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Architecture According to Pigeons

Author : Stella Gurney
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Hello. I am Speck. Come fly with me! Architecture According to Pigeons is the perfect introduction for children to the most beautiful buildings in the world and the basic principles of architecture, using a fun, lively and engaging way of learning. In this delightful book, a pigeon named Speck Lee Tailfeather reveals that pigeons are great aficionados of architecture and delivers an account of a journey around the globe with fun facts about each of the iconic buildings he visits. The book features the Colosseum, the Taj Mahal, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, the Eiffel Tower, Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater and dozens of other buildings from a 'bird's eye view' to delight children and parents alike.

Bird architecture

Author : James Rennie
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Author : David Gissen
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We are conditioned over time to regard environmental forces such as dust, mud, gas, smoke, debris, weeds, and insects as inimical to architecture. Much of today's discussion about sustainable and green design revolves around efforts to clean or filter out these primitive elements. While mostly the direct result of human habitation, these 'subnatural forces' are nothing new. In fact, our ability to manage these forces has long defined the limits of civilized life. From its origins, architecture has been engaged in both fighting and embracing these so-called destructive forces. In Subnature, David Gissen, author of our critically acclaimed Big and Green, examines experimental work by today's leading designers, scholars, philosophers, and biologists that rejects the idea that humans can somehow recreate a purely natural world, free of the untidy elements that actually constitute nature. Each chapter provides an examination of a particular form of subnature and its actualization in contemporary design practice. The exhilarating and at times unsettling work featured in Subnature suggests an alternative view of natural processes and ecosystems and their relationships to human society and architecture. R&Sie(n)'s Mosquito Bottleneck house in Trinidad uses a skin that actually attracts mosquitoes and moves them through the building, while keeping them separate from the occupants. In his building designs the architect Philippe Rahm draws the dank air from the earth and the gasses and moisture from our breath to define new forms of spatial experience. In his Underground House, Mollier House, and Omnisport Hall, Rahm forces us to consider the odor of soil and the emissions from our body as the natural context of a future architecture. [Cero 9]'s design for the Magic Mountain captures excess heat emitted from a power generator in Ames, Iowa, to fuel a rose garden that embellishes the industrial site and creates a natural mountain rising above the city's skyline. Subnature looks beyond LEED ratings, green roofs, and solar panels toward a progressive architecture based on a radical new conception of nature.

The Architecture of Birds

Author : James Rennie
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The Oxford Dictionary of Christian Art and Architecture

Author : Tom Devonshire Jones
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"First published as: The Oxford companion to Christian art and architecture in 1996 by Oxford University Press." --T.p. verso.

Natural History of Birds Their Architecture Habits and Faculties

Author : James Rennie
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American Architect and Architecture

Author :
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Rural Architecture

Author : Lewis Falley Allen
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Indian Architectural Theory and Practice

Author : Vibhuti Chakrabarti
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In this ground-breaking study the traditional Indian science of architecture and house-building,Vastu Vidya, is explored in terms of its secular uses, at the levels of both theory and contemporary practice. Vastu Vidya is treated as constituting a coherent and complete architectural programme, still of great relevance today. Chakrabarti draws on an impressive amount of textual material, much of it only available in Sanskrit, and presents several extremely valuable illustrations in support of the theories expounded. Each chapter deals with one architectural aspect, and chapters are divided into three sections. For each aspect, the first section explains the prescriptions of the traditional texts; the second section deals with the rather arbitrary use of that aspect by contemporary Indian architects trained in the western manner but striving to relate to Indian roots; while the last section in each chapter explores the selected use of that particular aspect by contemporary Vastu pundits, with their disregard for architectural idiom.

Animals and Architecture

Author : David Hancocks
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Architecture of Mughal India

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Traces the development and spread of architecture under the Mughal emperors who ruled the Indian subcontinent from the early-16th to the mid-19th centuries. The book considers the entire scope of architecture built under the auspices of the imperial Mughals and their subjects.

The Oxford Companion to Christian Art and Architecture

Author : Peter Murray
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A lavishly illustrated guide to the Judeo-Christian tradition in Western art contains more than 1,700 articles covering major artists, periods and styles, icons and symbols, biblical figures, art forms, general beliefs, and much more. UP.

The Splendour of Iran Islamic period vernacular architecture city planning elements of cities architectural ornament

Author : Edward Booth-Clibborn
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Represents the combined expertise of many of the most respected art historians and cultural commentators from Iran itself, whose knowledge of the country and its traditions brings an entirely new dimension to the study of its architectural and artistic.

An Encyclopaedia of Cottage Farm and Villa Architecture and Furniture

Author : John Claudius Loudon
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The Architectural Forum

Author :
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An Illustrated Glossary of Early Southern Architecture and Landscape

Author : Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
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The vocabulary of building in the early South from 1607 to the 1820s, with most terms used in a dated quote from the time period. For instance, "1807, A kitchen for sale had 'batten shutters' Charleston Courier."

Architecture of Knowledge

Author : Subhash Kak
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Old English Churches Their Architecture Furniture Decoration Monuments Vestments and Plates

Author : George Clinch
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AAQ Architectural Association Quarterly

Author : Architectural Association (Great Britain)
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Encyclopedia of architecture

Author : Joseph A. Wilkes
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