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Annual Report

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1867/68- include the Statistical report of the Secretary of State in continuation of the Annual report of the Commissioners of Statistics.

Annual Report of the Secretary of State to the Governor of the State of Ohio for the Year

Author : Ohio. Secretary of State
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Vols. for 1868- include the Statistical report of the Secretary of State in continuation of the Annual report of the Commissioner of Statistics.

Dictionarie Corrected and Augmented with the Addition of Many Hundred Words etc Now Newly Corr and Much Augm by Francis Holy Oke

Author : John Rider
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The Two Noble Kinsmen0

Author : William Shakespeare
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Selwyn s Abridgement of the Law of Nisi Prius

Author : William Selwyn
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Dark Goodbye 2

Author : Frank Marraffino
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After the mind-bending revelations of his most recent case, Private Detective Max "Mutt" Mason would like nothing more than to drink away the nightmares at his local dive. But there's no rest for the wicked, and in a town like Los Allende, you can be sure nobody's going to sleep tonight. From a dirt-poor farmer with something "foul" in his well, to a professor's startling discovery at the local observatory, to a chorus line of reanimated corpses - Mason's weird world is about to go full-blown crazy, as he peels away another layer of the veneer we call reality in a conspiracy from beyond both time and space.

Dark Metro 2

Author : Tokyo Calen
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Terror awaits the people of Tokyo, with gruesome lessons only the dead can teach. In this second collection of shorts, a waitress at a maid cafe sparks jealousy. A mother who can't handle the responsibility of raising her child commits a horrible crime. An ancient sword awakens a psychotic samurai. And finally, the solemn guide Seiya reveals his own tragic past and the nature of his gifts that are his curse.

Dark Secrets 2

Author : Elizabeth Chandler
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In No Time to Die, the drama is deadly. Jenny is going undercover for the summer at the theater camp where her sister, Liza, was murdered just a year earlier. Though Jenny is still grieving the loss of her sister and feels completely out of place on stage, she is determined to discover why Liza was murdered—and more importantly, who killed her. Soon she thinks she hears Liza speaking to her, and suspects someone may be following her. The drama is even more twisted than she thought…. In The Deep End of Fear, Kate thought she was done with daring adventures after her childhood friend Ashley tragically drowned in an icy pond. But when she returns to her childhood home, it all comes flooding back. To stop history from repeating itself, Kate must face the childhood fears that have haunted her for so long….

The Dark Hunters Infinity Vol 2

Author : Sherrilyn Kenyon
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When teenager Nick Gautier was saved from almost-certain death by a mysterious warrior, he had a feeling his life was set to change. Fighting the undead has taken the place of fighting with his teachers (well . . . almost) and Nick is learning to rely on his powers to protect the world from evil he could never before have imagined. Then, just when he thought things couldn't get any worse, he wakes up to find himself enslaved in a world of shapeshifters and demons out to claim his soul. He's being watched by the darkest of powers and if he doesn't learn how to raise the dead by the end of the week, he will become one of them . . . A must-read for both existing fans and those new to the supernatural world of the Dark-Hunters!

Dark Horse Comics DC Comics Justice League

Author : Various
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In this collection of DC Comics crossovers, Dark Horse brings never republished material featuring a host of heroes back to fans in a single volume. The JLA take on the most frightening hunters in the universe--the Predators--in adaptive superhero form! Batman teams up with Tarzan to resist the claws of the Catwoman as two orphan heroes protect their own jungles. Kyle Rayner must don the mantle of Green Lantern to turn back the tide of Aliens that Hal Jordan once permitted to live. Super-teens join forces as Spyboy and his friends work alongside Young Justice to defeat nightmarish foes.

Sherlock Holmes Dark Detective 2

Author : Christopher Sequeira
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Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are introduced to an impossible crime; a killing by a mythological creature; the dreaded Chimera, part lion, part scorpion, part goat! But even if the death is some sort of sick hoax, it still means a hideous murder has taken place, which Holmes must solve. However dark forces swirl about the case, and an unsuspecting Holmes, besieged by doubts, has yet to contend directly with the most dramatic of those forces: Professor James Moriarty! THIS ISSUE: The Claws of the Chimera. Part 2 - “Verdict of Horror”. Holmes continues his investigation into the impossible killing of a man by a creature of nightmare fable, a chimera, but every step of the way drags him and his steadfast friend Watson into insanity, violence and treachery. Meantime, Professor James Moriarty muses on the case himself, whilst discussing it with a key witness. Ultimately, however, Holmes learns, in a shocking encounter, that monsters may very well be real! A Caliber Comics release.

Dark Passages Verdan Chronicles Volume 2

Author : David Gerspach
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Dark Passages picks up moments after the cataclysmic conclusion to The Fourth Age. Despite Arakon’s best efforts Valuria is left with a five mile crater and the surrounding lands are plunged into darkness. Armies have been destroyed and a kingdom left in ruins. In Kyrotha, the Lady Y’Shanarra calls upon an old alliance to navigate the ancient city of Teitan and do battle against the vampires. Balgor still wants revenge on Arakon and seeks to do so through Celecia. If any of the heroes survive, the shadows and Terek’s mercenaries await. In Parthea, Trevor leads another group of heroes into the goblin caves that lie within the Khanian Mountains. No one could prepare them for the dangers they will face; yet help comes from an unlikely and unexpected source. Raven is embraced by the group, but will she save or betray them? Heroes and villains will face many decisions. Secrets will be revealed. Journeys will end, but for some it may end in death.

Seven Seals Dark Savior Series Book 2

Author : Jim Clougherty
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​DARK MINDS CONSPIRING ​ Thousands of years ago, seven seals were created to lock the Dark Savior away in another realm, never to torment the world again. After the Mt. Couture disaster one year prior, six seals remain. Aldous, now a disgraced Wizard, fears that Village Elder Drake Danvers and a mysterious Dark Wizard aim to break the remaining six seals. Joel and Alistair accompany Aldous to Drake's next suspected target, the struggling city of Thironas. There, they find more than they bargained for: old rivals, desperate bandits, a terrifying monster, and an all-powerful Wizard who forces them to live out their worst memories rather than help. Meanwhile, Dalton and Lucia travel to the far away shores of Bosfueras in search of Conrad, who mysteriously disappeared three months ago, leaving nothing but a letter behind. In this unfriendly land, they stumble upon a conspiracy which could threaten the very fabric of their world!

Dark Engine 2

Author : Ryan Burton
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Sym is worshiped as the Eater of Hearts and the Dark Engine learns the pleasures of being a feared god.

Dark Peak Aircraft Wrecks 2

Author : Ron Collier
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The companion volume to Dark Peak Aircraft Wrecks 1 carries more of the in-depth stories of aircraft crashes in the Dark Peak area of the Peak District. The history of flying is told by way of the crash sites, where to this day piles of rusting metal still exist.

Dark Moon Diary 2

Author : Che Gilson
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Priscilla's vampire grandparents come to Nachtwald for a visit. She turns to her diary to cope with baseball tryouts, a broom-stick riding friend, the school idol and jealousy.

Dark Quest Targa Trilogy 2

Author : Richard S. Tuttle
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Two devout followers of Sarac rise to prominence as nations topple and mayhem runs rampant. Armies stand poised to obliterate each other and thrones are stolen by magic and cunning.

Vampire Hunter D Volume 14 Dark Road Parts 1 2

Author : Hideyuki Kikuchi
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D has crossed over the southern border, into the domain of the cruelest and most evil of the royalty, General Gaskell. On the way, he picks up a "victim" — one of few survivors in the villages-and makes way with her and the Deliverers. Along the way, he is attacked by the Drowned, and fights many more unspeakably horrible enemies. All of this suggests that Gaskell — who was supposed to have been put to death under the light of the sun — is still very much alive. But why? * Features twelve black-and-white line illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano.

Transformers Dark Cybertron Vol 2

Author : James Roberts
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The conclusion to the 12-part epic DARK CYBERTRON! OPTIMUS PRIME and MEGATRON join forces against SHOCKWAVE! Titans clash and the ultimate battle will leave the planet changed forever. Collects Robots in Disguise #25-27, More Than Meets The Eye #26-27, and Dark Cybertron #2.

Dark Vengeance Vol 2

Author : Jeff Mariotte
File Size : 71.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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After Daniel's death, Kerry Profitt seeks refuge with Mother Blessing, who teaches Kerry the craft, but an unexpected realization changes the entire course of Kerry's hunt.