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Death Makes a Prophet

Author : John Bude
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Welworth Garden City in the 1940s is a forward-thinking town where free spirits find a home - vegetarians, socialists, and an array of exotic religious groups. Chief among these are the Children of Osiris, led by the eccentric High Prophet, Eustace K. Mildmann. The cult is a seething hotbed of petty resentment, jealousy and dark secrets - which eventually lead to murder. The stage is set for one of Inspector Meredith's most bizarre and exacting cases.

Israel s lamentation at the death of a prophet In a sermon on 1 Sam xxv 1 preached at the funeral of T Cawton etc

Author : Nathaniel VINCENT
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The Faithful Prophet A Sermon on Occasion of the Death of the Rev William Lowder Glover Etc

Author : John CAWOOD (Perpetual Curate of Bewdley.)
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The Death of a Prophet

Author : Stephen J. Shoemaker
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The oldest Islamic biography of Muhammad, written in the mid-eighth century, relates that the prophet died at Medina in 632, while earlier and more numerous Jewish, Christian, Samaritan, and even Islamic sources indicate that Muhammad survived to lead the conquest of Palestine, beginning in 634-35. Although this discrepancy has been known for several decades, Stephen J. Shoemaker here writes the first systematic study of the various traditions. Using methods and perspectives borrowed from biblical studies, Shoemaker concludes that these reports of Muhammad's leadership during the Palestinian invasion likely preserve an early Islamic tradition that was later revised to meet the needs of a changing Islamic self-identity. Muhammad and his followers appear to have expected the world to end in the immediate future, perhaps even in their own lifetimes, Shoemaker contends. When the eschatological Hour failed to arrive on schedule and continued to be deferred to an ever more distant point, the meaning of Muhammad's message and the faith that he established needed to be fundamentally rethought by his early followers. The larger purpose of The Death of a Prophet exceeds the mere possibility of adjusting the date of Muhammad's death by a few years; far more important to Shoemaker are questions about the manner in which Islamic origins should be studied. The difference in the early sources affords an important opening through which to explore the nature of primitive Islam more broadly. Arguing for greater methodological unity between the study of Christian and Islamic origins, Shoemaker emphasizes the potential value of non-Islamic sources for reconstructing the history of formative Islam.

Daniel the Prophet

Author : Edward Bouverie Pusey
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Nine lectures delivered in the Divinity school of the University of Oxford.

Elijah the Prophet

Author : William Mackergo Taylor
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Elisha the Prophet

Author : Alfred Edersheim
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Minor Prophets

Author : Henry Cowles
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Annotations upon the five bookes of Moses the Book of the psalmes and Song of songs or Canticles

Author : Henry Ainsworth
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That Unknown Country Or What Living Men Believe Concerning Punishment After Death

Author :
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An Exposition of the Old and New Testament

Author : Matthew Henry
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Brownson s Quarterly Review

Author : Orestes Augustus Brownson
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A Commentary on the Holy Scriptures Kings

Author : Johann Peter Lange
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Wisdom versus Satan on the stage of time by Elijah the prophet

Author : James A. Moncrieff
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The History of Islam After the Prophet s Death

Author : Mahdi Pishva'i
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This book presents the history of Islam and Arabian Peninsula before the advent of Islam and up till the death of the Prophet Muhammad. It starts giving an overview of the political, social and religious situation Arabian peninsula before the advent of Islam, then it provides an extensive biography of the birth and life of the Prophet Muhammad and the impact of his preaching to the Arab population, the oppositions and wars against the spreading of Islam, the Hijrah (great migration), up till the establishment of Islam as main religion of Arabian Peninsula, and text concludes the narration with the description of the The Farewell Pilgrimage and the political and religious implications of it and the description of the demise of the Prophet.

Just published The Prophet of Nazareth or a critical inquiry into the prophetical intellectual and moral character of Jesus Christ By E P M a Baillie Prize Essay Being critical notices of the work and extracts from the same

Author : Evan Powell MEREDITH
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The Minor Prophets

Author : Edward Bouverie Pusey
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Saints Herald

Author :
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History of the Christian Church from the Earliest Times to the Death of Constantine A D 337

Author : Frederick John Foakes-Jackson
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The Twelve Minor Prophets

Author : Carl Friedrich Keil
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