix their ancestors’ mistakes and banish the bad luck that’s followed them around for all of their lives. They’re going to face Munch the gator themselves, and they’re going to reclaim their destinies. But what if the legend of Munch is nothing but a legend, after all? Full of friendship, family, and the everyday magic and adventure that readers of Savvy and A Snicker of Magic love, Cassie Beasley’s newest middle grade book is another crowd-pleasing heart-warmer—perfect for reading by yourself, or sharing with someone you love. From the Hardcover edition.