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Ants of Britain and Europe

Author : Claude Lebas
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This photographic field guide covers every species of ant found in Britain and Europe. More than 400 species of ant can be found in the region and Ants of Britain and Europe covers them all, describing 150 species in detail. The accounts include information on field characteristics, confusion species, habitat and biology, and distribution maps. The book also features a comprehensive introduction to ant ecology and guidance on where to look for ants, a glossary, an overview of families suitable for beginners to entomology, and a detailed, illustrated identification key. Nearly 600 photos are included, showing species close-up and in their natural habitats.

The food use and beauty of British birds

Author : Charles Ottley Groom Napier
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Butterflies of Britain Europe

Author : Tom Tolman
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This butterfly guide covers 444 species, with each species fully illustrated with paintings of the male, female and all major forms, varieties and sub-species. The text covers all taxonomic nomenclature, distribution, flight period, vari ation, habitat and behaviour.

The Country Life Guide to Spiders of Britain and Northern Europe

Author : Dick Jones
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Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society

Author :
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Birds of Britain Europe

Author : Jürgen Nicolai
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The Butterflies of Britain and Europe

Author : Lionel George Higgins
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British and European birds

Author : Walter Thiede
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British and European Insects

Author : Wolfgang Dierl
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New Generation Guide to the Butterflies and Day flying Moths of Britain and Europe

Author : Michael Chinery
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This book has two parts: a field guide to all European butterflies and day-flying moths, and a natural history of the butterfly.

A Field Guide to the Butterflies of Britain and Europe

Author : Lionel George Higgins
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Hawk moths of Great Britain and Europe

Author : Leonard Hugh Newman
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The Guests of British Ants

Author : Horace St. John Kelly Donisthorpe
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Bats of Britain Europe and Northwest Africa

Author : Christian Dietz
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This comprehensive and superbly illustrated handbook presents for the first time all 51 bat species that occur across Europe and Northwest Africa, taking in to account recent taxonomic advances and new species descriptions from over the last few years. Extensive introductory chapters reveal the remarkable biology of bats and explore the latest findings in bat evolution and echolocation. The in-depth species accounts cover life history, conservation status and identification.

Woodpeckers of Europe

Author : Gerard Gorman
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Gives an account of the European Picidae through the author's lifetime study of these birds. This book covers the various aspects of the natural history of the ten species including evolution, taxonomy, topography, flight patterns and drumming. It also deals with their country status, forestry, and their relationship with man and other fauna.

The Ecology of Butterflies in Britain

Author : Derek A. Whiteley
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This new book offers a full-scale treatment of British butterfly ecology. We have not had a comparable source-book for many years, and now it comes at a time when many butterfly populations worldwide, including about half the British species, are in decline. The authors bring together newideas, facts, and figures from recent studies to discuss individual butterfly behaviour and adaptations; population dynamics, community structure, distributions, and habitats; and the underlying genetics and evolutionary pathways. The last chapter focuses on conservation. Information is presentedin considerable detail, and the volume includes an extensive glossary, full bibliography, many tables, appendices on hostplants and habitats, and more than ninety figures. Students of butterflies, ecology, and natural history will find it an invaluable reference tool as well as a benchmark inecological studies.The authors are well known for their work in research, conservation, and education. They are: Roger Dennis, Tim Shreeve, Keith Shreeve, Keith Porter, Martin Warren, Paul Brakefield, Jeremy Thomas, and Caroline Steel. Derek Whiteley prepared the figures.

Bees Ants and Wasps

Author : Pat Willmer
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Woodlice in Britain and Ireland

Author : British Isopoda Study Group
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Transactions of the Society for British Entomology

Author : Society for British Entomology
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Birds of Great Britain Europe and Africa

Author : David Alderton
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A lavish guide to the world of birds in Britain, Europe and Africa, finely illustrated with color photographs and specially commissioned artworks.