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Contingent Countryside

Author : Susan Buck Sutton
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The essays in this volume are united by their attention to the many ways in which residents of Greece's southern Argolid peninsula—the focus of more ethnographic and ethnohistorical study than any other comparable region of Greece—have attempted to shelter, feed, and advance the economic situation of their families over the last three centuries.

Haiti the Situation After the Departure of the U S Contingent from UNMIH

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on International Relations. Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere
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Citizenships Contingency and the Countryside

Author : Gavin Parker
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Citizenships, Contingency and the Countryside defines citizenship in relation to the rural environment. The book expands and explores a widened conceptualization of citizenship and sets out a range of examples where citizenship, at different scales, has been expressed in and over the rural environment. Part of the analysis includes a review of the political construction and use of citizenship rhetoric over the past 20 years, alongside an historical and theoretical discussion of citizenship and rights in the British countryside. The text concludes with a call to recognise and incorporate the multiple voices and interests in decision-making, that all affect the British countryside.

The One Year

Author : Tyndale House Publishers
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A fresh new look makes this Bible all the more appealing as it guides readersthrough God's Word with daily readings from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs.

Contingent Valuation Techniques

Author : Guy Garrod
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Socialism in the Chinese Countryside

Author : J鑥rgen·Domes
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Side by side Survey

Author : John H D'Arms Collegiate Professor of Classical Archaeology and Classics Susan Alcock
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Twenty years ago, John Cherry looked forward to the day when archaeological survey projects working around the Mediterranean region (the 'Frogs round the pond') would begin to compare and synthesize the information they had collected. He anticipated researchers tackling big questions of interregional scope in new and interesting ways, working at a geographical scale considerably larger than that of the individual survey. Was his optimism misplaced? Despite the extraordinary growth of interest in field survey projects and regional analysis, and despite the developments in survey methodology that have been discussed and implemented in the past two decades, few scholars have attempted to use survey data in a comparative mode and to answer the broad-scale questions confronting social historians. In this volume, which is the outcome of an advanced Workshop held at the University of Michigan in 2002, a number of prominent archaeologists return to the question of comparability. They discuss the potential benefits of working in a comparative format, with evidence from many different Mediterranean survey projects, and consider the practical problems that present roadblocks to achieving that objective. From mapping and manuring to human settlement and demography, environment and culture, each addresses different questions, often with quite different approaches; together they offer a range of perspectives on how to put surveys "side-by-side". Contributors include Susan E Alcock, John Cherry, Jack L Davis, Peter Attema, Martijn van Leusen, James C Wright, Robin Osborne, David Mattingly, T J Wilkinson, and Richard E Blanton.

Incentives for countryside management

Author : Martin Whitby
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During the last decade European agriculture has been dominated by the issues of overproduction and environmental degradation. Against this background a number of proposals to reduce surpluses and protect the environment have been implemented. Among these was the introduction in the UK of environmentally sensitive areas (ESAs) as described in the UK Agriculture Act of 1986, implementing part of an EC regulation on Improving the Efficiency of Agricultural Structures. ESAs have been set up in areas of the country where wildlife, landscape and recreation are threatened by agricultural change. Farmers, joining on a voluntary basis, are paid to continue farming in an environmentally friendly, traditional manner which is typically extensive and livestock-based. By 1994, the total area covered will be approaching 3 million hectares. This book provides a review and an economic and policy assessment of the first and second rounds of designated ESAs, five years after their inception. Seven chapters examine particular case studies, covering a range of agricultural ecosystems from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Other chapters describe the background to the setting up of ESAs, how the benefits of the policy can be measured and how it compares with alternative policy options. ESA schemes are now being initiated in France and Denmark. The book addresses a topical issue and is aimed at a wide range of readers concerned with agricultural and environmental economics, policy and management.

Economic Valuation of Benefits from Countryside Stewardship

Author : Alex Dubgaard
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Ethnoarchaeological Investigations in Rural Anatolia

Author : Turan Takaoğlu
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Multiple Field Approaches in the Mediterranean

Author : Christopher Lorne Witmore
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Contingent Work Disrupted Lives

Author : Belinda Leach
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Contingent Work, Disrupted Lives examines the repercussions of economic globalization on several manufacturing-dependent rural communities in Canada. Foregrounding a distinct interest in the 'grassroots' effects of such contemporary corporate strategies as plant closures and downsizing, authors Anthony Winson and Belinda Leach consider the impact of this restructuring on the residents of various communities. The authors argue that the new rural economy involves a fundamental shift in the stability and security of people's lives and, ultimately, it causes wrenching change and an arduous struggle as rural dwellers struggle to rebuild their lives in the new economic terrain. Beginning with broader theoretical and empirical literature on global changes in the economy and the effects of these changes on labour, the text then focuses exploration on manufacturing in Ontario with an analysis of five community case studies. Winson and Leach give considerable attention to the testimony of numerous residents; they report on in-depth interviews with key respondents and blue-collar workers in five separate communities, ranging from diverse manufacturing towns to single-industry settlements. The result is an intimate contextual knowledge of the workers' lives and their attempts to adapt to the tumultuous economic terrain of 1990s rural Canada. Winner of the John Porter Prize for 2003, awarded by the Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association.

Book Review Index a Master Cumulation 1998 2002

Author :
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The Economic Valuation of Landscape Change

Author : José Manuel L. Santos
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The increase in landscape degradation in the recent years has resulted in a growing public concern for policies to conserve the countryside. This book presents theories of valuation and economic welfare which are applied to policies to conserve the landscape.

Village Town and People in the Ottoman Balkans

Author : Stefka Parveva
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Journal of Mediterranean Studies

Author :
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Author :
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Europe in the Anthropological Imagination

Author : Susan Parman
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Europe in the Anthropological Imagination is a provocative, reflective book about how American anthropologists study Europe. But, since anthropology has traditionally been defined as a study of the non-western, exotic Other; an anthropological study of Europe would seem to be a misnomer. In a larger sense, then, it offers insights into the manner in which ideas emerge and evolve within a discipline. This book offers a history of the "anthropology of Europe" in fourteen essays written by twelve American anthropologists who have each studied Europe for more than twenty years, yielding case studies of anthropology in a range of European countries and regions. It discusses themes in the anthropology of Europe: the relationship of anthropology to other disciplines; defining center and periphery; the study of migration; urban anthropology; and how to study Europe at regional, national, and supra-national levels. A valuable book for any reader who wishes a greater understanding of Europe and essential for any professional doing business in Europe.

Zooarchaeology in Greece

Author : B. Kotjabopoulou
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Animals have always been integral to life and culture in Greece. Recently the study of animal bones has played an important role in investigations of Greek archaeology. In this volume the current position is reviewed with papers ranging from the Palaeolithic to the Medieval periods and employing a wide range of techniques and approaches. The papers cover not only the themes of subsistence and methodology but also symbolism, ritual and the artistic representation of animals. The interdisciplinary and international character of zooarchaeology is confirmed and many new avenues for research are suggested.

Countries and Their Cultures

Author : Melvin Ember
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Arranged alphabetically by country and using a standard entry format for easy comparison, this volume provides an overview of each country's shared values, behaviors, and cultural variations.