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Banal Nationalism

Author : Prof Michael Billig
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Michael Billig presents a major challenge to orthodox conceptions of nationalism in this elegantly written book. While traditional theorizing has tended to the focus on extreme expressions of nationalism, the author turns his attention to the everyday, less visible forms which are neither exotic or remote, he describes as `banal nationalism'. The author asks why people do not forget their national identity. He suggests that in daily life nationalism is constantly flagged in the media through routine symbols and habits of language. Banal Nationalism is critical of orthodox theories in sociology, politics and social psychology for ignoring this core feature of national identity. Michael Billig argues forcefully that wi

Gender Separatist Politics and Embodied Nationalism in Cameroon

Author : Jacqueline-Bethel Tchouta Mougoué
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Fresh insights into gendered politics in Cameroon


Author : Justin A. Williams
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"Brithop investigates rap music's politics in the 21st century United Kingdom. In what follows, I argue that this music is partly an extension of, or often a counter to, political discourses happening in other realms of British society. These rappers are essentially "talking back" (hooks 1989, see also Hutton and Burns 2020) to mainstream Britain's political discourses, as "an act of resistance, a political gesture that challenges politics of domination that would render us nameless and voiceless." (hooks 1989: 8) The rappers in this book critique the UK's more conservative narratives, and they express their relationship to Britain in the politically turbulent climate of the new century, providing valuable perspectives which can go unnoticed by those skeptical of or ignorant of hip-hop culture. Through themes of nationalism, history, subculture, politics, humor and identity, this book looks at multiple forms of politics in rap discourses from Wales, Scotland and England. It covers selected hip-hop scenes from 2002-2017, featuring rappers and groups such as The Streets, Goldie Lookin Chain, Akala, Lowkey, Stanley Odd, Loki, Speech Debelle, Lady Sovereign, Shadia Mansour, Shay D, Stormzy, Sleaford Mods, Riz MC and Lethal Bizzle. What follows investigates how rappers in the UK respond to the "postcolonial melancholia" (Gilroy) of post-Empire Britain. In contrast to more visible narratives of national identity in Britain, Brithop tells a different, arguably more important, story"--

Tea And The Queen

Author : Vincent, Carol
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The Government has decided that ‘British values’ are democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths. Since 2014, teachers have been required to promote them in schools to all pupils. What are the implications of this for teachers, pupils, and the rest of us? Discussing a broad mix of issues – citizenship, diversity, social class, ethnicity, religion, counter-extremism, affect, and community cohesion - this book discusses the political, social and cultural contexts. Drawing on observations of teaching, as well as teachers’ views, it analyses how teachers make sense of their mandatory promotion, and what ideas of citizenship and identity they offer to their pupils.

Repairing Infrastructures

Author : Christopher R. Henke
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"Concise introduction to key concepts in repair and infrastructure studies"--

Banal Nationalism

Author : Michael Billig
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Michael Billig presents a major challenge to orthodox conceptions of nationalism in this elegantly written book. While traditional theorizing has tended to the focus on extreme expressions of nationalism, the author turns his attention to the everyday, less visible forms which are neither exotic or remote, he describes as `banal nationalism'. The author asks why people do not forget their national identity. He suggests that in daily life nationalism is constantly flagged in the media through routine symbols and habits of language. Banal Nationalism is critical of orthodox theories in sociology, politics and social psychology for ignoring this core feature of national identity. Michael Billig argues forcefully that wi

Social Geographies

Author : The Newcastle Social Geographies Collective
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Marking the renaissance of social geographies in recent years, this major textbook showcases the breadth of conceptual and empirical approaches that scholars now utilize to understand contemporary social issues through a spatial lens. The book is collectively authored by one of the largest groups of social geographers in the world. It develops a vision of social geographies that is rooted in the commitments that have characterised the sub-discipline for at least half a decade (e.g. society-space relations, justice, equality), while incorporating new approaches, theories and concerns (e.g. emotions, performance, and the more-than-human). Embracing the increasing porosity of our work with neighbouring economic, cultural, political and environmental geographies, the book provides a round-up of the state of the sub-discipline, capturing recent directions and charting new questions and challenges for theory, research and practice. It makes sense of the bewildering variety of contemporary social geographical interests, from longstanding topics (e.g. race, class and gender) to more recent interests (e.g. sustainability, digital worlds and social change). Above all, it makes clear the relevance and contributions of social geographies not only to understanding a wide range of global and local issues, but to social change alongside communities, policy-makers and social movements. Each chapter offers an introduction to current work in social geographies, providing an overview and in-depth examples. The book has these key features that make it an essential resource for any social geography course: An accessible and engaging style that is ideal for entry level students Definitions of key terms and carefully explained concepts and ideas A range of exciting contemporary examples from a wide variety of geographical settings, including those drawn from the authors’ recent research Cross-referencing between chapters to help students expand learning Illustration with photos, tables, diagrams and other material Suggestions for further reading in each chapter “Real world research” and “real world theory” textboxes providing examples of research projects and theoretical perspectives, bringing topics alive and exploring challenges on the ground

Theoretical and Comparative Perspectives on Nationalism

Author : Taras Kuzio
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This volume brings together 15 articles divided into four sections on the role of nationalism in transitions to democracy, the application of theory to country case studies, and the role played by history and myths in the forging of national identities and nationalisms. The book develops new theories and frameworks through engaging with leading scholars of nationalism: Hans Kohn's propositions are discussed in relation to the applicability of the term 'civic' (with no ethno-cultural connotations) to liberal democracies, Rogers Brubaker over the usefulness of dividing European states into 'civic' and 'nationalizing' states when the former have historically been 'nationalizers', Will Kymlicka on the applicability of multiculturalism to post-communist states, and Paul Robert Magocsi on the lack of data to support claims of revivals by national minorities in Ukraine. The book also engages with 'transitology' over the usefulness of comparative studies of transitions in regions that underwent only political reforms, and those that had 'quadruple transitions', implying simultaneous democratic and market reforms, as well as state and nation building. A comparative study of Serbian and Russian diasporas focuses on why ethnic Serbs and Russians living outside Serbia and Russia reacted differently to the disintegration of Yugoslavia and the USSR. The book dissects the writing of Russian and Soviet history that continues to utilize imperial frameworks of history, analyzes the re-writing of Ukrainian history within post-colonial theories, and discusses the forging of Ukraine's identity within theories of 'Others' as central to the shaping of identities. The collection of articles proposes a new framework for the study of Ukrainian nationalism as a broader research phenomenon by placing nationalism in Ukraine within a theoretical and comparative perspective.

Rock n Roll and Nationalism

Author : Mark Yoffe
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In the mid-twentieth century, pop music joined classical and folk as an important site of the formation and renewal of nationalism. This book deals in essays with the interplay between national and nationalistic identities and emotions and the rock music idiom. This enquiry brings together the talents of observers of popular music.

Nationalism in Stateless Nations

Author : Robert C. Thomsen
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"Nationalism in Stateless Nations" explores national identities and nationalist movements since 1967, using the examples of Scotland and Newfoundland. Adding to the debate about globalisation and the future of the nation-state, the book argues that ethnically rooted nationalism in modern liberal democracies need not, as argued by theories of 'classic' nationalist movements, strive for full independence. In fact, nationalist movements are adapting to circumstances by becoming autonomist rather than separatist, pragmatic rather than dogmatic, and the book illustrates how Scotland and Newfoundland, both previously independent countries, are excellent examples of this. Building on theories of national identity-formation and nationalism, it traces the development of cultural and political nationalism, and changing images of the national self. With a focus on important fomenting factors and actors - intellectuals, political parties and the media - the book combines historical, sociological, political and media studies analyses in an interdisciplinary investigation, providing a comprehensive account of the waxing and waning of nationalism.

The Avatars of Modernity

Author : Heinz Werner Wessler
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Contributed articles.

Reactive Nationalism Its Prospects for Conflict

Author : Michael Alan Brittingham
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Northern Lights

Author :
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Popular Culture Geopolitics and Identity

Author : Jason Dittmer
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This innovative and engaging textbook is the first to survey the field of popular geopolitics, exploring the relationship between popular culture and international relations from a geographical perspective. Each chapter focuses on a specific concept—defining it, considering key debates, and offering a concrete case study such as first-person-shooter video games, blogging, and comic books. Students will enjoy the text's accessibility and colorful examples, and instructors will appreciate the way the book brings together a diverse, multidisciplinary literature and makes it understandable and relevant.


Author :
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Understanding Nationalism

Author : Birgir Hermannsson
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Abstract [en] : This dissertation is an attempt to understand nationalism, in a general sense, and Icelandic nationalism in particular. For this purpose the concepts of ideology, political culture, discourse and political language are pushed to the forefront as viable analytical tools to take on the difficult phenomena of nationalism. It is argued that this perspective is useful in conceptualizing and studying nationalism. Moreover, it serves both as a benchmark to evaluate the theoretical field as well as guiding the empirical study. There is no consensus on either the correct definition of nationalism or the proper theoretical approach to study it. This is a result of the highly contested nature of nationalism and the politically infused character of all attempts to define it. Both the subject (the scholar) and the object (nationalism) are part of changing historical circumstances, which make all attempts to objectify nationalism fruitless as well as making our understanding conditional. The problematic of the influential "modernist school," namely state-formation, democratic rule and economic transformation, is accepted as crucial for our understanding of nationalism. Its understanding of culture and ideology is, however, shown to be too instrumental and elitists. Cultural production and reception must be given greater prominence. The role of external models and the problem of imitation are clearly important for the intellectual mobilization of nationalism. The desired model for imitation is not accepted unchanged, but must in some way be adapted to the prevailing traditions or conventions of the adapting country.

The Nation on Screen

Author : Enric Castelló
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But we can still rise now, runs a line of Scotlands unofficial national anthem Flower of Scotland, and be the nation again who defeated the English King Edward II in 1314 at the Battle of Bannockburn. These short lines tell us much about the concept of the nation. Firstly, the pronoun of the nation is we. Secondly, nationhood remains aspirational for some, while it is entirely taken-for-granted for others. Thirdly, nations often trace their origins back to an implausibly dim and distant past. Finally, it points to the fundamentally discursive nature of the nation: the nation appears not as something which simply is, but as something which can be, called into existence through talk, official documents, official and unofficial national anthems, ceremonies and parades, monuments and statuary, press coverage and, increasingly, television. This book, which arose out of a conference held in Tarragona in 2007, focuses on the complex discourses of the nation to be found in the television systems of twelve different countries, examining how these circulate in fiction, in news and documentary (including re-enactment formats), and in entertainment programmes, adverts and the coverage of large-scale sporting events. The nation which emerges is everywhere and nowhere, talked about endlessly but never finally grasped, repeatedly staged and re-enacted but lacking a foundational script. In short, it is a site of struggle. The stakes are high, since the nation when mobilised is a force to be reckoned with, and the on-going attempts to define it are many, varied and often highly creative. This book details many such events, from the high drama of war reporting to the self-mocking irony of ten-second commercial spots.

Nationalism and Political Identity

Author : Sandra Fullerton Joireman
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This is a lively and well-written textbook, which will prove a valuable addition to the IR textbook series - mainly because the ideas it covers have changed so fundamentally in the last ten years. Nationalism and ethnicity are uniquely considered within the context of both traditional IR theory and 'new' IR (ie Cold War perspectives). Joireman explains the conflict between primordialism (the view that ethnicity is inborn and ethnic division natural), instrumentalism (ethnicity is a tool to gain some larger, typically material end) and social constructivism (the emerging consensus that ethnicity is flexible and people can make choices about how they define themselves). Case studies are included on Quebec, Bosnia, Northern Ireland and Eritrea.

Civil Society in the Grip of Nationalism

Author : Günter Seufert
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Canadian Review of Studies in Nationalism

Author :
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