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The Dog Encyclopedia for Kids

Author : Tammy Gagne
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Icelandic Sheepdogs are born with extra toes. Dalmatians are born without spots. Some Siberian Huskies have one blue eye and one brown eye. Learn all about the characteristics of various dog breeds and much more! Packed with amazing photographs and fun facts, dog owners and fans will get an in-depth look at these curious, lovable canines.

The Dog Encyclopedia for Kids

Author : Merriam Garcia
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This encyclopedia highlights 150 different dogs. Alongside colorful photographs of both adult dogs and puppies, readers learn about the history, appearance, and behavior of various breeds. Features include fact boxes, information about the AKC breed groups, notes about dog care, a glossary, additional resources, and an index. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Abdo Reference is an imprint of Abdo Publishing, a division of ABDO.

Encyclopedias for Kids Set

Author :
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Explore the deep oceans with sharks, take a ride with horses, and check out the many cat and dog breeds with these information-packed books. In the Encyclopedia for Kids series, learn about the behaviors, appearance, and history of these animals. Gain a greater understanding of how dogs and cats were domesticated, how often shark attacks occur, and how to care for horses. This Encyclopedia set is sure to leave readers with a greater understanding of some of the world's most well-known creatures. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Abdo Reference is an imprint of Abdo Publishing, a division of ABDO.

The Cat Encyclopedia for Kids

Author : Joanne Mattern
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"Previously published as twelve library-bound editions."

Caring for Dogs

Author : Tammy Gagne
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Encyclopedia for Kids

Author : Kita book
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Encyclopedia for kidsTeach your child learn to read by animals pictures. They say a picture is "worth a thousand words." But seeing how one picture and one word go together is how reading begins. This book have some ideas about how to use word books to help your kids get on a path to reading( for ages 2 to 7). It has more 100 lively and sharp common animal pictures: ...................................................................................................................Dog, hen, pig, sheep, pecock, heron, vulture, crow, gibbon, hedgehog, monkey, ant-eater, chimpanzee, Otter, rhinoceros, mongoose, wolf, hippopotamus, yak, indian bull, moose, giraffe, flamingo, robin, parrot, sparrowToucan, lion, buffalo, goat, tiger, squirrel, kangaroo, mouse, rabbit, armdillo, fox, koala, wild boar, hyenas, Panda, bear, raccoon, polar bear, cow, calf, camel, deer, elephant, cat, bat, cobra, donkey, horse, goose, quail, duck, swan, Turkey, pigeon, ostrich, dolphin, seahorse, whale, seal, shark, angelfish, jellyfish, shark, salmon, starfish, blowfish, coral, lionfishStingray, clownfish, goldfish, eel, crucian carp, carp, snakehead, air-breathing catfishSea snail, lobster, squid, octopus, seagull, puffin, penguin, pelican, eagle, hummingbird, swallow, kingfisher, hawl, Python, chameleon, crocodile, dragonfly, cetonia, fly, cricket, mantis, butterfly, gasshopper, green bottel flyLeaf insect, ant, cockroach, centipede, scorpion.

General Knowledge Fun Facts for Kids

Author : Mehtab Ahmed Khan
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Discover Best Kids encyclopedia Book Set age 6 and up. This first edition of Knowledge Encyclopedia is the perfect Fun Facts book for kids of all ages to go on an adventure through its pages. It covers the complexities of science, technology, space, nature, art, history, and culture, timelines, and cutting-edge graphics to make even the most complex subjects easy to understand. - Toddlerhood is an exciting time of learning for your child, full of big changes and plenty of chances to build their knowledge. - Contents - General Knowledge Fun Facts for Kids - The Tallest Tree in the World, Honey Bee, Why Does a Passenger Plane Fly Thousands of Feet?, Golden Plover, Western Tragopan the King of Birds, What is a Satellite Phone?, The Smallest Animals in the World, Pygmy Marmoset, Miniature Horse, Bee Hummingbirds, Philippine Tarsiers, Fennec Fox, Panda Cow, Pygmy Rabbit, Paedocypris, Golden Frog, Non-Renewable Energy Source, Petroleum, Coal, Natural gas, Nuclear energy, Our earth, High Speed Ant, Dragon Fly, The Story of the Thermometer, The Brightest Planet after the Moon, How chameleons Change Color, Lyrebird, A Bird that Mimics Different Sounds, Interesting and Unique Abilities of Some Animals, Wood Frog, Beautiful Zebra Stripes, Alcohol-Releasing Fish, A Shark that cannot Eat a Human, The World's Largest Lizard, Koala Beer, Strange and Weird Bird, The Four Smartest Animals in the World, Californian Squirrel, Cuttlefish, African lion, Orchid Mantis, Animals that are not Birds but can Fly, Flying fish, Octopus, Cocktail Beetle with Hidden Wings, Flying Snake, Some of the world's most Intelligent Animals, Gray Parrot, Elephant, Sea lion, chimpanzee, Man's Faithful Dog, African Baboon, Ant, Dolphin, Some Amazing Bugs, Desert Locust, Giraffe Weevil, Froghopper, Dragonfly, Cicada, Sunset Moth, Gravity is a Universal Force, The Oldest Plant, The Coldest Place in the World, Where the Sun does not Rise for Two Consecutive Months, What is Rainbow?, Human Bones, Camels Store Water in their Bloodstream, A Cloud can Weigh Over a Million Pounds, What is a Cactus Plant?, How is Snow Made?, Water Facts for Kids, Lightning Facts, Why is the Sky Blue?, What is Sound?, How do We Talk to Astronauts in Space?, How many Stars are there?, What is a power?, How big is a Bacteria?, What are Atoms?, What is Matter?, What are Elements?, What is Plastic made of?, What is a sensor?, What is a Continent?, How do volcanoes form?, Are earthquakes like volcanoes?, What are fat, protein and carbohydrates?, The national flag of the USA has 13 stripes and 50 white stars on blue background, Recycling Facts for Kids, Solar Energy Facts for Kids, Rocket Facts for Kids, Cat Facts for Kids, Fungi are Living Organisms, Radio Waves, Biodiversity, Why Do Ships and Ice Float?, Tulip Facts, Rose Facts, Global Warming Facts, Lotus Facts, Lily Facts, - Searchig Keywords: - general knowledge, kids general knowledge, books general knowledge, general knowledge for kids, fun facts for kids, fun facts, fun facts kids, book of fun facts, books general knowledge, encyclopedia for kids, kid encyclopedia, books for general knowledge, general knowledge books for kids, kids general knowledge books, general knowledge notebook, kids encyclopedia books, encyclopedia kids, kids encyclopedia age 10, kids encyclopedia kindle, kids encyclopedia set age 7 and up,

100 Things for Kids to Make and Do

Author : Mike Stockman
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"The New Guide To Dog Breeds" is a comprehensive visual encyclopedia of pedigree dog breeds from all over the world. The terriers, toys, sporting dogs, working dogs and non-working dogs are all included. The dogs are fully described breed-by-breed and such important characteristics as temperament, grooming, feeding and exercise needs, as well as average size are highlighted. Glorious photographs of each breed accompany the expert text. The perfect guide for those wishing to choose a breed to keep and for anyone interested in breeding and showing pedigree dogs either professionally or as a hobby. -- A comprehensive visual guide to more than 180 breeds from all over the world, from the lovable and familiar Golden Retriever and Springer Spaniel to the more unusual Hungarian Puli, Lhasa Apso, Bedlington Terrier, and Segugio Italiano. -- Fascinating descriptions of each breed including essential information on grooming, feeding, exercise needs as well as insights into each dog's typical character and temperament. -- A wonderful book for any dog-lover, beautifully illustrated with over 400 four color illustrations.

Cheyenne Dad

Author : Sheri WhiteFeather
File Size : 34.78 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Even champion bull rider Dakota Graywolf could not defy Cheyenne tradition. So when Annie Winters asked him to be her husband-and father to three Native American boys-he accepted with reluctance...and pride. Dakota expected his honor to bring a reward-his wife's passion. He longed to know voluptuous Annie in every way, every night. But she held their paper marriage like a shield, protecting her innocence. Still, this modern warrior would have this woman in his marriage bed. And she would cherish him body and soul... But how long before Dakota realized the only way to capture Annie...was to love her?

The Dog Encyclopedia

Author : Will Judy
File Size : 39.18 MB
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The New Dog Encyclopedia

Author : Henry P. Davis
File Size : 78.24 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Handy Answer Book for Kids and Parents

Author : Gina Misiroglu
File Size : 86.33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Kids ask the darndest things . . . and here are the answers—all in one helpful book! Anyone who has ever been a kid, raised a kid, or spent any time with kids knows that asking questions is a critical part of growing up. Kids have curious minds and they come up with some very interesting questions. But the truth is adults don't always know the answers. The Handy Answer Book for Kids (and Parents) comes to the rescue. Written with a child's imagination in mind, this easy-to-understand book is a launching pad for curious young minds and a life raft for parents at wits end. It addresses nearly 800 queries with enough depth and detail to both satisfy the curiosity of persistent young inquisitors and provide parents with a secure sense of a job well done. It'll equip every parent for those difficult, absurd, or sometimes funny questions from their kids, such as Is there life on Mars? Do rivers ever dry up? Why are there wars? Is there such a thing as a funny bone? Why do dogs bark? Why is the sky blue? Why do people have to grow old? Why do people speak different languages?

Dog Friendly Gardens Garden Friendly Dogs

Author : Cheryl Smith
File Size : 46.97 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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People love their dogs. They also love their gardens. But sometimes these two passions seem to be in conflict. Dog Friendly Gardens will show you how to design your garden with your dog in mind and be your guide to dog-friendly training efforts. Every part of this book shows you how garden design and gardening tasks can blend harmoniously with dog ownership. Just like a dog can be trained to respect your indoor living space, she can also be trained to respect the garden and its many features. Garden design, pet-safe products and dog friendly training.

Behavior Problems of the Dog and Cat3

Author : Gary M. Landsberg
File Size : 39.71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Revision of: Handbook of behavior problems of the dog and cat. 2003.

Popular Series Fiction for K 6 Readers

Author : Rebecca L. Thomas
File Size : 33.54 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Because of their popularity, books in series are great vehicles for fostering literacy among all types of readers, who are almost always adamant about reading every title in the series--in series order. Yet traditional information sources on children's and YA literature include very little about series fiction, so librarians often have difficulty managing this literature. This guide will be a rich resource and time-saver for librarians who work with children. It introduces users to the best and most popular fiction series of today, covering more than 1,000 series with over 10,000 titles, appropriate for elementary readers. Annotations also indicate series and titles accepted by some of the popular electronic reading programs (e.g., Accelerated Reading, Reading First). A numbered list of titles in the series follows.

Library List for Tennessee Schools Grades 1 12

Author :
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Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Sleeping Dog

Author : Donald J. Sobol
File Size : 27.99 MB
Format : PDF
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Will Wilford Wiggins finally part the kids of Idaville from their hard-earned allowances? Can Encyclopedia stop Sally from belting Bugs Meany into the next millennium? What happens when performance art comes to Idaville? To find the answers—and to solve the mysteries of the sleepy beagle and the shower singers—read the continuing adventures of the world's most famous boy detective!

Pet Business

Author :
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Hockey Trivia for Kids

Author : Eric Zweig
File Size : 27.95 MB
Format : PDF
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Fun hockey facts about all your favourite players and teams! Bob Nystrom's overtime goal in 1980 gave the New York Islanders their first of four straight Stanley Cup championships. After they won, Clark Gillies let his dog eat dog food out of the Stanley Cup bowl. When asked to explain, Gillies simply said, "Hey, he's a nice dog." Hockey Trivia for Kids is a must-have for any hockey fan - young or old! It includes tons of fun hockey facts, sure to entertain fans for hours. Learn about the top-scorers, stories about players, and the history of the game.

The Cumulative Book Index

Author :
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