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Become a Successful Indie Author

Author : Craig Martelle
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Demystifying the tangled web of self-publishing to put you on the road to success. This is a motivational guide based on my two and a half million published words (mostly with Amazon) to help you see past the hurdles that are keeping you from climbing the mountain of success. Nothing is overwhelming once it's been explained. If you are smart enough to write a book, you are smart enough to do everything else needed to make your indie author business a success. "Craig, thanks to the book, I went from kicking around vague concepts for my first series to knowing exactly how to proceed with it, and because of that I know it'll be far more successful than it would have been if I hadn't read this." "This was insightful and motivating, I'm inspired and wiser for it. Thank you, Craig." "Over the years, I've read many How To Books, Self Help Biographies, and Industry Books. Become a Successful Indie Author is one of the best. It reads like a novel, teaches specifics like a field manual, and shines light on pathways through the dark jungle of self-publishing." Clocking in at nearly 50,000 words, this guide has something for every budding author as well as those who have already published, but for whom success remains elusive. In this business there is only one hard and fast rule - you must find readers willing to pay for your stories. It starts with the first sentence. You have to write a gripping story that people want to read, wrap a cover around the book, and then do the marketing. There's no doubt that you can do it. Let me show you how.

Indie Author Confidential Vol 4

Author : M.L. Ronn
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The ground-breaking, behind-the-scenes look at a working writer continues with Vol. 4! Prolific writer M.L. Ronn (Michael La Ronn) shares his lessons learned on his journey to become a successful writer. You’ll discover writing, marketing, business, and other miscellaneous tips that you don’t hear every day. Covered in this volume: * How Michael dictated an entire novel on an exercise bike * Michael’s editing data and analytics project that reduced the errors in his books by over 30% * A troubling problem ahead with book cover designers The information in this book is what writers discuss over beers at writing conferences. You may find it useful on your journey to becoming a successful writer. It just might make you more money and help you satisfy your readers, too. Are you ready to dive into the world of Indie Author Confidential?

Indie Author Confidential Vol 3

Author : M.L. Ronn
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The ground-breaking, behind-the-scenes look at a working writer continues with Vol. 3! Prolific writer M.L. Ronn (Michael La Ronn) shares his lessons learned on his journey to become a successful writer. You’ll discover writing, marketing, business, and other miscellaneous tips that you don’t hear every day. Covered in this volume: * How Michael wrote 7 books in 90 days * Michael’s new approach to marketing that made him more money this quarter * Michael’s strategy for the year ahead The information in this book is what writers discuss over beers at writing conferences. You may find it useful on your journey to becoming a successful writer. It just might make you more money and help you satisfy your readers, too. Are you ready to dive into the world of Indie Author Confidential?

Indie Author Confidential Vol 2

Author : M.L. Ronn
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The ground-breaking, behind-the-scenes look at a working writer continues with Vol. 2! Prolific writer M.L. Ronn (Michael La Ronn) shares his lessons learned on his journey to become a successful writer. You’ll discover writing, marketing, business, and other miscellaneous tips that you don’t hear every day. Covered in this volume: * How Michael wrote 100,000 words in one month * Why & how authors should think of their books as data * Michael’s gigantic sales failure this year that cost him several hundred dollars * How Michael built an artificial intelligence engine to help him with his editing The information in this book is what writers discuss over beers at writing conferences. You may find it useful on your journey to becoming a successful writer. It just might make you more money and help you satisfy your readers, too. Are you ready to dive into the world of Indie Author Confidential?

Indie Writer Companion

Author : Jade C. Jamison
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“My first thought when I finished reading was ‘Where the hell was this book when I jumped into self-publishing?’ I love the no-nonsense style that pulls no punches and keeps you interested. If you are thinking about self-publishing (or even going the traditional route) you should read this book before you hit publish.” – L.A. Remenicky, author of SAVING CASSIE Throughout her life, Amazon Bestselling author Jade C. Jamison has worn many hats. One of the most noteworthy is her ongoing gig as a college instructor (focused mostly on writing—both academic and creative writing classes) which, paired with her career as a successful indie author, gives her the delusion that she is qualified to help other indie/self-publishing (and aspiring) authors become the best writers they can be. Jamison loves that indie publishing has opened the door to literally thousands of would-be authors, allowing them to share their creations with the world. In a realm that was previously shut off to a good many writers unless they could get their works through all the gatekeepers, most writers languished in obscurity or indulged in expensive self-publishing ventures and still failed to be read widely. Electronic publishing has changed all that, has, in fact, changed the face of publishing as we once knew it, revolutionizing reading almost as much as Gutenberg’s press hundreds of years ago. The publishing process today is democratic, in that anyone with a little know-how can make his book available to the world—and readers, not publishers, decide whose book will be the next bestseller. But, says Jamison, with great freedom comes even greater responsibility. In the traditional publishing world that still exists today, authors have editors scouring their manuscripts, offering corrections and forcing edits, most of which are designed to make the work better in some way, creating tighter writing and better pacing, making the manuscript error free, and other beneficial changes that happen to a book undergoing the traditional experience. Some indie writers follow their cue and take the effort to invest in their work by hiring an editor and continually improving their writing, yet there are literally hundreds (perhaps thousands or millions!) of indie books available today that, in the author’s opinion, aren’t publication ready. Jamison taught creative writing and composition classes for years. The underlying premise of this book is that every single story deserves to be told and read but writers should (and likely do) want their books to be the best they can be. This book delves into common indie publishing mistakes—errors that should be viewed as no-nos—and how to fix them. Jamison’s experience in the classroom with hundreds of student writers, as well as the years she has been involved in both indie and traditional publishing arenas, has given her a unique vantage point, and she wants to share her observations—as well as teach a few tips and tricks—with others in the writing world.

The Indie Writer s Encyclopedia

Author : M.L. Ronn
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300+ terms, 200+ explanations, and an appendix that will make your jaw drop! In this useful writer’s guide, prolific writer M.L. Ronn covers every writing, marketing, and business term that a working writer needs to know to thrive in today’s digital world of publishing, with detailed examples. This unique dictionary/encyclopedia hybrid will answer virtually any question you have about publishing. When you’re done reading, you’ll have: * A go-to resource that you can use again and again whenever you have a question * A career’s worth of publishing industry education that takes some writers a lifetime to learn * An unfair competitive advantage because your brain will swell up to twice its size and elevate you to a new level of existence (just kidding...this is a book description for an encyclopedia, for Pete’s sake—it needs humor!) The Indie Writer’s Encyclopedia might not be the sexist book you buy this year, but it just might be the most practical. Click the buy button to grab your copy of The Indie Writer’s Encyclopedia today!

2016 Indie Author State of the Union

Author : Michael La Ronn
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The publishing industry changes so fast it’s hard to keep up. On any given day there are at least dozens of news articles for authors. You could spend hours reading them all. Odds are, you could also be using that time to write your next book. News You Can Use—All in One Place. The Indie Author State of the Union is a roundup that covers the most important publishing industry news, books, podcasts, and courses of the year that you might have missed. It will help you make better business decisions and sell more books. Author business coach Michael La Ronn spends hours researching the news so you don’t have to. Every chapter is quick and actionable so you can apply it immediately to your writing business. What’s in This Year’s State of the Union? In this year’s edition you’ll discover: * What’s happening with Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Apple and more * A new YouTube channel for authors that will blow your mind * Why libraries are the next battleground for indies and how you can join the front lines * How to write 2 million words a year * 22 Marketing tools that will improve your book sales * Important business updates to help you avoid lost sales, fines, and lawsuits And much more! Are you ready to become a smarter authorpreneur? Buy the 2016 Indie Author State of the Union today and build your author platform.

The Indie Author Guide

Author : April Hamilton
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This Is Your Roadmap to Success! The Indie Author Guide takes you through every stage of the self-publishing process. With e-books, print on demand and the power of Web 2.0, you have the ability to publish your own high quality books and go indie—just as filmmakers and musicians have done. Get detailed instructions, complemented by screenshots, so you can get the most of cutting edge publishing options. April L. Hamilton, founder of Publetariat, an online news hub and community for indie authors, gives you insight to the latest technology and step-by-step advice for making the most of your self-publishing options. Inside you'll find everything you need to know to: • organize your files • create your brand • explore your self-publishing options • format your book for POD • edit and revise you work • design your own book cover • publish through a POD print service provider • publish in e-book formats • build an author platform • promote your work • transition from indie to mainstream publishing Plus, you'll get worksheets to help you plan and organize your book, your business, and your writing life, as well as an HTML primer so you can build your own website—even if you're not tech savvy. The Indie Author Guide gives you the skills and confidence you need to take full advantage of today's unique publishing opportunities and grow your readership yourself.

Become a Full Time Author

Author : Charles Sheehan-Miles
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Would you like to be a full-time writer? With our expertise, we can help you reach that dream! We’ve written twenty books which have been translated into three languages and sold more than a quarter of a million copies worldwide. But most importantly, we are living out our dreams. We quit our day jobs and write full time and you can do the same! The Indie Author Toolkit is a series of books designed to take you through five easy steps to launch your career as a successful author-publisher. This book includes proven and easy to follow guidelines to help you get started: * How to identify and avoid vanity-press scams designed to separate authors from their money * Learn about the massive changes which are shifting the publishing industry * Determine the best model for your business * Decide where and how to distribute your books * Learn how to be super productive even if you don’t have any time to write * Becoming an expert at publishing What are you waiting for? Get started today with the Indie Author Toolkit!

The Indie Author s Bible Workbook

Author : Christopher D. Schmitz
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This Workbook is loaded with mix and match formulas, interactive worksheets, and fill-in the blank templates to help you craft sales pitches, think about distribution and pricing, and plan a successful book release. This is a MUST-HAVE for authors who are just starting out and who might not yet have a solid plan to address these issues. -Publishing path guide -Formating checklist -Book cost and price calculator -How to write a cover blurb -Book pitch formulas -New book launch timeline guide -Bookstore and Library sales planner -Goalsetting worksheet -Author biography templates -Press release template -Sample interview formulas -Query letter templates -Publishing flowcharts -And so much more... Are you writing a book and need help publishing? This book is for you: The Indie Author's Bible and companion Workbook are stuffed full of guidance to help you start right & finish strong! "I'm writing a novel... what are the steps?" "My masterpiece is finished-where do I go now?" "My fiction series doesn't fit with any mainstream publisher-how do I self-publish and do it right?" The Indie Author's Bible books will show you how to get your manuscript independently published at zero cost, provided you can do the hard work required--you can be as successful as you want to be. The Indie world is a jungle and there are few well-beaten paths-but unlike you'd expect, even many of those safe-looking paths end in spike pits. If you want to navigate it safely, you should find a guide... like this book. These books are practical, step-by-step advice guides for any writer seeking to become an Indie author. They also cover some of the "why" aspects and peek beneath the scenes showing failures, successes, inside information, and encouragement for the ultimate do-it-yourselfer.

Self Published Millionaire

Author : Joseph Alexander
File Size : 29.51 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Crack the Code of Profitable Self-Publishing. Learn how to plan, write, publish and market your book from a proven seven-figure author. Joseph Alexander has set the self-publishing world alight, earning over $2,500,000 in royalties. This book is a step-by-step guide to his unbelievably effective writing and publishing process.

Successful Self Publishing

Author : Joanna Penn
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Do you want to successfully self-publish in ebook, print or audiobook formats? There are thousands of new books being published every day, but many self-published books quickly sink to the bottom of the pile. Many authors are frustrated because there are so many options for self-publishing, and they don't know which one to choose or what will be best for their book. Others spend thousands of dollars to publish and end up broken-hearted with the result. But it doesn't have to be this way. I've spent the last ten years self-publishing bestselling fiction and non-fiction books and in 2011, I left my day job to become a full-time author-entrepreneur. I've made lots of mistakes along the way, but through the process of self-publishing 27 books, I've learned the most effective way to publish and market your books. In this book, I'll share everything with you. The book includes: - What you need to know before you self-publish - Why self-publishing an ebook is a good idea - How to format an ebook - Exclusivity and going direct - How to self-publish an ebook - Why self-publish a print book - Print-on-demand will change your life - What you need to know before you print - How to self-publish a print book - What to do if you want help with the publishing process - How to self-publish an audiobook - After self-publishing - How much does it cost to self-publish? - How do you get paid when you self-publish? - Book marketing principles - How to market fiction - How to market non-fiction Plus, links to more useful resources. If you're ready to successfully self-publish, then download a sample or buy now.

Self Publishing The Secret Guide to Becoming a Best Seller

Author : Richard Mccartney
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"A crucial book for anyone choosing to self publish." Marketing a book is difficult for most authors. It takes an incredible lot of time, and often for no measurable results in sales. Some of you may have spent hours, days, weeks, even months, writing blogs, getting active on Facebook and Twitter in order to promote your book. Then you look at your sales figures for the last weeks or months, and your heart sinks. Why isn't this working? So, have you ever wondered how other books seem to come out of nowhere and become Best Sellers? Ever suspected that there are some tricks you don't know about that others are using to promote their book? Well, you would be right. This book answers the greatest challenge facing authors: getting discovered on Amazon. "Fantastic guide with simple and yet great ideas." "I now have answers and the tools needed to get a book promoted." "I've worked in Internet marketing for years. He really rips the lid off." In this book I am going to show you the secrets many of the more successful authors use to help promote and sell their books on Amazon. These are rock solid proven methods that are sure to make your book more visible on the only online store that counts - Amazon. This Secret Guide To Becoming A Best Seller reveals many of the lesser known tactics to promoting your book on Amazon, including: How The Best Seller System Works The Wrong Way To Promote Your Book What They Won't Tell You About Promoting Your Book How To Measure The Effectiveness Of Your Marketing Campaigns Finding The Best Revenue Opportunities Finding Engaged Readers Who Will Read Your Book Hot New Releases - How To Get Your Book There Investigating The Secrets Of Amazon's Search Box The Best Ways To Advertise Your Book To New Readers And More ...

The INFJ Author

Author : HowExpert
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This comprehensive guide on how to become an author with an INFJ personality will help you define your writing goals and give you step by step instructions on how to become a successful author, whether you attempt to do it through traditional publishing or by going indie. This guide will walk you through the following topics: • What it means to be an INFJ personality • How to write your first book • Whether to go traditional or indie • How to write your first query letter • How to find an agent • How to pursue a traditional writing contract • How to establish your own independent writing career • How to build your brand and generate an audience for your work • And finally, how to manage your career no matter what you choose With practical, proven, hands-on methods, you can learn how to pursue your writing career from the moment you put pen to paper through marketing and social media. Every chapter of this book will give you proven techniques, online resources to begin your own career, and personal examples of the best method to use when realizing your dream of becoming a published author. No other How-to book has such a comprehensive explanation of every step in the process. About the Expert M.L. Hamilton has been teaching high school English and journalism in Central California for the last 25 years; however, she always dreamed of publishing her own novel. That dream came true in 2010. Her first novel, Emerald, was published by Wild Wolf Publishing. In 2015, ML Hamilton decided to go independent with her writing and has published more than 34 novels in multiple genres. In addition to teaching and writing, she is the co-manager for Authors Booth at the California State Fair and was a judge for the NCPA writing contest for two years. She also has her own editing business, helping writers find their voice and get their work published. HowExpert publishes quick 'how to' guides on all topics from A to Z by everyday experts.

Business For Authors How to be an Author Entrepreneur

Author :
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Writers Artists Yearbook 2017

Author : Bloomsbury Publishing
File Size : 66.33 MB
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This bestselling guide to all areas of publishing and the media is completely revised and updated every year. The Yearbook is packed with advice, inspiration and practical guidance on who to contact and how to get published. New articles in the 2017 edition on: Stronger together: writers united by Maggie Gee Life writing: telling other people's stories by Duncan Barrett (co-author of the Sunday Times bestseller GI Brides) The how-to of writing 'how-to' books by Kate Harrison (author of the 5:2 Diet titles) Self-publishing Dos and Dont's by Alison Baverstock The Path to a bestseller by Clare Mackintosh (author of the 2015 Let Me Go) Getting your lucky break by Claire McGowan Getting your poetry out there by Neil Astley (MD and Editor at Bloodaxe Books) Selling yourself and your work online by Fig Taylor Then and now: becoming a science fiction and fantasy writer - Aliette de Bodard Writing (spy) fiction - Mick Herron Making waves online - Simon Appleby All articles are reviewed and updated every year. Key articles on Copyright Law, Tax, Publishing Agreements, E-publishing, Publishing news and trends are fully updated every year. Plus over 4,000 listings entries on who to contact and how across the media and publishing worlds In short it is 'Full of useful stuff' - J.K. Rowling Foreword to the 2017 edition by Deborah Levy.

The Successful Author

Author : Peter Lyle DeHaan
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Successful Author: Discover the Art of Writing and Business of Publishing Do you have questions about writing? Publishing? Peter Lyle DeHaan has answers. With over three decades of experience as an author, blogger, freelancer, and publisher, Peter will help you on your writing journey. On this grand adventure Learn why you shouldn't call yourself an aspiring writer. Uncover tips to deal with rejection. Expose writing advice that may not be true. Discover how to self-edit, get feedback, and find an editor. Determine if being a writer is worth the effort. (Hint: it is.) But there's more. In fourteen chapters, with over one hundred entries, Peter will address: Finding time to write The traditional vs indie publishing debate Whether or not to blog--and what to do if you do blog Copyrights, registration, and legal issues Publishing options and insights Plus there are loads of writing tips, submission pointers, and a publishing checklist. Don't delay your writing journey any longer. Take the next step, and get your copy of Become a Successful Author. Be inspired. Be informed. Be motivated to become the writer you've always dreamed of. Peter Lyle DeHaan is a full-time, award-winning author. He's written thousands of blog posts, hundreds of articles, and over a dozen books. Writing is his passion, with the goal to change the world one word at a time.

The Independent

Author :
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The Independent Film Video Monthly

Author :
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Build Me Up

Author : Lili Grouse
File Size : 37.21 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Kristen Barnes is a California girl through and through, who's become successful as an architect and interior designer catering to the rich and famous. Hired to work on a special project in a small town in Massachusetts, she runs into trouble. Man-sized, stubble-coated and toolbox-equipped trouble. Oh, and cats. Lots and lots of cats.