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Ancient Greece

Author : George Moore
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The Ancient Greeks

Author : Stephanie Lynn Budin
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This authoritative book surveys the full extent of the culture that gave us the Acropolis, the Illiad, and The Republic. Stephanie Lynn Budin introduces general readers to the 3000 years of ancient Greek civilization - its art, literature, politics, religion, war, and empire - addressing many topics usually covered only in specialized works. Here, for example, are abundant primary sources, and a guide to reading the ancient script known as Linear B. Here, too, is a rich collection of illustrations, drawings, maps, and photographs, including detailed renderings of Knossos, Akritiri, and a host of archeological sites, showing them as they appeared originally and as they are now. Drawing on the latest interpretations of artifacts, texts, and other evidence, The Ancient Greeks takes readers inside the process of discovery, and provides a full history of the study of classical Greece, from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance right up to the present. The result is an ideal guide toone of the world's most revered cultures of the past.

The Ancient Greeks

Author : John Van Antwerp Fine
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A history of ancient Greece includes examinations of the Greek culture, political institutions, military exploits, and civilization

Life in Ancient Greece

Author : Lynn Peppas
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Examines ancient Greece and looks at how its politics, daily activities, art, religion, economy, and social structures worked together to form Grecian culture.

Ancient Greece

Author : Kim Covert
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Traces key points in ancient Greek civilization, including the Persian Wars and the conquests of Alexander the Great. Includes timeline.

Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece

Author : Nigel Wilson
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Examining every aspect of the culture from antiquity to the founding of Constantinople in the early Byzantine era, this thoroughly cross-referenced and fully indexed work is written by an international group of scholars. This Encyclopedia is derived from the more broadly focused Encyclopedia of Greece and the Hellenic Tradition, the highly praised two-volume work. Newly edited by Nigel Wilson, this single-volume reference provides a comprehensive and authoritative guide to the political, cultural, and social life of the people and to the places, ideas, periods, and events that defined ancient Greece.

Ancient Greece

Author : Priscilla Wood
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This title encourages the study of archaeological evidence, artefacts, written sources and maps to understand how the ancient Greeks have influenced today's society. Stimulating activities cover everyday life and leisure, the city state, Greek religion, relations with other societies, language, writing, and philosophy.

Paths from Ancient Greece

Author : Carol G. Thomas
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Ancient Greece

Author : Richard Tames
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Step back in time 3,000 years to the shores of the eastern Mediterranean where one of the most enduring and influential civilizations of the Western world is emerging. Ancient Greece was made up of a number of self-supporting city-states, each of which developed a strong, individual identity. They developed from an agricultural society that wrote in simple pictograms into a sophisticated culture. Centuries on, the Greek legacy survives in modern society. The origins of democracy, mathematics, medicine, and philosophy can be traced back to this time in history. Immerse yourself in this ancient but curiously modern world, mingle with its gods, rulers, and military heroes, and sample its clothes, plays, foods, marketplaces, and street life. This book is your ticket to Ancient Greece in all of its grandeur and vitality.

Ancient Greece

Author : Jeremy McInerney
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An extensively illustrated introduction to ancient Greek history

A Dictionary of the Ancient Greek World

Author : David Sacks
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Alphabetically arranged entries provide a detailed look at the history of this ancient culture, covering such topics as art, architecture, technology, and women's roles.

Empire of Ancient Greece

Author : Jean Kinney Williams
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The classical Greek civilization is the cornerstone of Western civilization today. The Greeks invented and developed everything from logic and democracy to rhetoric, drama, and philosophy. Empire of Ancient Greece, Revised Edition chronicles the remarkable legacy of the Greeks, as well as the diversity of their societies--from the thriving democracy of Athens to the militarism of Sparta to the oligarchy of Thrace. It explores the conditions that made it possible for the ancient Greeks to develop a culture that set the foundation for our intellectual lives today, and explains why Greek power eventually declined. Everyday life in ancient Greece, from the wealthy citizens who grappled in the Olympic arena to the farmers who found 50 different ways to use olive oil, is also examined. Connections in our own world to the ancient Greeks are numerous, including the Olympics, much of our classical literature, the scientific method, architecture, and many English words.

The Ancient Greeks

Author : Alexandra Villing
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Describes different aspects of ancient Greek civilization, including its history, government, gods, religion, art, literature, philosophy, science, and everyday life.

Ancient Greece Entertainment

Author : Stewart Ross
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Describes the ways in which the Ancient Greeks entertained themselves, including parties, hunting and fishing, art, music and dance, poetry, storytelling, drama, and sports.

A Brief History of Ancient Greece

Author : Sarah B. Pomeroy
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The story of the ancient Greeks is one of the most improbable success stories in world history. A small group of people inhabiting a country poor in resources and divided into hundreds of quarreling states created one of the most remarkable civilizations ever. Comprehensive and balanced, ABrief History of Ancient Greece: Politics, Society, and Culture, Second Edition is a shorter version of the authors' highly successful Ancient Greece: A Political, Social, and Cultural History, Second Edition (OUP, 2008). Four leading authorities on the classical world offer a lively and up-to-dateaccount of Greek civilization and history in all its complexity and variety, covering the entire period from the Bronze Age through the Hellenistic Era, and integrating the most recent research in archaeology, comparative anthropology, and social history. They show how the early Greeks borrowed fromtheir neighbors but eventually developed a distinctive culture all their own, one that was marked by astonishing creativity, versatility, and resilience. Using physical evidence from archaeology, the written testimony of literary texts and inscriptions, and anthropological models based oncomparative studies, this compact volume provides an account of the Greek world that is thoughtful and sophisticated yet accessible to students and general readers with little or no knowledge of Greece.

Oath and State in Ancient Greece

Author : Alan H. Sommerstein
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The oath was an institution of fundamental importance across a wide range of social interactions throughout the ancient Greek world, making a crucial contribution to social stability and harmony; yet there has been no comprehensive, dedicated scholarly study of the subject for over a century. This volume of a two-volume study explores how oaths functioned in the working of the Greek city-state (polis) and in relations between different states as well as between Greeks and non-Greeks.

Women in Ancient Greece

Author : Sue Blundell
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Largely excluded from any public role, the women of ancient Greece nonetheless appear in various guises in the art and writing of the period, and in legal documents. These representations, in Sue Blundell's analysis, reveal a great deal about women's day-to-day experience as well as their legal and economic position - and how they were regarded by men.

The Archaeology of Ancient Greece

Author : James Whitley
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A synthesis of research on the material culture of Greece in the Archaic and Classical periods.

Reciprocity in Ancient Greece

Author : Christopher Gill
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Reciprocity has been seen as an important notion for anthropologists studying economic and social relations, and this volume examines it in connection with Greek culture from Homer to the Hellenistic period.

Sport and Society in Ancient Greece

Author : Mark Golden
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A concise introduction to ancient Greek sport.