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Content Cultures

Author : Simon Popple
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When user-generated content emerged as a central facet of the BBC's digital presence, it seemed to engage directly with the public service remit in a modern and multi platform way. This text examines this key moment of digital affluence and creativity as the BBC embraced user-generated content across the news, civic and creative spheres. Based on original research, the book explores the resources generated using UGC, from Blast to Adventure Rock, from the BBC Hub to Newsround and The Archers message boards. Whether UGC referred to citizen journalism, oral and digital storytelling, civic, political or creative engagement of young people, disseminating stories from local communities, or reflecting on historical moments, it appeared to promote and transform longstanding BBC agendas into and within a digital era. This book also presents the lessons we need to carry forward as the digital and new media landscape evolves, and as the BBC continues to shape this terrain.

Journal of the National Cancer Institute

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Why Culture Matters Most

Author : David C. Rose
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The key to achieving mass flourishing is culture - not genes, geography, institutions, or policies. In this thought-provoking book, David C. Rose argues that societal success depends on overcoming the challenge posed by rational self-interest undermining the common good. General prosperity requires large group cooperation, which requires trust, and yet as societies grow larger it becomes more difficult to sustain a high trust society. Culture uniquely addresses this problem by aligning individual interests with the common good, thereby addressing the empathy problem and the greater good rationalization problem. Culturally transmitted moral beliefs can sustain large group trust are akin to commonly owned asset by members of society and like any commons are subject to problems of abuse and neglect. These problems are apparent in all societies, and Rose highlights a dilemma: while human flourishing requires the general prosperity that comes from a free market system and it requires freedom that depends upon democratic institutions, there is a danger of redistributive and regulatory favoritism that undermines trust in the system generally. This can lead to political tribalism that is shown to reduce trust in the democratic system. This tension has implications for social, political, and economic development. Cultural beliefs - specifically moral beliefs - are more important than cultural practices or institutions for building a high trust society because when trust producing moral beliefs are well ensconced, trust producing institutions and practices naturally follow. Culture also matters instrumentally because childhood instruction, a hallmark of culture, helps overcome the irrationality of adult individuals choosing to have moral beliefs that they know will limit their ability to promote their own welfare at the expense of the common good in the future. The analysis has surprising implications for the family, religion, government, and the stability of western free market democracies.

Folic Acid Content of Foods

Author : Edward William Toepfer
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Leveled Texts for Differentiated Content Area Literacy World Cultures Through Time Kit

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Differentiate content, process, and product and promote content-area literacy with this dynamic kit about world cultures through time. This kit provides leveled informational texts featuring key historical themes and topics embedded within targeted literacy instruction. Teachers can assess comprehension of informational text using the included Culminating Activity. Additionally, teachers can use multimedia activities to engage students and extend learning. The 60 colorful Leveled Text Cards in this kit are written at four distinct reading levels, each card featuring subtle symbols that denote differentiated reading levels, making differentiation strategies easy to implement. Leveled Texts for Differentiated Content-Area Literacy: World Cultures Through Time Complete Kit includes: Leveled Text Cards; digital resources; Lessons; a Culminating Activity; Tiered Graphic Organizers; Assessment Tools; and audio recordings (of thematic raps and leveled texts).

Cultures of Memory in Football Fanzines A Content Analysis

Author : Christoph Wagner
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The increasing insecurity in the English society is countered by a resurgence of nostalgia and remembering the old times. This phenomenon can be found in football, too, but it differs from the need for nostalgia that is visible in society. High Street shops like Past Times are hugely successful in selling commodities that remember the English Commonwealth with goods from the countries that once belonged to it. Also, this becomes visible by the many replica items of daily life that are designed in a retro style but contain modern technology such as radios, watches, alarm clocks and furniture. Football fans can purchase replica shirts of their favourite club from the seventies and even earlier.In the field of football, the introduction of the Premier League in England has changed the face of football massively. After the Heysel and Hillsborough disasters football fans got active themselves and started to publish football fanzines. In these outlets they mostly opposed the view that every football fan is a hooligan. They also used football fanzines as a platform to remember their heroes and glories of eras long gone. For this reason cultures of memory did become a part of football fanzines and did so very vivid.

Resources in Education

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The Content of Culture constants and Variants

Author : Ralph Bolton
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Cultural Barriers to the Success of Foreign Media Content

Author : Ulrike Rohn
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What media content attracts audiences across cultures and what does not? What does the cross-cultural audience demand depend on? The author takes a new approach to understanding cultural barriers to the success of foreign media content by analyzing the entry strategies of Time Warner, Disney, Viacom, News Corporation, and Bertelsmann with regard to China, India, and Japan in terms of their respective localization efforts. In-depth interviews with companies' representatives give an insight into how they view the need for locally-produced media in these countries. The author develops and employs the Lacuna and Universal Model that provides a new theoretical classification of reasons for the cross-cultural success and failure of media content, as well as the Vertical Barrier Chain that locates cultural barriers in the wider context of legal, political, and economic barriers to successful entry into foreign media markets.

Cross Cultural Content Analysis of Advertising from the United States and India

Author : Niaz Ahmed
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This cross-cultural content analysis (which merged traditional content analysis method with semiotic concepts) compared advertising in the United States (a highly individualistic and low-context culture) and India (a highly collectivist and high-context culture). The study examined the characteristics, differences and similarities in advertising strategies and expressions. A stratified random sample of advertisements for consumer products was selected from nationally circulated news magazines and business magazines of each country between January 1993 and December 1994 (Time and Business Week from the United States; India Today and Business India from India). This study found that there were significant differences in the way the two cultures produced advertising messages and that differential cultural values were reflected in their advertising expressions. The findings revealed that the U.S. advertisements utilized direct rhetorical styles, individualistic visual stances, sexual portrayals of women and comparative approaches more often than their Indian counterparts. The Indian ads utilized indirect rhetorical styles, collective visual stances and stereotypical portrayals of women more frequently than did the U.S. ads. The evidence of specific cross-cultural differences suggests that perhaps the proponents of "standardization of international advertising" have promoted an oversimplification. This cross-cultural study suggests that caution should be exercised when considering standardization in advertising and other forms of promotional communication between divergent cultures. Click here to preview the first 25 pages in Acrobat PDF format.

Bibliography of Agriculture

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The Cultural Content of Education

Author : Unesco
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Purification and Identification of Ribosome Inactivating Proteins from Plant Cell Cultures of Trichosanthes Kirilowii

Author : John Elvan Thorup
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Development of an Adipose Cell Culture System

Author : Jan Edward Novakofski
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Evaluating the Cultural Content of Foreign Language Textbooks

Author : Karin B. Gleisner
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Role of Plant Tissue Culture in Biodiversity Conservation and Economic Development

Author : S. K. Nandi
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Contributed articles presented at the National Symposium on the "Role of Plant Tissue Culture in Bio-diversity Conservation and Economic Development" held in G.B. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment & Development, Kosi Katarmal, Almora from 7-9 June 1999.

Experiment in Determining Cultural Content

Author : Howard Lee Nostrand
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Building Bridges Across Cultures

Author : Nobleza C. Asuncion-Landé
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The Influence of the Tannin Content of the Host Plant on Endothia Parasitica and Related Species

Author : Melville Thurston Cook
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Cultures of human rights

Author : Jean-Paul Révauger
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Les droits de l'homme sont ils universels ? La réponse est contenue dans la question, car, si l'égalité des hommes n'est pas reconnue, leurs droits n'ont aucun fondement. Ce raisonnement presque tautologique est à la fois pertinent et mis en cause par une étude comparative de la question dans plusieurs pays européens. La Grande-Bretagne, la France, le monde arabo-musulman et la Turquie, à la fois " autre ", voisine et semblable, abordent la question des droits de l'homme de façon différente, à fois sur le plan théorique et pratique. L'inclusion des droits sociaux dans le périmètre des droits de l'homme est un point litigieux entre démarches britannique et française depuis les années de l'après guerre. L'extension indéfinie des droits de l'homme à l'ensemble des droits est un problème distinct. Loin de représenter une avancée, elle semble dans certains cas banaliser et amoindrir le caractère fondamental des droits de l'homme. Inversement, dans les marches de l'Europe, les droits fondamentaux ne sont nullement des acquis, et le conflit entre logique démocratique et théocratique reste essentiel.