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Computer Graphic Facial Reconstruction

Author : John G. Clement
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This unique books looks at a cost-efficient, fast and accurate means of facial reconstruction--from segmented, decomposed, or skeletal remains--using computer-graphic and computational means. Computer-Graphic Facial Reconstruction is designed as a valuable resource for those scientists designing new research projects and protocols, as well as a practical handbook of methods and techniques for medico-legal practitioners who actually identify the faceless victims of crime. It looks at a variety of approaches: artificial intelligence using neural networks, case-based reasoning, Baysian belief systems, along with a variety of imaging methods: radiological, CT, MRI and the use of imaging devices. The methods described in this book complement, or may even replace, the less-reliable, more traditional means of securing identification by presumptive means, i.e., recognition of clothing, personal effects and clay reconstruction. - Covers cutting-edge technologies in the context of historical forensic reconstruction methods - Features stellar authors from around the globe - Bridges the areas of computer graphics, animation, and forensic anthropology

Forensic Facial Reconstruction

Author : Caroline Wilkinson
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Forensic Approaches to Death Disaster and Abuse

Author : Marc Oxenham
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During the last 100 years infant mortality rates have improved dramatically, yet even in a developed country such as Australia the physical health of infants varies greatly, despite advances in science and technology. It has now become clear that emotional and physical development is affected by many different variables. Not only must physical development and health support be adequate, but the presence of factors such as good-enough parenting, and the absence of others such as substance abuse and domestic violence, are now becoming better understood. So how best to work with families where infants are at risk? This is the substance of this book: to understand how to achieve improved outcomes for infants growing up in situations of risk, mainly in the area of the parents' mental health, but also in other related psychosocial circumstances that may impair parental functioning. These include migration, substance abuse, and infant hospitalisation. Throughout this book, the authors examine the effects of adverse life circumstances on infant and family and, in most cases, also describe assessments and interventions. Several chapters have been written by people personally affected by mental illness, or mental illness of a family member. This provides in-depth and often poignant understanding of the perspective of those living with the effects of such illnesses, and helps to expand our knowledge and skills to work with at-risk families.

Craniofacial Identification

Author : Caroline Wilkinson
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The promotion of CCTV surveillance and identity cards, along with ever heightened security at airports, immigration control and institutional access, has seen a dramatic increase in the use of automated and manual recognition. In addition, several recent disasters have highlighted the problems and challenges associated with current disaster victim identification. Discussing the latest advances and key research into identification from the face and skull, this book draws together a wide range of elements relating to craniofacial analysis and identification. It examines all aspects of facial identification, including the determination of facial appearance from the skull, comparison of the skull with the face and the verification of living facial images. With sections covering the identification of the dead and of the living, it provides a valuable review of the current state of play along with the latest research advances in this constantly evolving field.

Facial Geometry

Author : Robert M. George
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Forensic art may be defined as 'portrait art minus a tangible subject.' The main objective of this book is to present a series of practical indices interrelating the key features of the human face that will provide a foundation for any exercise in forensic art from composite sketch to post-mortem 're-facing.' These indices are illustrated with a survey of the numerous and often surprising geometric forms that permeate facial design. The various triangles and rectangles, rhomboids and trapezoids, parallelograms and circles that define the human face (the theme) and give it individuality (variations on the theme) are examined. The chapters provide necessary information to define the cephalometric points, planes, areas and lines that demarcate the human face, including the detailed surface anatomy of the eye, nose, mouth and ear. The underlying geometry of the human facial plan is revealed, illustrating a selection of triangles, rectangles, and other polygons. The graphic facial analysis (GFA) of the frontal face is covered, with sixteen indices and triangles defining and illustrating their means and ranges of variation. The GFA details the lateral face by means of eight angles and indices with special attention given to the nose and ear. With 45 illustrations and two tables in this clear and comprehensive text, this book leaves little to the imagination and is truly a unique treatise and source of information.

3 D Imaging Technologies in Facial Plastic Surgery An Issue of Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics E Book

Author : John Pallanch
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A global pool of surgeons and researchers using 3-dimensional imaging for facial plastic surgery present topics on: Image fusion in pre-operative planning; The use of 3D imaging tools including stereolithographic modeling and intraoperative navigation for maxillo-mandibular and complex orbital reconstruction; Custom-made, three-dimensional, intraoperative surgical guides for nasal reconstruction; The benefits and limits of using an integrated 3D virtual approach for maxillofacial surgery; 3D volume assessment techniques and computer-aided design and manufacturing for pre-operative fabrication of implants in head and neck reconstruction; A comparison of different new 3D imaging technologies in facial plastic surgery; 3-D photography in the objective analysis of volume augmentation including fat augmentation and dermal fillers; Assessment of different rhinoplasty techniques by overlay of before and after 3D images; 3D volumetric analysis of combined facial lifting and volumizing (volume enhancement); 3-D facial measurements and perceptions of attractiveness; Teaching 3-D sculpting to Facial Plastic Surgeons, 3-D insights on aesthetics; Creation of the virtual patient for the study of facial morphology; 3-dimensional video analysis of facial movement; 3D modeling of the behavior of facial soft tissues for understanding facial plastic surgery interventions.

Approaching Facial Difference

Author : Patricia Skinner
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What is a face and how does it relate to personhood? Approaching Facial Difference: Past and Present offers an interdisciplinary exploration of the many ways in which faces have been represented in the past and present, focusing on the issue of facial difference and disfigurement read in the light of shifting ideas of beauty and ugliness. Faces are central to all human social interactions, yet their study has been much overlooked by disability scholars and historians of medicine alike. By examining the main linguistic, visual and material approaches to the face from antiquity to contemporary times, contributors place facial diversity at the heart of our historical and cultural narratives. This cutting-edge collection of essays will be an invaluable resource for humanities scholars working across history, literature and visual culture, as well as modern practitioners in education and psychology.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Forensics 2E

Author : Alan Axelrod, PhD
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Get a clue about the most vital components of criminal investigation. This new edition offers the most up-do-date scientific investigation methods used by today's law enforcement agencies, including criminal profiling, lie detector technology, and DNA analyses, with an emphasis on forensic pathology, anthropology, and psychology. -Guy Antinozzi is a veteran police officer and detective who teaches in the field -Focuses on the use of forensics in criminal investigations instead of academic and theoretical criminology

Computer Graphics

Author :
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Advances in Visual Computing

Author : George Bebis
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The two volume set LNCS 5875 and LNCS 5876 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Visual Computing, ISVC 2009, held in Las Vegas, NV, USA, in November/December 2009. The 97 revised full papers and 63 poster papers presented together with 40 full and 15 poster papers of 7 special tracks were carefully reviewed and selected from more than 320 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on computer graphics; visualization; feature extraction and matching; medical imaging; motion; virtual reality; face processing; reconstruction; detection and tracking; applications; and video analysis and event recognition. The 7 additional special tracks address issues such as object recognition; visual computing for robotics; computational bioimaging; 3D mapping, modeling and surface reconstruction; deformable models: theory and applications; visualization enhanced data analysis for health applications; and optimization for vision, graphics and medical imaging: theory and applications.

Advances in Biometric Person Authentication

Author : Stan Z. Li
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 5th Chinese Conference on Biometric Recognition, SINOBIOMETRICS 2004, held in Guanzhou, China in December 2004. The 60 revised full papers presented together with 14 invited papers by internationally leading researchers were carefully reviewed and selected from 140 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on biometrics, best performing biometric engines, face localization, pose estimation, face recognition, 3D based methods, subspace and discriminant analysis, systems and applications, fingerprint preprocessing and minutiae extraction, fingerprint recognition and matching, fingerprint classificaiton, iris recognition, speaker recognition, and other biometric primitives.

Advances in Machine Vision Image Processing and Pattern Analysis

Author : Nanning Zheng
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This book collects the proceedings of the International Workshop on Intelligent Computing in Pattern Analysis/Synthesis, IWICPAS 2006, held in Xi'an, China alongside the 18th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, ICPR 2006. The book presents 51 revised full papers and 128 revised poster papers, organized in topical sections on object detection, tracking and recognition, pattern representation and modeling, visual pattern modeling, image processing, compression and coding and texture analysis/synthesis.

Principles of Facial Reconstruction

Author : Wayne F. Larrabee
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Intelligent Systems and Automation

Author : Hichem Arioui
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Annaba, Algeria, 30 June - 2 July 2008

Computer Vision Graphics and Image Processing

Author : Prem Kalra
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Indian Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing, ICVGIP 2006, held in Madurai, India, December 2006. Coverage in this volume includes image restoration and super-resolution, image filtering, visualization, tracking and surveillance, face-, gesture-, and object-recognition, compression, content based image retrieval, stereo/camera calibration, and biometrics.

Advances in Forensic Sciences

Author : Kurt W. Alt
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Scientific Evidence

Author : Paul C. Giannelli
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A Modern Approach to Intelligent Animation

Author : Yueting Zhuang
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This book discusses the concepts, theory, and core technologies of intelligent theory and human animation, including video based human animation and intelligent technology of motion data management and reusing. It introduces systems developed to demonstrate the technologies of video based animation. Lively pictures and demos throughout the text help make the theory and technologies more accessible to readers.

Computational Science and Its Applications ICCSA 2003

Author : ICCSA
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The three-volume set, LNCS 2667, LNCS 2668, and LNCS 2669, constitutes the refereed proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications, ICCSA 2003, held in Montreal, Canada, in May 2003. The three volumes present more than 300 papers and span the whole range of computational science from foundational issues in computer science and mathematics to advanced applications in virtually all sciences making use of computational techniques. The proceedings give a unique account of recent results in computational science.

Images and Artefacts of the Ancient World

Author : British Academy
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Scientific and technical leaps forward in recent years have introduced a new dimension into the study of objects from the ancient world. In 2000 a discussion meeting was held at the Royal Society in London with the aim of debating the potential of this image enhancement' among archaeologists, historians and scientists.