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Absolutely Almost

Author : Lisa Graff
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From the author of the National Book Award nominee A TANGLE OF KNOTS comes an inspiring novel about figuring out who you are and doing what you love. Albie has never been the smartest kid in his class. He has never been the tallest. Or the best at gym. Or the greatest artist. Or the most musical. In fact, Albie has a long list of the things he's not very good at. But then Albie gets a new babysitter, Calista, who helps him figure out all of the things he is good at and how he can take pride in himself. A perfect companion to Lisa Graff's National Book Award-nominated A Tangle of Knots, this novel explores a similar theme in a realistic contemporary world where kids will easily be able to relate their own struggles to Albie's. Great for fans of Rebecca Stead's Liar and Spy, RJ Palacio's Wonder and Cynthia Lord's Rules. Praise for Lisa Graff's novels Tangle of Knots (nominated for a National Book Award) * "Combining the literary sensibility of E. B. White with the insouciance of Louis Sachar, Graff has written a tangle that should satisfy readers for years to come."--Booklist, starred review Double Dog Dare "Graff's...story is lighthearted and humorous, but honestly addresses the emotions associated with divorce. Her characters' voices, interactions, and hangups are relatable, as they battle each other and adjust to their families' reconfigurations."--Publishers Weekly

Absolutely Almost

Author : John Pennington
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The Quick Student Workbooks are designed to get students thinking critically about the text they read and providing a guided study format to facilitate in improved learning and retention. Teachers and Homeschool Instructors may use them to improve student learning and organization. Students will construct and identify the following areas of knowledge. Character Identification Events Location Vocabulary Main Idea Conflict And more as appropriate to the text.

Discrete Subgroups of Semisimple Lie Groups

Author : Gregori A. Margulis
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Discrete subgroups have played a central role throughout the development of numerous mathematical disciplines. Discontinuous group actions and the study of fundamental regions are of utmost importance to modern geometry. Flows and dynamical systems on homogeneous spaces have found a wide range of applications, and of course number theory without discrete groups is unthinkable. This book, written by a master of the subject, is primarily devoted to discrete subgroups of finite covolume in semi-simple Lie groups. Since the notion of "Lie group" is sufficiently general, the author not only proves results in the classical geometry setting, but also obtains theorems of an algebraic nature, e.g. classification results on abstract homomorphisms of semi-simple algebraic groups over global fields. The treatise of course contains a presentation of the author's fundamental rigidity and arithmeticity theorems. The work in this monograph requires the language and basic results from fields such as algebraic groups, ergodic theory, the theory of unitary representatons, and the theory of amenable groups. The author develops the necessary material from these subjects; so that, while the book is of obvious importance for researchers working in related areas, it is essentially self-contained and therefore is also of great interest for advanced students.

Absolutely Almost Perfect

Author : Lissa Reed
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Craig Oliver and Alex Scheff lead a charmed life. Craig is part owner of Sucre Coeur, the bakery he's loved and managed for years. Alex is an up-and-coming Seattle photographer. Their relationship has been going strong for a year, and everything is absolutely perfect--right up until Craig receives a wedding invitation from his long-estranged brother.As Craig grows tense over seeing his brother for the first time in years, Alex can't control his anxiety over meeting Craig's family. At the wedding in an English hamlet, boisterous Scottish mothers, smirking teenage sisters, and awkward ex-boyfriends complicate the sweet life they lead.

The Blackwell Companion to Syntax

Author : Martin Everaert
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*** Pre-Order The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Syntax, second edition, publishing December 2017. Find out more at *** This long-awaited reference work marks the culmination of numerous years of research and international collaboration by the world’s leading syntacticians. There exists no other comparable collection of research that documents the development of syntax in this way. Under the editorial direction of Martin Everaert and Henk van Riemsdijk, this 5 volume set comprises 70 case studies commissioned specifically for this volume. The 80 contributors are drawn from an international group of prestigious linguists, including Joe Emonds, Sandra Chung, Susan Rothstein, Adriana Belletti, Jim Huang, Howard Lasnik, and Marcel den Dikken, among many others. A unique collection of 70 newly-commissioned case studies, offering access to research completed over the last 40 years. Brings together the world’s leading syntacticians to provide a large and diverse number of case studies in the field. Explores a comprehensive range of syntax topics from an historical perspective. Investigates empirical domains which have been well-documented and which have played a prominent role in theoretical syntax at some stage in the development of generative grammar. Serves as a research tool for not only theoretical linguistics but also the various forms of applied linguistics. Contains an accessible alphabetical structure, with an index integral to each volume featuring keywords and key figures. Each multi-volume set is also accompanied by a CD Rom of the entire Companion. Like the prestigious Blackwell Handbooks in Linguistics series, this multi-volume work, in the new The Wiley Blackwell Companions to Linguistics series, can be relied upon to deliver the quality and expertise with which Blackwell Publishing’s linguistics list is associated.

From Nyet to Da

Author : Jerry Guibor
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International School Project began in the Soviet Union in 1991 and has presented a Christian morals and ethics curriculum to public-school teachers in Ukraine since 1992. Since 2007, 220 teachers have been trained to conduct Christian seminars for their colleagues. The life stories of many of these “teachers of impact” who changed from Communists and atheists to Christians unfold in these pages of From Nyet to Da.

Clinical Records of Injuries and Diseases of the Genito urinary Organs

Author : Christopher Fleming
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Adobe Kroger

Author : Dan Sacharow
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Adobe Kroger has a secret. She is a Paladin---a holy knight blessed with the power to wield the divine Light of love and creation. Or she was, anyhow. After being convicted of blasphemy, shes been excommunicated from the holy order and her power was taken away. Or so her superiors thought. Unbeknownst to them, despite their efforts the Light is still hers to command. She would be in terrible danger if they were to discover the truth, but she is determined to use her power to rectify a terrible mistake, whatever the personal cost. When one night she encounters a mysterious evil creature the likes of which no Paladin or Wizard has ever seen, she becomes embroiled in a sinister conspiracy that holds the fate of the world in the balance. As if that werent enough, she also loses her phone. This modern day fantasy tale is told in Adobes own voice. Join the potty-mouthed Paladin as she confronts the terrors of an obnoxious speech impediment, an embarrassing viral video, a far more talented and handsome rival, a phantasmal dream-walking roommate, and a wizard armed with a cricket bat and a faulty memory. With all of that and being caught between her day job and former colleagues with murderous grudges, can she come to terms with her destiny in time to avert the destruction of the human race?

Convention Record

Author : Kentucky. Constitutional convention
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Killed in the Fog

Author : William L. DeAndrea
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During a trip to England, a fog of mystery threatens Matt Cobb’s vacation—and his life Matt Cobb is ready to quit. His job as a special projects VP at a giant television network involves intense troubleshooting and an egotistical boss, and both have taken their toll. The network president has other ideas, though, and persuades him that all he needs is a long vacation. So Cobb takes off for London, with his dog and his lovely fiancée, Roxanne, by his side. But work won’t release its grip so easily, and when Cobb visits an old friend at a network affiliate, he can’t resist a plea to help with their security team. And when he’s directed to ignore the time-honored rule against the delivery of mysterious envelopes, Cobb becomes not only a witness to a murder, but also the prime suspect.

Weekend Warriors

Author : Fern Michaels
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Today, they start fighting back… Life isn’t fair. Most women know it. But what can you do about it? Plenty…if you’re part of the Sisterhood. On the surface, these seven women are as different as can be—but each has had her share of bad luck, from cheating husbands to sexist colleagues to a legal system that often doesn’t do its job. Now, drawn together by tragedy, they’re forging a bond that will help them right the wrongs committed against them and discover an inner strength they didn’t know they had. Growing bolder with each act of justice, the Sisterhood is learning that when bad things happen, you can roll over and play dead…or you can get up fighting…. Praise for Fern Michaels and her Sisterhood novels “Readers will enjoy seeing what happens when well-funded, very angry women take the law into their own hands.” —Booklist on Weekend Warriors “Delectable…deliver[s] revenge that’s creatively swift and sweet, Michaels-style.” —Publishers Weekly on Hokus Pokus Special Bonus Material Celebrating the Sisterhood Series!

Documents of the Assembly of the State of New York

Author : New York (State). Legislature. Assembly
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Adelaide and Theodore

Author : Stéphanie Félicité comtesse de Genlis
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The Sporting review ed by Craven

Author : John William Carleton
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The Settler s Plot

Author : Alex Calder
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Europeans arrive on a beach, make markets and push inland. They take the land and transform it. They make themselves at home; they dream of other places. And the stories they write take shape in settings - the beach, the farm, the bush, the suburb - that become imaginary versions of actual places. Those settings sometimes host stories that are too simple - too flattering, too blaming - but in the work of our best writers, a richer history of settlement comes into focus. Taking a new approach to the cultural history of this country, The Settler's Plot is a study of the relationship between literature and place in New Zealand. Through fascinating and unpredictable readings of some of our greatest literature, from Maning and Guthrie-Smith to Mansfield, Sargeson, Curnow and Frame, Calder investigates the often contradictory meanings that Pakeha have found in our most familiar settings.

Elvis Presley

Author : Joel Williamson
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In Elvis Presley: A Southern Life, one of the most admired Southern historians of our time takes on one of the greatest cultural icons of all time. The result is a masterpiece: a vivid, gripping biography, set against the rich backdrop of Southern society--indeed, American society--in the second half of the twentieth century. Author of The Crucible of Race and William Faulkner and Southern History, Joel Williamson is a renowned historian known for his inimitable and compelling narrative style. In this tour de force biography, he captures the drama of Presley's career set against the popular culture of the post-World War II South. Born in Tupelo, Mississippi, Presley was a contradiction, flamboyant in pegged black pants with pink stripes, yet soft-spoken, respectfully courting a decent girl from church. Then he wandered into Sun Records, and everything changed. "I was scared stiff," Elvis recalled about his first time performing on stage. "Everyone was hollering and I didn't know what they were hollering at." Girls did the hollering--at his snarl and swagger. Williamson calls it "the revolution of the Elvis girls." His fans lived in an intense moment, this generation raised by their mothers while their fathers were away at war, whose lives were transformed by an exodus from the countryside to Southern cities, a postwar culture of consumption, and a striving for upward mobility. They came of age in the era of the 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education ruling, which turned high schools into battlegrounds of race. Explosively, white girls went wild for a white man inspired by and singing black music while "wiggling" erotically. Elvis, Williamson argues, gave his female fans an opportunity to break free from straitlaced Southern society and express themselves sexually, if only for a few hours at a time. Rather than focusing on Elvis's music and the music industry, Elvis Presley: A Southern Life illuminates the zenith of his career, his period of deepest creativity, which captured a legion of fans and kept them fervently loyal for decades. Williamson shows how Elvis himself changed--and didn't. In the latter part of his career, when he performed regular gigs in Las Vegas and toured second-tier cities, he moved beyond the South to a national audience who had bought his albums and watched his movies. Yet the makeup of his fan base did not substantially change, nor did Elvis himself ever move up the Southern class ladder despite his wealth. Even as he aged and his life was cut short, he maintained his iconic status, becoming arguably larger in death than in life as droves of fans continue to pay homage to him at Graceland. Appreciative and unsparing, culturally attuned and socially revealing, Williamson's Elvis Presley will deepen our understanding of the man and his times.


Author : Peter Abramenko
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This book treats Jacques Tit's beautiful theory of buildings, making that theory accessible to readers with minimal background. It covers all three approaches to buildings, so that the reader can choose to concentrate on one particular approach. Beginners can use parts of the new book as a friendly introduction to buildings, but the book also contains valuable material for the active researcher. This book is suitable as a textbook, with many exercises, and it may also be used for self-study.

Thin Groups and Superstrong Approximation

Author : Emmanuel Breuillard
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Based on the workshop "Thin Groups and Super-strong Approximation,'' held at Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, February 6th through 10th, 201

The Feeling Great Wellness Program for Older Adults

Author : Jules C Weiss
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The “Feeling Great!” Wellness Program is an inspirational book describing a successful health care program for older adults. Created for people who desire a richer life, “Feeling Great!” is a program of everyday miracles--the regaining of body strength and movement and the expanding of physical abilities. Participants learn to improve their physical, emotional, and psychological health through a comprehensive wellness program. A training manual and self-help guide, this motivational volume looks at an effective program that allows older adults to learn about their health care needs and options, practice a daily exercise program suited to their abilities, develop supportive new friendships, increase their self-esteem, and overcome barriers of ill health, poor diet, sedentary lifestyles, and physical and emotional difficulties. The “Feeling Great!” Wellness Program for Older Adults offers a comprehensive view of a quality program through the eyes of both participant and instructor. The text can be used for personal interest as well as a training manual for professionals who work with older adults. Features Offered in The “Feeling Great!” Wellness Program for Older Adults: Over 40 photographs The interaction of medication, nutrition, and exercise Attitude and exercise guidelines Liability concerns Step-by-step program description Sample health care lectures covering topics such as diet and nutrition Exercise pointers for people with arthritis Contraindicative exercises Cardiovascular fitness routines Minimizing the risks of exercise Addressing the emotional and physical fears of exercise Handling diverse abilities within a group setting Nine different exercise activity routines Relaxation techniques Sample program materials including a participant activity profile and health history

Cure for the Common Breakup

Author : Beth Kendrick
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Welcome to Black Dog Bay, a tiny seaside town in Delaware known as “the best place in America to bounce back from your breakup.” Home to the Better Off Bed-and-Breakfast, the Eat Your Heart Out bakery, and the Whinery bar, Black Dog Bay offers a haven for the suddenly single. Flight attendant Summer Benson lives by two rules: Don’t stay with the same man for too long and never stay in one place. She’s about to break rule number one by considering accepting her boyfriend’s proposal—then disaster strikes and her world is shattered in an instant. Summer heads to Black Dog Bay, where the locals welcome her. Even Hattie Huntington, the town’s oldest, richest, and meanest resident, likes her enough to give her a job. Then there’s Dutch Jansen, the rugged, stoic mayor, who’s the opposite of her type. She probably shouldn’t be kissing him. She definitely shouldn’t be falling in love. After a lifetime of globe-trotting, Summer has finally found a home. But Hattie has old scores to settle and a hidden agenda for her newest employee. Summer finds herself faced with an impossible choice: Leave Black Dog Bay behind forever, or stay with the ones she loves and cost them everything....