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Cosmological Clues

Author : Carolyn Devereux
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Did the Universe have a beginning? Will it have an end? Or has it always been the same, never changing? This is the subject of cosmology; the study of the Universe, and this book provides a perfect introduction to the subject for anyone that is interested in the wonders of our Universe This book provides an accessible overview of the Standard Model of Cosmology, which is explained in six Cosmological Clues, including evidence for the Big Bang and dark matter and dark energy - the keystones of modern cosmology. It takes readers through some of the most exciting questions in cosmology, such as what evidence do we have that the Universe started from the Big Bang? Has dark matter been observed? Will we ever know what dark energy is? Are the multiverses real? And could the Universe be a hologram? This book is an ideal guide for anyone interested in finding out more about our Universe. It will be of interest to those studying cosmology for the first time, including readers without a scientific background, who have an interest in looking up at the stars and wondering where they all came from! Key features: Contains the latest evidence for the Big Bang, dark matter, and dark energy and explores exciting scientific ideas, such as inflation and multiverses Provides a clear explanation of the main theories of how the Universe evolved based on key observations - the Cosmological Clues Gives the reader a concise introduction to the scientific process, using cosmology as the example, and explores why it has been so successful in creating the technologies we have today

Discovering the Cosmos

Author : Robert C. Bless
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This text has two objectives: to describe the leading ideas and concepts of modern astronomy; and to indicate how astronomy in particular and physical science in general developed, what its methods are, its goals and its limitations.

Cosmic Frontiers

Author : Science News
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Explore the mysteries of the cosmos with this captivating anthology from Science News. Since Edwin Hubble discovered the great distance to Andromeda, our conception of the universe has grown dramatically. No longer bound by the confines of the Milky Way, astronomers and physicists began to study areas of the cosmos much further from home. Our new knowledge and technology have provided us with answers to many astronomical puzzles, but they have also opened the door to countless questions. This extensive collection of articles from Science News delves deep into the mysteries of the universe. Tackling topics from the Big Bang to black holes, and the elusive material known as dark matter, it answers questions and explores still-developing theories. Cosmic Frontiers is perfect for anyone with an interest in the history and fate of our universe. Since 1921, Society for Science & the Public has facilitated global understanding of important scientific discoveries and issues. Since the first publication of the Science News-Letter in 1922, they have grown their audience to millions of readers each year. Now, Science News exposes new readers to thrilling concepts and innovative theories in Cosmic Frontiers.

Keynes and the Classics

Author : Michel Verdon
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Is there a language which is adequate to describe our own economy? In this volume, Michel Verdon undertakes a path-breaking analysis of the three major paradigms in economics: Marxian economics, neo-classical economics and Keynesian economics. Each of these, he argues, has an inherent cosmology, and in the case of both Marxian and neo-classical economics these preclude the development of a language which can accurately describe and analyse an economy.

Particle Physics And Cosmology Proceedings Of The Ninth Lake Louise Winter Institute

Author : Khanna Faqir C
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This volume explores the recent trends in particle physics and cosmology. The invited lecturers include D Caldwell, A Linde, A B MacDonald, J Peebles, K Rolfs and D Schramm.


Author : Scott de Hart
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The ultimate question is no longer "who am I" or "why am I here." These questions were answered in the earliest civilizations by philosophers and priests. Today we live in an age of such rapid advances in technology and science that the ultimate question must be rephrased: what shall we be? This book investigates what may become of human civilization, who is setting the agenda for a trans-humanistic civilization, and why . The modern Victor Frankenstein holds a high political office, carries diplomatic immunity, and is most likely funded by the largest corporations worldwide. His method is ancient: alchemy. His fraternities are well known and their secrets are well kept, but his goal of times past and present is the same; he dares to become as god, genetically manipulating the seeds of the earth, the beasts on the fields, and to claim legal ownership over humanity by re-creating it in his own image. This is no fairy tale, science fiction, or conspiracy theory … it simply is! Transhumanism, a Grimoire of Alchemical Agendas by Dr.'s. Joseph P. Farrell and Scott D. de Hart lifts the veil from the macabre transhumanistic monster being assembled and exposes the hidden history and agenda that has set humanity on a collision course for the Apocalypse. Joseph P. Farrell is the author of the best-selling Genes, Giants, Monsters, and Men: The Surviving Elites of the Cosmic War and Their Hidden Agenda.

The World Tree

Author : William Gaspar
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A scientist studies the Mayan calendar and the prophecy that the world will end in the later part of 2012.

The Cosmological Origins of Myth and Symbol

Author : Laird Scranton
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Reconstructs a theoretic parent cosmology that underlies ancient religion • Shows how this parent cosmology provided the conceptual origins of written language • Uses techniques of comparative cosmology to synchronize the creation traditions of the Dogon, ancient Egyptians, and ancient Buddhists • Applies the signature elements of this parent cosmology to explore and interpret the creation tradition of a present-day Tibetan/Chinese tribe called the Na-Khi--the keepers of the world’s last surviving hieroglyphic language Great thinkers and researchers such as Carl Jung have acknowledged the many broad similarities that exist between the myths and symbols of ancient cultures. One largely unexplored explanation for these similarities lies in the possibility that these systems of myth all descended from one common cosmological plan. Outlining the most significant aspects of cosmology found among the Dogon, ancient Egyptians, and ancient Buddhists, including the striking physical and cosmological parallels between the Dogon granary and the Buddhist stupa, Laird Scranton identifies the signature attributes of a theoretic ancient parent cosmology--a planned instructional system that may well have spawned these great ancient creation traditions. Examining the esoteric nature of cosmology itself, Scranton shows how this parent cosmology encompassed both a plan for the civilized instruction of humanity as well as the conceptual origins of language. The recurring shapes in all ancient religions were key elements of this plan, designed to give physical manifestation to the sacred and provide the means to conceptualize and compare earthly dimensions with those of the heavens. As a practical application of the plan, Scranton explores the myths and language of an obscure Chinese priestly tribe known as the Na-Khi--the keepers of the world’s last surviving hieroglyphic language. Suggesting that cosmology may have engendered civilization and not the other way around, Scranton reveals how this plan of cosmology provides the missing link between our macroscopic universe and the microscopic world of atoms.

Near Field Cosmology with Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies IAU C198

Author : International Astronomical Union. Colloquium
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Proceedings of IAUC 198, covering important issues related to near-field cosmology with dwarf elliptical galaxies.

Finding the Big Bang

Author : P. James E. Peebles
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A collection of essays on research on CMBR in the 1960s by eminent cosmologists who pioneered the work.

Gamma Ray Astrophysics

Author : Carl E. Fichtel
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Modern Cosmological Observations and Problems

Author : Gregory Bothun
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In recent years an enormous amount of cosmological data has come from well known projects such as the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) and the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE). This book explains and makes sense of this vast array of new observational data in terms of its impact on current cosmological models. With new theories and a plethora of data feeding cosmology in the 1990s, Gregory Bothun sets about the task of re- assessing our cosmological models. He outlines exactly what the latest observations are, and how they should be seen as either consistent or in conflict with current cosmogenic scenarios. In this search for a reconciliation of current data with competing theory, he explains how Einstein's idea of a cosmological constant has now become a viable hypothesis. This authoritative text should be valuable to all those studying cosmological observations at advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate level. Bothun draws a path through cosmology by defining a trajectory that is based on the data. This should also provide a framework for professional cosmologists and related readers in physics as it presents a solid observational foundation which either supports or conflicts with present theory. The book is illustrated including many CCD images of galaxies. Given the rapidly changing nature of the field, this book is supported by a World Wide Web site of supplementary material that is designed to readily update the material in the book.

Cosmological Crossroads

Author : Spiros Cotsakis
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This book has grown out of lectures held at a summer school on cosmology, in response to an ever increasing need for an advanced textbook that addresses the needs of both postgraduate students and nonspecialist researchers from various disciplines ranging from mathematical physics to observational astrophysics. Bridging the gap between standard textbook material in cosmology and the forefront of research, this book also constitutes a modern source of reference for the experienced researcher in classical and quantum cosmology.

Introduction to Cosmology

Author : Barbara Ryden
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A substantial update of this award-winning and highly regarded cosmology textbook, for advanced undergraduates in physics and astronomy.

High Redshift and Primeval Galaxies

Author : Jacqueline Bergeron
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Post Planck Cosmology

Author : Cédric Deffayet
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This book gathers the lecture notes of the 100th Les Houches Summer School, which was held in July 2013. These lectures represent a comprehensive pedagogical survey of the frontier of theoretical and observational cosmology just after the release of the first cosmological results of the Planck mission. The Cosmic Microwave Background is discussed as a possible window on the still unknown laws of physics at very high energy and as a backlight for studying the late-time Universe. Other lectures highlight connections of fundamental physics with other areas of cosmology and astrophysics, the successes and fundamental puzzles of the inflationary paradigm of cosmic beginning, the themes of dark energy and dark matter, and the theoretical developments and observational probes that will shed light on these cosmic conundrums in the years to come.

Theism and Cosmology

Author : John Laird
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Theism is one of the major types of metaphysics and cosmology is the general theory of the whole wide world. Must the world have an over-worldly source, or any source? Would "space" crumble unless God perpetually sustained it by his brooding omnipresence? Is all power, properly understood, divine power? These large questions, never out of date, are examined by Professor Laird in the light of contemporary philosophy. This seminal work, originally published in 1940 is a lucid and profound discussion in theological philosophy.

Gravitation Cosmology and Cosmic Ray Physics

Author : National Research Council
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The Galaxy Disk in Cosmological Context IAU S254

Author : International Astronomical Union. Symposium
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Presents a comprehensive overview of the frontiers of disk galaxy formation, both theory and observation.

The Copernican Revolution

Author : Thomas Kuhn
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For scientist and layman alike this book provides vivid evidence that the Copernican Revolution has by no means lost its significance today. Few episodes in the development of scientific theory show so clearly how the solution to a highly technical problem can alter our basic thought processes and attitudes.