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Between the Text and the Canvas

Author : J. Cheryl Exum
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Can a painting or illustration of a biblical scene help readers understand the Bible? Conversely, to what extent can knowledge about a biblical story help viewers appreciate an artist's portrayal of it? Interpreting biblical art is more than a matter of asking whether or not an artist 'got it right' or 'got it wrong'. This lively collection of essays seeks to establish a dialogue between the Bible and art that sees the biblical text and artistic representations of it as equal conversation partners. By looking at texts and canvases from different angles, the nine contributors to the volume reveal how biblical interpretation can shed important light on art, how art can contribute significantly to biblical interpretation and how each has something distinctive to offer to the interpretative task. Contributions include J. Cheryl Exum on Solomon de Bray's Jael, Deborah and Barak, Hugh S. Pyper on depictions of the relationship between David and Jonathan, Martin O'Kane on the biblical Elijah and his visual afterlives, Christina Bucher on the Song of Songs and the enclosed garden motif in fifteenth-century paintings and engravings of Mary and the infant Jesus, Ela Nutu on differences in the way female and male artists have represented Judith, Christine E. Joynes on visualizations of Salome's dance, Heidi J. Hornik on Michele Tosini's Nativity, Way to Calvary and Crucifixion as visual narratives, Kelly J. Baker on Henry Ossawa Tanner's The Annunciation and Nicodemus, and Christopher Rowland on William Blake and the New Testament.

HTML5 Canvas

Author : Steve Fulton
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Provides information on using HTML5 to build interactive multimedia applications and computer games, covering such topics as creating bitmap images, manipulating video, and adding audio.

Macromedia Dreamweaver 4

Author : Ruth Guthrie
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Take a static storefront Web page to a large graphic multimedia Web site with Dreamweaver 4.0. Readers start from the bottom and progress into developing more complex Web sites through hands-on projects and exercises. Unlike any other title, Dreamweaver 4.0 incorporates Fireworks to provide the user with an industrial triad of Web authoring, image editing, and Web site management. Individuals get a real-world prospective by evaluating E-commerce Web sites and build one complex site they can add to any Web portfolio.

Paradox 3

Author : James Edward Keogh
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Building JavaScript Games

Author : Arjan Egges
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Building JavaScript Games teaches game programming through a series of engaging, arcade-style games that quickly expand your JavaScript and HTML5 skills. JavaScript is in the top ten most-used programming languages world wide, and is the basis for applications that can run in any modern browser, on any device from smart phone to tablet to PC. Especial emphasis is given to touch-based interface, but all games also run using a regular mouse and keyboard setup. The four games you’ll develop from reading this book are: Painter Jewel Jam Penguin Pairs Tick Tick These four games are casual, arcade-style games representing the aim-and-shoot, puzzle, maze, and platform styles of game play. The approach in Building JavaScript Games follows the basic structure of a game rather than the syntax of a language. From almost the very first chapter you are building games to run on your phone or other device and show to your friends. Successive projects teach about handling player input, manipulating game objects, designing game worlds, managing levels, and realism through physics. All told, you’ll develop four well-designed games, making Building JavaScript Games one of the most enjoyable ways there is to learn about programming browser-based games. The final chapters in the book contain a very nice bonus of sorts. In them you will find excerpts from interviews with two prominent people from the game industry: Mark Overmars, who is CTO of Tingly Games and creator of GameMaker, and Peter Vesterbacka, the CMO of Rovio Entertainment - the creators of the Angry Birds franchise. Their insight and perspective round off what is already a fun and valuable book.

From Word to Canvas

Author : V.G. Julie Rajan
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From Word to Canvas: Appropriations of Myth in Women’s Aesthetic Production is an innovative collection of essays on female aesthetic production and myth, examining the ways in which women artists and writers utilize myth to negotiate their perceptions of feminine identity and feminine representation in an increasingly complex and culturally hybrid world. The featured essays and artistic contributions address a variety of contemporary female productions, including literature, performance, and visual art, in a markedly global scope. Representing a wide range of cultures, languages, geographic locales, and social contexts—from Jewish-Hindu and Kenyan-German, through Irish, Italian, American, to Vietnamese folktales—this diversified selection underscores the agency of “the feminine gaze” across a historical and geopolitical span, a gaze through which myths from various cultures and different cultural amalgams speak to us with force and with significance. The potency of this gaze is linked to the potential of myth simultaneously to encompass and compress history, and to offer the result as a backdrop against which the move from word to canvas—or from a mythic tale to its aesthetic appropriation—is performed in female aesthetic production.

PC Mag

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Download » is a leading authority on technology, delivering Labs-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology.

MSDN Magazine

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Delphi 2 Unleashed

Author : Charles Calvert
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Focusing on all of the components needed for professional application development, topics covered in this comprehensive guide include the Windows 95 environment, variables and types, arrays and structures, visual control libraries, and much more. The CD-ROM includes sample applications and demo software.


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Beyond the Canvas

Author : Dinanath Pathy
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The Research Papers Included In This Compilation Offer A Wide Spectrum Of Thoughtful Writing On Visual And Performing Arts Ranging From Silpa Textual Studies, Odissi Dance, Tribal, Rural Arts To Contemporary Painting And Sculpture.

Advanced Topics in Database Research

Author : Keng Siau
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Advanced Topics in Database Research features the latest, cutting-edge research findings dealing with all aspects of database management, systems analysis and design and software engineering. This book provides information that is instrumental in the improvement and development of theory and practice related to information technology and management of information resources.

Guide to Oracle9i

Author : Joline Morrison
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Provides comprehensive coverage of the database applications development using the latest release of the Oracle9i Database and Developer Suite.

PC Magazine

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Maria Lassnig body fiction nature

Author : Maria Lassnig
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The English Record

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Journal of Database Management

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American Paintings in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston Text

Author : Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
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Final Cut Pro HD for Mac OS X

Author : Lisa Brenneis
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This book takes a visual, task-based approach to teaching Final Cut Pro HD, using pictures to guide you through the software and show what to do.