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The Limits of Hospitality

Author : Jessica Wrobleski
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Practicing hospitality is central to building a civil society, not to mention living a Christian life. It can be enriching and joy-filled, but it can also be profoundly demanding and sometimes even dangerous. In The Limits of Hospitality, Jessica Wrobleski explores the ethical questions surrounding the practice of hospitality, particularly hospitality that is informed by Christian theological commitments. While there is no algorithm that distinguishes between ethically 'legitimate"' and 'illegitimate' boundaries, the variety of circumstances in which hospitality is relevant and the nature of hospitality itself make advocating firm and fixed boundaries difficult. How much more so for Christians, for whom the practice of hospitality should be a manifestation of agape, a participation in God's eschatological welcome extended to all people through Jesus Christ! Are limits to hospitality, then, merely a regrettable concession to our finite and fallen condition? Wrobleski offers a rich theological reflection that will interest anyone who has a role in the practice of hospitality in community? Whether such communities are families, households, churches, educational institutions, or nation-states.

Empowering Congregations to Move from Simple Hospitality to Celebration of Ethnic Diversity Within Their Churches

Author : Stephen Gibson
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The Hospitality of God

Author : Brendan J. Byrne
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Luke portrays the life and ministry of Jesus as a divine "visitation" to the world, seeking hospitality. The One who comes as visitor and guest becomes host and offers a hospitality in which the entire world can become truly human, be at home, and know salvation in the depths of their hearts. In The Hospitality of God Brendan Byrne, S.J., provides to-the-point commentary on those parts of Luke's Gospel that bring home to people a sense of the extravagance of God's love for them. The Hospitality of God approaches Luke's Gospel through the interpretive key of "hospitality." It looks at the Gospel as a whole, yet lingers upon scenes where the theme of "hospitality" is particularly prominent, such as the infancy stories, Jesus at Nazareth, Jesus in the house of Simon, the Good Samaritan, Martha and Mary, the banquet in 14:1-35, the Prodigal Son, Jesus' visit to the tax collector Zacchaeus, the institution of the Eucharist, and the Emmaus event. Byrne stresses that those in Luke's Gospel who readily offer hospitality?chiefly the marginalized and the poor?find themselves drawn into a much deeper sphere of hospitality, the hospitality of God. Those who have difficulty sharing are challenged by Jesus to conversion so that they, too, may not be left out of the banquet of life to which God calls all human beings. Luke's Gospel, ever interested in the process of human transformation, explores this resistance to God's gift and the ways in which individuals need to be converted if they are to come to "knowledge of salvation." Luke's Gospel is written out of faith in the risen Lord. Its primary intent is to bring people of all subsequent Christian generations into saving encounter with the Lord who was raised from the dead and lives among us in the power of the Spirit. Reading and hearing the Gospel in faith allows individuals and communities to access the hospitality of God brought by Jesus. In this work, Byrne offers an invitation for all to join in the life-giving "hospitality of God." Chapters are "The Prologue: 1:1-4 and the Lukan Time Frame of Salvation," "The Infancy Stories I: Before the Birth of Jesus: 1:5-80," "The Infancy Stories II: The Birth and Childhood of Jesus: 2:1-52," "Prelude to the Ministry of Jesus: 3:1-4:13," "Hospitality and Inhospitality at Nazareth: Jesus Inaugurates His Mission: 4:16-30," "The Early Galilean Ministry: 4:31-6:11," "The Community of the Kingdom: 6:12-49," "Response to the Ministry of Jesus: 7:1-8:3," "Later Galilean Ministry: 8:4-9:17," "Climax of the Galilean Ministry: 9:18-50," "The Journey to Jerusalem Begins: 9:51-10:24," "The Way to Eternal Life: 10:25-11:13," "The Prophet Continues His Way I: 11:14-12:53," "The Prophet Continues His Way II: 12:54-14:35," "Celebrating God's Acceptance: 15:1-32," "The Hospitality of the Poor: Two Responses to Wealth: 16:1-31," "Towards the End of the Journey: 17:1-18:30," "Hospitality in Jericho: 18:31-19:27," "Jesus in Jerusalem: 19:28-21:4," "Hope and Endurance: Discourse on the Future: 21:5-38," "Jesus' Journey to God: The Passion Narrative I: 22:1-53," "Jesus' Journey to God: The Passion Narrative II: 22:54-23:56," "Hospitality Continues: The Community of the Risen Lord: 24:1-53."?. . . a fine contribution to the ongoing enterprise of reading Luke as a whole . . . this little volume is to be recommended highly.? Catholic Biblical Quarterly?This is an excellent resource for students, teachers, and pastors interested in Luke?s gospel or in search of a helpful perspective for pastoral and homiletic reflection and preparation.? Interpretation?Helpful and important book for evangelizers.? Crux". . . a much needed and subtle reading of the Gospel of Luke. . . . Reading this book is a satisfying experience, made more so by the remarkable synthesis of the Lukan agenda offered by the 16 'theses' posted in the final pages of the book." Francis J. Moloney, S.D.B. Professor of New Testament The Catholic University of America"To a generation for whom hospitality means gourmet food and designer table linen, Brendan Byrne offers a much-needed corrective. . . . Deeply engaged both with Luke's story and with the contemporary church, Byrne's study is a genuine contribution." Beverly Gaventa Helen H.P. Manson Professor of New Testament Literature and Exegesis Princeton Theological Seminary". . . remarkable for the deftness and brevity with which its author draws us into the expansive, inviting world of 'the hospitality of God.' Wide scholarship and deep faith combine with keen pastoral sensitivity and clarity of expression to make Brendan Byrne a genial host at the scriptural banquet he has so splendidly provided. In this year of Jubilee there could not be a better book to read or a better gift to share." Tony Kelly, C.SS.R. Australian Catholic University?It is a very readable and concise commentary on the whole Gospel, aimed at the general reader. Byrne helps us to experience Jesus? life and ministry as a visitation by God that continually poses the question, How will this guest be received? Will we accept or reject him?? Church

Kingdom Family

Author : Trevecca Okholm
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There is a lot of talk these days about how churches need to become more "missional" and "Kingdom-focused"--but what about the families that make up our churches and often reflect the surrounding culture more than the Kingdom of God? Christian families know that God has a better purpose for marriage and family but often don't have the slightest idea how to get there. And while many books on Christian marriage and family are inwardly focused on simply getting along "better," this book addresses the cultural influences that have taken our focus away from God's intended purpose for marriage and family and, through analysis and practical suggestions, recalls marriages and families to the purpose for which God intended them in the first place--namely, to serve God's Kingdom as witnesses to a world desperately seeking deeper purpose and authenticity.

The Warm Wonderful World of Hospitality

Author : Robin Mercer
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The Warm Wonderful World Of Hospitality shows you how to host guests and visitors with ease, including how to house boarders with preparedness and joy, no matter who you are.


Author : Mark McWilliams
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Essays on Food and Celebration from the 2011 Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery. The 2011 meeting marked the thirtieth year of the Symposium.

Spirit of Liberality

Author : George M. Newlands
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The themes covered in this collection of essays span a wide area, from Christology and the doctrine of God to human rights and Christian spirituality, and they were written and delivered in a variety of contexts, from colleges to churches, on both sides of the Atlantic. Some have been published previously, while others are new. The papers speak from within the liberal tradition of theology, and were written from 2005-14, following on an earlier volume, Traces of Liberality. The author has added a biographical essay and a personal bibliography.

The Lavish Hospitality of God

Author : Jim Reynolds
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The Lavish Hospitality of God is the compelling journey of a pastor who enters the church "through the side door," from a legalistic childhood church into a more biblical vision of the kingdom of God. The author recounts the blessings of his heritage along with his struggle in allowing God to reshape his understanding of water baptism, the role of the Holy Spirit and the Lord's Supper in a way that reflects the apostolic church's teachings. Through a careful study of how the early disciples ate together, the book dispels the way the evangelical church has turned the love feasts and common meal into a "Jesus-and-me" moment of silence. This is a call to rethink the Lord's Supper and other church ordinances as an expression of the "outrageous and sometimes scandalous hospitality of God" and a sign of His kingdom presence. Jim Reynolds holds a bachelor's and a master of divinity degree from Abilene Christian University (1964, 1967), a doctorate from the Graduate Theological University, Berkeley, Calif. (1974), and a law degree from SMU (1981). He has been a licensed marriage and family counselor, and has published numerous articles and books, including Secrets of Eden, God and Human Sexuality (1974) and The Lepers Among Us (2007). Jim has taught religion, theology, philosophy and biblical studies at Pepperdine University and the University of Texas, and presently is an adjunct professor at Dallas Christian College. He also does mediation for Dale O'Neall and Associates in Fort Worth, Texas. >From 1981 to 2007, Jim was a family lawyer and partner with the Whitaker Chalk law firm in Fort Worth, Texas. Since 1984, he has been pastor of Lake Highlands Church in Dallas, Texas. Jim and his wife, Donna, have two children and eight grandchildren.

Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry 2nd Ed

Author : Willy Legrand
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Sustainability is one of the single most important global issues facing the world. A clear understanding of the issues surrounding climate change, global warming, air and water pollution, ozone depletion, deforestation, the loss of biodiversity and global poverty is essential for every future manager in the hospitality industry. Present and future hospitality executives need to know how sustainable management systems can be integrated into their businesses while maintaining and hopefully improving the bottom line. Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry, second edition, is the only book available to introduce the students to economic, environmental and social sustainable issues specifically facing the industry as well as exploring ideas, solutions, and strategies of how to manage operations in a sustainable way. Since the first edition of this book there have been many important developments in this field and this second edition has been updated in the following ways: updated content to reflect recent issues and trends including hotel energy solutions and green hotel design two new chapters on 'Sustainable Food' and 'Social Entrepreneurship and Social Value' updated international case studies throughout to explore key issues and show real life operational responses to sustainability within the hospitality industry. New case studies on growth hotel development markets, Asia and the Middle East new practical exercises throughout to apply your knowledge to real-life sustainability scenarios. This accessible and comprehensive account of Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry is essential reading for all students and future managers.

Thomas Merton

Author : Paul R. Dekar
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Thomas Merton was arguably the twentieth century's most widely published and widely read spiritual writer. This book explores Merton's prophetic writings and experience as they offer guidance for spiritual seekers in their search to experience God, to simplify their lives, to live more humanly, and to shape Christian community in the face of alienation, consumerism, noise, and technology. The book includes parts of three previously unpublished conference contributions by Merton on technology.

Renaissance Poetry and Drama in Context

Author : Andrew Lynch
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Renaissance Poetry and Drama in Context is a stimulating refereed collection of new work dedicated to Emeritus Professor Christopher Wortham of The University of Western Australia. The essays provide a rich context for the interdisciplinary study of the English Renaissance, from its medieval antecedents to its modern afterlife on stage and screen. Their up-to-date engagement with many scholarly fields - art and iconography, cartography, cultural and social history, literature, politics, theatre, and film - will ensure that this book makes a valuable contribution to contemporary Renaissance studies, with a special interest for those researching and teaching English literature and drama. The nineteen contributors include distinguished Renaissance scholars such as Ann Blake, Graham Bradshaw, Alan Brissenden, Conal Condren, Joost Daalder, Heather Dubrow, Philippa Kelly, Anthony Miller, Kay Gililand Stevenson, Robert White, and Lawrence Wright. Work on Shakespeare forms the core of this coherent collection. There are also significant essays on Magnificence, Donne, Marlowe, A Yorkshire Tragedy, Jonson, Marvell, the Ferrars of Little Gidding, and female conduct literature. hardbound with dust jacket; xii+353 pp; 18 b/w illustrations.

Stalking the Spirit

Author : Marjory Zoet Bankson
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What happens when a church chooses to subdivide instead of getting bigger? In 1976, the Church of the Saviour in Washington, DC, did just that. Stalking the Spirit is the story of Seekers Church, a second-generation Church of the Saviour community known for its creative worship, open pulpit, shared leadership, strong matrix of mission groups, and generous giving. Seekers Church inherited a tradition of intentional spiritual life (the inward journey) to support ministry in daily life (the outward journey). All members understand themselves to be called and equipped for ministry. As a model for other emerging churches within or outside of traditional structures, Stalking the Spirit tells the story of Seekers Church, whose members sought the Spirit's guidance again and again for the next steps, both individually and as a community.

Reforming Men and Women

Author : Bruce Dorsey
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Before the Civil War, the public lives of American men and women intersected most frequently in the arena of religious activism. Bruce Dorsey broadens the field of gender studies, incorporating an analysis of masculinity into the history of early American religion and reform. His is a holistic account that reveals the contested meanings of manhood and womanhood among antebellum Americans, both black and white, middle class and working class. Urban poverty, drink, slavery, and Irish Catholic immigration--for each of these social problems that engrossed Northern reformers, Dorsey examines the often competing views held by male and female activists and shows how their perspectives were further complicated by differences in class, race, and generation. His primary focus is Philadelphia, birthplace of nearly every kind of benevolent and reform society and emblematic of changes occurring throughout the North. With an especially rich history of African-American activism, the city is ideal for Dorsey's exploration of race and reform. Combining stories of both ordinary individuals and major reformers with an insightful analysis of contemporary songs, plays, fiction, and polemics, Dorsey exposes the ways race, class, and ethnicity influenced the meanings of manhood and womanhood in nineteenth-century America. By linking his gendered history of religious activism with the transformations characterizing antebellum society, he contributes to a larger quest: to engender all of American history. --David Roediger, author of Colored White: Transcending the Racial Past "Common-Place: The Interactive Journal of Early American Life"

The Book of the Great Railway Celebrations of 1857

Author : William Prescott Smith
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Official Report of the Centennial Celebration of the Founding of the City of Cleveland and the Settlement of the Western Reserve

Author :
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Finding God in Other Christians

Author : Lorraine Cavanagh
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As we journey in faith, many of us begin to find God in the context of more than one kind of churchmanship. Even if we feel happy where we are, we may benefit greatly from getting out of our particular church 'comfort zone' in order to encounter God in new ways through Christians whose priorities and styles of worship are at variance with our own. This book calls us to a deeper and more compassionate approach to the challenges of diversity among Christians. It addresses issues such as: Are Christians meant to be more than friends?; Jesus Christ as our common identity; Violence between Christians; Radical hospitality; Dealing with difference; The meaning of God among us, and finally, Christians in Christ and for the world.

Guide for Celebrating Infant Baptism

Author : Timothy A. Johnston
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This resource provides pastoral guidance for preparing joyful and communal celebrations of infant Baptism within or outside Mass. It provides guidance for selecting Scripture readings, prayer texts, and music; arranging the environment; scheduling ministers; and preparing liturgies that engage and evangelize

AAHOA Hospitality

Author :
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Celebration U S A

Author : Douglas Frantz
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A prize-winning reporter, his wife, and their two kids describe life in Disney's vision of the future. In 1997, six months after the first residents had moved into Celebration, Florida-Disney's town of the future with its distinctly retro link to a longed-for past-Doug and Cathy and their two kids closed on their new home and settled down to participate in (and observe) this new venture. Their report from the trenches will surprise both Disney haters and Disney fans. What is it like to start a new community-not a suburb or subdivision, but a town, inted to be a self-supporting community with the best of the new technologies (including the very latest in teaching techniques) and the most cherished elements in American towns that existed before the automobile turned everything into a mall? For almost two years the family lived this experiment firsthand. Their report is vivid, funny, and painful-and it tells us as much about ourselves and our hopes and dreams as it does about the daily reality of building a community from the ground up.


Author : Patty Pell
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Patty Pell presents nine Bible studies on the topic of hospitality.