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Defiant Earth

Author : Clive Hamilton
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Humans have become so powerful that we have disrupted the functioning of the Earth System as a whole, bringing on a new geological epoch – the Anthropocene – one in which the serene and clement conditions that allowed civilisation to flourish are disappearing and we quail before 'the wakened giant'. The emergence of a conscious creature capable of using technology to bring about a rupture in the Earth's geochronology is an event of monumental significance, on a par with the arrival of civilisation itself. What does it mean to have arrived at this point, where human history and Earth history collide? Some interpret the Anthropocene as no more than a development of what they already know, obscuring and deflating its profound significance. But the Anthropocene demands that we rethink everything. The modern belief in the free, reflexive being making its own future by taking control of its environment – even to the point of geoengineering – is now impossible because we have rendered the Earth more unpredictable and less controllable, a disobedient planet. At the same time, all attempts by progressives to cut humans down to size by attacking anthropocentrism come up against the insurmountable fact that human beings now possess enough power to change the Earth's course. It's too late to turn back the geological clock, and there is no going back to premodern ways of thinking. We must face the fact that humans are at the centre of the world, even if we must give the idea that we can control the planet. These truths call for a new kind of anthropocentrism, a philosophy by which we might use our power responsibly and find a way to live on a defiant Earth.

Earth Law

Author : Anthony R. Zelle
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"This book is a collaborative effort by more than twenty law school professors and thought leaders across the globe. In addition to providing a text for a semester-long classroom curriculum, the book will include a compendium of ecocentric law that will serve as a comprehensive reference for practitioners"--

Secular Discourse on Sin in the Anthropocene

Author : Ernst M. Conradie
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In Secular Discourse on Sin in the Anthropocene: What’s Wrong with the World, Ernst M. Conradie utilizes a notion of social diagnostics to explore not only the surface-level symptoms of ecological destruction, but also its ultimate causes. Conradie uses two toolkits to review secular literature on the Anthropocene, namely the prophetic and pastoral vocabulary of Christian sin-talk and the theological critique against apartheid in South Africa. Various layers of the underlying problem are uncovered on this bases, including unsustainable “habits of the heart,” structural violence, the ideologies of unlimited economic growth and humanism, quasi-soteriologies such as climate engineering, idolatries such as self-divinization, and heresy. Conradie offers authentic discourse on the Anthropocene from the perspective of the global South, and includes a theological postscript to posit tentative suggestions as to what God may have in store for humanity in this time. Scholars of theology, environmental studies, and history will find this book particularly useful.

The Oxford Handbook of Global Studies

Author : Victor Faessel
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The Oxford Handbook of Global Studies provides an overview of the emerging field of global studies. Since the end of the Cold War, globalization has been reshaping the modern world, and an array of new scholarship has risen to make sense of it in its various transnational manifestations-including economic, social, cultural, ideological, technological, environmental, and in new communications. The editors--Mark Juergensmeyer, Saskia Sassen, and Manfred Steger--are recognized authorities in this emerging field and have gathered an esteemed cast of contributors to discuss various aspects in the field through a broad range of approaches. Several essays focus on the emergence of the field and its historical antecedents. Other essays explore analytic and conceptual approaches to teaching and research in global studies, and the largest section will deal with the subject matter of global studies, challenges from diasporas and pandemics to the global city and the emergence of a transnational capitalist class. The final two sections feature essays that take a critical view of globalization from diverse perspectives and essays on global citizenship-the ideas and institutions that guide an emerging global civil society. This Handbook focuses on global studies more than on the phenomenon of globalization itself, though the various aspects of globalization are central to understanding how the field is currently being shaped.

The Politics of the Anthropocene

Author : John S. Dryzek
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The Politics of the Anthropocene is a sophisticated yet accessible treatment of how human institutions, practices, and principles need to be re-thought in response to the challenges of the Anthropocene, the emerging epoch of human-induced instability in the Earth system and its life-support capacities. However, the world remains stuck with practices and modes of thinking that were developed in the Holocene - the epoch of around 12,000 years of unusual stability in the Earth system, toward the end of which modern institutions such as states and capitalist markets arose. These institutions persist despite their potentially catastrophic failure to respond to the challenges of the Anthropocene, foremost among them a rapidly changing climate and accelerating biodiversity loss. The pathological trajectories of these institutions need to be disrupted by advancing ecological reflexivity: the capacity of structures, systems, and sets of ideas to question their own core commitments, and if necessary change themselves, while listening and responding effectively to signals from the Earth system. This book envisages a world in which humans are no longer estranged from the Earth system but engage with it in a more productive relationship. We can still pursue democracy, social justice, and sustainability - but not as before. In future, all politics should be first and foremost a politics of the Anthropocene. The arguments are developed in the context of issues such as climate change, biodiversity, and global efforts to address sustainability.

A Girdle Round the Earth

Author : D. N. Richardson
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Hearts Defiant

Author : Cheryl Biggs
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Desperate to save his captured brother from being hanged, Confederate blockade runner Traynor Braggette commandeers a Union riverboat, but his plans are turned upside down by beautiful Yankee debutante Marci Colderaine. Original.

Earth s Morning or Thoughts on genesis

Author : Horatius Bonar
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The Earth and Its Inhabitants

Author : Elisée Reclus
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Wonders of the Heavens Earth and Ocean

Author : James Penny Boyd
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The Earth and Its Inhabitants Asiatic Russia

Author : Elisée Reclus
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The Great Events that are Coming Upon the Earth

Author : Isaac P. Labagh
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The Earth and Its Inhabitants West Africa

Author : Elisée Reclus
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Sons of Heaven and sons of earth a series of biblical sketches

Author : Henry Drury Cust Nunn
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Sussex Gorse

Author : Sheila Kaye-Smith
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Mother Earth Bulletin

Author : Emma Goldman
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Mother Earth a Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Social Science and Literature

Author :
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Rosicrucian Digest

Author :
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Between Heaven and Earth

Author : Otto Ludwig
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Only the Earth and the Mountains

Author : George Heinzman
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