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Better Than Best Practice

Author : Adam Lefstein
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Better than Best Practice offers a new way of thinking about classroom practice, professional development, and improving teaching and learning. This companion book and website together offer a selection of rich and realistic video-based case studies, context and narrative, step-by-step guidance through key issues, and commentary and debate from a range of expert contributors. Carefully chosen video clips from primary school literacy lessons show real teachers in a variety of often knotty situations: classroom conversations that take unexpected turns; grappling with assessment; managing disagreements, to name a few. The book explores the educational potential of classroom talk and, in particular, the promise and problems of dialogic pedagogy. With an emphasis on the complexity and ‘messiness’ of teaching, Better than Best Practice considers how to learn from observing and discussing practice in order to develop professional judgment. It offers practical advice on how to organise and facilitate video-based professional development in which teachers share their practice with colleagues in order to learn from one another’s challenges, problems, dilemmas and breakthroughs. This exciting new resource argues that critical discussions of practice, which highlight dilemmas instead of prescribing solutions, help to develop and support thoughtful, flexible, and insightful practitioners: an approach that is better than best practice.

A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice

Author : Michael Armstrong
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A fully updated and revised tenth edition of this classic, best selling textbook. It remains the primary text for all students studying HRM - both undergraduate and postgraduate, as well as for students of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) diploma. The Handbook also continues to be an essential reference source for all managers concerned with personnel and HRM issues. This new edition of A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice contains a number of significant additions and revisions including substantial revisions to seventeen chapters and new chapters on: Human Capital Management, the Role of the Front Line Manager; HR Strategies; Developing and Implementing HR Strategies and Learning and Development. The new edition also contains updated material based on recent developments in HRM policy and practice and a wide range of surveys and research projects conducted by professional associations and research bodies.

Meeting the Challenges of Climate Change to Tourism

Author : Louis D'Amore
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As UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has stated, “Climate change is the pre-eminent geopolitical and economic issue of the 21st century. It rewrites the global equation for development, peace and prosperity.” The scientific evidence is clear – climate change is happening and the exposure to weather-related disasters such as heat waves, forest fires, cyclones and flooding has the potential to seriously impact the tourism sector. The travel and tourism industry is both a significant contributor to climate change, being responsible for 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and is directly impacted by it. At the same time, the industry is a vital driver of the global economy with an estimated US$6.6 trillion total contribution in 2012, and is particularly significant to developing and emerging economies where the impacts of climate change can be most disruptive. This collection of papers is a timely and indispensable source of insights and models of best practice relating to the mitigation of and adaptation to climate change by various sectors of the industry.

African Solutions

Author : Tsoeu Petlane
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"African Solutions is a result of research into the policies, programmes and experiences identified as best practices in the Country Review Reports (CRRs) of twelve countries published under the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM), from Algeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mali, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa and Uganda. The research was commissioned and coordinated by the Governance and APRM Programme of the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA). To justify this inquiry, they argued, among others, that with the APRM conceived a voluntary mechanism, and in the absence of 'hard pressure' for compliance, incentives - rather than sanctions - could be the way to strengthen the APRM. Thus the importance of best practices: as templates and models for reform, and as a counterbalance to the temptation to concentrate on what is not working in Africa. In this book, therefore, best practices identified in the twelve CRRs are examined critically and methodically with a view to understanding: how they are conceptualised within the APRM (including their definition and how they are intended to be used to achieve the desired results); how the items reported as best practices qualify to be regarded as such in the sense of being demonstrably better than the rest, replicable and addressing APRM goals; and how they can be strengthened for use as material from peer learning within the APRM and around the continent"--Back cover.

Better Than Best

Author : Beverly Lewis
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The Drive To Win Could Send Her Crashing... Jenna Song is pumped up with competition fever for a three-day sports camp. The only problem is she's so pumped that she's having trouble being a good team member. For the first time, she finds it hard to get along with the rest of the girls, and no one can seem to do anything right--at least in Jenna's eyes. To make matters worse, Jenna is distracted by a cute new spotter for the All-Around team who seems to show some interest in her. Embarrassed by an awkward situation, Jenna isolates herself, trying to shut everyone out instead of facing her mistakes. If she doesn't turn things around soon, will the team be able to survive?

Best Practices in Prevention

Author : Sally Hage
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This second book in the Prevention Practice Kit provides counselors, psychologists, and other mental health workers with practical steps that need to be considered by prevention practitioners as they engage with others in developing and delivering prevention projects. A context for engaging in prevention practice is provided, including discussion of how prevention fits with traditional models of psychology, descriptions of theoretical models for doing prevention practice, and examples of empirically-supported prevention interventions.

Information Technology Strategy and Management Best Practices

Author : Chew, Eng K.
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Describes the principles and methodologies for crafting and executing a successful business-aligned IT strategy to provide businesses with value delivery.

The 2 000 Percent Solution

Author : Donald Mitchell
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Organizations, like people, are creatures of habit. They tend to approach problems in predictable ways. This revolutionary book argues that such ingrained habits, which often masquerade as efficient procedures, actually obstruct growth. The 2,000 Percent Solution introduces "stall busting," a process that shows you how to recognize typical stalls (like poor communications, disbelief, misconceptions, procrastination, tradition and bureaucracy) and how to overcome them. Through unorthodox examples ranging from the sinking of the Titanic to sketches attributed to Leonardo da Vinci for a bicycle, The 2,000 Percent Solution redirects knee-jerk reactions onto more productive paths. In addition, you'll learn about a new set of thought processes for designing and implementing solutions that will reap benefits 20 times greater or faster than the same tired "normal" solutions. Packed with specific examples, advice and questions to help you improve your organization's process weaknesses, you'll learn how to go beyond today's best practices into the uncharted realm of what needs to be imagined and accomplished. Since the first printing of this book in 1999, organizations all over the world have made The 2,000 Percent Solution a daily resource for overcoming the dual challenges of tough competitors and a difficult business environment. We are particularly pleased that the book has become popular in the rapidly growing and changing markets of China. Readers say the advice and examples are as timely today as when the book was first published. We look forward to hearing your comments and questions at [email protected]

Best Practices in Planning and Performance Management

Author : David A. J. Axson
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A practical framework for effectively managing performance in today's complex, competitive and risky global markets The Third Edition provides a complete framework for building best practice management processes for today's complex and uncertain world. Fully updated to reflect the events of the global economic crisis, this book provides further practical examples of companies that are successfully using the practices identified. Updated for the implications of the global economic crisis on management practices Completely rewritten section on "What it Takes To Be An Effective Manager In An Uncertain World Added examples and mini case studies throughout the book from companies such as Qualcomm, IBM, Dominos, Target, Toshiba and Facebook Establishes new benchmarks for performance management process and practice Fully updated to include recent events, new learnings, technologies and emerging best practices This book includes serious rethinking of the way companies plan and manage performance-from the role of accounting to the skills needed to be an effective manager-including new technologies, techniques and real time management processes.

Six Sigma Best Practices

Author : Dhirendra Kumar
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Continuous improvement has become synonymous with the Six Sigma process, where cost reduction and quality improvement have led to greater market share and profits. Leading organizations in diverse industries have begun to further deploy Six Sigma outside of manufacturing to maximize its benefits. This comprehensive training tool and implementation guide delineates how Six Sigma methods can be applied to processes within numerous functional areas of the organization and in diverse industries to achieve strategic and operational business excellence. It presents step-by-step techniques and flow diagrams for integrating Six Sigma as best practices into business development and management. It provides a seamless integration of Six Sigma statistical methodologies that help businesses execute their strategic plans and track both their short- and long-term strategic progress within various areas of their business. Statistical methods employed in Six Sigma are thoroughly explained and their implementation, supported by examples and exercises, is demonstrated via Minitab 14, a popular statistical software package. Six Sigma Best Practices is an ideal text for executive training in planning and leading Six Sigma programs, for Yellow, Green and Black Belt certification programs, for college courses and as a desk reference for practitioners and consultants.

Environmental Best Management Practices for Aquaculture

Author : Craig S. Tucker
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Published in Cooperation with THE UNITED STATES AQUACULTURESOCIETY The rapid growth of aquaculture worldwide and domestically hascaused concerns over social and environmental impacts.Environmental advocacy groups and government regulatory agencieshave called for better management to address potentially negativeimpacts and assure sustainable aquaculture development. BestManagement Practices (BMPs) combine sound science, common sense,economics, and site-specific management to mitigate or preventadverse environmental impacts. Environmental Best Management Practices for Aquaculturewill provide technical guidance to improve the environmentalperformance of aquaculture. This book will be the onlycomprehensive guide to BMPs for mitigation of environmental impactsof aquaculture in the United States. The book addresses developmentand implementation of BMPs, BMPs for specific aquacultureproduction systems, and the economics of implementing bestmanagement practices. Written by internationally recognized expertsin environmental management and aquaculture from academia,government, and non-governmental organizations, this book will be avaluable reference for innovative producers, policy makers,regulators, research scientists, and students.

Strategic Global Sourcing Best Practices

Author : Fred Sollish
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The latest best practice guidance on all aspects of global strategic sourcing-including environmental and international issues Strategic Global Sourcing Best Practices covers the latest trends and leading edge processes in global strategic sourcing, including supply management, t, sustainability, financial decisions, risk management, and international strategies. Offers the latest trends and guidance for sourcing and supply managers Features coverage of understanding sourcing, procurement and supply management, procurement and best business practices, best practices in sourcing management and global sourcing management, financial strategies for sourcing, responsible procurement,diversity procurement, managing risk, supplier selection, project management for procurement and supply managers, managing supplier relationships, international sourcing, managing supplier relationships supply management operations, With the rise of global supply chains, environmental/sustainability concerns, and constantly evolving technology, the time is right for understanding Strategic Global Sourcing Best Practices.

Best Practices for a Healthy Heart

Author : Sarah Samaan
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A cardiologist offers seven simple steps to reduce the risk of heart attack, dementia, stroke, and other ailments. It’s all too easy to neglect our cardiovascular health until it’s too late. But even if you already have a cardiac diagnosis, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or a family history of heart disease, there are things you can do to improve your odds for a long, happy life. Board-certified cardiologist Dr. Sarah Samaan has treated thousands of patients and tirelessly kept pace with the latest research—and now, she condenses her best advice into this guide for cardio care, explaining how to: Take charge of your “numbers”—your weight, cholesterol, heart rate, and blood pressure Make heart-smart choices about food, exercise, and stress Work with your doctor to design the right treatment for you Tell which supplements and alternative therapies really make a difference Avoid vices that will harm your heart Put these best practices into action today, and you can decrease your risk of disease and dependence on medication, experience a wealth of positive “side effects” (from a smaller waistline to a happier outlook), and get closer to optimal heart health.

Best Practice EVA

Author : Bennett Stewart
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Best-Practice EVA tells the new EVA story from the ground up. Stewart covers EVA essentials—the classic economic profit version of EVA—in the first three chapters of the book. He shows readers how simple and intuitive EVA really is, how it is defined, and why it is better than all other measures of corporate profit. You discover how it naturally guides managers into making all the right decisions—the ones that will truly maximize value. You see how to use it in profit-sharing bonus plans that create the powerful incentives of an owner. Later, Stewart introduces new ratios that make EVA much more powerful and much easier to use than ever before. The pinnacle of the new ratio framework is EVA Momentum, calculated by taking the change in EVA versus the prior period, and dividing by the revenues in the prior period. It measures the growth rate in EVA, scaled to the sales size of the business. It is the only corporate performance ratio where bigger always is better, because it gets bigger when EVA does, which means it should be every company's most important financial goal, the one ratio metric that everyone aims to maximize as the key measure of corporate success. Stewart then walks through the nuts and bolts of Best-Practice EVA, kicking off with an in-depth look at EVA Margin, or EVA as a percent of sales. It’s a key productivity metric, and Stewart’s candidate to replace ROI. The last link in the Best-Practice program is PRVit—the EVA market score report. Stewart shows how to read and interpret the report, how the score is determined, and why investors are turning to it to screen and rate stocks. He also shows why it is finding a home with CFOs and IR directors who want insights into how the market is pricing their stock. The book concludes with battle-tested tips from the firing line, practical suggestions for how you can test drive and adopt Best-Practice EVA at your company.

Bulletin of the Michigan Fish Commission

Author :
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Market Research Best Practice

Author : ESOMAR
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Market Research Best Practice is a compilation of the best discussion papers, case studies and methodologies from the ESOMAR publishing and event programme over the last decade and more. Market research is adapting to an increasingly competitive, demanding and globalised business world and, as the world's leading market research organisation, ESOMAR is providing the platform to showcase latest advances and best practice. In the pursuit to define and illustrate 'new' market research, this book provides a unique source of ideas and practical examples of what research has to offer business and how research can influence the way results are tracked, insights are generated and ultimately decisions are made. Market Research Best Practice draws on recent successes to explore how research is evolving to meet market needs and how good research practice fits into modern business. More than 50 authors have contributed their work to this collection - all papers were first presented at ESOMAR events and many contributions have been past ESOMAR award winners. To find out more about the ESOMAR Membership, the worldwide code of practice and the range of events and publications, visit

Biennial Report

Author : Michigan. State Board of Fish Commissioners
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Communities of Practice to Actively Manage Best Practices

Author : Stefano Borzillo
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Stefan Borzillo examines a large variety of CoPs by means of six success factors and identifies three basic types: innovating strategic, operational excellence, and social and productive space CoPs. He shows that innovating strategic CoPs are strongly sponsored by management, that operational excellence CoPs are used to multiply technical and operational practices throughout an organization, and that social and productive space CoPs owe their success to their members’ sense of security.

Best practices better management of technology development can improve weapon system outcomes report to the chairman and ranking minority member Subcommittee on Readiness and Management Support Committee on Armed Services U S Senate

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Plant Chemistry Etc Pamphlets

Author :
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