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Lake Data Analysis and Nutrient Budget Modeling

Author : Kenneth H. Reckhow
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Data Analyst

Author : Rune Rasmussen
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Data is constantly increasing; everything from app usage, to sales, to customer surveys generate data in an average business. Out on the streets data is everywhere too, from speed and security cameras, weather monitoring and measuring footfall to name just a few examples. Against this backdrop, data analysts are in higher demand than ever. This book is an essential guide to the role of data analyst. Aspiring data analysts will discover what data analysts do all day, what skills they will need for the role, and what regulations they will be required to adhere to. Practising data analysts can explore useful data analysis tools, methods and techniques, brush up on best practices and look at how they can advance their career.

ORD ADP Workshop Proceedings No 2

Author : Denise Swink
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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SIDPERS User Manual

Author : United States. Department of the Army
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PowerPivot for the Data Analyst

Author : Bill Jelen
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ANALYZE HUGE AMOUNTS OF BUSINESS DATA FASTER, MORE EASILY, AND MORE ACCURATELY! Use Microsoft’s free PowerPivot add-in for Excel 2010 to analyze immense amounts of data from any source, perform state-of-the-art business analysis far more easily, and make better decisions in less time! Simple, step-by-step instructions walk you through installing PowerPivot, importing data, using PivotTables with PowerPivot, using super-powerful DAX functions and measures, reporting to print or SharePoint, and a whole lot more. Whatever your Excel data analysis experience, this book will help you use PowerPivot to get the right answers, right now—without IT’s help! Import and integrate data from spreadsheets, SQL Server, Access, Oracle, text files, Atom data feeds, and other sources Analyze multiple tables together, without complicated VLOOKUPs Format, sort, and filter data in the PowerPivot window Add calculated columns using new DAX functions Create powerful reports from PowerPivot data—and format them so executives instantly get your point Discover PivotTable tricks that work even better in PowerPivot Control multiple PivotTable elements on one worksheet, with one set of Excel 2010 Slicers Use DAX Measures to quickly perform tasks that were difficult or impossible with Calculated Fields Compare today’s sales to yesterday’s–or to sales from the parallel period last fiscal year. Use Named Sets to prepare asymmetric reports, show actuals for past months and plan for future months.

Occupational Outlook Quarterly

Author :
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Data Analysis

Author : Michael Lewis-Beck
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This accessible introduction to data analysis focuses on the interpretation of statistical results, in particular those which come from nonexperimental social research. It will provide social science researchers with the tools necessary to select and evaluate statistical tests appropriate for their research question. Using a consistent data-set throughout the book to illustrate the various analytic techniques, Michael Lewis-Beck covers topics such as univariate statistics, measures of association, the statistical significance of the relationship between two variables, simple regression in which the dependent variable is influenced by a single independent variable, and multiple regression.

Intelligent Data Analysis

Author : Michael R. Berthold
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This second and revised edition contains a detailed introduction to the key classes of intelligent data analysis methods. The twelve coherently written chapters by leading experts provide complete coverage of the core issues. The first half of the book is devoted to the discussion of classical statistical issues. The following chapters concentrate on machine learning and artificial intelligence, rule induction methods, neural networks, fuzzy logic, and stochastic search methods. The book concludes with a chapter on visualization and an advanced overview of IDA processes.

Data Analysis and Regression

Author : Frederick Mosteller
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Approaching data analysis; Indication and indicators; Displays and summaries for batches; Straightening curves and plots; The practice of re-expression; Need we re-express? Hunting out the real uncertainty; A method of direct assessment; Two-and more-way tables; Robust and resistant measures; Standardizing for comparison; Regression for fitting; Woes of regression coefficients; A class of mechanisms for fitting; Guided regression; Examining regression residuals.

Python for Data Analysis

Author : Wes McKinney
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Presents case studies and instructions on how to solve data analysis problems using Python.

Exploratory Data Analysis

Author : Frederick Hartwig
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Format : PDF, Docs
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An introduction to the underlying principles, central concepts, and basic techniques for conducting and understanding exploratory data analysis - with numerous social science examples.

Exploring Data Analysis

Author : W. J. Dixon
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Diary of an Awesome Data Analyst

Author : William Turner
File Size : 58.45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A Python Data Analyst s Toolkit

Author : Gayathri Rajagopalan
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Explore the fundamentals of data analysis, and statistics with case studies using Python. This book will show you how to confidently write code in Python, and use various Python libraries and functions for analyzing any dataset. The code is presented in Jupyter notebooks that can further be adapted and extended. This book is divided into three parts – programming with Python, data analysis and visualization, and statistics. You'll start with an introduction to Python – the syntax, functions, conditional statements, data types, and different types of containers. You'll then review more advanced concepts like regular expressions, handling of files, and solving mathematical problems with Python. The second part of the book, will cover Python libraries used for data analysis. There will be an introductory chapter covering basic concepts and terminology, and one chapter each on NumPy(the scientific computation library), Pandas (the data wrangling library) and visualization libraries like Matplotlib and Seaborn. Case studies will be included as examples to help readers understand some real-world applications of data analysis. The final chapters of book focus on statistics, elucidating important principles in statistics that are relevant to data science. These topics include probability, Bayes theorem, permutations and combinations, and hypothesis testing (ANOVA, Chi-squared test, z-test, and t-test), and how the Scipy library enables simplification of tedious calculations involved in statistics. What You'll Learn Further your programming and analytical skills with Python Solve mathematical problems in calculus, and set theory and algebra with Python Work with various libraries in Python to structure, analyze, and visualize data Tackle real-life case studies using Python Review essential statistical concepts and use the Scipy library to solve problems in statistics Who This Book Is For Professionals working in the field of data science interested in enhancing skills in Python, data analysis and statistics.

Advanced Data Analysis with SYSTAT

Author : Kris Nolan Kirby
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Economists, biologists, health care professionals, and sociologists looking to do better statistics can confidently turn to this easy-to-follow guide to using Systat--one of the major computer-based statistical programs. The guide is brimming with helpful hints and practical shortcuts for performing contrast analysis in interaction, effect and size of estimation, and meta-analysis.

Multivariate Data Analysis

Author : Barbara B. Jackson
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A Comparison of Data Collection and Analysis Methods Used to Monitor Impacts Over Time in a Severely Disturbed Wetland

Author : Sarah Wynn
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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The SPSS Guide to Data Analysis for SPSS PC

Author : Marija J. Norušis
File Size : 68.61 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Data Analysis for Experimental Design

Author : Richard Gonzalez
File Size : 32.27 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This engaging text shows how statistics and methods work together, demonstrating a variety of techniques for evaluating statistical results against the specifics of the methodological design. Richard Gonzalez elucidates the fundamental concepts involved in analysis of variance (ANOVA), focusing on single degree-of-freedom tests, or comparisons, wherever possible. Potential threats to making a causal inference from an experimental design are highlighted. With an emphasis on basic between-subjects and within-subjects designs, Gonzalez resists presenting the countless "exceptions to the rule" that make many statistics textbooks so unwieldy and confusing for students and beginning researchers. Ideal for graduate courses in experimental design or data analysis, the text may also be used by advanced undergraduates preparing to do senior theses. Useful pedagogical features include: Discussions of the assumptions that underlie each statistical test Sequential, step-by-step presentations of statistical procedures End-of-chapter questions and exercises Accessible writing style with scenarios and examples This book is intended for graduate students in psychology and education, practicing researchers seeking a readable refresher on analysis of experimental designs, and advanced undergraduates preparing senior theses. It serves as a text for graduate level experimental design, data analysis, and experimental methods courses taught in departments of psychology and education. It is also useful as a supplemental text for advanced undergraduate honors courses.

Bayesian Data Analysis Second Edition

Author : Andrew Gelman
File Size : 65.65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Incorporating new and updated information, this second edition of THE bestselling text in Bayesian data analysis continues to emphasize practice over theory, describing how to conceptualize, perform, and critique statistical analyses from a Bayesian perspective. Its world-class authors provide guidance on all aspects of Bayesian data analysis and include examples of real statistical analyses, based on their own research, that demonstrate how to solve complicated problems. Changes in the new edition include: Stronger focus on MCMC Revision of the computational advice in Part III New chapters on nonlinear models and decision analysis Several additional applied examples from the authors' recent research Additional chapters on current models for Bayesian data analysis such as nonlinear models, generalized linear mixed models, and more Reorganization of chapters 6 and 7 on model checking and data collection Bayesian computation is currently at a stage where there are many reasonable ways to compute any given posterior distribution. However, the best approach is not always clear ahead of time. Reflecting this, the new edition offers a more pluralistic presentation, giving advice on performing computations from many perspectives while making clear the importance of being aware that there are different ways to implement any given iterative simulation computation. The new approach, additional examples, and updated information make Bayesian Data Analysis an excellent introductory text and a reference that working scientists will use throughout their professional life.