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Lost Letters

Author : Lori Roberts
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Ellie Morgan's life isn't going exactly as she planned. She finds herself divorced and working as a teacher in the Midwest when word arrives that a distant relative has died ... and left her everything. Ellie travels to Tennessee to attend to the estate, which includes a large plantation house that has been in the family since the early 1800s. Ellie feels drawn to the attic, where she finds a stack of letters hidden in a hatbox. The letters appear to be from a Civil War soldier by the name of Rafe Collins. Rafe fought on the Confederate side; however, the letters are addressed to Ms. Hattie Townes, whose family stood behind the Union. Ellie can't help but read the one-sided exchange, wondering at the love shared between Rafe and Hattie, despite the division of war. The more immersed Ellie gets, the more she suspects she isn't alone in the grand plantation house. A haunted spirit wanders the halls, and Ellie soon realizes it's the ghost of Rafe Collins. Distressed by his lost love, he lingers in the house, looking for answers. What ever became of Hattie? Why didn't she answer his letters? Ellie decides to try to solve Rafe's mystery-and, in the process, develops feelings for a local man. Perhaps Ellie's broken heart can be mended, and perhaps Rafe can finally find peace in the arms of his beloved.

Civil War Letters of Petroleum V Nasby pseud

Author : David Ross Locke
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Civil War Letters of Major James McDonald Campbell

Author : Edmond Lee Rice
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Civil War Military Letters

Author : Joseph Roswell Hawley
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Wartime Washington

Author : Virginia Jeans Laas
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A fascinating and rare insight into the life and world of Civil War-time Washington from the woman's perspective, this collection of letters is an invaluable perspective on life in the nation's capital during an important period in American history.

We are Sherman s Men

Author : Henry Orendorff
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A War of the People

Author : Jeffrey D. Marshall
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The Civil War left no Vermonters untouched, and few families free from pain. More than 140 letters -- carefully selected from some 9000 in several archives -- convey in personal terms the combat experience of Vermonters throughout the war. Vermont raised seventeen infantry regiments, one cavalry regiment, three batteries of light artillery and three companies of sharpshooters -- nearly 35,000 soldiers in all. As a result of this impressive commitment, Vermont suffered one of the highest rates of military deaths of any Union state. A War of the People covers the war chronologically, with editor Jeffrey D. Marshall providing running commentary on both the war overall, and Vermonters' experiences. Supplemented with maps and photographs, it includes many voices -- from privates to colonels, mothers, wives, and best friends, young and old -- writing about battle narratives, camp life, financial advice, family matters, and much more. An African-American soldier from Hinesburgh, a French-Canadian soldier who enlisted in Milton, and dozens of others record their experiences in unforgettable words. Marshall's battlefront/homefront choice of letters provides a deeper understanding of the social and political dimensions that, although secondary to military concerns, were an integral part of Vermont's war years.

The Civil War Letters 1862 1865 of Private Henry Kauffman

Author : Henry Kauffman
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This collection of letters was written by a young infantryman, Henry Kauffman, during his service in the American Civil war. The letters should appeal to Civil War enthusiasts, mainly because of their style and the personality of the young man who penned them. Although registered as blacksmith in the Company Descriptive Book of the 110th Regiment of the Ohio Infantry, Henry Kauffman insisted upon serving as a front-line infantryman throughout the war. His unit was involved in some of the more intense fighting in the war, particularly in the Shenandoah Valley. He was captured by the Confederates at one point and paroled. He deserted, was caught and returned to duty. Later he was wounded and finally mustered out of a military hospital.

Letters Written During the Civil War 1861 1865

Author : Charles Fessenden Morse
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A Southern Soldier s Letters Home

Author : Samuel Augustus Burney
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My Dear Wife and Children

Author : Nick K. Adams
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What does a father write to his wife and young children when he's gone to war? Does he explain why he left them? How does he answer their constant questions about his return? Which of his experiences does he relate, and which does he pass over? Should he describe his feelings of separation and loneliness? These questions are as relevant today as they were over 150 years ago, when David Brainard Griffin, a corporal in Company F of the 2nd Minnesota Regiment of Volunteers, wrote to those he left behind on the family's Minnesota prairie homestead while he fought to preserve the Union. His letters cover the period from his enlistment at Minnesota's Fort Snelling in September 1861, to his death in Georgia during the Battle of Chickamauga in September 1863. One hundred of them were preserved and passed down in his family. They, along with one from his daughter as she asked the next generation to read her father's words, have been carefully transcribed and annotated by a great-great-grandson, Nick K. Adams, allowing further generations to experience Griffin's answers to these questions. Filled with poignant images of his daily activities, his fears and exhilarations in military conflict, and his thoughts and emotions as the Civil War kept him apart from his family, these letters offer a fascinating insight into the personal experiences of a common soldier in the American Civil War.

The Allen Family of Amherst County Virginia

Author : Charles Wilson Turner
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Six brothers from a single family in Amherst County, Virginia, near Lynchburg, went to war with reluctance, leaving their widowed mother on the family farm. Their letters reveal, with sometimes brutal honesty, the lot that befell the foot soldier in the Civil War.

Letters of a Civil War Surgeon

Author : William Watson
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From September 1862 until May 1865, Major William Watson served as surgeon with the 105th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers, which fought at Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, the Wilderness, and elsewhere. Over the course of three years at war, he wrote 91 letters to his family, in which he describes his own war against death and disease. This well-educated and sensitive young man has left us a variety of impressions of camp life, marches, and battles; of a soldier's matter-of-fact willingness to accept -- though not without grumbling -- the rigors of his lot, of concern with the job at hand and with immediate needs like food and shelter; and of a veteran's indifference to the flag-waving of professional patriots. In spite of his often acute criticisms of the Union's military leadership, Watson never faltered in his belief in the Union cause and the ultimate outcome of the war nor in his dedication to Lincoln's major goals.

Letters Home

Author : Bishop Asbury Cook
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"The news has come that the Rebel Braggs army is whipped and cut to pieces. One whole regiment come over to our side, so I guess Kentucky is sick of fighting against the Union. It is near 12 o'clock and we have been taking up our tents and putting them in line, so we have quite a village. To see the fortifications, forts, and cannons that are planted here is astonishing. There is men enough too. Regiment after Regiment. I am not discontented in the least. I see no hardship but what I can endure for the good of my country..." The 144th Regiment of the New York Volunteer Infantry signed up its first recruit, Bishop Asbury Cook, on August 12, 1862, and Cook remained with the regiment until it mustered out in July, 1865. The letters contained in this volume span Cook's career with the regiment. Letters written by Cook to his wife, Louisa Maria (Alexander) Cook are grouped by month and describe the daily activities and everyday concerns of the average soldier. Each month's section contains a chronology of events for the Civil War nationwide, a chronology of events within the 144th Regiment, and a history of the regiment. Supplemental historical background enhances, and sometimes contrasts with, the contents of Cook's letters.

A Soldier s General

Author : John C. Oeffinger
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During his service in the Confederate army, Major General Lafayette McLaws (1821-1897) served under and alongside such famous officers as Robert E. Lee, Joseph E. Johnston, James Longstreet, and John B. Hood. He played a significant role in some of the most crucial battles of the Civil War, including Harpers Ferry, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, and Gettysburg. Despite this, no biography of McLaws or history of his division has ever been published. A Soldier's General gathers ninety-five letters written by McLaws to his family between 1858 and 1865, making these valuable resources available to a wide audience for the first time. The letters, painstakingly transcribed from McLaws's notoriously poor handwriting, contain a wealth of opinion and information about life and morale in the Confederate army, Civil War-era politics, the Southern press, and the impact of war on the Confederate home front. Among the fascinating threads the letters trace is the story of McLaws's fractured relationship with childhood friend Longstreet, who had McLaws relieved of command in 1863. John Oeffinger's extensive introduction sketches McLaws's life from his beginnings in Augusta, Georgia, through his early experiences in the U.S. Army, his marriage, his Civil War exploits, and his postwar years.

An Uncommon Soldier

Author : Sarah Rosetta Wakeman
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Originally published: Pasadena, Md.: Minerva Center, 1994.

The Civil War Letters of Charles Barber Private 104th New York Volunteer Infantry

Author : Charles Barber
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Charles Barber of Java Village, N.Y., enlisted in Company A, 104th N.Y. Volunteer Infantry, on Oct. 8, 1861, and was discharged from the regiment on Oct. 31, 1864. During his tenure in the 104th, Charles participated in thirteen battles (including 2nd Bull Run, Antietam and Gettysburg), marched over 8,000 miles, and was wounded in the battle of Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia.Charles Barber was an avid writer. While serving with the Union forces, he wrote at least 135 letters home to his family. These letters have been preserved and are the subject of this work. The letters are interspersed with an historical account of the 104th N.Y. Volunteers, prepared by Civil War enthusiast and Town of Java Village Historian, Raymond G. Barber.The "character" (i.e., spelling, punctuation, capitalization) of the original letters has been maintained. Photographs of selected members of the 104th are included. Appendices describe reunions of the 104th, and list members of the regiment who served from Wyoming Co., N.Y. A comprehensive bibliography and an all name and place index complete the work.NOTE: When this work was com- pleted in 1991, it was the only published history of the 104th New York Volunteer Infantry. The authors are not aware of any other publications on this unit since then.

Civil War Letters

Author : Bob Blaisdell
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Wartime letters include correspondence of Union and Confederate sympathizers and soldiers of all ranks. Authentic illustrations accompany insightful missives by Lincoln, Grant, Lee, Whitman, Davis, and many of their contemporaries.

The Civil War Letters of First Lieutenant James B Thomas Adjutant 107th Pennsylvania Volunteers

Author : James Belcombe Thomas
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Infantryman Pettit

Author : Frederick Pettit
File Size : 53.81 MB
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