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Can I tell you about Dyspraxia

Author : Maureen Boon
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Meet Marco - a boy with dyspraxia, which is sometimes called Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD). Marco invites readers to learn about dyspraxia from his perspective, helping them to understand what it is and what it feels like when he sometimes struggles to control his movement and co-ordination. He talks about the challenges of having dyspraxia and lets readers know how he can be helped and supported. This illustrated book will be an ideal introduction for young people, aged 7 upwards, as well as parents, friends, teachers and professionals working with children with dyspraxia. It is also an excellent starting point for family and classroom discussions.

Understanding Developmental Dyspraxia

Author : Madeleine Portwood
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In this text, the emphasis is placed on the theoretical aspects of developmental dyspraxia, the latest research data and the neurological basis of the condition. The focus is to enable professionals to diagnose the disorder and determine the most appropriate and effective methods of intervention.

Dyspraxia 2nd Edition

Author : Geoff Brookes
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Up to ten per cent of the population is believed to suffer from some form of dyspraxia. Accessible and engaging, this practical guide provides teachers with tips and techniques for teaching students with dyspraxia. "There are symptoms, there are problems, there are frustrations, there are tears. But there are strategies that can lead to positive outcomes. And while it is important to understand where it comes from, providing support and guidance is what this book is all about." From the introduction This book will prove invaluable reading for everyone who works with young people. This new edition contains new chapters on cures and adolescence.

Coping with Dyspraxia

Author : Jill Eckersley
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Dyspraxia is believed to affect up to 10% of the population, and involves difficulties with physical co-ordination. Children with dyspraxia may find it hard to learn to write, tie shoelaces or join in P.E. lessons. Adults with dyspraxia may find everyday tasks problematic, such as using a tin-opener, having a bath, playing sport or, in some cases, even speaking clearly. This updated edition of Coping with Dyspraxia explains how this condition may affect people, and how to cope with it, at any stage of life.

Guide to Dyspraxia and Developmental Coordination Disorders

Author : Andrew Kirby
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Built upon the good practice for which the Dyscovery Centre has become so well known, this book takes a broader view of the difficulties that those with additional needs face. It considers whether this is a health, educational or social difficulty and what the wider implications are for the individual and how they manage at home and in the community. The authors look at what happens, what can be done to help and what changes occur as the child becomes an adolescent and eventually an adult. Teachers, SENCOs, teaching assistants, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists and parents of children with dyspraxia or developmental co-ordination disorders should find this book stimulates their thinking and helps them in their work.


Author : Geoff Brookes
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Since the publication of the ground-breaking report "All Our Futures: Creativity, Culture and Education" in 1999, creativity has been the buzzword in education. However, despite various initiatives to encourage teachers to incorporate creativity into their teaching, teachers still bemoan the fact that this is virtually impossible given the dominance of the three Ts (testing, targets and (league) tables).

The Teaching Assistant s Guide to Dyspraxia

Author : Geoff Brookes
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This practical guide encourages teaching assistants to reflect on their practice and to put into effect strategies which will increase and improve support for dyspraxic children. Written by an experienced educator, each chapter provides teaching assistants with a range of activities to learn from.

Living with Dyspraxia

Author : Mary Colley
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For people with developmental dyspraxia, everyday life can pose a multitude of problems. This book is written to help all adults with dyspraxia tackle the everyday situations that many people take for granted. It offers practical advice on everything from getting a diagnosis to learning how to manage household chores.

Helping Children with Dyspraxia

Author : Maureen Boon
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Helping Children with Dyspraxia provides clear and positive answers to the questions commonly asked by parents and teachers about behaviour, causes, identification and assessment associated with dyspraxia and discusses the range of possible therapeutic interventions. Drawing on her extensive experience of working with children with movement disorders and liasing with their mainstream schools, Maureen Boon shows how a therapeutic approach can benefit this group and how parents and teachers can actively participate in the child's therapy. She provides information and ideas for parents and teachers wanting to improve the child's movements and language abilities and thus increase their self-confidence and self-esteem. Helping Children with Dyspraxia is a concise yet comprehensive handbook for parents and professionals. Its clear structure and practical, positive advice will make it an invaluable resource for anyone involved with a dyspraxic child.

Meeting Special Needs A practical guide to support children with Dyspraxia

Author : Mary Mountstephen
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When working with children whose development is causing concern, it can be difficult to know how best to help. This practical guide to Dyspraxia and Neuro-Developmental Delay has been written to support all early years' professionals, as well as the non-specialist practitioner and parents or carers. The book includes: signs of Dyspraxia and Neuro-Developmental Delay, a guide to what is meant by these terms, practical ways to support and help the child and practical ways to support parents and carers.

Where s My Pen

Author : Sarah Johns
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DescriptionWhere's my pen? A Guide to supporting people with dyspraxia, aims to provide a down to earth look at dyspraxia and includes personal experiences to help encourage people to fulfil their goals in life. There are guides to help people of any age find life a bit easier. Hopefully this book will help answer any questions anyone may have about the condition. The aim of writing the book is to inspire people to see life in a positive way and not let dyspraxia or any learning difficulty stop them from achieving anything.About the AuthorSarah is 30 years old, lives in Sheffield and currently works for a charity called Autism Plus, supporting adults with learning difficulties including Asperger Syndrome, autism and dyspraxia. She has a keen interest in learning difficulties, especially dyspraxia and includes her personal experiences of depression and dyspraxia in the hope it will help others live life in a positive way. She is trained as a physiotherapist and also has a sports degree.After a challenging time, she has gained strength from achieving things she never thought she would do, like writing this book. She hopes people can do the same.

You re So Clumsy Charley

Author : Jane Binnion
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Charley always seemed to get into trouble, though he didn't mean to. He was getting fed up of going to school because he felt different from most of the other kids. Then he met his Aunty Bella. And everything changed. This illustrated children's story explains what it feels like to be a child who is different from other children. Charley seems to keep getting into trouble all the time for doing things wrong. While not labelled in the story, Charley has a specific learning difficulty. In particular, he shows dyspraxic (a.k.a. Developmental Coordination Disorder) tendencies such as clumsiness. It is Charley's specific learning difficulty that makes him feel different and therefore unhappy at school, because he doesn't understand it. Thankfully, when Charley learns he is not alone, things begin to get better for him. This book can be used with young children to discuss how neurodiversity (e.g. dyspraxia, dyslexia, ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome) is not a bad thing and that in fact it can have its strengths. This illustrated book helps parents, teachers, and other adults who support children, have a non-threatening discussion about specific learning difficulties with children of primary school age. Children find it easier to relate to, and discuss, the character in the story rather than have all the attention focused on them. Using the book as a catalyst for discussion, adults can use the illustrated story at home or in school with children who have a specific learning difficulty, or exhibit tendencies of one. Teachers can use the book to help classmates better understand their peers who may struggle with some things others don't (e.g. as illustrated by Charley's clumsiness in this story). Similarly, parents can use the book to help children better understand family members. You're So Clumsy Charley was originally published under the Funky Gerbil imprint in 2013. This Second Edition has had a change of typeface, along with the inclusion of some additional information for teachers/adults. This revised edition has been moved over to the Your Stories Matter imprint (under the same publisher). Charley was written by someone who is herself dyspraxic, and is based on both her own and her daughter's experiences of being misunderstood. She wanted to help those children who continue to remain misunderstood. As with all of its books, the publisher aims to help people know they are not alone with what makes them different. If a young person or adult can relate to a story, it gives them hope and encourages them to share their concerns. The publisher aims to provide free teaching resources for all of its books that can be used in schools, to help improve understanding and celebrate differences.

Caged in Chaos

Author : Victoria Biggs
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Written by a teenager with dyspraxia, this is a humorous and inspiring practical guide for young adults with dyspraxia and those around them trying to get to grips with the physical, social and psychological chaos caused by developmental co-ordination disorders (DCDs). In her own conversational style, Victoria Biggs explains the primary effects of dyspraxia - disorganization, clumsiness and poor short-term memory - as well as other difficulties that dyspraxic teenagers encounter, such as bullying and low self-esteem. Peppered with personal stories from other teens, this award-winning book offers down-to-earth advice on a wide range of adolescent issues, from puberty, health and hygiene to family life and making friends. The new edition includes an update from the author on her university and work experiences and how dyspraxia affects her now as an adult. Her positive approach and profound empathy with others in her situation make this book a must-read.

Through the Eyes of a Dyslexic

Author : Andrew Purnell
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"I feel that this is the time to get rid of the stigma attached to mental health and help all the adults and children with dyslexia, dyspraxia and bullying as all these conditions are linked together." - Andrew Purnell Description Andrew's excellently direct and life-affirming book reveals what it is like to lead the life of dyslexic. With this book Andrew has given us all some insight into this very common decision with the aim of creating greater understanding of the condition. With 'Through the Eyes of a Dyslexic' Andrew makes the connection between dyslexia, the lesser known condition called dyspraxia and bullying. Andrew has experience of all these, as such he is best placed to write a book like this! About the Author Andrew Purnell is a dyslexic and has a keen interest in this area. He aims to create more awareness about this issue especially, with regards to education.

Dyspraxia 5 14

Author : Christine Macintyre
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Dyspraxia is increasingly common in young children. This fully revised and updated edition of Christine Macintyre’s invaluable companion explains the difficulties faced by children with dyspraxia in growing up and offers suggestions as to how these might be alleviated. In this book the children themselves, along with their parents and teachers, talk about how the difficulties change as the transition is made from primary to secondary school. Children with dyspraxia are frequently beset by frustrations as a result of their differences, can be misunderstood both at home and at school, and are very often bullied. This practical guide considers: the issue of giving children labels strategies to reduce stress the value of movement programmes raising self-esteem the transition to secondary school particular challenges faced during Puberty/adolescence handwriting as an indicator of dyspraxia. Including practical activities with additional material for secondary pupils this book shows children how to articulate their differences using individualised explanations, and then go on to succeed having recognised where their talents lie. Dyspraxia 5-14 is essential reading for teachers, parents, SENCos, teaching assistants and trainee teachers who want to improve their understanding of dyspraxia and its implications for children in Key stages 1-3.


Author : Amanda Kirby
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Discusses the condition of dyspraxia which causes motor ability problems for children, and includes information on symptoms, a glossary of techincal terms, and a list of resources.

Understanding Dyspraxia

Author : Maureen Boon
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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This fully-updated second edition of Helping Children with Dyspraxia has been revised to reflect current practice and developments, providing clear and positive answers to questions commonly asked by parents and teachers about dyspraxia. Maureen Boon draws on her considerable experience of working with children with movement disorders to identify the characteristics of dyspraxia, explaining assessment procedures and identifying what can be done to help. New reflections appear on concepts such as physical literacy and whether or not incidence of dyspraxia has increased, and in an overview of the characteristics and causes of the condition, a comprehensive update on how it is identified and assessed is provided. Terminology is reviewed, and the full range of therapeutic interventions that are available are outlined. New case studies and photographs are used to illustrate successful interventions in practice, and a helpful appendix with up-to-date details of useful publications, programmes, equipment and organisations is also included. Understanding Dyspraxia is a concise yet comprehensive handbook for parents and teachers. Its clear structure and practical, positive advice will make it an invaluable resource for anyone involved with a dyspraxic child.

Understanding Motor Skills in Children with Dyspraxia ADHD Autism and Other Learning Disabilities

Author : Lisa A. Kurtz
File Size : 22.45 MB
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Offers practical strategies and advice for helping children with coordination difficulties.

Emily s Sister

Author : Michele Gianetti
File Size : 86.3 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Emily’s sister is different from other children she knows. She seems to struggle with things most of us just do naturally. In this delightfully illustrated story, based upon real family experiences, Emily discovers how to understand and help her sister live a happier life. This story, written by the parent of a child with Dyspraxia and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), paves the way for parents, teachers and medical professionals to discuss these specific learning difficulties with children (aged around 7-9). Unlike most other books on the subject, this book has been written from a child's perspective: enabling young people to ask questions of the story in a non-threatening way and encouraging them to discover how it relates to them. This book can be shared with children having special needs, their family, or their classmates. As with all of its books, the publisher - Your Stories Matter – aims to help people know they are not alone with what makes them different. If a young person or adult can relate to a story, it gives them hope and encourages them to share their concerns. The publisher aims to provide free teaching resources for all of its books that can be used in schools, to help improve understanding and celebrate differences.

Sensational Kids

Author : Lucy Jane Miller
File Size : 90.28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Revised and updated—the authoritative bestseller that presents the latest research on Sensory Processing Disorder. Sensory Processing Disorder is an increasingly common diagnosis, with a wide range of symptoms that can be difficult for parents and pediatricians to identify. In Sensational Kids, internationally renowned expert Dr. Miller shares her more than forty years of experience and research findings on SPD. Now in its fourteenth printing, with more than 50,000 copies sold in all formats, it is an authoritative and practical guide to understanding and treating this little-understood condition. Newly updated, this revised edition will include the latest research on SPD's relationship to autism, as well as new treatment options and coping strategies for parents, teachers, and others who care for kids with SPD. Other topics include: The signs and symptoms of SPD Its four major subtypes How the disorder is diagnosed and treated sensory strategies to help SPD kids develop, learn and succeed, in school and in life.