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Children s Book of Sport

Author : DK
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Know the score with this ultimate guide to the world of sport. Now available in ebook(PDF) format. Children's Book of Sport is your ultimate guide to the diverse world of sport. From the best known to the most obscure, this guide showcases team sports, target sports, as well as track and field. Dynamic photographs bring sports to life, while fact boxes highlight key information from rules and regulations, to tactics and techniques. There are even star profiles and facts and stats on sports you never knew existed. A special section on the Olympic and Paralympic Games, from the early Greek games right up to the present day, makes Children's Book of Sport your must-have guide in the run up to the 2012 London Olympics.

15 Sports Stories

Author : Geeta Menon
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"Sport is an activity though indulged in for pleasure, teaches discipline and tolerance. The book inspires kids to play any game in the spirit of the game"--Provided by publisher.

Oxford Textbook of Children s Sport and Exercise Medicine

Author : Neil Armstrong
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Now consisting of fifty innovative chapters authored by internationally recognised scientists and clinicians, the extensively revised third edition of the Oxford Textbook of Children's Sport and Exercise Medicine is the fundamental reference work on paediatric exercise medicine and sport science. Using a scientific evidence-based approach and new insights into understanding the exercising child and adolescent, this title covers a complex and rapidly evolving field. Designed to inform, challenge and support all involved in the study and treatment of the exercising child and adolescent, the Oxford Textbook of Children's Sport and Exercise Medicine presents complex scientific and medical material in an accessible and understandable manner. With extensive sections on Exercise Science, Exercise Medicine, Sport Science and Sport Medicine, chapters comprehensively cover training, physical activity in relation to health issues, the physiology of the young athlete and injury using the research and practical experience of a renowned author team. Fully illustrated and extensively revised, new topics and fully updated material complement the state-of-the-art approach of previous editions. With an increased focus on molecular exercise physiology, close to 75% of the content found in this edition is new material, reflecting the many advances and developments across this discipline.

Sports in the Lives of Children and Adolescents

Author : Robert S. Griffin
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An investigation of the role of sports in the process of healthy maturation from childhood through adolescence, this invaluable resource helps parents make informed decisions about their children's involvement in sports. Griffin also explains effective parenting techniques for those whose children are involved in athletics. This book is also highly useful and thought-provoking reading for professionals, including educators, coaches, and counselors.

Being a Bad Sport

Author : Joyce Berry
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Children Young People and Sport

Author : Richard L. Light
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This book redresses a pressing need for us to understand the motivations of children and young people in playing sport, what it means to them, and how it fits into their everyday lives. It is research-heavy, with each chapter presenting the results of a different study conducted on children’s and young people’s participation in sport across a diverse range of ages, settings and sports from a humanistic perspective. Well-written and accessible, it captures the texture, nuances and meanings of participation in different sports in Australia, France, Japan and New Zealand in order to situate learning and the nature of children’s experiences within their social and cultural contexts. It provides valuable insights into the subjective nature of children and young people’s participation in sport, and should be read by anyone interested in children’s and youth sport, from academics, undergraduate and postgraduate students to coaches, teachers, parents and youth sport administrators.

Raising Young Athletes

Author : Jim Taylor
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In this book, Dr. Jim Taylor—an internationally recognized authority on sport psychology, child development, and parenting—offers a guiding hand to help parents ensure their children’s sports participation fosters nurturing experiences, encourages positive attitudes, and promotes healthy developments as they move toward adulthood.

How to Coach Children in Sport

Author : Chris Earle
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Child s Play

Author : Michael A. Messner
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Is sport good for kids? When answering this question, both critics and advocates of youth sports tend to fixate on matters of health, whether condemning contact sports for their concussion risk or prescribing athletics as a cure for the childhood obesity epidemic. Child’s Play presents a more nuanced examination of the issue, considering not only the physical impacts of youth athletics, but its psychological and social ramifications as well. The eleven original scholarly essays in this collection provide a probing look into how sports—in community athletic leagues, in schools, and even on television—play a major role in how young people view themselves, shape their identities, and imagine their place in society. Rather than focusing exclusively on self-proclaimed jocks, the book considers how the culture of sports affects a wide variety of children and young people, including those who opt out of athletics. Not only does Child’s Play examine disparities across lines of race, class, and gender, it also offers detailed examinations of how various minority populations, from transgender youth to Muslim immigrant girls, have participated in youth sports. Taken together, these essays offer a wide range of approaches to understanding the sociology of youth sports, including data-driven analyses that examine national trends, as well as ethnographic research that gives a voice to individual kids. Child’s Play thus presents a comprehensive and compelling analysis of how, for better and for worse, the culture of sports is integral to the development of young people—and with them, the future of our society.

A children s book about being a bad sport

Author : Joy Wilt Berry
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Reading about Lennie can help you understand and deal with being a bad sport.

Coaching Children in Sport

Author : Ian Stafford
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Coaching Children in Sport explains why children should not be treated as mini-adults in sport and helps coaches to devise effective ways of working that not only achieve results but also take into account the best interests of the child. Including case studies, practical reflective activities and guides to further reading throughout, this book is an essential text for all courses and training programmes in sports coaching. It is also vital reading for all students, teachers and practitioners working with children in sport, physical education or developmental contexts.

Children and Organised Sport

Author : Kate Alexander
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Much has been written about the benefits to children who participate in sports. Less is known or understood about the potential risks faced by children in these settings. In the build up to the 2012 London Olympics, there is likely to be a large number of children attracted in sports in the UK. New knowledge about the potential harms to children in these settings will help inform sport governing bodies - as well as all those in sport policy and practice - on how to keep children safe in sports. This book draws on extensive research based on the views of more than 6,000 young people across the UK. The survey and follow-up interviews asked young people to reflect on their experiences in sports as children. It reports in detail their positive and negative experiences of sport participation, and it provides information about the range of harms faced by children in these settings. These include disrespectful and bullying treatment, body image issues, issues of self-esteem and self-confidence, physical abuse, and child sexual abuse. (Series: Protecting Children and Young People)

Coaching Children in Sport

Author : Dr Martin Lee
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This book has arisen out of a need for a text which tackles the special issues relating to coaching children (from 6 - 16) in sport. Academics (many with coaching experience) and practitioners have been commissioned to write on their specialist areas.

School Children and Sport in Ireland

Author : Tony Fahey
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Examines children's participation in sport, through physical education (PE) in schools, extra-curricular sport played in school, and sport played outside the school in sports clubs or other organised contexts. This report assesses the impact of a range offactors affecting participation and draws implications for public policy.

Leo Messi

Author : Sport Motivation
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Leo Messi: The children's book is the inspiring true story of football superstar Leo messi . This Fully illustrated picture book from romario, the brazilian player tells the story of a young boy and his loving, single mother and their struggle to make it on their own. With the help of a coach and his family, Messi is introduced to the game of footbal.This simple notebook will make you child focus and motivated to overcome all problem's Life .


Author : Louise Fitzhugh
File Size : 85.57 MB
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Eleven-year-old Sport Rocque is living a happy life, keeping his father?s absentmindedness under control, and managing the family budget. When Kate, Sport?s new?and nice?stepmother enters the picture, things couldn?t be better. Then comes the news: Sport?s wealthy grandfather has just died and Sport is a multimillionaire. But millions of dollars equals millions of problems, as Sport soon discovers when his mother returns and kidnaps him to double her share of the inheritance! Life at the Plaza Hotel is no fun when you?re a prisoner. Will Sport manage to return his life to normal? Praise for Harriet the Spy® and Her Friends Harriet the Spy® “Harriet is . . . wholly relatable whether you’re eleven or several times that age.”— Harriet Spies Again By Louise Fitzhugh and Helen Ericson Winner of the Edgar Award for Best Juvenile Novel “Ericson has perfectly captured the voice and pacing of Fitzhugh’s original novel in a seamless rendering of a fresh, enjoyable story for today’s readers.” —School Library Journal Harriet the Spy, Double Agent By Louise Fitzhugh and Maya Gold “Harriet the Spy is back, and Gold does a credible job of maintaining the special character and her crusty charm.” —Booklist The Long Secret [STAR] “Written with subtlety, compassion, and [Louise Fitzhugh’s] remarkable ability to see inside the minds of children.” —School Library Journal, Starred Sport [STAR] “A worthy successor to Harriet the Spy—and that is high tribute.” —Booklist, Starred

Children and Youth in Sport

Author : Frank L. Smoll
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Conditions of Children s Talent Development in Sport

Author : Jean Côté
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This is a comprehensive study of sport's impact on childhood skill acquisition. The text takes multiple factors into account, including activities in which children participate during their development, and personal and social variables that affect their growth. Authorities in the fields of sport psychology and motor development and learning share their insights in each chapter, guaranteeing a comprehensive exploration of children's talent development through sport. The book is structured around the fourth stage of talent development research, which takes into account not only practice activities, but also the importance of play and the sampling of various sports throughout childhood. This stage considers psychosocial influences as well as training aspects. Chapters cover a variety of topics, such as implicit motor learning, self-efficacy, perfectionism's impact on emerging talent in youth, and the influence of coaches, peers, and family members.

Fields of Play

Author : Noel Dyck
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At a time when people are living into their tenth decade, the longest longitudinal study of human development ever undertaken offers welcome news for old age: our lives evolve in our later years and often become more fulfilling. Reporting on all aspects of male life Triumphs of Experience shares a number of surprising findings.

Joy and Sadness in Children s Sports

Author : Rainer Martens
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