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Author : David Archard
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Offering a serious and sustained philosophical examination of children's rights, David Archard provides a clear and accessible introduction to the topic. The second edition is fully revised and updated and include a new preface and two new chapters.

Reason s Children

Author : Anthony Krupp
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"This erudite and valuable work of scholarship examines concepts of childhood in European thought between 1630-1750 and aims to bring the topic of childhood to the attention of historians of philosophy while also contributing, historically and philosophically, to the newly burgeoning field of Childhood Studies."--BOOK JACKET.

Philosophy for Children in Transition

Author : Nancy Vansieleghem
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Philosophy for Children in Transition presents a diverse collection of perspectives on the worldwide educational movement of philosophy for children. Educators and philosophers establish the relationship between philosophy and the child, and clarify the significance of that relationship for teaching and learning today. The papers present a diverse range of perspectives, problems and tentative prospects concerning the theory and practice of Philosophy for Children today The collection familiarises an actual educational practice that is steadily gaining importance in the field of academic philosophy Opens up discussion on the notion of the relationship between philosophy and the child

Children s Counting Types

Author : Leslie P. Steffe
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Ethics and Children s Literature

Author : Claudia Mills
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Exploring the ethical questions posed by, in, and about children’s literature, this collection examines the way texts intended for children raise questions of value, depict the moral development of their characters, and call into attention shared moral presuppositions. The essays in Part I look at various past attempts at conveying moral messages to children and interrogate their underlying assumptions. What visions of childhood were conveyed by explicit attempts to cultivate specific virtues in children? What unstated cultural assumptions were expressed by growing resistance to didacticism? How should we prepare children to respond to racism in their books and in their society? Part II takes up the ethical orientations of various classic and contemporary texts, including 'prosaic ethics' in the Hundred Acre Wood, moral discernment in Narnia, ethical recognition in the distant worlds traversed by L’Engle, and virtuous transgression in recent Anglo-American children’s literature and in the emerging children’s literature of 1960s Taiwan. Part III’s essays engage in ethical criticism of arguably problematic messages about our relationship to nonhuman animals, about war, and about prejudice. The final section considers how we respond to children’s literature with ethically focused essays exploring a range of ways in which child readers and adult authorities react to children’s literature. Even as children’s literature has evolved in opposition to its origins in didactic Sunday school tracts and moralizing fables, authors, parents, librarians, and scholars remain sensitive to the values conveyed to children through the texts they choose to share with them.

The Philosopher s Club

Author : Christopher Phillips
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The Philosophy of Childhood

Author : Gareth B. Matthews
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So many questions, such an imagination, endless speculation: the child seems to be a natural philosopher--until the ripe old age of eight or nine, when the spirit of inquiry mysteriously fades. What happened? Was it something we did--or didn't do? Was the child truly the philosophical being he once seemed? Gareth Matthews takes up these concerns in The Philosophy of Childhood, a searching account of children's philosophical potential and of childhood as an area of philosophical inquiry. Seeking a philosophy that represents the range and depth of children's inquisitive minds, Matthews explores both how children think and how we, as adults, think about them. Adult preconceptions about the mental life of children tend to discourage a child's philosophical bent, Matthews suggests, and he probes the sources of these limiting assumptions: restrictive notions of maturation and conceptual development; possible lapses in episodic memory; the experience of identity and growth as "successive selves," which separate us from our own childhoods. By exposing the underpinnings of our adult views of childhood, Matthews, a philosopher and longtime advocate of children's rights, clears the way for recognizing the philosophy of childhood as a legitimate field of inquiry. He then conducts us through various influential models for understanding what it is to be a child, from the theory that individual development recapitulates the development of the human species to accounts of moral and cognitive development, including Piaget's revolutionary model. The metaphysics of playdough, the authenticity of children's art, the effects of divorce and intimations of mortality on a child--all have a place in Matthews's rich discussion of the philosophical nature of childhood. His book will prompt us to reconsider the distinctions we make about development and the competencies of mind, and what we lose by denying childhood its full philosophical breadth.

Children s Rights

Author : C. A. Wringe
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Originally published in 1981, this book provides a detailed account of the emergence of the children’s rights movement, and analyses the concept of a right. It considers the justifications which may be sought when rights are claimed. Particular attention is given to the problem which arises when different rights are seen to be in conflict with each other or with other kinds of moral consideration. These arguments are then examined with regard to such special features of children as their incomplete but developing rationality and their material dependence on adults.

The Children s Treasury of Virtues

Author : William John Bennett
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A timeless celebration of the virtues of courage, perseverance, responsibility, faith, honesty, and compassion, this beautifully illustrated single volume combines the wisdom of Bennett's three bestselling children's classics. 375 watercolor illustrations throughout.

Children s Book of Virtues

Author : William J. Bennett
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A collection of stories and poems presented to teach virtues, including compassion, courage, honesty, friendship, and faith.

The Children s Book of Heroes

Author : William J. Bennett
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William Bennett and Michael Hague, the team that brought us the national bestseller The Children's Book of Virtues, have once again collaborated to create The Children's Book of Heroes, a beautifully illustrated celebration of heroic deeds, both real and fictional, that will delight and inspire millions of young children and their parents. "We all need a hero or two to help us stand fast and think right," says William J. Bennett, author of The Book of Virtues, the #1 bestseller that millions of American families turn to for moral inspiration. With excerpts chosen for young children, this new treasury presents splendid tales of the valor and indomitable spirit that are a lasting testament to our cherished values. Jackie Robinson stands fast on the playing field -- and his strength of character inspires a nation. David slays Goliath -- and his faith and bravery give hope to underdogs everywhere. A little boy goes in search of an angel -- and finds one who guards him day and night: his own mother. From Abraham Lincoln and Mother Teresa to warriors on the battlefield, real moms and dads, and even young girls and boys, here are worthy and heroic figures all kids can look up to and emulate. The Children's Book of Heroes is a celebration of the endurance, sacrifice, courage, and compassion that characterize truly heroic deeds.

Children as Philosophers

Author : Joanna Haynes
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This anthology examines Love's Labours Lost from a variety of perspectives and through a wide range of materials. Selections discuss the play in terms of historical context, dating, and sources; character analysis; comic elements and verbal conceits; evidence of authorship; performance analysis; and feminist interpretations. Alongside theater reviews, production photographs, and critical commentary, the volume also includes essays written by practicing theater artists who have worked on the play. An index by name, literary work, and concept rounds out this valuable resource.

Pre Primary Education Philosophy And Practice

Author : G. Pankajam
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The Montessori Difference

Author : Punum Bhatia
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For over thirty years, Dr. Punum Bhatia has diligently studied in great detail and tenacity Maria Montessori's philosophy and methodology. Every account of Dr. Montessori's beliefs, studies, and international journeys was pieced together by Dr. Bhatia and brilliantly woven together in her book, Cultivator of the Human Spirit: Maria Montessori's Journey Revisited. Dr. Punum Bhatia could have stopped and would have still made a powerful difference in keeping the flame of Maria Montessori's vision alive, but Dr. Bhatia was just starting. Her follow-up book, The Montessori Difference: Creating a Children's House, focuses on the intricacies of the daily ins and outs of the Montessori Method as it plays out at Montessori Casa International in Denver, Colorado, where Dr. Bhatia is the Executive Director. The Montessori Difference: Creating a Children's House takes the reader inside the loving walls of the Montessori system. It's a heartwarming and encouraging testimony of how Dr. Maria Montessori's vision from yesteryear has been played out and sustained within the classroom and playground of the present day. Author Punum Bhatia leaves no stone unturned, no question unanswered, and no thought compromised in this beautifully orchestrated insight into the lives of the children of today - the men and women of our future! Come take a walk alongside Dr. Bhatia and the children of Montessori Casa International as they explore, create, and grow in immeasurable ways toward a life filled with joy, curiosity, wonder and success!

Philosophy in Children s Literature

Author : Peter R. Costello
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This book allows philosophers, literary theorists, and education specialists to come together to offer a series of readings on works of children’s literature. Each of their readings is focused on pairing a particular, popular picture book or a chapter book with philosophical texts or themes. The book has three sections—the first, on picturebooks; the second, on chapter books; and the third, on two sets of paired readings of two very popular picturebooks. By means of its three sections, the book sets forth as its goal to show how philosophy can be helpful in reappraising books aimed at children from early childhood on. Particularly in the third section, the book emphasizes how philosophy can help to multiply the type of interpretative stances that are possible when readers listen again to what they thought they knew so well. The kinds of questions this book raises are the following: How are children’s books already anticipating or articulating philosophical problems and discussions? How does children’s literature work by means of philosophical puzzles or language games? What do children’s books reveal about the existential situation the child reader faces? In posing and answering these kinds of questions, the readings within the book thus intersect with recent, developing scholarship in children’s literature studies as well as in the psychology and philosophy of childhood.

The Nature of Children s Well Being

Author : Alexander Bagattini
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This book presents new findings that deal with different facets of the well-being of children and their relevance to the proper treatment of children. The well-being of children is considered against the background of a wide variety of legal, political, medical, educational and familial perspectives. The book addresses diverse issues from a range of disciplinary perspectives using a variety of methods. It has three major sections with the essays in each section loosely organized about a common general theme. The first section focuses on issues concerning the relation between children’s well-being and autonomy or agency. The second section deals with child well-being insofar as the limits of parental authority are concerned. The third section has a more applied orientation and addresses a variety of public policy controversies involving the interpretation of children’s well-being.

Ethical and Philosophical Aspects of Nursing Children and Young People

Author : Gosia M. Brykczynska
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Nurses and healthcare professionals are constantly faced with ethical and philosophical dilemmas when working with children in everyday practice. Ethical and Philosophical Aspects of Nursing Children and Young People is a comprehensive text on the ethics and philosophy behind paediatric nursing that reflects the contemporary issues encountered while working with children and young people. The title provides a philosophical and historical analysis of the subject, looking at a review of sociological and political theories concerning the nature of childhood, and providing a critical analysis of contemporary notions about childhood. It then goes on to look at moral theories and their application to paediatric nursing practice, ethical issues when caring for children of all ages, from infancy to adolescence. It considers issues of disabled children, confidentiality, mental health issues, children's rights, and pain management. With case studies and activities throughout, this book will enable students and newly qualified nurses both to understand philosophical concepts and issues but also to articulate their own reflections and observations on these subjects. Written by children's nurses for children's nurses With contributions from internationally recognised experts in the field Reflective scenarios, further reading, extensive referencing, case studies, guided questions, and resources throughout Includes appendices on the RCPCH Guidelines on Withdrawal of Treatment, the ICN Ethical Code, the Summary of the UNCRC, and the RCPCH Guidelines for the Conduct of Ethical Research

Children s Books and Their Creators

Author : Anita Silvey
File Size : 25.11 MB
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Features autobiographical vignettes by popular children's authors and offers more than eight hundred short articles covering every aspect of children's books, their themes, and their creators

Children s Books on Ancient Greek and Roman Mythology

Author : Antoinette Brazouski
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Format : PDF, ePub
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This reference begins with chapters on the history of children's books on classical mythology in the United States, and then presents an annotated bibliography of appropriate titles for children.

Children Libraries

Author : Virginia A. Walter
File Size : 40.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Suggests learning about childrens' lives and experiences, understanding such emerging trends as homework assistance and parent interaction, and creating tangible outcomes to justify funding proposals.