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Death By Shakespeare

Author : Kathryn Harkup
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William Shakespeare found dozens of different ways to kill off his characters, and audiences today still enjoy the same reactions – shock, sadness, fear – that they did more than 400 years ago when these plays were first performed. But how realistic are these deaths, and did Shakespeare have the knowledge to back them up? In the Bard's day death was a part of everyday life. Plague, pestilence and public executions were a common occurrence, and the chances of seeing a dead or dying body on the way home from the theatre were high. It was also a time of important scientific progress. Shakespeare kept pace with anatomical and medical advances, and he included the latest scientific discoveries in his work, from blood circulation to treatments for syphilis. He certainly didn't shy away from portraying the reality of death on stage, from the brutal to the mundane, and the spectacular to the silly. Elizabethan London provides the backdrop for Death by Shakespeare, as Kathryn Harkup turns her discerning scientific eye to the Bard and the varied and creative ways his characters die. Was death by snakebite as serene as Shakespeare makes out? Could lack of sleep have killed Lady Macbeth? Can you really murder someone by pouring poison in their ear? Kathryn investigates what actual events may have inspired Shakespeare, what the accepted scientific knowledge of the time was, and how Elizabethan audiences would have responded to these death scenes. Death by Shakespeare will tell you all this and more in a rollercoaster of Elizabethan carnage, poison, swordplay and bloodshed, with an occasional death by bear-mauling for good measure.

The Drama of Love Life Death in Shakespeare

Author : Anthony Holden
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Shakespeare is as much a figure of the 20th and 21st centuries as he is of the 16th and 17th, and Shakespeare in Love stands as evidence of our fascination. Written by a recognized expert, this book addresses two significant factors behind this continuing relevance. Firstly, there is the play's investigation of the most fundamental and timeless aspects of human nature. Play after play confronts what is immutable in man: our capacity for good and evil, our subservience to emotion. Each chapter examines themes recurrent in Shakespeare's dramas: love and hate; jealousy and revenge; and death and retribution among others. Secondly, there are the interpretation of the plays, many of which are films now lauded in their own right. Soul of the Age is illustrated with stills from the most famous adaptations: from the Olivier-starring Hamlet to 1996's William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and Leonardo Di Caprio.

The Life and Death of King Richard II

Author : William Shakespeare
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Stratford on Avon

Author : Sidney Lee
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This illustrated 1890 work draws on archival material to provide a history of Stratford up to the time of Shakespeare's death.

The Death of the Actor

Author : Martin Buzacott
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An all-out attack on the contemporary theatrical practice and performance theory that identifies the actor, rather than the director, as the key creative force in the performance of Shakespeare.In The Death of the Actor Martin Buzacott launches an all-out attack on contemporary theatrical practice and performance theory which identifies the actor, rather than the director, as the key creative force in the performance of Shakespeare. Because actors are absent from the site of Shakespearean meaning, he argues, the illusion of their centrality is sustained only by a rhetoric of heroism, violence and imperialism.

The Life and Death of Richard the Third

Author : William Shakespeare
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A play by William Shakespeare. It was probably written around 1593.

The Life And Death of Richard The Second

Author : William Shakespeare
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A history play by William Shakespeare believed to have been written in 1595.

Shakespeare s Feminine Endings

Author : Philippa Berry
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Philippa Berry draws on feminist theory, postmodern thought and queer theory, to challenge existing critical notions of what is fundamental to Shakespearean tragedy. She shows how, through a network of images clustered around feminine or feminized characters, these plays 'disfigure' conventional ideas of death as a bodily end, as their figures of women are interwoven with provocative meditations upon matter, time, the soul, and the body. The scope of these tragic speculations was radical in Shakespeare's day; yet they also have a surprising relevance to contemporary debates about time and matter in science and philosophy.

Shakespeare s World of Death

Author : Richard Courtney
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How many ages hence Shall this our lofty scene be acted o’er In states unborn and accents yet unknown! – Julius Caesar, III.i.111 Many ages later, we are still enjoying Shakespeare’s works. But, too often, his plays are studied as "literature," ignoring the fact that Shakespeare wrote plays for living performance. Richard Courtney puts the focus back where it should be, helping us to understand the works of Shakespeare as dramas intended for an audience. Written for directors and actors, the eight books in the series will also interest theatregoers, scholars, and the general reader seeking a fuller understanding of Shakespeare’s works. The introduction and end notes give helpful information on life in sixteenth century England, its language and beliefs, Elizabethan theatre and stages. Each play is analyzed scene by scene, with background on the history and the leading characters, and reasons for the choice of theme. From his own wide experience as actor and director, Richard adds anecdotes and examples to illustrate directing challenges and provide practical solutions. Shakespeare’s World of Death discusses Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, and Hamlet.

Shakespeare the Denial of Death

Author : James L. Calderwood
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Is Shakespeare Dead

Author : Mark Twain
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ÊIs Shakespeare Dead? is a short, semi-autobiographical work by American humorist Mark Twain. It explores the controversy over the authorship of the Shakespearean literary canon via satire, anecdote, and extensive quotation of contemporary authors on the subject. Ê The original publication spans only 150 pages, and the formatting leaves roughly half of each page blank. The spine is thread bound. It was published in April 1909 by Harper & Brothers, twelve months before Mark Twain's death. Ê The book attracted controversy for incorporating a chapter from The Shakespeare Problem Restated by George Greenwood without permission or proper credit, an oversight Twain blamed on the accidental omission of a footnote by the printer. Ê The book has been described as "one of his least well received and most misunderstood works". Although she admits that Twain appears to have been sincere in his beliefs concerning Shakespeare, Karen Lystra argues that the essay reveals satirical intentions that went beyond the ShakespeareÑBacon controversy of the time. Ê Though it is commonly assumed to be nothing more than a stale and embarrassing rehash of the Shakespeare-Bacon controversy, Twain was up to something more than flimsy literary criticism. He was using the debate over Shakespeare's real identity to satirize prejudice, intolerance, and self-importanceÑin himself as well as others.... But after his passionate diatribe against the "Stratfordolators" and his vigorous support of the Baconians, he cheerfully admits that both sides are built on inference. Leaving no doubt about his satirical intent, Twain then gleefully subverts his entire argument. After seeming to be a serious, even angry, combatant, he denies that he intended to convince anyone that Shakespeare was not the real author of his works. "It would grieve me to know that any one could think so injuriously of me, so uncomplimentarily, so unadmiringly of me," he writes mockingly. "Would I be so soft as that, after having known the human race familiarly for nearly seventy-four years?" We get our beliefs at second hand, he explains, "we reason none of them out for ourselves. It is the way we are made." Twain has set a trapÑan elaborate joke at the expense of what he scornfully refers to as the "Reasoning Race." He is satirizing the need to win an argument when it is virtually impossible to convince anyone to change sides in almost any debate. His excessive rhetoric of attack is obviously absurdÑcalling the other side "thugs," for exampleÑyet it has been taken at face value.

The life death of King Richard III

Author : William Shakespeare
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Shakespeare and Son

Author : Keverne Smith
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A revealing examination of an under-explored area of Shakespeare studies, this work looks at the evidence for the author's deep and evolving response to the loss of his only son, Hamnet. * Discussion of 20 of Shakespeare's works, concentrating on 16 works completed after his son Hamnet's death in 1596 * Chronological organization so readers can follow the development of Shakespeare's response to the death of Hamnet as reflected in the plays and poetry written following this tragedy * A cross-disciplinary bibliography, drawing especially on literary, theatrical, historical, thanatological, and psychological commentaries

Shakespeare s Dead

Author : Simon Palfrey
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Pyramus: 'Now die, die, die, die, die.' [Dies]A Midsummer Night's Dream'Shakespeare's Dead' reveals the unique ways in which Shakespeare brings dying, death, and the dead to life. It establishes the cultural, religious and social contexts for thinking about early modern death, with particular reference to the plague which ravaged Britain during his lifetime, and against the divisive background of the Reformation. But it also shows how death on stage is different from death in real life. The dead come to life, ghosts haunt the living, and scenes of mourning are subverted by the fact that the supposed corpse still breathes.Shakespeare scripts his scenes of dying with extraordinary care. Famous final speeches - like Hamlet's 'The rest is silence', Mercutio's 'A plague o' both your houses', or Richard III's 'My kingdom for a horse' - are also giving crucial choices to the actors as to exactly how and when to die. Instead of the blank finality of death, we get a unique entrance into the loneliness or confusion of dying. 'Shakespeare's Dead' tells of death-haunted heroes such as Macbeth and Hamlet, and death-teasing heroines like Juliet, Ophelia, and Cleopatra. It explores the fear of 'something after death', and characters' terrifying visions of being dead. But it also uncovers the constant presence of death in Shakespeare's comedies, and how the grinning jester might be a leering skull in disguise. This book celebrates the paradox: the life in death in Shakespeare.

The Assassination of Shakespeare s Patron

Author : Leo Daugherty
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Lord Ferdinando Stanley was the fifth earl of Derby, a leading claimant to the throne. Considered a man who had everything, he was also the patron of the company of players which was fortunate enough to include William Shakespeare. One April Fool's Day, 1594, he was reportedly approached by a witch (one of the famous legion of "Lancashire witches") and they engaged in brief conversation while strolling outside his largest palace, Lathom Hall. Four days later, he fell violently ill. For twelve days he lingered, while four of the best doctors in the country, including the famous Dr. John Case of Oxford, labored in vain to save him.Who killed Lord Stanley and why? Historians started debating that question almost as soon as he died, and outraged gossip was to be heard everywhere in England. This second edition studies the death of Lord Derby within the immediate contexts of Elizabethan power politics, succession mania, passionate religious controversy, the records of prominent families in the North, and the cult of personality just then beginning to become a major factor in the nation's social history. The book's scope also includes subcultural contexts such as Elizabethan poetry (Lord Derby was a pastoral love poet, some of whose work survives), witchcraft, medicine, spy networks, and both approved and disapproved methods of political assassination (with poison being the most frowned upon because of its disreputable "Italianate" connotations).


Author : William Shakespeare
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Shakespeare and the Afterlife

Author : John Garrison
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The question of what happens after death was a vital one in Shakespeare's time, as it is today. And, like today, the answers were by no means universally agreed upon. Early moderns held surprisingly diverse beliefs about the afterlife and about how earthly life affected one's fate after death. Was death akin to a sleep where one did not wake until judgment day? Were sick bodies healed in heaven? Did sinners experience torment after death? Would an individual reunite with loved ones in the afterlife? Could the dead communicate with the world of the living? Could the living affect the state of souls after death? How should the dead be commemorated? Could the dead return to life? Was immortality possible? The wide array of possible answers to these questions across Shakespeare's work can be surprising. Exploring how particular texts and characters answer these questions, Shakespeare and the Afterlife showcases the vitality and originality of the author's language and thinking. We encounter characters with very personal visions of what awaits them after death, and these visions reveal new insights into these individuals' motivations and concerns as they navigate the world of the living. Shakespeare and the Afterlife encourages us to engage with the author's work with new insight and new curiosity. The volume connects some of the best-known speeches, characters, and conflicts to cultural debates and traditions circulating during Shakespeare's time.

Second Death

Author : Donovan Sherman
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Second Death seeks to revitalise our understanding of the soul as a philosophically profound, theoretically radical, and ultimately-and counterintuitively-theatrically realised concept. The book contends that the work of Shakespeare, when closely read alongside early modern cultural and religious writings, helps us understand the soul's historical placement as a powerful paradox: it was essential to establishing humanity but resistant to clear representation. Drawing from current critical theory as well as extensive historical research, Second Death examines works of Shakespearean drama, including The Merchant of Venice, Coriolanus, and The Winter's Tale, to suggest that rather than simply being incapable of understanding or physical realisation, the soul expressed itself in complex and subtle modes of performance. As a result, this book offers new ways of looking at identity, theatre, and spirituality in Shakespeare's era and in our own.

Who Killed William Shakespeare

Author : Simon Andrew Stirling
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An in-depth study into the circumstances surrounding Shakespeare's sudden death, with a look at forensics and his death mask William Shakespeare lived in violent times; so much so that his death passed without comment. By the time he was adopted as the national poet of England, the details of his life had been concealed. He had become an invisible man, the humble Warwickshire lad who entertained royalty and then faded into obscurity. But his story has been carefully manipulated. In reality, he was a dissident whose works were highly critical of the regimes of Elizabeth I and James I. This book examines the means, motive, and the opportunity that led to his murder, and explains why Shakespeare had to be "stopped." From forensic analysis of his death mask to the hunt for his missing skull, the circumstances of Shakespeare's death are reconstructed and his life reconsidered in the light of fresh discoveries. What emerges is a portrait of a genius who spoke his mind and was silenced by his greatest literary rival.

The Life and Death of Thomas Lord Cromwell

Author : William Shakespeare
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