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Alice Miranda in Japan

Author : Jacqueline Harvey
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Alice-Miranda just loves Tokyo. With its bustling streets and fascinating customs, there is so much to see! But when a gift from Alice-Miranda’s father confuses the Japanese authorities, she gets swept up into a missing person’s case. Alice-Miranda knows that there is more to this case than there seems. Can Alice-Miranda solve the mystery and avoid disaster?

Alice Miranda at Camp

Author : Jacqueline Harvey
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Alice-Miranda and her school friends from Winchester Downsfordvale Academy for Proper Young Ladies are on a school camp - but it's not all camp fires and treasure hunts. A new student seems determined to cause trouble, though Alice-Miranda can't work out why. And when some startling objects are discovered in the old manor house next to the camp site - the house where Alice-Miranda's father grew up - Alice-Miranda knows she has to investigate.

Alice Miranda Shines Bright

Author : Jacqueline Harvey
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Alice-Miranda is on the case! Alice-Miranda and Millie make a dazzling discovery in the woods near their school. They vow to keep the secret to themselves, but it appears they are not the only ones on the trail to the treasure . . . In the meantime, Alice-Miranda must find out why Jacinta is being exceptionally grumpy. What isn’t she telling her? Alice-Miranda puts on her detective hat. Will she be able to solve the mystery in time?

Alice Miranda in Paris

Author : Jacqueline Harvey
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Alice-Miranda is so excited to be in Paris! Along with lots of her school friends, she's going to be singing in a choir at the city's famous Fashion Week. But some of France's best-known designers are hiding secrets, and when some very expensive fabric is stolen just days before the show, Alice-Miranda realizes there's a darker side to the lights, glitz and glamour of Paris. Can she put things right in time?

Clementine Rose and the Seaside Escape

Author : Jacqueline Harvey
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Clementine Rose is off to the seaside! She makes a new friend as soon as she arrives: Freddy, who takes her exploring in the beach caves, where they discover an exciting, wonderful secret. But then Clemmie's tiny teacup pig, Lavender, escapes during a storm - and it's all hands on deck to bring her home safe and sound.

Environmental Policy in Japan

Author : Hidefumi Imura
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This book is a must; it is best reading for all interested in or working on environmental policy formulation and implementation, be it in a polluted industrial country or in a polluting developing country. Environmentalist . . . a well-conceptualized analysis of the evolution of Japan s environmental policies and programmes. . . The quality of integration from chapter to chapter is much superior to that of most multiple-author texts. International Sociology Review of Books The eleven contributors to this book provide profound retrospective view son the fearsome damage inflicted on the environment of Japan and on its people during the rapid economic growth period from late 1950s to the early 1970s. The book also presents a clear vision of how developing countries might draw lessons from Japan s experiences in overcoming some of its pollution problems. Hiroshi Ohta, Pacific Affairs This is, I m sure, the most comprehensive and the best book ever on Japan s environmental policy. This book is a must; it is best reading for all interested in or working on environmental policy formulation and implementation, be it in a polluted industrial country or in a polluting developing country. Udo E. Simonis, Internationales Asienforum The volume is a great source to explain what factors have made Japanese pollution control policy so successful. . . Imura and Schreurs have unveiled the intricacies of Japanese pollution control policy in this volume. The book can be used at the undergraduate and graduate level, particularly as a stepping stone in projects focused on minimization of contaminant emissions and on Japanese environmental policy and politics. Raul Pacheco-Vega, Global Environmental Politics A gold mine of information, this book gives a balanced, comprehensive, and authoritative analysis of Japan s environmental policy and candidly covers both its considerable achievements and persistent limitations. Although this volume focuses on issues of policy implementation, it impressively addresses most aspects of environmental issues in Japan. . . This is indeed a superb book that provides encyclopedia-like information about environmental issues in Japan and is unmatched, especially in its emphasis on policy implementation. Lam Peng Er, Journal of Japanese Studies Japanese environmental management style is in many ways distinct from that found in Europe or the USA. There is less emphasis on litigation, more emphasis on administrative guidance and considerable use of voluntary mechanisms for policy implementation. This volume considers what factors may have contributed to Japan s relatively successful efforts at dealing with severe industrial pollution and problems associated with rapid urbanization. The book introduces Japan s environmental history, its key environmental regulations and the forces that have driven Japan to introduce these environmental regulations and programs. It also examines the various formal and informal institutional mechanisms and policy instruments that have been introduced over the past several decades to implement pollution control and energy conservation. The authors conclude by putting Japan s environmental policy experiences in comparative perspective and considering what useful lessons can be drawn from the Japanese experience for developing nations. Providing a detailed analysis of environmental policies and policy instruments in Japan by leading experts in the field, this book will be of great interest to students of environmental policy and politics and policymakers concerned with environmental protection in Asia.

Is Japan Still Number One

Author : Ezra F. Vogel
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"This book tells the story of a small-town Midwestern Jewish boy who went to Harvard and became one of America's best known specialists on Asia, especially Japan. Ezra F. Vogel believes that understanding and a proper perspective come from studying the lan"

NIMBY Politics in Japan

Author : Sidney Hayden Lesbirel
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Negative reaction to undesirable facilities in one's neighborhood—"not in my back yard"—isn't limited to the United States. Japanese communities have also resisted siting decisions for power plants, and have often delayed or killed projects for which a legitimate social need exists.NIMBY Politics in Japan is the first detailed account in English of energy siting disputes in postwar Japan. Based on an investigation of a hundred conventional and nuclear plants, the book draws on a wide range of local and corporate sources, as well as interviews with participants, to reveal the bargaining processes involved in social choices and their public policy outcomes.S. Hayden Lesbirel examines why some siting decisions have taken an extraordinarily long time to complete while others have proceeded rapidly. He focuses on the intensity of conflict, relative strengths among participants, and the role of compensation, and he shows how innovative uses of compensation often enable negotiated compromises to be reached. Stressing the importance of dynamic bargaining and creative responses to social and political problems, Lesbirel shows the value of negotiated compromises in Japanese consensual politics.

Ecological Modernization and Japan

Author : Brendan F. D. Barrett
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In the 1990s, Japan gradually began to turn green and started to experiment with more participatory forms of environmental governance. Ecological Modernisation and Japan explores this transformation and looks at Japan as a case for ecological modernisation while contextualising the discussion within its unique history and recent discussions about globalisation and sustainability. It makes a significant contribution to the ecological modernisation debate by unpacking the Japanese environmental experience. Leading scholars in the field from Japan, the USA and the UK examine existing pressures on, and changes to, domestic environmental management structures. In addition, the book explores tensions that have emerged in relation to, and discourses that surround, the contemporary form of environmental governance in Japan. the post Johannesburg Summit era while at the same time, to incorporate concerns about the importance of promoting new indigenous approaches to policy-making more firmly based on the unique cultural characteristics of the Japanese.

The Political Economy of the Environment

Author : Shigeto Tsuru
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This authoritative study of Japan's environmental problems is by the country's leading environmental economist, Shigeto Tsuru. The author places environmental issues within a socio-economic context. In providing an historical account of environmental disruption in Japan, Professor Tsuru cites a number of key cases of industrial pollution in the pre-war and post-war periods and illustrates the effectiveness of such a strategy not only for Japan but any developed country. Finally, the author proposes a set of countermeasures against environmental problems, applicable to all developed countries today, aimed at achieving a new "quality of life."

Green Politics in Japan

Author : Peng Er Lam
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"The origin of this book was a doctoral dissertation submitted to Columbia University"--P. [xiii].

The Emergence of Meiji Japan

Author : Marius B. Jansen
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This paperback edition brings together chapters from volume 5 of The Cambridge History of Japan. Japan underwent momentous changes during the middle decades of the nineteenth century. This book chronicles the hardships of the Tempo era in the 1830s, the crisis of values and confidence during the last half century of Tokugawa rule, and the political process that finally brought down the Tokugawa regime and ended centuries of warrior rule. It goes on to discuss the samurai rebellions against the Meiji Restoration, and national movements for constitutional government which indirectly resulted in the Meiji Constitution of 1889. The significance of Japan's Meiji transformation for the rest of the world is the subject of the final chapter, in which Professor Akira Iriye discusses Japan's drive to Great Power status. 'Constitutional rule at home, imperialism abroad', became new goals for early twentieth-century Japan.

The Making of Modern Japan

Author : Kenneth B. Pyle
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Japan s Foreign Aid to Thailand and the Philippines

Author : David M. Potter
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In the 1980s, Japan became a leading donor of bilateral foreign aid. In the 1990s, it has become the leading bilateral aid donor in the world. A great deal of attention has focused on the kind of aid policy Japan pursues and the impact of that aid both on foreign investment in Asia and Japan's relations with other donor countries. Japan's Foreign Aid to Thailand and the Philippines looks at the situation and asks a number of questions: What do recipients of Japanese aid get out of the increasing levels of funding that country is contributing? Are the types of aid recipients receive from Japan the types of aid they actually want? How do recipients respond to Japan as an aid donor, especially in terms of increasing or decreasing the level of aid they receive from Japan? This book examines these questions in the cases of Thailand and the Philippines, two of the largest recipients of Japanese aid in Asia. It examines their development priorities and assesses the fit between those priorities and actual Japanese aid disbursements. It also examines the ways in which projects are initiated and implemented and the difficulties the recipient planning agencies encounter in coordinating project requests and stated development priorities. The book concludes that recipient agencies both planning authorities and line agencies must accommodate the major features and policies of the Japanese aid programme, but in doing so manage to get most of their development priorities met

Ecological Security in Northeast Asia

Author : Miranda Alice Schreurs
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Acid Rain Science and Politics in Japan

Author : Kenneth E. Wilkening
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Acid Rain Science and Politics in Japan is a pioneering work in environmental and Asian history as well as an in-depth analysis of the influence of science on domestic and international environmental politics. Kenneth Wilkening's study also illuminates the global struggle to create sustainable societies. The Meiji Restoration of 1868 ended Japan's era of isolation- created self-sufficiency and sustainability. The opening of the country to Western ideas and technology not only brought pollution problems associated with industrialization (including acid rain) but also scientific techniques for understanding and combating them. Wilkening identifies three pollution-related "sustainability crises" in modern Japanese history: copper mining in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, which spurred Japan's first acid rain research and policy initiatives; horrendous post-World War II domestic industrial pollution, which resulted in a "hidden" acid rain problem; and the present-day global problem of transboundary pollution, in which Japan is a victim of imported acid rain. He traces the country's scientific and policy responses to these crises through six distinct periods related to acid rain problems and argues that Japan's leadership role in East Asian acid rain science and policy today can be explained in large part by the "historical scientific momentum" generated by efforts to confront the issue since 1868, reinforced by Japan's cultural affinity with rain (its "culture of rain"). Wilkening provides an overview of nature, culture, and the acid rain problem in Japan to complement the general set of concepts he develops to analyze the interface of science and politics in environmental policymaking. He concludes with a discussion of lessons from Japan's experience that can be applied to the creation of sustainable societies worldwide.

Protecting the Global Environment

Author : Wilfrido Cruz
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Annotation This paper, a cooperative effort by the World Bank Institute and the Development Bank of Japan, seeks to further discussion of the connection between environmental concerns and national development policies.

Japan Historical and Descriptive

Author : Charles Henry Eden
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The Environmental Dimension of Asian Security

Author : Miranda Schreurs
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Northeast Asia is a region with highly disparate levels of industrialization and political systems. It also contains some very troubling security flashpoints the Taiwan Strait, the Korean Peninsula, and the East China Sea. China s rapacious quest for energy and rapid industrial expansion have led to intense international competition with Japan and the United States and internal instability as well. North Korea poses two distinct environmental security threats: famine refugees and the regime s use of nuclear blackmail for subsidized energy. Yet there is very little regional cooperation, despite the need to manage disputes over energy, natural resources, and pervasive pollution. The Environmental Dimension of Asian Security examines these issues through a regional environmental security complex that explores the potential for greater intersubjective understandings of regional environmental and natural resource problems and greater institutional collaboration and management."

Who s who

Author :
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