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Different Like Coco

Author : Elizabeth Matthews
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Simple text and color illustrations present the life of Coco Chanel.

Gotcha Good Nonfiction Books to Get Kids Excited About Reading

Author : Kathleen A. Baxter
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This fifth Gotcha! book, aimed at public and school librarians and teachers, discusses well-reviewed and kid-tested nonfiction titles for third through eighth grade readers published in 2005-2007 with a few extra oldies but goodies added in. Chapters are built around the high- interest topics kids love. Irresistible book descriptions and book talks guide librarians and teachers to nonfiction books kids want to read. New features include numerous booklists to copy and save (similar to the bookmarks in Gotcha for Guys!) and profiles and interviews of some innovative authors such as Sally Walker, Kathleen Krull, Catherine Thimmesh, Steve Jenkins, Ken Mochizuki, and others. Grades 3-8. This fifth Gotcha! book, aimed at public and school librarians, as well as elementary and middle school teachers, discusses well-reviewed and kid-tested nonfiction titles for third through eighth grade readers published in 2005-2007 with a few extra oldies but goodies added in. Chapters are built around the high-interest topics kids love as the authors provide irresistible book descriptions to guide librarians and teachers to nonfiction books kids will want to read. Features include numerous booklists that can be copied and saved (similar to the bookmarks in the authors' Gotcha for Guys!), as well as profiles and interviews of some innovative nonfiction authors such as Sally Walker, Kathleen Krull, Catherine Thimmesh, Steve Jenkins, Ken Mochizuki, and others. Grades 3-8.

Coco Chanel

Author : Susan Goldman Rubin
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Award-winning author Susan Goldman Rubin introduces readers to the most well-known fashion designer in the world, Coco Chanel. Beginning with the difficult years Chanel spent in an orphanage, Goldman Rubin traces Coco’s development as a designer and demonstrates how her determination to be independent helped her gain worldwide recognition. Coco Chanel focuses on the obstacles Chanel faced as a financially independent woman in an era when women were expected to marry; as well as her fierce competition with the Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli; and some of her most memorable firsts for the fashion industry, including the little black dress, the quilted purse with gold chain, and the perfume Chanel No. 5. The book includes a bibliography, a list of where to see her work, and an index.

Different Minds

Author : Karen LaMantia
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"Union is not the biggest planet in the galaxy and is pretty much empty before the arrival of Project Noah on the Arc. What’s a planet to do, with all the new species vying for time and space? Find out what’s up on the new world as: War between microorganisms and humans seems eminent until the real origin of our species is revealed. Problems we face require the input of the different minds of many species to find live-giving solutions. People recall how to play the Game of Life to populate the new planet. Humans learn from their dolphin cousins and consult the planetary bio-computer for information and advice. The Four Directions pay a visit to give guidance to all. The new world order is Have Fun and Be Kind!

The Real Coco Chanel

Author : Rose Sgueglia
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Coco Chanel lived her own life as a romantic heroine. Fueled by 19th century literature, she built a life which was partly myth and partly factual. She was the fashion designer everyone admired. The business woman whose fortune was impossible to track. She was also a performer, lover of many high profile intellectuals and, as believed by many, a Nazi spy. Her life was, extraordinarily, affected by history (the Nazi movement and World War II), symbolism and literature. This biography explores her life from her troubled and poor past to the opening of her first hat shop, passions and secrets; the biography also draws parallelisms between myths and facts and how, and if ever, they match at all. The biography also features chapters on the Chanel Maison and the creation of her iconic trademark as well as her ‘little black dress’ and ‘Chanel No 5’. Finally, the biography ends with a reflection on how the myth of Coco Chanel is represented today in pop culture.

The Read Aloud Scaffold Best Books to Enhance Content Area Curriculum Grades Pre K 3

Author : Judy Bradbury
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This compendium of outstanding read-aloud choices for grades pre-K–3 will enrich and extend content area instruction, helping busy teachers to meet curriculum requirements within the confines of their busy schedules. • Detailed read-aloud plans created for trade books that scaffold learning across the curriculum in grades Pre-K–3 • Cites over 700 recently published children's trade books with annotations that correspond to content areas • Contains selections addressing a wide range of topics, including school and family matters, community, friendship, prejudice, and civil rights, as well as books containing funny stories, tall tales, nursery rhymes, and mysteries • Subject, title, and author indexes • Children's poetry anthologies to further scaffold learning in grades Pre-K–3 • Listings of wordless books and first-chapter books


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The Book Review Digest

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Pharmaceutical Journal

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Various Religious Beliefs and Practices in the Philippines

Author : Teodora T. Battad
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The Horn Book Guide to Children s and Young Adult Books

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Author : Axel Madsen
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Chronicles Gabrielle Chanel's remarkable climb from poverty to the forefront of the international fashion industry and explores her illustrious collection of friends and lovers

Rags To Riches At His Bidding A Home for Nobody s Princess The Rancher s Housekeeper Prince Daddy the Nanny

Author : Leanne Banks
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She makes his house a home...

Coco Butta Kids Tough Times

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Hobson Jobson

Author : Sir Henry Yule
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Coco Chanel Biography The Legend of The Fashion Industry Revealed

Author : Chris Dicker
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There's hardly a woman in the modern world today who hasn't heard of the Chanel brand. Yet, somewhat 50 years after Coco Chanel's death, her products and brand become more luxurious and expensive for those who can actually afford them. Coco Chanel's "simple, but sophisticated" fashion approach in the industry paved her way through difficult times of World Wars and depressions. Coco Chanel was not just a French fashion designer, she was a fighter who has mastered the art of advertising and self-promotion. Even though there was always somebody who helped her to open Chanel stores and distribute Chanel products, her talent and dedication to what she was doing was the obvious reason for her worldwide recognition among royalty families and businessmen. However, Coco Chanel was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth as she actually came from a very poor family background. That's why in this biography, you'll learn who Chanel was at an early age, and how she got up the ladder to a worldwide fame. It's a process that does not happen overnight and not easy to do, because of World War I, II, Nazis and the economic depressions in Europe and the United States. For few years Chanel was out of business, not because she failed bankruptcy, but because of the war and its dangers for Paris, France at this time, but just few years later she proved her "staying power" in the industry, and after a huge come back there was quite a demand and thirst for her products when things settled down for good. Perfume Chanel no. 5, Little Black Dress, Chanel Diamonds, Chanel Hats, Suits and Costumes were just a few of the most significant creations of the fashion designer. In fact, people like the former First Lady of the United States Jackie Kennedy wore a pink Chanel suit after the John F. Kennedy Assassination in Dallas, Texas. Chanel became a symbol of pain and horror after the terrifying events of the US President's assassination. Chanel also expanded her use of black colors over the years she felt that black was not only a symbol of mourning, but it also stood for a classic simplicity that was the hallmark of good taste and privilege. Chanel was also about elegance. It defined the fashion industry at this time as she invented completely different product lines and styles. She will forever have a place as an immortal icon in the fashion world. In this biography, you'll also learn more about Chanel's love affairs, relationships and some details of her personal life. Who really Chanel was as a person and what influenced her work to become extremely successful? Learn more about Chanel, it's more of just a brand or interlocked double C-logo, it's a legacy. Grab your copy now!


Author : Henry C. Woodrum
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Ten days before the D-day landings at Normandy, Lt. Henry Woodrum woke early to fly a combat mission that culminated in being shot down over the northern suburbs of Paris. Expected to be captured as he hung suspended in his parachute over Nazi-occupied France, Lt. Woodrum never lost hopeeven as he realized the Germans were trying to kill him before he hit the ground. Lt. Woodrums thirty-fifth combat mission flying the Martin Marauder B-26 was supposed to last just a few hours, but it ended up continuing three months as he struggled to survive in war-torn France. In his fascinating war memoir, Woodrum shares his true account of how he managed to evade capture while being aided by the French Undergroundsome of whom paid the ultimate price for their loyalty to the downed American pilot. Walkout not only relays the incredible story of a young American behind enemy lines during pivotal months of World War II but also illustrates the quiet heroism displayed by American airmen and the French Resistance during an unforgettable time in history. A true story of a B-26 pilots escape from the Nazis after bailing out over Paris. A must read! Col. William F. Nicol, USAFR, MC (Ret)

Children s Catalog

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Children s Book Review Index

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