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The City

Author : Robert E. Park
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The City, first published in 1925 and reprinted here in its entirety, is a cross-section of concerns of the Chicago urban school during the period of its most intense activity. Park and Burgess realized that ecological and economic factors were converted into a social organization by the traditions and aspirations of city dwellers. In their efforts to achieve objectivity, these sociologists never lost sight of the values that propel human beings. "It is a classic which remains relevant largely because it poses questions still unresolved."—Choice

The Country and the City

Author : Raymond Williams
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As a brilliant survey of English literature in terms of changing attitudes towards country and city, Williams' highly-acclaimed study reveals the shifting images and associations between these two traditional poles of life throughout the major developmental periods of English culture.

Global City Regions Trends Theory Policy

Author : Allen J. Scott
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There are now more than three hundred city-regions around the world with populations greater than one million. These city-regions are expanding vigorously, and they present many new and deep challenges to researchers and policy-makers in both the more developed and less developed parts of the world. The processes of global economic integration and accelerated urban growth make traditional planning and policy strategies in these regions increasingly inadequate, while more effective approaches remain largely in various stages of hypothesis and experimentation. 'Global City-Regions' represents a multifaceted effort to deal with the many different issues raised by these developments. It seeks at once to define the question of global city-regions and to describe the internal and external dynamics that shape them; it proposes a theorization of global city-regions based on their economic and political responses to intensifying levels of globalization; and it offers a number of policy insights into the severe social problems that confront global city-regions as they come face to face with an economically and politically neoliberal world. At a moment when globalization is increasingly subject to critical scrutiny in many different quarters, this book provides a timely overview of its effects on urban and regional development, one of its most important (but perhaps least understood) corollaries. The book also offers a series of nuanced visions of alternative possible futures.

Oklahoma City

Author : Terry L. Griffith
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Using over 200 images combined with well-documented facts from city directories, newspapers, and first-hand accounts, this book chronicles Oklahoma City's unique history from its beginnings in the early 20th century as Packingtown to the Depression era. Includes bibliographical references (p. [6]).

Daily Life in the Roman City

Author : Gregory S. Aldrete
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Discusses daily life in ancient Rome, examining such topics as housing, clothing, food, childbearing, the economy, leisure times, and religion.

The Ancient Roman City

Author : John E. Stambaugh
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A synthesis of recent work in archaeology and social history, drawing on physical, literary, and documentary sources.

The City

Author : Alan S. Berger
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A Comparative Study of Thirty City state Cultures

Author : Mogens Herman Hansen
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Disability and the City

Author : Professor Rob F Imrie
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People with disabilities are one of the poorest groups in Western societies. In particular, they lack power, education and opportunities. For most disabled people, their daily reality is dependence on a carer, while trying to survive on state welfare payments. The dominant societal stereotype of disability as a pitiful state reinforces the view that people with disabilities are somehow less than human . In taking exception to these, and related, conceptions of disability, this book explores one of the crucial contexts within which the marginal status of disabled people is experienced: the interrelationships between disability, physical access, and the built environment. The author seeks to explore some of the critical processes underpinning the social construction and production of disability as a state of marginalization and oppression in the built environment. These concerns are interwoven with a discussion of the changing role of the state in defining, categorising, and (re)producing states of disablement for people with disabilities. Focusing primarily on the United Kingdom, although with a substantial discussion of disability and access issues in the USA, the book also considers the role of the design professionals, architects, planners, and building control officers, in the construction of specific spaces and places, which, literally, lock people with disabilities out . From the shattered paving stones along the high street, to the absence of induction loops in a civic building, people with disabilities daily negotiate through hostile environments. Using a range of empirical material, the book documents how the environmental planning system in the United Kingdom is attempting to address the inaccessible nature of the built environment for people with disabilities, while discussing how disabled people are contesting the constraints placed upon their mobility. The book draws on a range of ideas from geography, sociology, and environmental planning and reflects the emergent interest in planning schools with equal opportunity issues and planning for minority groups. It will be relevant to final year geography, planning, and architecture courses and postgraduate planning courses.

The City

Author : Allen J. Scott
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Los Angeles has grown from a scattered collection of towns and villages to one of the largest megacities in the world. The editors of THE CITY have assembled a variety of essays examining the built environment and human dynamics of this extraordinary modern city, emphasizing the dramatic changes that have occurred since 1960. 58 illustrations.

The City Cultures Reader

Author : Malcolm Miles
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From Simmel and Burgess, to Zukin, Fainstein and Soja this title presents classic and contemporary writing on the culture of cities. Themes include: culture and technologies; everyday lives; contesting identity; boundaries and transgressions; utopias and dystopias, and possible urban futures.

City and Trauma

Author : Bettina Fraisl
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New York, Sarajevo, Hiroshima, Berlin, Pforzheim, Manchester, Kuta, Riga - Städte wie diese wurden im 20. Jahrhundert Schauplätze von durch Menschen verursachten Katastrophen. Einige dieser Städte gerinnen in der globalen Wahrnehmung gleichsam zu Synonymen von schrecklichen Ereignissen, deren Häufung sich im vergangenen Jahrhundert mit den Möglichkeiten der medialen und literarischen Verbreitung von Stadtbildern und visualisierten/literarisierten Leiderfahrungen verbindet. Die sich in diesem Kontext stellenden Fragen nach konkreten Ausprägungen von traumatischen Erfahrungen im urbanen Raum und der Veränderung von Stadtwahrnehmung durch ein (potentiell) traumatisierendes Ereignis bilden die Ausgangspunkte des Sammelbandes "Stadt und Trauma". Konkret untersucht werden sowohl Veränderungen im Stadtbild, Transformationen von urbanen Gedächtnisorten und Lesarten als auch künstlerische, vor allem literarische Reflexionen solcher Veränderungen.

The Image of the City

Author : Kevin Lynch
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The classic work on the evaluation of city form. What does the city's form actually mean to the people who live there? What can the city planner do to make the city's image more vivid and memorable to the city dweller? To answer these questions, Mr. Lynch, supported by studies of Los Angeles, Boston, and Jersey City, formulates a new criterion--imageability--and shows its potential value as a guide for the building and rebuilding of cities. The wide scope of this study leads to an original and vital method for the evaluation of city form. The architect, the planner, and certainly the city dweller will all want to read this book.

O City of Byzantium

Author : Nicetas Choniates
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One of the most important accounts of the Middle Ages, the history of Niketas Choniates describes the Byzantine Empire from 1118 to 1207. Niketas provides an eyewitness account of the sack of Constantinople by the Fourth Crusade.

The City as Text

Author : James S. Duncan
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Argues that landscapes are not only culturally produced, but they also influence governing ideas of political and religious life.

The Social Stratification of English in New York City

Author : William Labov
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Second edition of William Labov's groundbreaking study, in which he looks back on forty years of achievements in sociolinguistics.

Soft City

Author : David Sim
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In Soft City David Sim, partner and creative director at Gehl, shows how cities with well-designed density can result in a higher quality of life. He presents ideas and graphic examples from around the globe. He draws from his vast design experience to make a case for a dense and diverse built environment at a human scale, which he presents through a series of observations of older and newer places, and a range of simple built phenomena, some traditional and some totally new inventions. Soft City offers inspiration, ideas, and guidance in a highly visual package, for anyone interested in city building. Sim shows how to make any city more efficient, more livable, and better connected to the environment.

Social Justice and the City

Author : David Harvey
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Throughout his distinguished and influential career, David Harvey has defined and redefined the relationship between politics, capitalism, and the social aspects of geographical theory. Laying out Harvey's position that geography could not remain objective in the face of urban poverty and associated ills, Social Justice and the City is perhaps the most widely cited work in the field. Harvey analyzes core issues in city planning and policy--employment and housing location, zoning, transport costs, concentrations of poverty--asking in each case about the relationship between social justice and space. How, for example, do built-in assumptions about planning reinforce existing distributions of income? Rather than leading him to liberal, technocratic solutions, Harvey's line of inquiry pushes him in the direction of a "revolutionary geography," one that transcends the structural limitations of existing approaches to space. Harvey's emphasis on rigorous thought and theoretical innovation gives the volume an enduring appeal. This is a book that raises big questions, and for that reason geographers and other social scientists regularly return to it.

The City in the Islamic World Volume 94 1 94 2

Author : Salma K. Jayyusi
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The purpose of this book, is to draw attention to the sites of life, politics and culture where current and past generations of the Islamic world have made their mark. Unlike many previous volumes dealing with the city in the Islamic world, this one has been specially expanded not only to include snapshots of historical fabric but also to deal with the transformation of this fabric into modern and contemporary urban entities.

Language in the Inner City

Author : William Labov
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Language in the Inner City firmly establishes African American Vernacular English not simply as slang but as a well-formed set of rules of pronunciation and grammar capable of conveying complex logic and reasoning and confirms the Black vernacular as a separate and independent dialect of English.