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Economic and Social History of Medieval Europe

Author : Henri Pirenne
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First published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

A Social and Economic History of Medieval Europe

Author : Gerald Augustus John Hodgett
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This excellent summary of the social and economic history of Europe in the Middle Ages examines the changing patterns and developments that took place between the fall of the Roman Empire and the discovery of the New World.

An Economic and Social History of Later Medieval Europe 1000 1500

Author : Steven Epstein
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This book examines the most important themes in European social and economic history from the beginning of growth around the year 1000 to the first wave of global exchange in the 1490s. These five hundred years witnessed the rise of economic systems, such as capitalism, and the social theories that would have a profound influence on the rest of the world over the next five centuries. The basic story, the human search for food, clothing, and shelter in a world of violence and scarcity, is a familiar one, and the work and daily routines of ordinary women and men are the focus of this volume. Surveying the full extent of Europe, from east to west and north to south, Steven Epstein illuminates family life, economic and social thought, war, technologies, and other major themes while giving equal attention to developments in trade, crafts, and agriculture. The great waves of famine and then plague in the fourteenth century provide the centerpiece of a book that seeks to explain the causes of Europe's uneven prosperity and its response to catastrophic levels of death. Epstein also sets social and economic developments within the context of the Christian culture and values that were common across Europe and that were in constant tension with Muslims, Jews, and dissidents within its boundaries and the great Islamic and Tartar states on its frontier.

Medieval Suffolk

Author : Mark Bailey
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The first volume in what will become the definitive history of Suffolk looks at how the county survived the three most tumultuous events of the period, the Great Famine, the Black Death and the Peasants' Revolt, to emerge as one of the richest English regions.

Economic and Social History of the Middle Ages

Author : James Westfall Thompson
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The Rural History of Medieval European Societies

Author : Isabel Alfonso
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This collection gathers a number of scholars to reflect on recent developments in medieval rural history in their respective countries. Each individual contribution surveys recent areas of research, significant results, as well as perspectives for the future. This is meant not only to provide a deeper insight into how medieval rural studies relate to current debates in the social sciences, but also to help understand the connections between specific national historiographic traditions and present-day research issues in their historical context. By comparing different European regions one can see more clearly the similarities and the differences and this is a truer means of constructing syntheses and for identifying fruitful future lines of research.

The Cambridge Economic History of Europe Volume I The Agrarian Life of The Middle Ages Second Edition

Author :
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Medieval and Reformation Germany to 1648

Author : Lawrence D. Stokes
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Irish Economic and Social History

Author :
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Transport and Communication in Early Medieval Europe AD 500 1100

Author : Albert C. Leighton
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Economic and Social History of Europe in the Later Middle Ages

Author : James Westfall Thompson (historien).)
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A Short History of Western Civilization

Author : John Baugham Harrison
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A History of Western Society From antiquity to the Enlightenment

Author : John P. McKay
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A Syllabus for the Study of Medieval Times

Author : Lowell Joseph Ragatz
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Directory of Postgraduate Studies 2002

Author : Hobsons Publishing, PLC
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General Catalogue

Author : Santa Barbara State Teachers College
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The Economy of Renaissance Florence

Author : Richard A. Goldthwaite
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Clarifies and explains the complex workings of Florence's commercial, banking, and artisan sectors. This book focuses on the urban economy of Florence itself, including various industries, merchants, artisans, and investors.

The Catalogue of the State University of Iowa

Author : State University of Iowa
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Scottish Economic Social History

Author :
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Archaeological Approaches to Medieval Europe

Author : Kathleen Biddick
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In bringing together these papers, Archaeological Approaches to Medieval Europe demonstrates the need for active participation of different disciplines in formulating questions about and interpretations of material culture in the Middle Ages. It celebrates the coming of age of historical archaeology, of which medieval archaeology is a subdiscipline. The papers collected are striking for their diversity of approaches and subject matter. They reflect the spirit of an open area excavation where specialists from many disciplines with diverging methodologies meet and work side by side. No paper is specifically devoted to an excavation report, although the majority of contributors made use of data from such reports. The collection is intended primarily as a sampler, but a thematic unity emerges around the potential of archaeological approaches to contribute to a political ecology of the medieval period. The volume is an indispensable offering for archaeologists and historians of the Middle Ages seeking an appraisal of the state of the young discipline of medieval archaeology.