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Africa Is Not a Country

Author : Mark Melnicove
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Enter into the daily life of children in the many countries of modern Africa. Countering stereotypes, this book celebrates the extraordinary diversity of this vibrant continent as experienced by children at home, at school, at work, and at play.

Africa is Not a Country It s a Continent

Author : Arthur Lewin
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Introduces various facts about the continent of Africa and the achievements of the black race.

You re Not a Country Africa

Author : Pius Adesanmi
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In this wide-ranging collection of essays, Pius Adesanmi explores what Africa means to him as an African and as a citizen of the world. Examining the personal and the political, tradition and modernity, custom and culture, Adesanmi grapples with the complexity and contradictions of this vast continent, zooming in most closely on Nigeria, the country of his birth. The inspiration for the title of the collection, You're Not a Country, Africa, comes from a line of poetry: 'You are not a country Africa, you are a concept, fashioned in our minds, each to each'. The Africa fashioned in our minds - with our fears and our dreams - is the Africa that the reader will encounter in these essays. Through narratives and political and cultural reflections, Pius Adesanmi approaches the meaning of Africa from the perspective that you never actually define Africa: rather, it defines you in various contexts and for various people.

Step Into Africa

Author : Caroline Starbird
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Contains a series of lessons designed to provide young students with a look at contemporary Africa and give them an appreciation of the diversity of nations and cultures found on the continent. Lessons are based on readings from: Africa is not a country / Margy Burns Knight and Mark Melnicove. Brookfield, Conn. : Millbrook Press, c2000.

Africa Is Not a Country

Author : Margy Burns Knight
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Demonstrates the diversity of the African continent by describing daily life in some of its fifty-three nations.

Helping Your Child With Maps Globes

Author : Bruce Frazee
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Children get involved in fun-to-do activities while learning the important map-reading skills they need to succeed in a global society. Many activities combine music, art, drama, and poetry with important geography skills.

Mindsamaze 3

Author : Portsmouth St Edmund's School
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This anthology collects the best writings by the pupils of St. Edmund's Catholic School in Portsmouth.

Carbon and Certain Alloy Steel Products

Author : United States International Trade Commission
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Africa Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

Author : Nathan Andrews
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From a multi-dimensional and interdisciplinary standpoint, this book challenges the teleological and unidirectional notions of development embodied in the idea of modernisation or ‘progress’ and offers a critique of the tendency to consider Africa as a basket case, which often gives the Western ‘self’ an undeserving privilege and superiority over the African ‘other’. Mostly authored by emerging African scholars, this 16-chapter volume addresses the historical application of development projects in Africa and their modern impact in economic, political, cultural, social, and infrastructural contexts, among others. The book, therefore, unearths development dynamics in specific African countries, examines the continent’s external relations, rethinks predominant ideas on development, and engages in critical examination of concepts and practices that have maintained hegemonic positions in the discussions on Africa’s development. Its uniqueness lies in the ability to bring these several voices and themes together into a concise conception of both the challenges and possibilities of Africa’s sustainable development. The book targets both the academic and policy worlds in Africa and around the world, as well as ordinary members of the public who seek to broaden their theoretical and empirical understanding on the changing dynamics on the African continent.

GEF Country Portfolio Evaluation South Africa 1994 2007

Author :
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Africa Is Richer Than You Think

Author : Vijay Mahajan
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This Element is an excerpt from Africa Rising: How 900 Million African Consumers Offer More Than You Think (ISBN: 9780132339421) by Vijay Mahajan. Available in print and digital formats. Africa: more consumers, more wealth, more opportunity for your business. The average gross national income per capita across all 53 African nations in 2006 was about $1,066, more than $200 above India’s. This wealth represents a huge potential market. Serving this market means overcoming myriad challenges, but entrepreneurs across Africa are already feeding a fast-growing demand for every conceivable consumer good and service....

The Sustainability of African Debt

Author : Daniel Cohen
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July 1996 The role of debt forgiveness is to alleviate what is known as debt overhang. This concept is the core idea of the Brady deals, and it now comes to the African debt crisis. How can one gauge the hypothesis of the debt overhang? To what extent can one attribute the growth slowdown of the 1990s to the debt crisis of the 1980s? Using data from the past decade, the author finds that debt variables play a significant role in that slowdown. In one exercise, he finds that more than half the growth slowdown of the large debtor countries in the 1980s could be attributed to the debt crisis. To what reasonable debt ratio should African debt be written down? Most exercises set the threshold of sustainability of debt at about 200 percent. The easiest way to rationalize such a threshold is first to measure the average value of debt-to-export ratios reached at the time of the first rescheduling of debt in a given country. Using Latin America as a benchmark, one finds an average threshold of 248 percent. However short-sighted such a ratio might be, it goes a long way toward rationalizing the view that a debt-to-export ratio between 200 and 300 percent is a strong signal of a forthcoming crisis. This naive approach takes no account of the changing environment (growth and interest rates) a country must confront. A more subtle approach should allow for the prospect of a country's growth to assess the sustainability of the debt it inherits. With the author's formula for so doing, Africa's debt-to-export ratio should be brought to 198 percent. Another way to assess the sustainability of debt is to look at the secondary market, which allows one to estimate the prospect of repayment expected by market participants. Few African debts are actually quoted on secondary markets, but the author presents a formula for reconstructing estimates of repayment prospects econometrically. By that method, Africa's debt-to-export ratio should be 210 percent, suggesting that a threshold between 200 and 250 percent is about right.

Exporting Communication Technology to Developing Countries

Author : Komben Emmanuel Ngwainmbi
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Exporting Communication Technology to Developing Countries analyzes the economic, cultural, educational, and political implications of exporting information technology to Africa. Emmanuel K. Ngwainmbi tackles the numerous complexities related to the development of African telecommunications. He not only presents the technological aspects of telecommunications, but effectively depicts the cultural implications that must be considered. Ngwainmbi investigates and evaluates the history of African telecommunications, clearly showing the path that has led to its present state. He then assesses the potential for development within the countries of Africa upon the influx of technology from the outside world.

African Youth in Contemporary Literature and Popular Culture

Author : Vivian Yenika-Agbaw
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This book explores how African youth are depicted in contemporary literature and popular culture, and discusses the different ways by which they attempt to construct personal and cultural identities through popular culture and social media outlets. The contributors approach the subject from an interdisciplinary perspective, looking at images in children’s and adolescent literature from Africa, and the African diaspora, from Nollywood and Hollywood movies, from popular magazines, and from youth cultures encountered directly through field experiences. The findings reveal that there are many stereotypes about Africa, African youth and black cultures, and that African youth are aware of these. Since they juggle multiple identities shaped by their ethnicities, race and religion, it is often a challenge for them to define themselves. As they also share a global youth culture that transcends these cultural markers, some take advantage of media outlets to voice their concerns and participate in political struggles. Others simply use these to promote their personal interests. Contributors ponder the challenges involved in constructing unique identities, offering ideas on how African youth are doing so successfully or not in different parts of the continent and the African diaspora, and thus offer new possibilities for youth studies.

Community Management of Natural Resources in Africa

Author : Dilys Roe
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Provides a pan-African synthesis of community-based natural resource management (CBNRM), drawing on multiple authors and a wide range of documented experiences from Southern, Eastern, Western and Central Africa. This title discusses the degree to which CBNRM has met poverty alleviation, economic development and nature conservation objectives.

Modern Political Culture in the Caribbean

Author : Holger Henke
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This contribution to the study and analysis of Caribbean politics explores the political culture of the Caribbean in order to understand the regional differences. The contributors, renowned internationally for their expertise in Caribbean studies, explore the topic from their varied cultural experiences and offer a new dimension to the study of political culture.

Some Historical Account of Guinea

Author : Anthony Benezet
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Before Emergency Conflict Prevention and the Media

Author : M. Aguirre
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This book is about two prominent issues: conflict prevention, and the media. Conflict prevention is a challenging concept for the media because journalists normally work on current affairs: reporting what is going on now, not trying to change the course of events in the medium or long term. However, the media can also play a determinant role in conflict prevention by providing swift and reliable information of emerging or potential conflicts to local and external actors. Governments, international organizations and public opinion alike need in-depth understanding of pre- and post-conflict social, economic, cultural and political environments in order to fully understand the benefits and feasibility of preventive policies.

Certain Steel Products from Belgium Brazil France Italy Luxembourg the Netherlands Romania the United Kingdom and West Germany Information obtained in investigations nos parts VI through X

Author : United States International Trade Commission
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Author : Mikea Osei
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Along lifes journey, everyone will encounter many crossroads and forks in the road which will require a decision. The decision may not always be the right one. It is important to recognize that the decisions that have been made or the path chosen to take has also its share of equivalent consequences. In Crossroads, author Mikea Osei writes a heartwarming story that chronicles his life as a Jamaican immigrant living in the United States. Along his journey, from the tiny island nation of Jamaica, he has encountered individuals who served as his mentors and role models.