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The World of Ancient Greece A Daily Life Encyclopedia 2 volumes

Author : Michael Lovano
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This book opens the world of the ancient Greeks to all readers through easily accessible entries on topics essential to understanding Greek high culture and daily life. The ancient Greeks provided the foundation for Western civilization. They made significant advances in science, mathematics, philosophy, literature, and government. While many readers might have heard of Plato and Aristotle, however, or be familiar with the classic works of Greek tragedy, most people know significantly less about daily life in the ancient Greek world. This encyclopedia opens the world of the ancient Greeks, spanning Greek history from the Bronze Age through Roman times, with an emphasis on the Classical and Hellenistic Eras. The encyclopedia provides roughly 270 easily accessible entries on topics essential to understanding everything from Greek high culture to daily life. These entries are grouped in topical sections on the arts, science and technology, politics and government, domestic life, and other subjects. Sidebars on particularly noteworthy people, places, and concepts provide related information, while primary documents allow readers to delve into the mindset and feelings of the ancient Greeks themselves. Extensive bibliographic references give curious readers direction for further research. • Includes reference entries with objective, essential information about topics related to daily life in ancient Greece • Offers sidebars with related, nuanced information that will interest readers in Greek history • Cites works for further reading in entries • Gives readers first-hand accounts of life in ancient Greece in primary source documents

A Geographical and Historical Description of Ancient Greece 2

Author : John Anthony Cramer
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Biblical and Ancient Greek Linguistics Volume 2

Author : Stanley E. Porter
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Biblical and Ancient Greek Linguistics (BAGL) is an international journal that exists to further the application of modern linguistics to the study of Ancient and Biblical Greek, with a particular focus on the analysis of texts, including but not restricted to the Greek New Testament. The journal is hosted by McMaster Divinity College and works in conjunction with its Centre for Biblical Linguistics, Translation and Exegesis, and the organization ( in the sponsoring of conferences and symposia open to scholars and students working in Greek linguistics who are interested in contributing to advancing the discussion and methods of the field of research. BAGL is a refereed on-line and print journal dedicated to distributing the results of significant research in the area of linguistic theory and application to biblical and ancient Greek, and is open to all scholars, not just those connected to the Centre and the project.

Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy II

Author : John Peter Anton
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Papers presented to the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy since its beginnings in the 1950's.

Yet More Studies in the Ancient Greek Polis

Author : Thomas Heine Nielsen
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A fourth collection of Papers from the Copenhagen Polis Centre, a collective whose "ulimate aim is to present a new analysis of the Archaic and Classical Greek polis ", through various wide-ranging and thematically specific investigations. This volume and the others in the series are released in advance of the publication of a general synthesis of findings, hence the thematic incoherence of the titles contained herein: Polis as the Generic Term for State, Hekataios' Use of the Word Polis in His Periegesis , and A Typology of Dependent Poleis (Mogens Herman Hansen) ; A Survey of the Major Urban Settlements in the Kimmerian Bosphoros (With a Discussion of Their Status as Poleis ) (Gocha R. Tsetskhladze) ; Emporion . A Study of the Use and Meaning of the Term in the Archaic and Classical Periods (Mogens Herman Hansen) ; Colonies and Ports-of-Tradee on the Northern Shores of the Black Sea: Borysthenes, Kremnoi and the "Other Pontic Emporia in Herodotos (John Hind) ; Some Problems in Polis Identification in the Chalkidic Peninsula (Pernille Flensted-Jensen) ; Triphylia . An Experiment in Ethnic Construction adn Political Organisation (Thomas Heine Nielsen) ; The Polis of Asea. A Case-Study of How Archaeology Can expand Our Knowlege of the History of a Polis (Jeanette Fors�n and Bj�rn Fors�n) .

A History of Ancient Greek

Author : Maria Arapopoulou
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Comprehensive, authoritative but highly accessible reference work essential for all those interested in the history of Greek.

Ancient Greece Gr 4 6

Author :
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Ancient Greece

Author : William E. Dunstan
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ANCIENT GREECE is the second volume in a new three-volume series on ancient civilizations. This study of ancient Greece brings together the findings of historians, archaeologists, linguists, geographers, art historians, scientists, and other specialists. The thought-provoking book does not shy away from controversial issues and topics. Volume II on the ancient Greeks follows Volume I, THE ANCIENT NEAR EAST, and precedes Volume III, ANCIENT ROME.

A History of the Literature of Ancient Greece from the Foundation of the Socratic Schools to the Taking of Costantinople by the Turks by John William Donaldson D D

Author :
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Ancient Greece

Author : Matthew Dillon
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In this revised edition, Matthew Dillon and Lynda Garland have expanded the chronological range of Ancient Greece to include the Greek world of the fourth century. The sourcebook now ranges from the first lines of Greek literature to the death of Alexander the Great, covering all of the main historical periods and social phenomena of ancient Greece. The material is taken from a variety of sources: historians, inscriptions, graffiti, law codes, epitaphs, decrees, drama and poetry. It includes the major literary authors, but also covers a wide selection of writers, including many non-Athenian authors. Whilst focusing on the main cities of ancient Greece - Athens and Sparta- the sourcebook also draws on a wide range of material concerning the Greeks in Egypt, Italy, Sicily, Asia Minor and the Black Sea. Ancient Greece covers not only the chronological, political history of ancient Greece, but also explores the full spectrum of Greek life through topics such as gender, social class, race and labour. This revised edition includes: Two completely new chapters - "The Rise of Macedon" and "Alexander ′the Great′, 336-323" BC New material in the chapters on The City-State, Religion in the Greek World, Tyrants and Tyranny, The Peloponnesian War and its Aftermath, Labour: Slaves, Serfs and Citizens, and Women, Sexuality and the Family It is structured so that: Thematically arranged chapters arranged allow students to build up gradually knowledge of the ancient Greek world Introductory essays to each chapter give necessary background to understand topic areas Linking commentaries help students understand the source extracts and what they reveal about the ancient Greeks Ancient Greece: Social and Historical Documents from Archaic Times to the Death of Alexander the Great. Third Edition, will continue to be a definitive collection of source material on the society and culture of the Greeks.

Ancient Greece

Author :
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Ancient Greece eBook

Author : Cindy Barden
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Welcome to the fascinating world of ancient Greece—the land of city-states, powerful gods and goddesses, myths, and philosophy. Explore the glory that was Greece, the civilization where the Olympics began, and the birthplace of democracy. The activities in this book provide insight into the history, religion, customs, culture, mythology, art, life, and beliefs of ancient Greece. The eight full-color transparencies at the back of the book (print books) or the included PowerPoint slides (eBooks) can be used alone or with specific activities listed in the table of contents. For a print book with the PowerPoint presentation instead of transparencies, please see MP8819.

Witchcraft and Magic in Europe Volume 2

Author : Bengt Ankarloo
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Topics include binding spells, curse tablets, and the demonization of magic and sorcery by Christianity.

The Nature of History in Ancient Greece and Rome

Author : Charles W. Fornara
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Rethinking Revolutions Through Ancient Greece

Author : Simon Goldhill
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This book investigates the claims made about classical Greece being the period and place in which Western civilization developed.

Ancient Greece from Homer to Alexander

Author : Joseph Roisman
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With fresh, new translations and extensive introductions andannotations, this sourcebook provides an inclusive and integratedview of Greek history, from Homer to Alexander the Great. New translations of original sources are contextualized byinsightful introductions and annotations Includes a range of literary, artistic and material evidencefrom the Homeric, Archaic and Classical Ages Focuses on important developments as well as specific themes tocreate an integrated perspective on the period Links the political and social history of the Greeks to theirintellectual accomplishments Includes an up-to-date bibliography of seminal scholarship An accompanying website offers additional evidence andexplanations, as well as links to useful online resources

Ancient Greek Colonies in the Black Sea

Author : Dēmētrios V. Grammenos
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The History of Ancient Greece Its Colonies and Conquests

Author : John Gillies
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Edinburgh Companion to Ancient Greece and Rome

Author : Edward Bispham
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The Edinburgh Companion, newly available in paperback, is a gateway to the fascinating worlds of ancient Greece and Rome. Wide-ranging in its approach, it demonstrates the multifaceted nature of classical civilisation and enables readers to gain guidance in drawing together the perspectives and methods of different disciplines, from philosophy to history, from poetry to archaeology, from art history to numismatics, and many more.

Ancient West East Volume 2

Author : G R Tsetskhladze
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Published twice yearly, this work is devoted to the study of the history and archaeology of the periphery of the Graeco-Roman world. It includes essays on the wine presses of Western Phrygia; Gepids in the 3rd-5th centuries CE; and the population around the Greek colonies in the Black Sea area.