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Beyond Borders

Author : Bruce Dipple
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New Models for Financing the Local Church

Author : Raymond B. Knudsen
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Minutes of the North Indiana Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

Author : United Methodist Church (U.S.). North Indiana Conference
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The Intermediate Department of the Methodist Youth Fellowship

Author : Clarice M. Bowman
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Proceedings of the General Board of the Church of the Nazarene and Its Departments

Author : Church of the Nazarene. General Board
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Passover Pentecost Parousia

Author : Steven Jack Land
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Dr. R. Hollis Gause has been Professor of Theological and New Testament Studies at Lee University and the Church of God Theological Seminary in Cleveland, Tennessee, for many years, and his huge contribution to Pentecostal scholarship is held in high regard internationally. His influential life and ministry, as well as his teaching and scholarship, are here celebrated in his 85th year by many of his colleagues and former students. Contributors are: Contributions: K.E. Alexander, L.R. Martin, R.D. Moore, J.M. Beaty, J.A. Adewuya, J.C. Thomas, K.J. Archer, S.-E. Han, T.L. Johns, D.G. Roebuck, J.P. Bowers, C. Bridges Johns, C.R. Cason, M.O. McMahan, D.W. Slocumb, R.E. Waldrup.

Official Journal yearbook of the Central Illinois Conference of the United Methodist Church

Author : United Methodist Church (U.S.). Central Illinois Conference
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Wisconsin Annual Conference the United Methodist Church Yearbook and Journal

Author : United Methodist Church (U.S.). Wisconsin Conference
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Free Churches and the Body of Christ

Author : Jeffrey W. Cary
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Those within the free church tradition have often appealed to the notion of the invisible church to account for the unity of the Body of Christ. A growing number of free church theologians, however, are giving increased attention to the importance of visible ecclesial unity, which immediately raises the perennial problem of the authorities by which unity is maintained. There is also a growing recognition among free church theologians of the need to recognize the authority of tradition in tandem with the authority of Scripture. In this book, Cary affirms these recent developments but then inquires whether a turn toward visible unity, together with an embrace of the authority of tradition, can eventually be coherent without also embracing the authority of an extra-congregational teaching office. To guide his study, Cary engages the work of two theologians from outside the free church tradition: Robert Jenson and Rowan Williams. He then brings them into contact with the prominent free church theologian James McClendon in order to supplement some of the deficiencies Cary perceives in McClendon's groundbreaking work. Once these deficiencies are addressed, however, the question intensifies whether the free church tradition, as such, can remain a coherent ecclesial option over time.

The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church

Author : United Methodist Church (U.S.)
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Minutes of the West Michigan Conference of the United Methodist Church

Author : United Methodist Church (United States). West Michigan Conference
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General Minutes of the Annual Conferences of the United Methodist Church

Author : United Methodist Church (U.S.)
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For a Church Beyond Its Walls

Author : Aram Kʻēshishean
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Yearbook and Journal

Author : United Methodist Church (U.S.). Wisconsin Conference
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The Orders of Ministry in the United Methodist Church

Author : John E. Harnish
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This volume is a collection of essays by leading United Methodist scholars about the implications of the revised orders of ministry in The United Methodist Church. Eagerness to effectively communicate the gospel has driven an approach to ministry that is fundamentally pragmatic and functional. In approaching the question of the role of ordained ministry within the overall calling of the people of God, Methodists have traditionally asked "What works?" and then gone on to reflect theologically on the approach they are considering. In 1996, UM General Conference enacted sweeping changes regarding the offices of deacon and elder. The decisions of General Conference have raised a number of questions that we are just now beginning to explore. This book addresses major recent changes within the denomination and explores these changes from a historical, theological, and practical point of view. It helps readers understand the dynamics of and the reasons for the new order of ministry and helps them understand the implications of the changes for the denomination and for individuals.

Baptist Theology

Author : Stephen R. Holmes
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This book considers the distinctive ideas and expressions of Christian faith to be found in the historic Baptist churches. An outline of the history of the Baptist movement will be offered, from its British beginnings in Amsterdam in 1609, through its varied developments in Britain, Europe and North America, to its worldwide presence and diversity today, and its relationship to many other churches with apparently-similar practices (Pentecostal and 'new' churches, e.g.). Holmes draws the various threads together, noting the real diversities in the history of Baptist theology, but suggesting that in a vision of the present and urgent Lordship of Christ experienced in the local congregation, there is a thread that links most of these distinctives.

Official Journal and Yearbook of the Session Southern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist Church

Author : United Methodist Church (U.S.). Southern Illinois Conference
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OUT OF ORDER The Self Destruction Of A Mainline Denomination

Author : Powell Sykes
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In 1927 American Presbyterians chose to stop listing and insisting upon "the essential tenets of the Reformed faith"; instead, they emphasized tolerance and essential action. Since then, historic, biblically based Christianity has been supplanted more and more by a different religion, dubbed Religious Liberalism by the author, within the largest Presbyterian denomination in the United States. This, coupled with decades of removing practical means of holding pastors accountable for any of their beliefs and much of their behavior, is leading to that denomination's demise in the early years of the 21st Century. The author combines historical overview and perspective with his own experiences as a pastor of Presbyterian churches in North Carolina to make his case.

Encyclopedia of American Religions

Author : J. Gordon Melton
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"Compact, clearly printed, and a delight to use. A sine qua non for the reference collections of public, academic, and theological libraries". -- American Reference Books Annual New Edition Your patrons will find this resource comprehensive as well as compelling, with coverage on more than 2,100 North American religious groups in the U.S. and Canada -- from Adventists to Zen Buddhists. Information on these groups is presented in two distinct sections. These sections contain essays and directory listings that describe the historical development of religious families and give factual information about each group within those families, including, when available, rubrics for membership figures, educational facilities and periodicals. This new 5th edition also includes more than 200 new entries in the directory portion, and a new chapter on the Interfaith and Ecumenical family. In addition, numerous indexes help users quickly find the information they're seeking.

Official Journal and Year Book of the West Virginia Annual Conference of the Methodist Church

Author : Methodist Church (U.S.). West Virginia Conference
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