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An Illustrated Treasury of Hans Christian Andersen s Fairy Tales

Author : Hans Christian Andersen
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Thumbelina -- The princess and the pea -- The snow queen -- The brave tin soldier -- The Emperor's new suit -- The little match girl -- The little mermaid -- The Christmas tree

The Classic Treasury of Hans Christian Andersen

Author : Hans Christian Andersen
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Award-winning English illustrator Christian Birmingham--one of the rising stars of children's illustration--brings eight time-honored fairy tales to life in dazzling, full-color artwork for this charming collection. Sure to become a treasured part of any childhood library, this sumptuously illustrated book includes the read-aloud favorites The Ugly Duckling, Thumbelina, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, The Emperor's New Clothes, The Little Match Girl, The Little Mermaid, The Nightingale, and The Princess and the Pea.

Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen

Author : Hans Christian Andersen
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This beautifully designed treasury gathers Hans Christian Andersen's most beloved fairy tales in a gilt-stamped, hardcover volume, abundantly illustrated by full-color and black-and-white images by Golden Age master Harry Clarke. Offering such classics as "The Snow Queen," "The Nightingale," and "The Wild Swan," this masterful collection showcases Clarke's peerless artistry as he highlights the mythic and uncanny qualities of Andersen's timeless stories. This stunning book will be a welcome addition to any discerning library, private or public.


Author : Robert Pateman
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Denmark is a country that has existed since the age of the Vikings. It has a vibrant history, a unique way of life, and deeply rooted beliefs. Today, Denmark helps make up an area called Scandinavia. It is a proud country with unique traditions and customs, and its own language. This book explores Denmark and all it has to offer. All books of the critically-acclaimed Cultures of the World® series ensure an immersive experience by offering vibrant photographs with descriptive nonfiction narratives, and interactive activities such as creating an authentic traditional dish from an easy-to-follow recipe. Copious maps and detailed timelines present the past and present of the country, while exploration of the art and architecture help your readers to understand why diversity is the spice of Life.

Hans Christian Andersen s Fairy Tales

Author : Hans Christian Andersen
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This classic collection of Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales, illustrated by Harry Clarke, was first published in 1916. This modern version includes reproductions of Harry Clarke's stunning work, taken from the unique collection at the National Gallery of Ireland. Including timeless and essential tales such as The Ugly Duckling, Thumbelina and The Snow Queen, this is a wonderful read for people of all ages and a gorgeous addition to anyone's collection.

Not so Grim Fairy Tales

Author : Kathryn Collis
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This book critically examines the classic fairy tales that were written around two hundred years ago and are now seriously out of date. Not only that, most of them are extremely gory. Not So Grim Fairy Tales attempts to modernize these stories, make them more politically correct, and remove the gore.

The Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen

Author : Hans Christian Andersen
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An illustrated collection of twenty-three fairy tales by the nineteenth-century Danish author, including such well-known favorites as "The Ugly Duckling" and such lesser-known titles as "The Old Man is Always Right."

For Real I Paraded in My Underpants

Author : Nancy Loewen
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Once Upon a Time A Treasury of Classic Fairy Tale Illustrations

Author : Jeff A. Menges
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This collection gathers breathtaking art from early editions of "Sleeping Beauty," "Cinderella," and other classics. 180 elegant images — most in color — include works by Rackham, Dore, Dulac, Nielsen, and others.

An Index to the Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Anderson i E Andersen and the Brothers Grimm

Author : Melanie Anne Gross
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Andersen s Fairy Tales

Author : H C Andersen
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Within the fairy tale treasury that has come into the world's possession, Hans Christian Andersen's tales are among some of the most outstanding. His spellbinding stories present deep moral lessons that span both cultural and generational differences.

QPB Illustrated Treasury of Classic Fairy Tales

Author : Rita Marshall
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In the QPB Illustrated Treasury of Classic Fairy Tales, and international team of illustrators boldly reimagine ten beloved stories, stamping them with their own unique sensibilities, while brilliantly capturing the essential qualities.

Eric Carle s Treasury of Classic Stories for Children

Author : Eric Carle
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An illustrated retelling of twenty-two folktales, fairy tales, and fables.

Hans Christian Andersen Treasury

Author : Hans Christian Andersen
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Illustrated Weekly of Pakistan

Author :
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The Ugly Duckling and Other Fairy Tales

Author : Hans Christian Andersen
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Eight beloved tales from the great Danish storyteller: "The Ugly Duckling," "The Red Shoes," "Thumbelina," "The Emperor’s New Clothes," "The Steadfast Tin Soldier," "The Little Match Girl," "The Princess on the Pea" and "The Nightingale." Newly reset in large easy-to-read type.

How to Raise a Reader

Author : Elaine K. McEwan
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Offers advice for parents who have a reluctant reader, including how to encourage children, how to assess current reading level, and what types of reading material to use

The Orchard Book of Hans Christian Andersen s Fairy Tales

Author : Martin Waddell
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An illustrated collection of Andersen's tales.

Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen Volume 3

Author : Hans Christian Hans Christian Andersen
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How is this book unique? Font adjustments & biography included Unabridged (100% Original content) Illustrated About Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen - Volume 3 by Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen consists of The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling, The Snow Queen, The Real Princess and a host of other wonderful tales which form so much a part of childhood are part of Andersen's Fairy Tales, by Hans Christian Andersen. This volume contains eighteen selected stories. Some of them are old familiar friends, while others maybe new to some readers, but all of them equally enchanting and enthralling. Today, these stories are known almost everywhere in the world and have been translated into hundreds of languages. Their appeal is not just for children or young readers. As folktales and typical Scandinavian legends, they are a fascinating glimpse into the myths and legends, culture and ethos of the Northern Lands. Since their publication in 1835, they have continued to inspire and delight generations of children and adults. Hans Christian Andersen was a Danish author whose work included plays, poetry, travelogues, novels and stories. Born in a noble Danish family, he was inspired to transcribe the tales he had heard as a child from people around him. The stories he selected were interesting, imaginative and unique. Some of them like The Little Mermaid were poignant and were not strictly just for a young audience. In fact, the story went on to capture public imagination to such an extent that today one of the most iconic monuments of Copenhagen is the statue of the Little Mermaid on the Langeline Promenade, which draws thousands of visitors every year. Andersen's first foray into writing fairytales did not meet with much success because translating them from the original Danish was quite difficult and it had only restricted readership. However, in 1845, he reached out to the rest of the world through a brilliant translation of The Little Mermaid in Bentley's Miscellany magazine. Great success followed as his stories began appearing in various English magazines and journals and a whole generation of young English speaking children discovered the treasures of Scandinavia. The stories have continued to enthrall people in many fields. Music, opera, art, literature, drama, film and television have become richer by the addition of various versions of Andersen's tales and his name has become a byword for the genre. He also inspired hundreds of other writers to come out with folktales and stories designed to captivate the imagination of young and old. Stories like The Tinder-Box convey a feeling of mystery and awe, while The Nightingale provides pathos and beauty.

The Little Mermaid

Author : Hans Christian Anderson
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The beloved tale of The Little Mermaid is faithfully reproduced in this new edition of Hans Christian Anderson’s classic. Original art by critically acclaimed New York Times bestselling illustrator Charles Santore is masterfully reproduced using the most advanced technology to bring these breathtaking illustrations to life like never before. The vivid colors and captivating spreads make this beautiful story one to be treasured in every home. The Little Mermaid is a timeless classic that has fascinated readers young and old for many generations. The adventures of the young mermaid princess splash life across the pages of a story full of belonging, hope, love and sacrifice. This new edition embodies beautiful original artwork by Charles Santore, masterfully reproduced with the latest technology available, containing vivid colors and captivating illustrations that make every page an unrivaled masterpiece. The sharp contrast of life under the sea and on the land is captured with these magnificent depictions of the story. In reviewing the original Santore artwork, the School Library Journal wrote, “Through his clever use of contrasting palettes, the illustrations create two distinct worlds: the ethereal blues and greens of the Sea King's undersea realm, and the sun-drenched reds and golds of the prince's domain.” Children and adults are sure to treasure this book and all it encompasses for many years to come.