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Computer Programming and Numerical Analysis Revised Edition with C A Integrated Approach

Author : N. Datta
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The availability of high-speed digital computers has led to the widespread study of computer programming and numerical analysis in Indian universities and technological institutes. This book presents the theory and applications of numerical methods for the solution of various types of computational problems in science and engineering.

Numerical Methods and Computer Programming

Author : Anju Khandelwal
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Numerical methods are powerful problem-solving tools. Techniques of these methods are capable of handling large systems of equations, nonlinearities and complicated geometries in engineering practice which are impossible to be solved analytically. Numerical methods can solve the real world problem using the C program given in this book. This well-written text explores the basic concepts of numerical methods and gives computational algorithms, flow charts and programs for solving nonlinear algebraic equations, linear equations, curve fitting, integration, differentiation and differential equations. The book is intended for students of B.E. and B.Tech as well as for students of B.Sc. (Mathematics and Physics). KEY FEATURES  Gives clear and precise exposition of modern numerical methods.  Provides mathematical derivation for each method to build the student’s understanding of numerical analysis.  Presents C programs for each method to help students to implement the method in a programming language.  Includes several solved examples to illustrate the concepts.  Contains exercises with answers for practice.

C Programming and Numerical Analysis

Author : Seiichi Nomura
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This book is aimed at those in engineering/scientific fields who have never learned programming before but are eager to master the C language quickly so as to immediately apply it to problem solving in numerical analysis. The book skips unnecessary formality but explains all the important aspects of C essential for numerical analysis. Topics covered in numerical analysis include single and simultaneous equations, differential equations, numerical integration, and simulations by random numbers. In the Appendices, quick tutorials for gnuplot, Octave/MATLAB, and FORTRAN for C users are provided.


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Today, C++ is gaining prominence as a programming language and is emerging as a preferred choice of programmers because of its many attractive features and its user-friendly nature. And this text, intended for undergraduate students of engineering as well as for students of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, shows how numerical methods can be applied in solving engineering problems using C++. The text, while emphasizing the application aspects, also provides deep insight into the development of numerical algorithms. KEY FEATURES • Gives detailed step-by-step description of numerical algorithms and demonstrates their implementation. Each method is illustrated with solved examples. • Provides C++ programs on many numerical algorithms. Elementary problems from various branches of science and engineering are solved. • Contains 79 programs written in C++. • Provides about 200 solved examples which illustrate the concepts. • The Exercise problems, with various categories like Quiz, Analytical and Numerical Problems and Software Development Projects, drill the students in self-study. • The accompanying CD-ROM contains all the programs given in the book. Students as well as programmers should find this text immensely useful for its numerous student-friendly features coupled with the elegant exposition of concepts and the clear emphasis on applications.

C Language And Numerical Methods

Author : C. Xavier
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C Language Is The Popular Tool Used To Write Programs For Numerical Methods. Because Of The Importance Of Numerical Methods In Scientific Industrial And Social Research.C Language And Numerical Methods Is Taught Almost In All Graduate And Postgraduate Programs Of Engineering As Well As Science. In This Book, The Structures Of C Language Which Are Essential To Develop Numerical Methods Programs Are First Introduced In Chapters 1 To 7. These Concepts Are Explained With Appropriate Examples In A Simple Style. The Rest Of The Book Is Devoted For Numerical Methods. In Each Of The Topic On Numerical Methods, The Subject Is Presented In Four Steps, Namely, Theory, Numerical Examples And Solved Problems, Algorithms And Complete C Program With Computer Output Sheets. In Each Of These Chapters, A Number Of Solved Problems And Review Questions Are Given As A Drill Work On The Subject. In Appendix The Answers To Some Of The Review Questions Are Given.


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This book is a concise presentation of the basic concepts used in evolving numerical methods with special emphasis on developing computational algorithms for solving problems in algebra and calculus on a computer. It is written for undergraduate science and engineering students who have taken a first course in differential and integral calculus. The approach is to ensure conceptual understanding of the numerical methods by relying on students geometric intuition. The book provides coverage of iterative methods for solving algebraic and transcendental equations, direct and iterative methods of solving simultaneous algebraic equations, numerical methods for differen-tiation and integration, and solution of ordinary differential equations with initial conditions. The formulation of algorithms is illustrated with a number of solved examples and an algorithmic language based on English (and similar to PASCAL) is used to express the logic of the numerical procedures. This approach is thus different from that used in most books which either use a programming language like FORTRAN or use flow charts to express algorithms. The solutions to selected problems have been provided at the end of the book.


Author : RAJARAMAN, V.
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This book is a concise and lucid introduction to computer oriented numerical methods with well-chosen graphical illustrations that give an insight into the mechanism of various methods. The book develops computational algorithms for solving non-linear algebraic equation, sets of linear equations, curve-fitting, integration, differentiation, and solving ordinary differential equations. OUTSTANDING FEATURES • Elementary presentation of numerical methods using computers for solving a variety of problems for students who have only basic level knowledge of mathematics. • Geometrical illustrations used to explain how numerical algorithms are evolved. • Emphasis on implementation of numerical algorithm on computers. • Detailed discussion of IEEE standard for representing floating point numbers. • Algorithms derived and presented using a simple English based structured language. • Truncation and rounding errors in numerical calculations explained. • Each chapter starts with learning goals and all methods illustrated with numerical examples. • Appendix gives pointers to open source libraries for numerical computation.


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Primarily intended for the B.E./B.Tech., MCA courses as also for undergraduate courses in Physics and Mathematics, this comprehensive and well-written text covers all the important topics in numerical methods. In the process, it enhances the skill of students in applying numerical methods for solving various problems in Engineering and Science. In this easy-to-read and student-friendly text, the authors present the material in such a way that students can understand and assimilate the basic concepts quickly. Each method is well explained with worked-out examples and self-learning Exercises at the end of each section. While the emphasis of the text is mainly on the working rules, at the same time, it explains the mathematical concepts and applications, wherever necessary. The programs are written in C++ to help the students understand the procedures in an effective manner and to solve more difficult problems. Self-documented programs are given for most of the methods discussed.

Numerical Methods with C Programming

Author : NITA H. SHAH
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The rapid development of high speed digital computers and the increasing desire for numerical answers to applied problems have led to increased demands in the courses dealing with the methods and techniques of numerical analysis. Numerical methods have always been useful but their role in the present-day scientific research has become prominent. For example, they enable one to find the roots of transcendental equations and in solving nonlinear differential equations. Indeed, they give the solution when ordinary analytical methods fail. This well-organized and comprehensive text aims at enhancing and strengthening numerical methods concepts among students using C++ programming, a fast emerging preferred programming language among software developers. The book provides an synthesis of both theory and practice. It focuses on the core areas of numerical analysis including algebraic equations, interpolation, boundary value problem, and matrix eigenvalue problems. The mathematical concepts are supported by a number of solved examples. Extensive self-review exercises and answers are provided at the end of each chapter to help students review and reinforce the key concepts. KEY FEATURES : C++ programs are provided for all numerical methods discussed. More than 400 unsolved problems and 200 solved problems are included to help students test their grasp of the subject. The book is intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Mathematics, Engineering and Statistics. Besides, students pursuing BCA and MCA and having Numerical Methods with C++ Programming as a subject in their course will benefit from this book.

Data Processing Management in the Federal Government

Author : United States. Congress. House. Government Operations
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Programming in C and Numerical Analysis

Author : J.B. Dixit
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Numerical Method and Programming WBUT 2nd Edition

Author : Bikas Chandra Bhui & Dipak Chatterjee
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Numerical Methods and Programming has been written for engineering students of all streams, and can also be used profitably by all degree students. Theories have been discussed comprehensively, with numerous solved problems to help students understand subsequent techniques. The C programs in the book will be of immense help to the students in solving complex problems. The authors’ long experiences of teaching various grades of students have played an instrumental role towards this end. Key Features • Brief but sufficient discussion of theory • Lucid presentation of theoretical concepts • Simple and easy-to-understand language • Solutions for a large number of technical problems • Examination-oriented approach • Several multiple choice questions with answers • Latest and previous years’ university question papers

Numerical Methods

Author : Babu Ram
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Numerical Methods is a mathematical tool used by engineers and mathematicians to do scientific calculations. It is used to find solutions to applied problems where ordinary analytical methods fail. This book is intended to serve for the needs of courses in Numerical Methods at the Bachelors' and Masters' levels at various universities.


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This concise introduction to Numerical Methods blends the traditional algebraic approach with the computer-based approach, with special emphasis on evolving algorithms which have been directly transformed into programs in C++. Each numerical method used for solving nonlinear algebraic equations, simultaneous linear equations, differentiation, integration, ordinary differential equations, curve-fitting, etc. is accompanied by an algorithm and the corresponding computer program. All computer programs have been test run on Linux ‘Ubuntu C++’ as well as Window-based ‘Dev C++’, Visual C++ and ‘Turbo C++’ compiler systems. Since different types of C++ compilers are in use today, instructions have been given with each computer program to run it on any kind of compiler. To this effect, an introductory chapter on C++ compilers has been added for ready reference by the students and teachers. Another major feature of the book is the coverage of the practicals prescribed for laboratory work in Numerical Analysis. Each chapter has a large number of laboratory tested programming examples and exercises including questions from previous years’ examinations. This textbook is intended for the undergraduate science students pursuing courses in BSc (Hons.) Physics, BSc (Hons.) Electronics and BSc (Hons.) Mathematics. It is also suitable for courses on Numerical Analysis prescribed for the engineering students of all disciplines.

Data Processing Management in the Federal Government

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Government Operations. Government Activities Subcommittee
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Examines Bureau of Budget, GSA, and National Bureau of Standards electronic data processing systems management programs. Appendix includes report of the President's Science Advisory Committee "Computers in Higher Education" (Feb. 1967, p. 255-337).

Numerical Methods in Computer Programming

Author : Myron R. Rosenthal
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Numerical Analysis

Author : Vachharajani Vinay
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Description:This book is Designed to serve as a text book for the undergraduate as well as post graduate students of Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science.COVERAGE:Concept of numbers and their accuracy, binary and decimal number system, limitations of floating point representation.Concept of error and their types, propagation of errors through process graph.Iterative methods for finding the roots of algebraic and transcendental equations with their convergence, methods to solve the set of non-linear equations, methods to obtain complex roots.Concept of matrices, the direct and iterative methods to solve a system of linear algebraic equations.Finite differences, interpolation and extrapolation methods, cubic spline, concept of curve fitting.Differentiation and integration methods.Solution of ordinary and partial differential equations SALIENT FEATURES:Chapters include objectives, learning outcomes, multiple choice questions, exercises for practice and solutions.Programs are written in C Language for Numerical methods.Topics are explained with suitable examples.Arrangement (Logical order), clarity, detailed presentation and explanation of each topic with numerous solved and unsolved examples.Concise but lucid and student friendly presentation for derivation of formulas used in various numerical methods. Table Of Contents:Computer ArithmeticError Analysis Solution of Algebraic and Transcendental Equations Solution of System of Linear Equations and Eigen value Problems Finite Differences Interpolation Curve Fitting and Approximation Numerical Differentiation Numerical Integration Difference Equations Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations Appendix - I Case Studies / Applications Appendix - II Synthetic Division Bibliography Index

Numerical Methods With Programs In C

Author : Veerarajan & Ramachandran
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Numerical Methods

Author : Don Morgan
File Size : 71.19 MB
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