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Back in Time Doorways to the Past 3

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Back in Time Split Second Time Travel Story 2

Author : Ken Johns
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Jess is the only member of her family to return from their time travel vacation and she has a lot of questions for the Split-Second Time Travel Company. The SSTTC rescue team is searching for her sister and her parents, but Jess is finding it hard to trust them. When she learns the truth, she'll have to go back in time to stop the SSTTC.


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When Abigail Biltmore; jilted wife of a former playboy congressman wakes up in an ancient era; 1900, she is greeted by a perfect southern gentleman. Once the belle of the prestigious town; Ballantyne Abigail is forced to make many life changes. Brian Weatherly, heir to a billion dollar land company, offers an antique broach on Christmas morning; one passed down through the Weatherly family;an heirloom that must be given to the one, deserving woman he chooses as his wife. One stick of the pin spirals Abigail back in time. There she falls quickly for the charming Quintin Weatherly; the pioneer to the family fortune. When she is forced from an era and the one man she deeply loves, she must rely on a book of poems she left behind in the year 1900. There's only one key to getting back home; her great great grandson; Brian Weatherly.

Back in Time

Author : Pasco A. Verducci
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James Bono and Richie Shulman were two best friends. They lived next door to each other in Florida. James Bono was a well known surgeon. Richie Shulman was employed at Nasa. He also had a vast knowledge of the construction of space ships. On one of their many camping trips, James and Richie discussed building a space ship to travel back in time. It was decided that James Bono would travel to back in time. James wanted to go back to the year 1870 to warn general George Custer not to go to Little Big Horn because him and his company will be defeated in a terrible battle. The space ship malfunctions and lands instead in the year 300 B.C.

The Round Lake Logging Dam

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Back in Time

Author : Nadezhda Ioffe
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The only memoir to be written in the post-Stalin Soviet Union by a member of the Left Opposition formed under the leadership of Leon Trotsky in 1923. Nadezhda Joffe is the daughter of Adolf Abramovich Joffe, the Bolshevik leader and Left Oppositionist who committed suicide in 1927 to protest the expulsion of Trotsky from the Bolshevik Party. She gives a nightmarish and moving account of her fate and that of countless others at the hands of the Stalinist bureaucracy. Nadezhda Joffe survived and her memoir provides us with the testimony of one who experienced, with a high degree of political consciousness, the most tragic events of this century.

Back In Time

Author : Ijae N. Benson
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While testing the time machine Ijae had finally come to finish, she finds herself in what she soon discovers are the days of Slavery. She remembered hearing stories about this time in school and from her grandparents. She had even read a few books on the subject; however nothing would have prepared her for what she was about to experience. Not sure why or how she ended up here, she meets a young boy named Josiah, who himself is a slave. Intrigued by what she sees and what she is learning, Ijae travels back and forth between the two times, with each time being more fascinating than the last. During these trips, Ijae and Josiah begin to help and teach each other, even finding themselves attempting what appears to be the impossible........

Back in Time

Author : Patty Sleem
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A novel of spiritual fiction exploring Judeo-Christian & New Age values begin when Maggie Dillitz is appointed as interim minister after a conflict in the Middle East plucks the senior minister from his post. The book explores emotions related to women in the clergy & sexual harassment in the ministry, & the Apostle Paul's sentiments in the New Testament are examined. Maggie previously earned her MBA from Harvard Business School & then made a career change when she answered the call to enter the ministry by attending the Yale Divinity School. One chapter showing a mini-reunion of close girl friends at their 15th Harvard Business School reunion reveals lifestyles & concerns of America's elite working class 15 years out of the world's premier graduate school as they struggle with middle age, baby-boomer anxieties, child-rearing issues, spiritual hunger, & emotional appetites. Midway through the book, Maggie's career unexpectedly explodes in her face when she preaches a sermon on the book of Amos, an Old Testament book written by a prophet in 750 BC. A chapter called "Caribbean Chaos" takes place in Jamaica, where Maggie experiences sexual harassment by her boss, a senior minister, while on a mission project. "Saying Goodbye" is the final chapter of the book, & it examines issues related to death & dying as Maggie preaches the funeral service for one of her Harvard Business School friends who dies from cancer in her forties.

Step Back in Time

Author : Ali McNamara
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How many lifetimes would you travel to find a love that lasts for ever? When single career girl Jo-Jo steps onto a zebra crossing and gets hit by a car, she awakes to find herself in 1963. The fashion, the music, her job, even her romantic life: everything is different. And then it happens three more times, and Jo-Jo finds herself living a completely new life in the 1970s, 80s and 90s. The only people she can rely on are Harry and Ellie, two companions from 2013, and George, the owner of a second-hand record store. If she's ever to return from her travels, Jo-Jo must work out why she's jumping through time like this. And if she does make it back, will her old life ever be the same again? Step back in time with this fabulously fun and feed-good comedy of time travel and romance, from the author of From Notting Hill with Love . . . Actually

A Taste Back in Time

Author : Denise Martin
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A Taste Back in Time, Recipes and true stories of Family, Friends, Faith and Food; is a compilation of humorous family stories often centered on food. Gathering recipes from numerous relatives, there are recipes that date back many, many generations. The Italian Culture is steeped in culinary tradition and the book sheds some light on the traditions and the important role that foods and celebrations play throughout life. The book brings to light the belief that taking a taste of food that was enjoyed so long ago, instantly brings back fond memories of happier times. A time of Family, Friends, Faith and Flavor. Many of the traditional foods and recipes seemed to have gotten lost amidst fast foods and chicken nuggets. Many of the long-held traditions that had sustained her in the past were almost non-existent in the fast paced 21st Century. In recapturing the memories that tie into the traditional foods, she rediscovered how these recipes could be adapted in todays kitchen Hopefully when reading the book and trying the recipes you will feel and know that you are famiglia too! TEASER The Author was close to death and had several out of body experiences that changed her spiritually forever. Many come through this type of experience and write about it; oddly enough Denise chose to write a cookbook replete with kitschy humor and family skeletons. Interesting! Spoiler Alert: About that tunnel Will be discussed in an upcoming book, so stay tuned.

Drifted Back in Time

Author : Millie L. McGhee
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What does a mulatto slave named Emily have in common with J. Edgar Hoover? In Drifted Back in Time, follow the moving story of nineteenth century love as it crosses the boundaries of race and class. Emily, a young slave, is purchased by the loving Hoover family, who raise her as part of the family. But is she prepared for the expectations made upon her by both Master Hoover and Madam Hoover? Will she be able to provide a future for her children, a future that enables each to decide whether to pass for white or to be true to themselves and their heritage? You will be mesmerized by this story of love and sacrifice, all told from the eyes of Tyara Nordstroma descendent plagued by the nightmares of her familys past who journeys back to learn the truth of her origins, ultimately forced to face her own fears. Drifted Back in Time presents a unique perspective of life in the nineteenth century, when one drop of blood could condemn you to a life of servitude.

Drifted Back In Time

Author : Millie L. McGhee-Morris
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In Drifted Back in Time, follow the story of nineteenth-century love as it crosses the boundaries of race and class. Emily, a young slave, is purchased by the loving Hoover family, who raise her as part of the family. But is she prepared for the expectations made upon her by both Master Hoover and Madam Hoover? Will she be able to provide a future for her children, a future that enables each to decide whether to “pass” for white or be true to themselves and their heritage? This story of love and sacrifice is told through the eyes of Tyara Nordstrom, a descendent plagued by the nightmares of her family’s past who journeys back to learn the truth of her origins, ultimately forced to face her own fears. Drifted Back in Time presents a unique perspective of life in the nineteenth century, when one drop of blood could condemn you to a life of servitude

The Back in Time Tarot Book

Author : Janet Boyer
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Using Janet Boyer's BIT (Back in Time) method of working with the Tarot, readers will gain insight into the present--and ultimately their future--by exploring their past. Gone are arcane and hard-to-understand explanations of Tarot symbols. Boyer offers an intuitive approach that allows readers to "feel the truth" of the cards as they relate to the specific parts of their lives. In a nutshell, the BIT Method: Asks readers to think about a specific incident from their past Break down that memory or event into components Connect the elements of any card with the components of that memory Boyer presents Back in Time (BIT) snapshots from her colleagues, some of Tarot's best-known writers and deck artists who relate their own experiences with the BIT Method that range from comical and msyterious to sobering. Providing more than 100 exercises and referencing more than 40 Tarot decks, The Back in Time Tarot Book draws on personal examples, headlines, television, music, and fairytales, allowing Tarot to be appreciated in a fresh new way. The BIT Method does not follow that there is only one way to see Tarot cards now and in the future; rather, it encourages readers in their own abilities to recognize what is important in the cards. The contributors include Nina Lee Braden, Joan Bunning, Wilma Carroll, Ann Cass, Elizabeth Cunningham, Lon Milo DuQuette, Josephine Ellershaw, Mary K. Greer, Lisa Hunt, Mark McElroy, Teresa Michelsen, Riccardo Minetti, Phyllis Vega, and Zach Wong.

A Journey Back in Time

Author : Vildred C. Tucker-Dawson
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A Journey Back in Time presents a collection of thirteen stories about love, hate, greed, redemption, freedom, peace, loneliness, the loss of a loved one, interracial relationships, and acceptance. Each story is relevant to the experiences of African Americans from as far back as the 1860s through the present day. These stories emerged through the research of author Vildred C. Tucker-Dawson into her family history. She discovered that her ancestors had a unique way to allow future generations to connect with the past through these stories, handed down from generation to generation. Several of the short stories are based upon accounts told by the author's elders of her great-grandmother, Mrs. Sarah Pugh-Scott, whom she never met. Sarah and her son, who were both of a mixed racial background, faced challenges throughout their lives that did not prevent them from striving for better lives for their families. Presenting real perspective in the form of fiction, A Journey Back in Time offers food for thought to both youth and adults on African American experiences and history.

Back In Time For Dinner

Author : Mary Gwynn
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Do you remember the arrival of the fish finger, the rise and fall of Angel Delight, Vesta curries and Wimpy hamburgers? Did you own a fondue set or host a Tupperware party, or were you starving yourself on the Cabbage Soup Diet? Was life always too short to stuff a mushroom? And what was the point of Nouvelle Cuisine? There has been a revolution in our kitchens. In 1950, the average housewife worked a seventy-five-hour week. No one owned a fridge or had seen a teabag, let alone an avocado or a Curly Wurly . Ten years later, sugar consumption had rocketed: we ate more biscuits for dinner than vegetables and fruit. It was not until the mid 1990s that we started to worry about ‘five a day’. And now, nearly twenty years on from the first vegetable-box delivery scheme, we are fatter than ever before . . . Has there ever been a golden age of the family meal? Full of delicious detail, this marvellous companion to the BBC series is rich with nostalgia and provides a feast of extraordinary factual nuggets. Who can guess the filling of the first pre-packed sandwich in 1984? And who could have foreseen then that a kitchen robot that can write your shopping list is now just around the corner? Reflecting all the fads and fashions that have graced our table, Back in Time for Dinner is much more than a book about dinner; it holds a mirror to our changing family lives.

A Journey Back in Time

Author : Alessia Ambrosini
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A Trip Back in Time

Author : Edwin F. Becker
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What if you could take your grandchildren on a trip back in time to 1956? This novel combines nostalgia with a grandparent’s special relationship with his grandchildren in a tale of time travel. As he clearly sees their reality, he resents the blatant deterioration of our current society. Evident is the results of inflation, moral degradation, and the destruction of family values. It is his intent that though their view of the future is dim, and having been a victim of child of abuse himself, to show them that their ten year old lives will soon change, and what they observe and experience will never control their destiny. Imagine a grandfather taking his granddaughters on journey back in time, when he was their age and the year was 1956. Together, he shares what his life was like as he walks with them as equals in this innocent age of nickel pop and penny candy. His relationship with his granddaughters is a close one, and he mourns the loss of so many freedoms that he enjoyed when he was their age. They would nver know a parent sending them out to play and saying, “be home before dark,” or, “just stay in the neighborhood.” At ten years old, in 2011, they unfortunately are aware of what the word “predator” means, and having their television censored for foul language or sexual content. So when telling them of the Mickey Mouse Club, or Winky Dink, they laugh as if it was all fantasy and a fabrication of their Grandpa’s mind. He shares a special bond with them, because two are in a broken home shattered by divorce, and two are adopted and have formerly suffered the abuse of the foster ‘care’ system. Being a product of a broken home and abuse himself, he understands their fears and recognizes that this new generation is having their childhood and innocence destroyed by our culture. So at the critical age of ten, he lets them visit an era when children could walk freely to the park. A time before electronics dominated and interaction with friends and family was all important. A time before musical lyrics were censored, yet those 'Oldies but Goodies' were considered so threatening, as Rock and Roll was born. He sees his little girls being thrust into a very “adult” world long before their time. Where texting has replaced direct communication, and where the games he once played in the park are now played on video. He resents this society where children must guard against dark elements that he never knew of at their age. He understands the age of “tween," where short of adolescence, they have an astute perception of adult problems that they already are beginning to worry, yet are still very much children. He is sorry for the deterioration of society that forces his granddaughters to exist in a culture of “Amber Alerts” and sex offender registries. At ten years old, they already have a dim view of relationships, being surrounded with a population where nearly 50% of children have broken homes and experience either single parent homes, or stepparents. Having stated “when I was your age,” so many times they find it unbelievable, he gives them a glimpse of the past. When men stood and gave a woman their seat and a time when a movie could be seen for a dime. An age when soda fountains made ice cream creations and each neighborhood had one, and when phones had ‘party’ lines that were shared by multiple families, in a golden time when everything came in glass bottles and people were happy with black and white television and only three channels. It was an age when children could truly be children and purchase toys like BB guns and bows and arrows and where every boy had a pocket knife to peel an apple. A time when girls had miniature electric sewing machines, dinner sets with real knives and forks, and electric ovens. Where instead having to learn martial arts for self defense, he shows them a time when man would never lay a hand on woman, and no such situation would even be considered for viewing in television or movies. It was when comic books were affordable, and like Classics Illustrated, even educational, as a preview of great literary works. This is story of love and relationships, with the nostalgia that comes from remembering the Good Humor man, and Mickey Mouse Club. It was a decade when most had no air conditioning and screen doors and windows were left open without a care. It was a time when we looked forward to a future that held such promise and hope. Remember when our media promoted family values? Hopefully, this will recapture some warm memories and understanding what our children are suffering today from a grandparent’s perspective.

Stepping Back in Time Jardine Payne Hoy

Author : Keith Payne
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My Mother, Doreen Hilda Payne (nee Jardine) executed much of this research, tracing our forebears’ history back to the 1800’s and possibly the very late 1700’s. This may not seem a long time ago but when you remember that in those early times, people rode around on horseback; motor vehicles and aeroplanes were 100 years away from being invented. The Duke of Wellington was defeating Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815 and in 1860 the American Civil War was yet to happen; while space travel was only an imaginative comic book dream. This tells you how long ago 1800 was, let alone the 1700’s. The purpose of this document is to create an ongoing history of this immediate family and those involved, so that our Children and our Children’s Children will know where they came from and the histories and interests of these family members. Also the times in which they lived; indeed how much life and life’s struggles have changed over the years. It is my hope that our (Doreen and Keith Payne) Children, Holly and James and their Children, Jessica and Isabella by Holly and Sophie Olivia by James and Vicky will add their story to this historical document and pass it onto their Children. Should each subsequent generation add their story, this document will become historical in its own right. When I realised all the effort my Mother had put into locating her ancestors as far back as she had and realised exactly what she had managed to achieve, I believed it would be a great tragedy if all her endeavours were lost; herewith the book. Not many children know beyond their immediate grandparents so what an incredible history this will be if it is maintained down the years, recording all the changes in the way we live and additions to our family. Bless you Mother.

Doctor Who Book 6 Step Back in Time

Author : Richard Dungworth
File Size : 21.39 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Exciting action-packed new original fiction for younger Doctor Who fans, starring the Eleventh Doctor with his companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams. Step Back in Time contains two fast-paced, fun-filled adventures! The Doctor, Rory and Amy take a trip to the 1966 World Cup in Extra Time. Rory ends up playing a crucial part in this historic football match, while the Doctor and Amy discover that the Doctor isn't the only alien visiting Wembley... The Water Thief sees the Doctor, Amy and Rory visiting an archaeological site in ancient Egypt. They soon realise there's something unearthly being dug up and it wants all the water it can find...!

Back in Time with Benjamin Franklin

Author : Dan Gutman
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After accidentally sucking Benjamin Franklin into twenty-first-century New Jersey with his Anytime Anywhere machine, thirteen-year-old Qwerty Stevens and his best friend almost wind up stuck in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776 when they try to send him back.