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By the River

Author : Steven Herrick
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A novel about the tough and tender sides of growing up in a small country town.

A View of the River

Author : Luna Bergere Leopold
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This volume presents a description of the river (a natural watercourse, usually freshwater, flowing towards an ocean, a lake, a sea, or another river), including its shape, size, organization, and action, along with a consistent theory that explains much of the observed character of channels.

Green Days by the River

Author : Michael Anthony
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Another perceptive novel about a boy on the edge of adult responsibilities. It is the story of Shellie, a Trinidadian boy who moves to a new village and there meets two girls. He is charmed by Rosalie but he is attracted to the more cheerful and accessible Joan. Introduction by Gareth Griffiths.

Bosambo of the River

Author : Edgar Wallace
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To assure themselves of Bosambo's obedience, the Government of Liberia set over him a number of compatriots, armed with weapons which had rendered good service at Gettysburg, and had been presented to the President of Liberia by President Grant. They were picturesque weapons, but they were somewhat deficient in accuracy, especially when handled by the inexpert soldiers of the Monrovian coast. Bosambo, who put his axe to an ignoble use, no less than the slaying of Captain Peter Cole—who was as black as the ten of clubs, but a gentleman by the Liberian code—left the penal settlement with passionate haste. The Gettysburg relics made fairly good practice up to two hundred yards, but Bosambo was a mile away before the guards, searching the body of their dead commander for the key of the ammunition store, had secured food for their lethal weapons.

Down by the River

Author : Charles Bowden
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Offers an illuminating tour of the drug war, revealing the dark, troubling recesses of drug lords, high-level corruption, and ultra-violence that respects no borders.

In the Belly of the River

Author : Amita Baviskar
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Why are adivasis fighting the Narmada dam and other development projects in India today? Are adivasis 'ecologically noble savages' living in harmony with nature? What is the tribal relationship with nature today? How do people, whose struggles are the subject of theories of liberation and social change, perceive their own situation? Do their present circumstances allow adivasis to formulate a critique of 'development'?

Rumba on the River

Author : Gary Stewart
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Rumba on the River presents a snapshot of an era when the currents of tradition and modernization collided to produce a unique music along the banks of the Congo River. It is the story of twin capitals engulfed in political struggle, and the vibrant new music that flowered amidst the ferment.

Take Me to the River

Author : Russell Kaschula
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First Along the River

Author : Benjamin Kline
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First Along the River introduces students to the U.S. environmental movement. Concise, accessible, and informative, this book provides students with a balanced, historical perspective on the history of the environmental movement in relation to major social and political events in U.S. history. The book highlights important people and events, places critical concepts in context, and shows the impact of government, industry, and population on the American landscape. The fourth edition includes a new chapter that covers the entire environmental record of the George W. Bush administration, and the early record of the Obama administration.

Rests by the River

Author : George Matheson
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The Shape of the River

Author : William G. Bowen
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The landmark New York Times bestseller that demonstrates the benefits of race-conscious admissions in higher education First published in 1998, William Bowen and Derek Bok’s The Shape of the River became an immediate landmark in the debate over affirmative action in America. It grounded a contentious subject in concrete data at a time when arguments surrounding it were characterized more by emotion than evidence—and it made a forceful case that race-conscious admissions were successfully helping to promote equal opportunity. Today, the issue of affirmative action remains unsettled. Much has changed, but The Shape of the River continues to present the most compelling data available about the effects of affirmative action. Now with a new foreword by Nicholas Lemann and an afterword by Derek Bok, The Shape of the River is an essential text for anyone seeking to understand race-conscious admissions in higher education.

Roots by the River

Author : Valley By-Liners (Society)
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Profiles centering around the first Tejanos which are defined as settlers in the Texas Valley.

Through the River

Author : Jon Hirst
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Tired of all the confusion about truth? Join us on a journey to discover your truth lens. Through the River is a challenging and fascinating book that takes the reader on a poignant journey through River Town, providing an eye-opening view on how people can live in close proximity while having radically contrasting perspectives. River Town 's three communities live and act so differently because each group is using a distinct set of assumptions about truth (truth lens). This journey exposes the eternal consequences of how our truth lens influences whether we tell others what we know, insist that others accept what we know or be resigned to keep what we know to ourselves. Today the confusion about truth is great but the stakes are even greater. Our understanding of the different ways people view truth is crucial to building and maintaining constructive relationships. Through the River explores the tools God has given us to engage people who have different assumptions thereby enabling us to communicate Christ to a lost and damaged world. CONTENTS Chapter 1: Three Communities along the River Chapter 2: The River Town Story: How History Affects Truth Lenses Chapter 3: Positivism: Settling on the Rocky Shore Chapter 4: Instrumentalism: Into the River Chapter 5: Critical Realism Chapter 6: Experiencing Truth in Love Chapter 7: Holding Truth Lenses Up to the Bible Chapter 8: The Great Disturbance Chapter 9: Truth Lenses and Relationships Chapter 10: Interacting with Others on the Journey Chapter 11: The World through Your Truth Lens Chapter 12: Journeys through the River

Death on the River

Author : John Wilson
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Jake Clay, a Union soldier at the end of the Civil War, journeys through the country to return home, haunted by the thoughts of those who had died so that he could live.

Women by the river Part 2

Author : Doreen O'Sullivan
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Reading the River

Author : Myrna Kostash
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Framed within her own view of this great river, well-known prairie writer Myrna Kostash has combed the available literature to compile this compendium of writings - poetry, fiction and non-fiction -- from those who spent time reading the river. Beginning with Saskatchewan River Crossing, at the river's source, she takes the reader through 21 communities along the North Saskatchewan, from Edmonton to Prince Albert, from Shandro Crossing (Alberta) to The Pas (Manitoba). Included are the words of people from writers like Hugh McLennan, Eli Mandel, Aritha van Herk, John V. Hicks, and Tomson Highway, to the explorer Alexander Mackenzie, 19th Century mountaineer James Monroe Thorington, to a Cree legend. Reading the River opens with an introduction by Myrna Kostash, and a charting of the geological origins of the North Saskatchewan River, and closes it with The Future River, a commentary in several voices on, among other things, the river's likely return to a place of prominence in prairie lives, not as a transportation route, but this time as a source of crucial fresh water. Each author has a concise biography, setting their remarks in the context of their time and their works. What emerges is a portrait of this vital lifeline, the terrain and the culture that grew, and is growing, on its shores, to be appreciated by anyone who travels on, along, or merely to, the great river.

Tirra Lirra by the River

Author : Jessica Anderson
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One of Australia’s most celebrated novels: one woman’s journey from Australia to London Nora Porteous, a witty, ambitious woman from Brisbane, returns to her childhood home at age seventy. Her life has taken her from a failed marriage in Sydney to freedom in London; she forged a modest career as a seamstress and lived with two dear friends through the happiest years of her adult life. At home, the neighborhood children she remembers have grown into compassionate adults. They help to nurse her back from pneumonia, and slowly let her in on the dark secrets of the neighborhood in the years that have lapsed. With grace and humor, Nora recounts her desire to escape, the way her marriage went wrong, the vanity that drove her to get a facelift, and one romantic sea voyage that has kept her afloat during her dark years. Her memory is imperfect, but the strength and resilience she shows over the years is nothing short of extraordinary. A book about the sweetness of escape, and the mix of pain and acceptance that comes with returning home. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The House by the River

Author : Florence Warden
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Stranger by the River

Author : Paul Twitchell
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"Paul Twitchell, the modern-day founder of Eckankar, helps you delve deeply into the nature of God, love, wisdom, freedom, purity, death, and your purpose in life"--

Daughter of the River

Author : Ying Hong
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A Chinese woman shares her family's often traumatic experience in Communist China, from her birth during the Great Famine of the early 1960s through the horrors of the Cultural Revolution and the massacre at Tiananmen Square. Reprint.