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The Oxford Handbook of Egyptology

Author : Ian Shaw
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The Oxford Handbook of Egyptology offers a comprehensive survey of the entire study of ancient Egypt, from prehistory through to the end of the Roman period. Authoritative yet accessible, and covering a wide range of topics, it is an invaluable resource for scholars, students, and general readers alike.

Scripture chronology Egyptology glottology and ethnology etc in answer to Mr Williams in his review on the above subjects By J Cumming and R P Blakeney

Author : John CUMMING (D.D., Minister of the Scottish National Church, Crown Court, and BLAKENEY (Richard Paul))
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Egyptology The Missing Millennium

Author : Okasha El Daly
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Egyptology: The Missing Millennium brings together for the first time the disciplines of Egyptology and Islamic Studies, seeking to overturn the conventional opinion of Western scholars that Moslims/Arabs had no interest in pre-Islamic cultures. This book examines a neglected period of a thousand years in the history of Egyptology, from the Moslem annexation of Egypt in the seventh century CE until the Ottoman conquest in the 16th century. Concentrating on Moslem writers, as it is usually Islam which incurs blame for cutting Egyptians off from their ancient heritage, the author shows not only the existence of a large body of Arabic sources on Ancient Egypt, but also their usefulness to Egyptology today. Using sources as diverse as the accounts of travelers and treasure hunters to books on alchemy, the author shows that the interest in ancient Egyptian scripts continued beyond classical writers, and describes attempts by medieval Arab scholars, mainly alchemists, to decipher the hieroglyph script. He further explores medieval Arab interest in Ancient Egypt, discussing the interpretations of the intact temples, as well as the Arab concept of Egyptian kingship and state administration—including a case study of Queen Cleopatra that shows how the Arabic romance of this queen differs significantly from Western views. This book will be of great interest to academics and students of archaeology, Islamic studies and Egyptology, as well as anyone with a general interest in Egyptian history.

Egyptology at the Dawn of the Twenty first Century

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Encompasses the research of over 350 of the world's leading Egyptologists

Anthropology and Egyptology

Author : Judith Lustig
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Egyptology and the Social Sciences

Author : Kent R. Weeks
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Tutankhamen and Egyptology

Author : Samuel Alfred Browne Mercer
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Modern Trends in European Egyptology

Author : European Association of Archaeologists. Meeting
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Contents: Egypt on its Way to an Early State: The Nile Delta and the Valley (Tatjana A. Sherkova); Ancient Memphis and the Helleno-Roman World: A Short Note (Galina A. Belova); Among the Hidden Treasures of the National Archaeological Museum in Athens: Searching for Forgotten Mummies (Amanda-Alice Maravelia); Les Figurines Obscenes de la Collection Egyptienne du Musee Municipal de Limoges (Ashraf Alexandre Sadek); From the History of Archaeology: The Destruction of the Late Antiquity Necropolises in Egypt reconsidered (Maya Mueller); Knowledge Engineering at the Russian Institute for Egyptology in Cairo and at the CES/RAS, Moscow (Edward Loring); The Shifting Foundation of Ancient Chronology (Leo Depuydt); Sothic Dates in Egyptian Chronology (Anne-Sophie Goddio-von Bomhard); Looped Pile Weaves at the Benaki cation of Techniques and the Technology Museum: More Observations on the Classi of Textiles (Sophia Tsourinaki); Origins of the Sd-Festival: On the History of a Hypothesis (Alexej A. Krol).

Current Research in Egyptology 2006

Author : Maria Cannata
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The Seventh annual Current Research in Egyptology Symposium (CRE 2006) was held on 6-8 April 2006, at the University of Oxford, and brought together graduate and postgraduate students of Egyptology from institutions world-wide. A total of 44 students presented their new and on-going research on a variety of topics including archaeology, art and architecture, history and society, literature and language, religion, museum studies, scientific analysis, history of Egyptology and 'egyptomania, ' spanning the entire period of Egyptian history from Predynastic to Coptic times. The papers published here cover the same wide range of research areas and multi-disciplinary approaches.

British Egyptology 1549 1906

Author : John David Wortham
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Current Research in Egyptology 2005

Author : Rachel Mairs
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The sixth annual Current Research in Egyptology symposium took place from 6th-8th January 2005 at the University of Cambridge. Although the topics covered by the papers were many and varied, if there is a general theme it would be that of exploring the borders and parameters of the discipline of Egyptology. Contents: Preface; Symposium papers not included in this volume; Bringing Egypt out of academia: Outreach and inclusion in the Petrie Museum (Yvette E Balbaligo); Pepi I and the Temple of Satet at Elephantine (Richard Bussmann); The unique Amun-Re at Luxor Temple (Andras Gulyas); Ostraca, literature and teaching at Deir el-Medina (Fredrik Hagen); Children and the dead in New Kingdom Egypt (Nicola Harrington); 'It is better to be silent than speak in vain': The challenge of producing proverbs in Demotic and Greek (Nikolaos Lazaridis); Egyptian artefacts from Central and South Asia (Rachel R Mairs); Investigating Ancient Egyptian Towns: A case study of Itj-tawy (Claire Malleson); A study of Ramesside royal women's tombs in the Valley of the Queens (Heather Lee McCarthy); Designing materials for language self-instruction: A case study of Middle Egyptian (Anne Morrison); New consideration on Campbell's Tomb (Mike Stammers); The material significance of Predynastic and Early Dynastic palettes (Alice Stevenson); Egyptian royal women and diplomatic activity during the New Kingdom (Georgia Xekalaki).

The Queen of Egyptology Amelia B Edwards

Author : William Copley Winslow
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Current Research in Egyptology 2000

Author : Angela McDonald
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A collection of 17 papers by graduate students, taken from a symposium held at Oxford in 2000, presenting new and on-going research on a variety of aspects of Egytptian society, art, culture and history. Subjects include: royal sculpture, women's public health, dental health, transportation of quarried stone, tomb construction, Byzantine Egypt, and much more.

Afroasiatic Linguistics Semitics and Egyptology

Author : Carleton Taylor Hodge
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Essays by Carleton Hodge on Semitics, Egyptian, Afroasiatic, Chadic, and Indo-European languages; edited by Drs. Scott Noegel and Alan S. Kaye, who have added a brief explanatory introduction to each.

Current Research in Egyptology II

Author : Ashley Cooke
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This volume publishes a selection of nine papers from the 2001 CRE conference held in Liverpool. Written with the aim of fostering the exchange of ideas and presenting new research, the multi-disciplinary papers discuss: the use of the double and triple uraeus in royal iconography (Sally-Ann Ashton); the organisation and mobilisation of Old Kingdom quarry labour forces at Chephren's quarry (Geber el-Asr) Lower Nubia (Elisabeth Bloxham); excavations at Theban tomb KV 39 (Ian Buckley); an Old Kingdom town at Zawiet Sultan (Zawiet Meitin) in Middle Egypt (Nadine Moeller); Egypt and Mycenaean Greece (Georgina Muskett); the age of the Sphinx and the development of the Giza necropolis (Colin Reader); the transition to state society in Egypt (Joanne Rowland); single mother goddesses and divine kingship (Geoffrey Tassie); morphological variations in Egyptian crania (Sonia Zakrzewski) .

Studies in Egyptology and Linguistics

Author : Hans Jakob Polotsky
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Catalogue of the Library of the Czech Institute of Egyptology

Author : Český egyptologický ústav. Knihovna
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This is a useful listing of the volumes in the library of the Institute of Egyptology, a helpful source of bibliographic information. While this sort of information is nowadays better presented online, the volume may be of interest to scholars because of the titles from Eastern Europe and Russia which the Czech Institute has available in its collections.

The Egyptological Library of Elmar Edel

Author :
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Egyptology at the Dawn of the Twenty first Century Archaeology

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This comprehensive three-volume set marks the publication of the proceedings of the Eighth International Congress of Egyptologists, held in Cairo in 2000. This massive and impressive 1693-page work encompasses the research of over 350 of the world's leading Egyptologists--writing in English, French, or German--and contains over 600 illustrations. A dedicated team of editors, proofreaders, and designers worked hard for three years to bring all the disparate elements of this publication--including photographs, tables, graphs, hieroglyphs, hieratic script, and Greek, Arabic, Coptic, and Hebrew fonts--together to create a work that is a benchmark in Egyptological publishing. Organized thematically to reflect the breadth and depth of the material presented at the Congress, these papers provide a survey of current Egyptological research at the dawn of the twenty-first century. The proceedings include the eight 'Millennium Debates' led by esteemed Egyptologists, addressing key issues in the field, as well as nearly every paper presented at the Congress. The 248 papers cover the whole spectrum of Egyptological research, and contain many photographs, maps, and plans, that are published here for the first time. Grouped under the themes of archaeology, history, religion, language, conservation, and museology, these contributions together form the most comprehensive picture of Egyptology today. Contributors include: John Baines, Zahi Hawass, Antonio Loprieno, William J. Murnane, Aly Radwan, Donald Redford, Edna Russmann, Helmut Satzinger, Regine Schulz, W. Kelly Simpson, Hourig Sourouzian, Herman te Velde, Kent Weeks

Bulletin of the Egyptological Seminar

Author :
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