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Dear Dumb Diary Year Two 2 The Super Nice Are Super Annoying

Author : Jim Benton
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Do NOT read Jamie Kelly's top-secret diaries! "Sometimes it amazes me how ingenious I am about everything." --Jamie Kelly We've been with Jamie Kelly through her search for inner beauty, poofy bridesmaid dresses, and desperate attempts to make money during summer vacation. Along the way, she's left us with countless gems of wisdom, such as: "If somebody ever asks you to kick her in the face, the first thing she will do is forget that she asked you to do it," and "As long as you keep laughing at how dumb something is, you can secretly enjoy it without risking your cool." Now Jamie's upcoming diaries have a fresh look and a fun twist. It's Dear Dumb Diary: Year Two! The diary entries are still laugh-out-loud funny -- but this is a whole new beginning. Everything is another year dumber! (But Jamie STILL has no idea that anybody is reading her diary. So please, please, please don't tell her.)

The Super Nice Are Super Annoying

Author : Jamie Kelly
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Jamie Kelly chronicles her second year of middle school in her diary, where she deals with poetry class, school dances, and Angeline, her perfect classmate who suffers from being too nice.

Live Each Day to the Dumbest Dear Dumb Diary Year Two 6

Author : Jim Benton
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The hilarious and bestselling series from Jim Benton continues! It's not easy being a middle-schooler, and nobody knows that better than Jamie Kelly. There are surprises around every corner: some good, some bad, all dumb. But when Jamie inherits a trunk of her grandmother's things, she never expects to find the biggest surprise of all -- Grandma's diary. Violating the privacy of a diary is something Jamie would never do . . . unless she was absolutely certain that she wanted to do it. And when she does, she learns that, deep down, everyone is exactly the same. Dumb. Jamie still has no idea that anyone is reading her diary, so please, please, please don't tell her. And definitely don't tell her that she's the star of her very own Dear Dumb Diary movie, available on DVD. (Her glamorous ego might not be able to handle it.)