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Cases in U S National Security

Author : Donald M. Snow
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This supplementary reader present an engaging and novel approach to national security. A series of brief case studies representing current and controversial policy problems facilitates deliberation and debate about competing policy ideas and encourages undergraduate students to think critically about issues of national security.

Foreign Policy and U S National Security

Author : William W. Whitson
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The Influence of Sub state Actors on National Security

Author : Minori Takahashi
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This book sheds light on the process in which the sub-state actor of Greenland has expanded its autonomy and strengthened its de jure participation in the national security of Denmark. By focusing on the case of the US Thule Air Base in Greenland, the largest military base in the Arctic, the authors endeavor to show that in the relationship between great powers, small countries and local actors within them, it is possible for local actors (sub-national entities) to have an influence on higher-level actors in the field of diplomacy on the national security level. For that purpose, the book examines political trends involving Greenland, Denmark, the US and Russia by using the multilateral multi-archive approach. The authors also take up the cases of Okinawa (Japan) and Olongapo (the Philippines) as reference points that provide additional insight into the interaction between the US policy regarding overseas military bases and the host countries’ polities. The competition involving political and economic interests of a number of countries in the Arctic region has been intensifying in recent years, causing significant concern in the international community. Due to the accelerated melting of sea ice and the increase in the accessibility of natural resources and water lanes, the security situation in the Arctic has been changing rapidly, and this book helps meet the need for understanding the political and military factors behind those changes.

Thinking About National Security

Author : Donald M. Snow
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A Choice Outstanding Academic Title for 2016 Perhaps the most basic national security question that U.S. leaders and the body politic continuously face is where and under what circumstances to consider and in some cases resort to the use of armed force to ensure the country’s safety and well-being. The question is perpetual—but the answer is not. This insightful text helps students make sense of the ever-changing environment and factors that influence disagreement over national security risks and policy in the United States. The book takes shape through a focus on three considerations: strategy, policy, and issues. Snow explains the range of plans of action that are possible and resources available for achieving national security goals, as well as the courses of action for achieving those goals in the context of a broad range of security problems that must be dealt with. However, there is little agreement among policymakers on exactly what is the nature of the threats that the country faces. Snow helps readers frame the debate by suggesting some of the prior influences on risk-assessment, some of the current influences on national security debates, and suggestions for how future strategy and policy may be shaped.

U S National Security Strategy

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Armed Services
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American National Security Policy

Author : John T. Fishel
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Security policy is a key factor not only of domestic politics in the U.S., but also of foreign relations and global security. This text sets to explain the process of security policy making in the United States by looking at all the elements that shape it, from institutions and legislation to policymakers themselves and historical precedents. To understand national security policy, the book first needs to address the way national security policy makers see the world. It shows that they generally see it in realist terms where the state is a single rational actor pursuing its national interest. It then focuses on how legislative authorities enable and constrain these policy makers before looking at the organizational context in which policies are made and implemented. This means examining the legal authorities that govern how the system functions, such as the Constitution and the National Security Act of 1947, as well as the various governmental institutions whose capabilities either limit or allow execution, such as the CIA, NSA, etc. Next, the text analyzes the processes and products of national security policy making, such as reports, showing how they differ from administration to administration. Lastly, a series of case studies illustrate the challenges of implementing and developing policy. These span the post-Cold war period to the present, and include the Panama crisis, Somalia, the Balkans Haiti, the Iraq wars, and Afghanistan. By combining both the theory and process, this textbook reveals all aspects of the making of national security policy in United States from agenda setting to the successes and failures of implementation.

National Security Law Documents

Author : John Norton Moore
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Contemporary Cases in U S Foreign Policy

Author : Ralph Carter
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"The sixth edition begins with a brief introduction into foreign policymaking and the case study approach. Thirteen original case studies written expressly for this edited volume then follow. The cases deal with a wide range of policy areas: national security, homeland security, diplomacy, trade, immigration, epidemics, climate change, and Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election"--

U S Army War College Guide to National Security Issues Volume II

Author : U. S. Military
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This edition of the U. S. Army War College Guide to National Security Policy and Strategy continues to reflect the structure and approach of the core national security strategy and policy curriculum at the War College. The fifth edition is published in two volumes that correspond roughly to the Department of National Security and Strategy's core courses: "Theory of War and Strategy" and "National Security Policy and Strategy." Like previous editions, this one is based on its predecessor but contains both updates and new scholarship. Over a third of the chapters are new or have undergone significant rewrites. Many chapters, some of which appeared for years in this work, have been removed. Nevertheless, the book remains unchanged in intent and purpose. Although this is not primarily a textbook, it does reflect both the method and manner we use to teach strategy formulation to America's future senior leaders. Both volumes are organized to proceed from the general to the specific. Thus, the first volume opens with general thoughts on the nature and theory of war and strategy, proceeds to look at the complex aspect of power, and concludes with specific theoretical issues. Similarly, the second volume begins by examining the policy/strategy process, moves to a look at the strategic environment, and concludes with some specific issues. This edition continues the effort begun in the fourth edition to include several short case studies to illustrate the primary material in the volume. Part I: The National System and Environment * 1. American Values, Interests, and Purpose: Perspectives on the Roots of American Political and Strategic Culture * 2. Crafting National Interests in the 21st Century * 3. The National Security Community, Revisited * 4. Making National Security Policy in the 21st Century * 5. National Security Powers: Are the Checks in Balance? * 6. National Military Strategies: A Historical Perspective, 1990 to 2012 * 7. Present at the Counterrevolution: An Essay on the 2005 National Defense Strategy and its Impact on Policy * 8. Securing America From Attack: The Defense Department's Evolving Role After 9/11 * Part II: The International System and Environment * 9. International Order * 10. The International System in the 21st Century * 11. International Relations Theory and American Grand Strategy * 12. Multilateralism and Unilateralism * 13. The Democratic Peace * 14. Regional Studies in a Global Age * 15. "Lawyers, Guns, and Money": Transnational Threats and U.S. National Security * Part III: Strategic Issues and Considerations * 16. Ethical Issues in War: An Overview * 17. International Law, Sovereignty, and World Order Revisited * 18. The United States and the International Criminal Court * 19. Retooling U.S. Public Diplomacy as a Strategic Instrument of Foreign Policy * 20. Navigating the Linkage Between Culture and Strategy: A Guide to Understanding the Analytical Cultural Framework for Strategy and Policy * 21. Strategic Thinking and Culture: A Framework for Analysis * 22. A Primer on Civil-Military Relations for Senior Leaders * 23. Professionalizing Stability Operations in the U.S. Armed Forces * Part IV: Cases * 24. To End All Wars? A Case Study of Conflict Termination in World War I * 25. Creating Strategy in an Era of Change: The Plains Indian Wars * 26. U.S. Relations with North Korea, 1991-2000 * 27. Painting Yourself Into a Corner: Conflict Termination, Unconditional Surrender, and the Case of Japan * 28. The Guerrilla Warfare Problem: Revolutionary War and the Kennedy Administration Response, 1961-1963 * Appendix I: Guidelines for Strategy Formulation

National Security Revitalization Act

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on International Relations
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The Cultural Formulation of National Security Policy in the United States and Japan

Author : Kristin Raphaële Willey
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National Security Law Report

Author :
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First Principles

Author :
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National Security for a New Era

Author : Donald M. Snow
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Analyzes the history, evolution, and processes of national security policies This text examines national security from two fundamental fault lines-the end of the Cold War and the 9/11 terrorist attacks-and considers how the resulting era of globalization and geopolitics guides policy. Placing this trend in conceptual and historical context and following it through military, semi-military, and non-military concerns, National Security for a New Era treats its subject as a nuanced and subtle phenomenon that encompasses everything from the nation to the individual.

U S National Security and Military commercial Concerns with the People s Republic of China

Author : United States. Congress. House. Select Committee on U.S. National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the People's Republic of China
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Mobilization Planning and the National Security 1950 1960

Author : William Yandell Elliott
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Foreign Relations and National Security Law

Author : Thomas M. Franck
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This fully updated Fourth Edition of a seminal casebook contains classic cases from Foster v. Nielsen to Samantar v. Yousuf, penetrating commentary from The Federalist to Dean Harold Koh and Justice Antonin Scalia, and treatment of thought-provoking controversies, including intervention in Libya, Wikileak disclosures, the killing of Bin Laden, drone attacks on U.S. nationals, NSA wiretapping, and Guantnamo trials. Excerpts of treaties, statutes, and executive orders address the core doctrinal and theoretical issues of foreign relations law and national security law, providing ample room for professors to design a course based on those topics most suited for their classroom experience.

Special Pre trial Proceedings in Criminal Cases Involving National Security Information

Author : Association of the Bar of the City of New York. Committee on Federal Legislation
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Business America

Author :
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Shepard s Acts and Cases by Popular Names Federal and State

Author :
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A compilation of popular names by which federal and state acts and cases have been referred to or cited together with an identification of each act in terms of its constitutional or statutory references and each case in terms of the volume and page reference where the text of the decision may be found.