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Hollywood s Star Children

Author : Raymond Strait
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Provides a revealing inside look at the private lives of Hollywood celebrities and their children, featuring first-person acocunts from the children of Judy Garland, Martha Raye, Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, and many others. Reprint.

Major General Isaac Ridgeway Trimble

Author : Leslie R. Tucker
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"This biography covers Trimble's personal life and career with both the railroad and the military. Simultaneously, it serves as a case study of an American who chose to side with the South"--Provided by publisher.

Raised by the Stars

Author : Nick Thomas
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This collection of interviews, all conducted by the author, focuses on the children of Hollywood legends. Each child (and, in one case, grandchild) talks about the joys and difficulties of growing up in the shadow of the Hollywood spotlight. While some were significantly influenced by their famous parents and chose a career in entertainment, others felt no attraction toward the glamour of Tinseltown fame. Among the interviewees are the offspring of such major stars as Errol Flynn, Gary Cooper, Ingrid Bergman, Jimmy Stewart and Rosalind Russell, as well as such prominent supporting players as Jack Elam, Gene Lockhart, Billy Barty and Jesse White. The collection also includes a list of books and/or websites published by the children of the actors featured.

Hollywood s Children

Author : Diana Serra Cary
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Diana Serra Cary's well-wrought, empathetic narrative presents the underside of the glittering stage and screen world: frightened children, merchants who buy and sell childhood as a commodity, rapacious stage mothers and fathers whose ambition and avarice make them willing to sacrifice their children to fulfill their own dreams. The first part of the book mines a lode of new information, recounting stories of the precursors to Hollywood's child stars (and their ambitious parents) - the spectacular 1853 stage debut of four-year-old Cordelia Howard, the rise of red-haired Lotta Crabtree in California's Gold Rush camps, and the travails and triumphs of the hoydenish Elsie Janis as she ad-libbed her way to stardom. Cary - as "Baby Peggy", Hollywood's pioneer child star, the youngest in theatrical history - has lived her subject, surviving a childhood filled with an enormous workload, some real physical danger, and emotional trauma. She weaves her own story of being her family's chief breadwinner with similar tales involving famous movie children she knew and worked with - Jackie Coogan, Shirley Temple, Mickey Rooney, and Judy Garland, among many others.

Children of Hollywood

Author : Michelle Vogel
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Living in the shadow of a famous parent can have powerful effects, from professional opportunities to pressure so great it leads to suicide. Some children of stars are proud of their roots while others live in secrecy. This is a rare look into the private lives of the children (and, in a few cases, grandchildren) of these classic Hollywood icons, revealing the stresses and inspirations of living with great performers who may or may not have been great parents. Some movie stars protected their offspring, but others used them as publicity props or even made them into rivals. Despite their unusual upbringing, some of the children succeeded in the movies or elsewhere, but many never lived up to the public expectations. Many lost their parents, whether to the extremes of the celebrity lifestyle, to divorce, or to their careers. From the beautiful bedtime stories Harpo Marx and his wife told their four adopted children to explain where they'd come from, to the studded belt Bing Crosby used to punish his sons for not obeying the strict family rules, this work tells the best and worst of growing up in a celebrity home. Families covered include those of W.C. Fields, the Marx Brothers, Eddie Cantor, Mario Lanza, Ruth Hussey, Jerry Lewis, Douglas Fairbanks and Boris Karloff. Research is drawn from interviews with celebrity offspring, who also provided never-before-published snapshots of Hollywood legends at home.

Made in Heaven

Author : Victoria Houseman
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Lists the marriages, divorces, and children of a variety of American, British, and other performers from the silent movie era to the present

Hollywood s Child

Author : Gabrielle Kraft
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Four children of Hollywood meet in 1970 at Southern California's Maricopa Boarding School and, together, enter joined lives of power, lust, longing, dreams, and nightmares. By the author of Hollywood Hills. Original.

Communist Infiltration of Hollywood Motion picture Industry

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Activities
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Lullabies of Hollywood

Author : Richard Fehr
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Through interviews with many of the leading lyricists, aided by years of research, the authors provide a survey of the leading popular and theme songs written exclusively for Hollywood--from sheet music for silent movies through contemporary soundtracks--concentrating on both the music and its role in the development of the movie musical. Also discussed are the writers and stars.

Sexual Exploitation of Children

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Education and Labor. Subcommittee on Select Education
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Admission of German Refugee Children

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Immigration and Naturalization
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The Father of Hollywood

Author : Gaelyn Whitley Keith
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The life of visionary real estate developer HJ Whitley is told by his great-granddaughter, based on his letters, memoirs and reminiscences of his wife, and other documentation.

Kids Hollywood Magic

Author : Phyllis Henson Adria Manary
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From Full House sweetheart, Jodie Sweetin, to Drake Bell, star of the hit television show, Drake and Josh, Phyllis Henson has launched the careers of some of Americas most beloved child stars and thousands of other successful children, from babies to teens. As the mother of three children whose careers included over 150 television commercials, hundreds of print ads, and eight movies, Phyllis decided to help other parents through her consulting agency, The Kids Hollywood Connection, based in Newport Beach, CA. Now in her 30th year of one-on-one consulting and liason between parents, kids, and Hollywood agents, she successfully started the careers of thousand of children into show business. Now, she has decided to share her knowledge with other parents throughout the world. Phyllis shares her insight and wisdom in an entertaining and inspiring style throughout the pages of this book with the literary help of Adria Manary. This is your chance to learn from one of Hollywoods most sought-after childrens show business consultants. Who better to guide and help you than a mom who has been there herself! We want YOU to start living the dream!

Hollywood Hall

Author : James Grant
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Author :
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Hollywood Kids

Author : Jackie Collins
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At the novel's core is the Hollywood Five, a clique of jaded twenty-somethings whose parents (all major players) thought that child-rearing ended with naming their offspring after themselves. Not since best-selling superstar Jackie Collins created Hollywood Wives, the book which established a whole new standard for novels of the American dream in the extreme, has she dealt so incisively and so revealingly with tinseltown, and with the people who live and die there. Jackie Collins is back doing what she does best, chronicling the lives of the rich, famous and infamous with devastating accuracy. Hollywood Kids is Jackie Collins at her suspenseful roller coaster ride best.

Jesus of Hollywood

Author : Adele Reinhartz
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Since the advent of the cinema, Jesus has frequently appeared in our movie houses and on our television screens. Indeed, it may well be that more people worldwide know about Jesus and his life story from the movies than from any other medium. Indeed, Jesus' story has been adapted dozens of times throughout the history of commercial cinema, from the 1912 silent From the Manger to the Cross to Mel Gibson's 2004 The Passion of the Christ. No doubt there are more to come. Drawing on a broad range of movies, biblical scholar Adele Reinhartz traces the way in which Jesus of Nazareth has become Jesus of Hollywood. She argues that Jesus films both reflect and influence cultural perceptions of Jesus and the other figures in his story. She focuses on the cinematic interpretation of Jesus' relationships with the key people in his life: his family, his friends, and his foes. She examines how these films address theological issues, such as Jesus' identity as both human and divine, political issues, such as the role of the individual in society and the possibility of freedom under political oppression, social issues, such as gender roles and hierarchies, and personal issues, such as the nature of friendship and human sexuality. Reinhartz's study of Jesus' celluloid incarnations shows how Jesus movies reshape the past in the image of the present. Despite society's profound interest in Jesus as a religious and historical figure, Jesus movies are fascinating not as history but as mirrors of the concerns, anxieties, and values of our own era. As the story of Jesus continues to capture the imagination of filmmakers and moviegoers, he remains as significant a cultural figure today as he was 2000 years ago.

East West Film Journal

Author :
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Fast Forward

Author : Lauren Greenfield
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Photographer Lauren Greenfield capures often shocking, always startling images of children at school, at play, or at home in the precocious city of Los Angeles. The stunning color photographs range from the children of the gang culture of South Central and East L.A. to the affluent, often show-business world of the Westside. Underlying is the overwhelming importance of image and celebrity, with its materialistic trappings of fast cars and expensive clothes. 80 full-color photos.

The Heretics of Hollywood

Author : R. Dwayne Walker
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