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Dream Nothing Book

Author : Harmony Media
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The newest member of Harmony Books' popular Nothing series! Writing down your dreams while you still remember them can be invaluable. Instead of forgetting what your subconscious mind is telling you while you sleep, you can connect your dream self and your waking self by reading your dreams later on. The Dream Nothing Book offers 160 heavenly blue, cloud-filled pages for your most spectacular dreams and terrifying nightmares. Don't let your dream worlds slip away with the light of day; jot down all of the fantastic details in The Dream Nothing Book. A valuable journal for the dreamer in all of us, each page includes a place for the date and time of the dream. Do your dreams wake you at 3 A.M.? 5 A.M.? Are there weeks in between your dreams? Days? Each cloud-filled page is lined to help keep those predawn visions a little straighter and more legible. Not interested in the nightly adventures of your subconscious? Use The Dream Nothing Book for more practical matters -- keep a diary, plan a diet, compose love letters, write poetry, or keep the most romantic assignment book in school. The Dream Nothing Book -- let your imagination fill the skies.

The Ten Dollar Dream

Author : Aksana Palevic
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Nothing Left But a Dream

Author : Stephanie Ide
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A collection of heartfelt poetry that has been collected over a long journey and reflects on emotions.

If You Have a Dream a Dream to Chase Nothing Can Stop You Nothing Can Stop You

Author : Hrithik Reddy
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His Dream Interpreters

Author : Phantom Prophet
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Plenty of Nothing

Author : Thomas I. Palley
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This work offers an alternative to conventional economic wisdom. It aims to provoke debate amongst economists and the general public about the most stubborn problems in the American economy.

Nothing Happens Unless First We Dream

Author : Hafiz Aldino
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Notebook for your dreams and their interpretations (An Interactive Dream Journal) With dream quotes Dreams are precious gifts. They are windows to your innermost self and through them you can learn more about your subconscious feelings, increase your self-awareness, access your creativity and be guided by your inner wisdom. This DREAM JOURNAL helps you record your dreams and guides you in interpreting their significance with the help of prompting questions and checkboxes.

There Is Nothing Like A Dream To Create The Future

Author : Burnside Notebooks
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120 blank lined pages. Victor Hugo quote.

Much ado about nothing Love s labour s lost Midsummer night s dream Merchant of Venice As you like it Taming of the shrew All s well that ends well Twelfth night

Author : William Shakespeare
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Much ado about nothing Midsummer night s dream Love s labors lost Merchant of Venice As you like it

Author : William Shakespeare
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Book of Dreams 1811 1812 1813 Dreams experienced in magnetic sleep related by A B Edited with interpretations by George Baldwin

Author : A. B.
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Much ado about nothing Love s labour s lost Midsummer night s dream Merchant of Venice As you like it Taming of the shrew All s well that ends well

Author : William Shakespeare
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Dream Hunter Bailey Spade Series Book 2

Author : Dima Zales
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What was missing from my life? A crazy cult that worships the ancient god of nightmares, that’s what. When I break my most sacred vow and invade my mom’s dreams, things get complicated, fast. With Valerian’s help, I’m on a quest to boost my powers and learn to forgive myself—all while saving my home world from complete annihilation at the hands of deranged cultists. In other words, a regular Wednesday.

God Has a Dream for Your Life

Author : Sheila Walsh
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"I believe that God wants to teach us how to dream again. I believe too that he wants to fulfill our dreams. It might not be in the way we anticipate, but if we are open to his heart, this great adventure will change us. It's a risky business to dream, for dreaming leaves us open to disappointment. But I think that when we stop dreaming, a part of us dies. So I say it's time to dream again, knowing that with God, nothing is impossible! Perhaps like Dorothy and Toto we might be in for the ride of our lives!" Sheila uses stories from The Wizard of Oz, World Vision, her family, and the Bible to help women catch a vision for God's love for them and His desire to work through them, freeing them to dream again.

The Dream Songs

Author : John Berryman
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The Dream Songs is widely seen as Berryman's masterpiece, an impressively vast and varied collection of poems that is in itself a single, sprawling, ever-shifting poem. The songs in this great work are thus offered in many different tones, moods, and guises, although their form, Berryman's idiosyncratic reworking of the sonnet, remains more or less constant. Combining all of Berryman's earlier 77 Dream Songs (which won the 1965 Pulitzer Prize) and His Toy, His Dream, His Rest (which won the 1969 National Book Award), this one-volume edition contains no fewer than 385 entries in what the critic Denis Donoghue has called Berryman's "dream diary." The book also has an index of first lines, an index of titles, and a note by the author.

The Stone Messiahs Book Three The Dream Seekers

Author : Mr Kit Gleave
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In a bid to escape their dying world the Cad a Hoi send out dreaming stones across the galaxy. Some are found by the Taff-Taff while out in space dredging for materials with which to build new realms around their sun. But something goes wrong, bringing terrible consequences. The Realm of Agryen para Noranach becomes infected by ghouls and is ruled by fear and superstition. The Taff-Taff, unlike the Cad a Hoi, do not dream except for some children who, considered possessed, are doomed to a grisly end at the hands of the fanatical Archimandrite. Hope lies in the young Infanta, Tiopany Agryen. Aided by a strange apparition she meets in dreams Tiopany embarks on a quest to save her people. The dangers escalate as she grows to womanhood and the forces of the evil Archimandrite mount against her. Tiopany struggles to understand her mission. Who is her guardian angel, what is meant by the enclosure where she must lead her people, and, more importantly, who can she trust


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ENDLESS DREAMS is a true story about the BulletBall Guy 'never ever giving up' even in the face of complete failure. His faith in God and the love of his wife has led him to a place of immeasurable happiness. Join him on a journey of survival in the wilderness of life...

The Girl With No Dreams

Author : Deepak Gupta
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I always asked mom about my father but she always told me, ‘Your father came for a night to ruin my whole life.' A Story about Dreams, Hope and Death. Oh, I am sorry. I’m extremely sorry; I usually forget to introduce myself. I’m Amanda, a plain sailing girl who loves to explore love and life in an adventurous way. Everyone has a story for being a different personality and I have also. I was born poor to raise my old mother instead of she raised me. I am glad that my old mother gave me my first home for nine months. Happiness is hard for our family and sometimes even the hardest. I know when babies born, they cry but when I was born, I and my mom both were crying because I had entered the world where cruelty is always the first choice. I had never seen my father so I was never called to be daddy’s princess but a normal girl who has no right to see her dreams, not even when I am sleeping.

Yehya An American Dream A Celebrity Insider

Author : Alessandra Mattanza
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Hearing Yehya's story about how he made it in America and about all the celebrities he met and loves is an experience by itself. His story is one of the American Dream, as an immigrant from Egypt who arrived in LA with only his dreams, starting as a handy man, making sacrifices, working hard, and dreaming about Hollywood ever since he was a child.

The Poor Kid With Rich Dreams

Author : Duku Fore
File Size : 74.41 MB
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" We were just poor kids with rich dreams. Dreams so rich our parents couldn't afford to believe in them. Making us feel like they didn't believe in us " - DukuDuku talks too much. He was only 10 years old when his family emigrated from a Ugandan refugee camp to Australia. As a refugee, life in Australia had already been proving to be difficult. But Duku had a lot of dreams, and nothing - not being a victim of bullying, nor his speech impediment and being expelled from his school - could stop him from going after everything he has ever dreamed off. Even though life in Australia was hard, Duku always had his loving family by his side. Together, they overcame the different culture shocks by learning the new language, getting used to the new foods and making a life for themselves. Their parent's sacrifice and work ethics were the inspiration Duku and his 6 siblings needed to help ignite their dreams.Duku's two best friends Adam and Boni were always around when there was something to laugh about or a dream to chase. But after managing to graduate high school and getting into university, Duku made a spontaneous decision to travel to the other side of the world to eat a sandwich!The video on YouTube about the sandwich was so inspiring that Duku didn't know it would lead him to getting lost in Hong Kong, becoming an illegal migrant in Thailand and speaking at the UN Headquarters in New York just for him to achieve his dream!An inspiring figure, Duku's story will move and amuse you as he discovers his rich dreams.