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The City

Author : Alan S. Berger
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The Social Stratification of English in New York City

Author : William Labov
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Second edition of William Labov's groundbreaking study, in which he looks back on forty years of achievements in sociolinguistics.

Between Boyfriends A Year of Dating in New York City

Author : Kim Gee
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Oklahoma City

Author : Terry L. Griffith
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Using over 200 images combined with well-documented facts from city directories, newspapers, and first-hand accounts, this book chronicles Oklahoma City's unique history from its beginnings in the early 20th century as Packingtown to the Depression era. Includes bibliographical references (p. [6]).

The City Cultures Reader

Author : Malcolm Miles
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From Simmel and Burgess, to Zukin, Fainstein and Soja this title presents classic and contemporary writing on the culture of cities. Themes include: culture and technologies; everyday lives; contesting identity; boundaries and transgressions; utopias and dystopias, and possible urban futures.

The Country and the City

Author : Raymond Williams
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As a brilliant survey of English literature in terms of changing attitudes towards country and city, Williams' highly-acclaimed study reveals the shifting images and associations between these two traditional poles of life throughout the major developmental periods of English culture.

Jersey City Medical Center

Author : Leonard F. Vernon
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The history of healthcare in Jersey City dates back to the early nineteenth century, when the city operated a variety of public facilities for the poor. Jersey City Medical Center was originally located in a part of the city called Paulus Hook and was known as the Jersey City Charity Hospital. The hospital gradually stopped accepting charity patients and, in 1885, dropped the word "charity" from its name. When Mayor Frank Hague began an aggressive building campaign with the help of federal funds, an average city hospital was transformed into a comprehensive medical facility. On October 2, 1936, President Franklin D. Roosevelt laid the cornerstone of Jersey City Medical Center's new building at McGinley Square. Today the medical center is located near Grand Street and Jersey Avenue. Jersey City Medical Center traces the institution's history through its various transformations, ending in 2004, when its remaining two hundred patients were transferred to the new facility. This book is a tribute to the passing of an era.

The Blackwell City Reader

Author : Gary Bridge
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Updated to reflect the most current thinking on urban studies, this new edition of "The Blackwell City Reader" brings together a wide range of essential readings relating to the analysis and experience of cities across the globe. Selections are carefully gathered from a variety of academic disciplines ranging from architecture, sociology, and literature to cultural studies, philosophy, and even psychoanalysis to provide the most diverse perspectives and in-depth coverage of the field. The new edition incorporates major developments in the study of materialities and mobilities, two areas at the heart of many contemporary debates; it also features enhanced coverage on non-Western cities that reflect recent growth trends, especially in Asia, China, and India, making it the most international reader of its kind. "The Blackwell City Reader, Second Edition" combines established and novel readings from a wide range of theoretical perspectives and geographical locales to provide an indispensable source for the most up-to-date thinking on cities of today and tomorrow.

A Companion to the City

Author : Gary Bridge
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A Companion to the City provides the reader with an indispensable and authoritative overview of the key debates, controversies, and questions concerning the city from a variety of theoretical vantage points with an international perspective. Indispensable companion for students of the City. Multidisciplinary approach of interest across several fields. Includes contributions from major scholars in the field.

Foster City

Author : The Foster City Historical Society
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Many of California's cities evolved haphazardly, the natural but disorderly result of an early settlement expanding over time. Foster City, on the other hand, is an example of a community that was carefully envisioned and built according to a master plan. The city was conceived in the 1950s when real estate developer T. Jack Foster and his sons began the arduous task of preparing tidal mudflats on the San Francisco Bay's shore to support a series of roads, housing developments, industrial parks, and a picturesque but functional system of lagoons. Through the years, Foster City has risen from these humble beginnings to become a major Bay Area city, one that is home to 30,000 diverse residents and several important corporations.

Space the City and Social Theory

Author : Fran Tonkiss
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Space, the City and Social Theory offers a clear and critical account of key approaches to cities and urban space within social theory and analysis. It explores the relation of the social and the spatial in the context of critical urban themes: community and anonymity; social difference and spatial divisions; politics and public space; gentrification and urban renewal; gender and sexuality; subjectivity and space; experience and everyday practice in the city. The text adopts an international and interdisciplinary approach, drawing on a range of debates on cities and urban life. It brings together classic perspectives in urban sociology and social theory with the analysis of contemporary urban problems and issues. Rather than viewing the urban simply as a backdrop for more general social processes, the discussion looks at how social and spatial relations shape different versions of the city: as a place of social interaction and of solitude; as a site of difference and segregation; as a space of politics and power; as a landscape of economic and cultural distinction; as a realm of everyday experience and freedom. Similarly, it examines how core social categories - such as class, culture, gender, sexuality and community - are shaped and reproduced in urban contexts. Linking debates in urban studies to wider concerns within social theory and analysis, this accessible text will appeal to undergraduate and postgraduate students in urban sociology, social and cultural geography, urban and cultural studies.

Jersey City 1940 1960

Author : Kenneth French
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Photographer Dan McNulty was a Jersey City resident who spent most of his time working in his family's funeral home. McNulty's photography was a mere sideline, but this fact did not affect the high artistic quality of the images of the city that he produced during the 1940s and '50s. During the two decades of McNulty's work, Jersey City experienced many changes. The powerful political machine of Mayor Frank Hague was brought down after thirty years in 1949 by the reform team of John V. Kenny, and this period also saw the end of the city's success in the railroad industry. In the 1950s, the first large housing projects were constructed in the city; other sweeping developments in this sphere would follow in the 1960s. McNulty documented these changes and others that resulted during this twenty year period through dramatic photographs of vacant railroad terminals, dynamic commercial and residential districts, successful factories and manufacturing plants, and significant WPA projects such as the Jersey City Medical Center and Roosevelt Stadium.

City Worlds

Author : Doreen B. Massey
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Analysing cities through spatial understanding, this book explores how different worlds within the city are brought into close proximity and outlines new ways to address some of the ambiguities of cities: their promise, potential and problems.

The Spaces of the Modern City

Author : Gyan Prakash
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It historicizes the contemporary discussion of urbanism, highlighting the local and global breadth of the city landscape. This interdisciplinary collection examines how the city develops in the interactions of space and imagination. The essays focus on issues such as street design in Vienna, the motion picture industry in Los Angeles, architecture in Marseilles and Algiers, and the kaleidoscopic paradox of post-apartheid Johannesburg. They explore the nature of spatial politics, examining the disparate worlds of eighteenth-century Baghdad, nineteenth-century Morelia. They also show the meaning of everyday spaces to urban life, illuminating issues such as crime in metropolitan London, youth culture in Dakar, "memory projects" in Tokyo, and Bombay cinema.

The Ancient Mesopotamian City

Author : Marc Van De Mieroop
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Urban history starts in ancient Mesopotamia. In this volume Marc Van De Mieroop examines the evolution of the very earliest cities which, for millennia, inspired the rest of the ancient world. The city determined every aspect of Mesopotamian civilization, and the political and social structure, economy, literature, and arts of Mesopotamian culture cannot be understood without acknowledging their urban background. - ;Urban history starts in ancient Mesopotamia: the earliest known cities developed there as the result of long indigenous processes, and, for millennia, the city determined every aspect of Mesopotamian civilization. Marc Van De Mieroop examines urban life in the historical period, investigating urban topography, the role of cities as centres of culture, their political and social structures, economy, literature, and the arts. He draws on material from the entirety of Mesopotamian history, from c. 3000 to 300 BC, and from both Babylonia and Assyria, arguing that the Mesopotamian city can be regarded as a prototype that inspired the rest of the ancient world and shared characteristics with the European cities of antiquity. -

The City as a Terminal

Author : Markus Hesse
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This book examines the interrelationship between logistics development on one hand and urban development and geographical issues, such as land use and location, on the other. It also bridges the gap between recent geographical research into new production systems and (post)modern consumption patterns.Illustrated with international case studies, it argues that modern logistics are fundamentally shaping the function and the character of urban places, particularly since logistics networks are increasingly being established distant and independent from cities.

The City As a Sacred Center

Author : Bardwell L. Smith
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City Images

Author : Mary Ann Caws
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First Published in 1991. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

A Comparative Study of Thirty City state Cultures

Author : Mogens Herman Hansen
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Self Organization and the City

Author : Juval Portugali
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This book integrates the theories of complex self-organizing systems with the rich body of discourse and literature developed in what might be called ‘social theory of cities and urbanism’. It uses techniques from dynamical complexity and synergetics to successfully tackle open social science questions.