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Confessions of a Former Bully

Author : Trudy Ludwig
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After Katie gets caught teasing a schoolmate, she's told to meet with Mrs. Petrowski, the school counselor, so she can make right her wrong and learn to be a better friend. Bothered at first, it doesn't take long before Katie realizes that bullying has hurt not only the people around her, but her, too. Told from the unusual point of view of the bullier rather than the bullied, Confessions of a Former Bully provides kids with real life tools they can use to identify and stop relational aggression.

School Library Journal

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Confessions of a Former Bill Collector

Author : Martha Godman
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Are you in debt and troubled by third-party bill collectors? Would you like to learn some effective techniques to help rid your life of this harassment?Confessions of a Former Bill Collector is a concise handbook for matching wits with third-party collection agents and effectively dealing with debt. A former bill collector, skip-tracer and legal coordinator for a number of third-party collection agencies, Martha Godman unlocks the secrets of bill collecting. By understanding how collection agencies work, the tricks bill collectors and skip-tracers use to find out your most private information, and the psychological tactics they use to bully debtors into paying off debt, you will be able to deal confidently with collection agencies and safeguard your rights as a debtor. Godman also provides basic strategies to handle debt: from negotiating with bill collectors and other methods of paying off unruly debt, like buying time and raising funds; to identifying if you may have a problem preventing debt and the resources that can help you better control you finances.It's not a crime to be in debt, but it is a crime when debtors rights are compromised by a collection agency Confessions of a Bill Collector is the first step to personal and financial freedom.

Remembering School

Author : Erica Southgate
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What do people remember about their school experience? What do the memories of generations of ex-students have in common? What do these memories tell us about the power relations and emotions produced by the institution of school? What effect does school have on the formation of the «self»? Remembering School uses a unique theoretical and methodological framework constructed from the theories of Michel Foucault and post-structural feminism to explore the collective memory of school. This book draws on a wide range of stories to explore memories of punishment, bullying, gender and race relations, and pleasure. Erica Southgate uses a clear, often witty, writing style to provide a provocative account of the enduring power relations of schooling and their lasting impact on people.

Police Interrogation and Confessions

Author : Yale Kamisar
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From Loser to Hero

Author : Andrew Preshovus, Ph.d.
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Who will benefit from reading this book Have you ever felt like everything goes wrong in your life no matter what you do? Were you disappointed with yourself because of what you should have done and did not? Has fear stopped you from taking action? Are you escaping the ugly real world into computer games or fantasy books? Do you feel like your parents and your closest family treat you like a junk and no matter how hard you try, it is not good enough for them? Have you been bullied, but were afraid or felt powerless to fight back? Have you ever lost meaning of life or were so desperate that you have been thinking even about committing a suicide? You would like to live meaningful life, but you can't find courage to act? Do you lack discipline and determination to live successfully?If you are looking for inspiration and guide that will get you out of your comfort zone, this book is the right for you. Learn how to use your “negative” emotions like fear, hatred, self-pity, disgust, powerlessness to your benefit.From loser to hero was written to inspire and guide people to let go of their inner fears or to make agreement with their fears and live to their fullest potential. It was written to make the transformation process to successful adult easier and less painful.

Confessions of a Jewish Wagnerite

Author : Lawrence Mass
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The Bully Culture

Author : Robert C. Solomon
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The Great Confession

Author : Vardis Fisher
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Theodore Tilton Vs Henry Ward Beecher

Author : Theodore Tilton
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From Self to Sources

Author : Lee E. Brandon
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This resource provides instructors with answers to questions in the student text, plus marginal teaching tips. Also, the Instructor's Guide featured as part of the IAE includes syllabi, writing strategies, suggestions for evaluating papers, and quizzes for both professional reading selections and handbook material.

Confessions of William James Chidley

Author : W. J. Chidley
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Confessions of a Baby Boomer

Author : Myron J. Kukla
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Confessions of a Struggling Christian

Author : Jim Toombs
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Articles on Witchcraft Magic and Demonology Witchcraft in colonial America

Author : Brian P. Levack
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The Confessions of a Private

Author : Frank Gray
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The Third Degree

Author : Zechariah Chafee (Jr.)
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This report focuses on the extent to which the third degree had become a normal procedure of law enforcement agencies. Discussions include how the use of the third degree frequently fell on those within the disadvantaged groups such as Negroes, the poor and the uninfluential.

The Bully of Bentonville

Author : Anthony Bianco
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Exposes the secretive, zealous, small-town mentality that rules Wal-Mart; the costs of their aggressive expansion and pricing policies; and the repercussions of their "everyday low prices" for workers, suppliers, competitors, and consumers.

Desire and Delight

Author : Margaret Ruth Miles
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"Augustine's Confessions is one of the most powerfully evocative autobiographies of the Christian West. It recounts the complex experiences through which this formative theologian came to renounce the compulsive sexual practice of his youth, reinvesting his attention and affection in a disciplined spirituality. The Confessions is explicitly about desire, longing, passion - physical and spiritual - constantly both, and both most evidently when Augustine most intended to distinguish spiritual from physical. It is an erotic text, preoccupied with bodies, pleasures, and pains. It narrates Augustine's desperate attempt to get, and to keep, the greatest degree of pleasure. Even his conversion to Catholic Christianity is narrated as a seduction to continence, and the model of spirituality he articulated relied intimately and profoundly on his sexual experience." "Desire and Delight explores the erotics of asceticism as described by Augustine, noticing the gendered foundation of his model of spiritual aspiration. Going beyond the tormented, self-conscious Augustine of conventional interpretations, one discovers in this book a man impelled by the eros that defines human beings as such: the pursuit up the scale of pleasures to the ultimate Pleasure. The pursuit is analyzed here in text, context, and subtext, with such intellectual and emotional engagement that the Confessions becomes a "text of pleasure.""--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved