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Dancing Shoes

Author : Noel Streatfeild
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A beautiful gift edition of the beloved classic about two orphan sisters and their newfound love of theater and dance. After losing their mother, Rachel and her adopted sister Hilary move in with their aunt, Cora Wintle. Cora runs a dancing school in London, and she thinks that Hilary would be perfect for her dancing troupe, Wintle's Little Wonders! The only problem is that Hilary might be as good as Cora's own precious daughter, Dulcie. Still, Cora is determined to make sulky Rachel and sprightly Hilary members of her dance troupe. But Rachel doesn't want to be a Little Wonder! She can't dance and feels silly in her the ruffly costume. Nothing seems to be going as planned, until Rachel discovers her talent for acting. . . . This classic children's book is perfect for kids who dream of being on stage, whether it be dancing or acting. And don't miss the other classic Noel Streatfeild titles, Ballet Shoes, Skating Shoes, and Theater Shoes!

Dancing Shoes is Dead

Author : Gavin Evans
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Gavin Evans became obsessed with boxing at the age of six. Infatuated with the likes of Muhammad Ali and Joe Louis, Gavin devoured everything he could find on the sport and determined to become the heavyweight champion of the world, in spite of being the smallest kid in the class. After a less than wildly successful junior career, Gavin resigned himself to the role of spectator rather than participator in the sport he loved, becoming a journalist, often with a ringside seat. But, growing up in South Africa, it was politics that filled the void, becoming Gavin's new Goliath, and it was politics into which he poured his energy and his pent-up frustrations. Recruited in the ANC underground, Gavin's active role in the struggle against apartheid would frequently place him in far greater danger than he had ever faced in the ring. Detentions, assaults, 5am meetings, spy-catching, murder attempts, all these became a part of Gavin Evans' new world. A memoir of twin passions, boxing and politics, set against the backdrop of South Africa under apartheid, Dancing Shoes is Dead is a vivid, incisive and poignant portrait of two disparate yet strangely connected worlds, and of the characters, brave, brutal and often bizarre, who inhabit them both.

Tashi and the Dancing Shoes

Author : Anna Fienberg
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Tashi recounts two of his adventures, the first involving a pair of magic shoes that allow him to leap and fly, and the second about a fortune teller who says he must complete a certain task or he will not live past his tenth birthday.

Red Dancing Shoes

Author : Denise Lewis Patrick
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After a young girl receives a pair of the finest, reddest, shiniest dancing shoes from Grandmama, she gets them muddy on her way to show them off to her favorite aunt. Reprint.

Dancing Shoes and Honky Tonk Blues

Author : LuAnn McLane
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Waitress Abilene Harper has always been a bit on the shy and clumsy side. So when the reality TV spoof Dancing With the Rednecks comes to Misty Creek, Kentucky, nothing could make Abby agree to participate...nothing except a fifty thousand dollar grand prize! While she doesn’t relish being laughed at, it sure would be danged sweet to buy a truck with all the trimmings, fix up the diner for her hard-workin’ mama, and send her brother to the fancy college that he deserves. Abby’s tall, dark and smokin’ hot dance instructor Rio Martin is mighty ticked when he finds out the ballroom dancing competition he signed on for is actually a joke. But Abby’s spunk and determination soon has him setting his sights on winning. He whips Abby into shape, and she begins to cha-cha and rumba her way into the heart of the TV audience, while chemistry between the unlikely couple sizzles. Rio tries to remain all business, but Abby has her eyes on the prize—and it isn’t just the money.

In My Dancing Shoes

Author : Dottie Colegrove Logan
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Red Dancing Shoes

Author : Anonimo
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Dancing Shoes

Author : Colin Granger
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"Jacky wants to be a dancer but she can't pay for lessons ... Jacky's mother doesn't want her to dance. Will Jacky ever wear those dancing shoes?"--Cover.

With Dance Shoes in Siberian Snows

Author : Sandra Kalniete
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"Sandra Kalniete's book is a moving and eloquent testimony to her family and to the Latvian nation--to their shared fate during more than fifty years of occupation. It is an indictment of the inhuman repression of both the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Above all, it is a story of human survival, and it has become the most translated Latvian book in recent history."--Book jacket.

Felicity s Dancing Shoes

Author : Valerie Tripp
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In colonial Williamsburg, nine-year-old Felicity's dancing skills improve when she changes from wearing clumsy shoes to dainty slippers but ultimately she learns that "Gracefulness is in the foot, not the shoe." Includes information on the education of girls in colonial America, focusing on dance, and presents square dance instructions.

Ballet Shoes

Author : Noel Streatfeild
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In a classic children's story, three unsinkable orphans, believing that they are destined for greatness, set out to make their marks in the world of show business. Reprint.

Ballarat a Community in Dancing Shoes

Author :
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Dance in all its forms seems to have captured the imagination of much of the Ballarat population.

Lindy Lou and Her Dancing Shoes

Author : Yolanda Cellucci
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Meet Lindy Lou! Lindy Lou is a sweet, curious little girl who loves to do things in her own special, funny way! See what happens when Lindy Lou has her first big dance recital!

Ballet Shoes for Anna Essential Modern Classics

Author : Noel Streatfeild
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Having lost their parents in an earthquake, Anna and her siblings live with their prim uncle and feeble aunt. Anna lives only to dance – but her uncle forbids her to have anything to do with ballet. How will she survive?

The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Author :
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Every day, 12 princesses mysteriously wear out 12 new pairs of shoes--and neither the king, nor a series of hopeful suitors, can figure out how. Then a simple soldier, with a little magic on his side, gives it a try. Full color.

Bear s Dancing Shoes

Author : Seong-Min Yoo
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Join Bear and her friends as they dance around in her special dancing shoes and discover the joy of friendship.

Ballroom Dancing for Fun

Author : Jennifer Blizin Gillis
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Describes the history and development of ballroom dancing as both a pastime and a sport, and explains how to do the most popular dances.

Become a Man of Confi Dance

Author : Raoul Weinstein
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This book addresses why dance, a major departure from those books available that tell you hhow to dance.It will help men of all ages see a picture of why they should be dancing, what dancing can bring to their lives and where becoming a confident dancer can lead. More men need to find the enrichment that dancing, not watching, bring to their lives and the lives of those around them. Becoming a Man of Confi-dance can and will change your life - it did for this author. It might be for only one special moment or for years to come. The smile on the face of your daughter or wife when you dance with her for the first time at a wedding or an anniversary will stay in your hearts and memories for the rest of your lives. Reading this book is just as vital for ladies whose husbands or significant others won't dance. Changing the attitude of the man in her life regarding dancing can enhance or breathe new life into long-term relationships, or even help ignite new and exciting ones. with the popularity of shows like Dancing with the stars, our world today promotes, encourages and idolizes dancing now more than ever. This timely book can help a man confidently open the door and step out into this new and exciting world.

Elmer the Dancing Turtle

Author : Lonie B. Adcock
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"On the day he was hatched, Elmer emerged dancing and continued dancing all the time, everywhere he went. Such a master of dance steps was bound for stardom if he kept dancing. Find out if he made the Big Time or danced toward another destination!" - p. 4 of cover.

Delphie and the Magic Ballet Shoes

Author : Darcey Bussell
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Prima Ballerina Darcey Bussell takes you on a captivating journey to a faraway land of ballet and magic, the wonderful world of Enchantia!