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Fields of Home

Author : Marita Conlon-McKenna
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The final book in the famine trilogy For Eily, Michael and Peggy the memory of the famine is still strong. But Mary-Brigid, Eily's first child, has the future to look forward to. What kind of future is it? Ireland is in turmoil, with evictions, burnings, secret meetings, fights over land. Eily and her family may be thrown off their farm. Michael may lose his job in the big house. And Peggy, in America, feels trapped in her role as a maid. Will they ever have land and a home they can call their own? Eily, Michael and Peggy have once shown great courage. Now this courage is called on again … The other titles in the Famine trilogy are Under the Hawthorn Tree and Wildflower Girl. A study guide to Under the Hawthorn tree is also available.

The Fields of Home

Author : Ralph Moody
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The fatherless Moody family moved from Colorado to Medford, Massachusetts, in 1912, when Ralph was entering his teens. "I tried as hard as I could to be a city boy, but I didn't have very good luck," he says at the beginning of The Fields of Home. "Just little things that would have been all right in Colorado were always getting me in trouble." So he is sent to his grandfather's farm in Maine, where he finds a new set of adventures.

The Green Fields of Home

Author : John I. Mosher, Ph.d.
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The author's vivid memories of growing up on a small family farm in rural New York State amidst the "green fields of home" provides the setting for captivating stories of a boyhood from a simpler time. It was a time of small towns and small farms, hard physical work and cooperation, of family gatherings and warmth. Each chapter tells a story-sometimes humorous, sometimes harrowing-but always through the lens of family support and love. This is also the story of life on a farm when work horses were still a major source of power. The farm operations through the seasons are recalled in vivid detail. The past comes alive for readers long removed from daily contact with the land. It is evident that life in the country instilled a love of outdoors and nature in the young boy who eventually became a Professor of Biological Sciences-Ecology.

Gendered Fields

Author : Diane Bell
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Virtually all anthropologists undertaking fieldwork experience emotional difficulties in relating their own personal culture to the field culture. The issue of gender arises because ethnographers do fieldwork by establishing relationships, and this is done as a person of a particular age, sexual orientation, belief, educational background, ethnic identity and class. In particular it is done as men and women. Gendered Fields examines and explores the progress of feminist anthropology, the gendered nature of fieldwork itself, and the articulation of gender with other aspects of the self of the ethnographer.

Home Field

Author : Bobby Hawthorne
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"The promise of an empty football field is an irresistible force for those who understand and revere the game," Jeff Wilson observes. Drawn by the sense of possibility and nostalgia inherent in every stadium, Wilson traveled the state of Texas to photograph high school stadiums for a photo essay that appeared in Texas Monthly in August 2005. The magazine's readers responded with an outpouring of enthusiasm, and Wilson's photo essay was nominated for a prestigious National Magazine Award. In Home Field, Wilson creates a unique photo portrait of nearly eighty Texas high school football stadiums, ranging from the bright lights, artificial turf, and seating for thousands at Southlake Carroll to the lone set of bleachers under the wide open sky in Veribest. Shot from the fifty-yard line facing the home stands, these photographs invite us to view each stadium from the same vantage point and experience it as an evocative place that holds a community's collective memories. Accompanying the photographs are reminiscences about the fields from players, coaches, team physicians, athletic directors, sportswriters and announcers, school superintendents, principals and teachers, band directors, maintenance workers, booster club parents, students, and fans. Their stories—whether funny, nostalgic, or poignant—reveal just how important high school football is to Texans and how it creates an unforgettable sense of community and camaraderie. Sure to bring back memories as soon as you open the book, Home Field captures what football is supposed to be—"simple and pure, like a perfect spiral arcing gracefully across the sky."

Fields of Grace Devotional Thoughts

Author : George Gaffga
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As I sit down to write a second devotional book my goal is to provide encouragement for living the Kingdom of God in the here and now. I would also like to challenge us, stretch us and comfort us. I say us because I am a fellow traveler on this journey of faith. I have had many of the same struggles, disappointments and failures, and also have been refreshed by the exuberant grace of our God. Jesus said the way to life is narrow. He did not mean exclusive or difficult. He meant that people don't want to be students. For those willing to make the effort they will discover his yoke is easy and his burden is light. Those who think it hard have looked at Jesus from too far a distance. I love this quote from G.K. Chesterton: "Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried."

Target Field The New Home of the Minnesota Twins

Author :
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Field Guide to Home Buying in America

Author : Stephen M. Pollan
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Covers home selection, financing, real estate agents, negotiation, contracts, title, closing, insurance, and moving

Home Field Advantage

Author : Justin Tuck
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Imagine the toughest, meanest-looking, strongest NFL player you can. Now imagine him growing up while being bossed around and pushed around by his five older sisters. The comical scenes are endless and Justin shows that toughness comes in all forms. Illustrations from newcomer Leonardo Rodriguez to make a picture book that appeals to a wide audience.

Tomato Plant Culture In the Field Greenhouse and Home Garden

Author : J. Benton Jones, Jr.
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The tomato is the second most widely grown vegetable crop in the world and the number one vegetable grown in home gardens in the U.S. Rich in Vitamins A and C, tomato fruit contains the antioxidant lycopene. A recent long-term medical study indicates that individuals who regularly consume fresh tomatoes or processed tomato products are less likely to develop certain forms of cancer than those who do not. Tomato Plant Culture: In the Field, Greenhouse, and Home Garden provides comprehensive factual information about tomato plant culture and fruit production, beneficial to plant scientists and commercial field and greenhouse growers as well as the home gardener. Data compiled focuses on the more recent literature, including information about the cultural characteristics of the plant; fruit production and related quality factors; and environmental and nutritional requirements for both field- and greenhouse-grown plants.

Graphic Standards Field Guide to Home Inspections

Author : Stephen Gladstone
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Quick, reliable answers to your most common on-site questions When you're in the field, you never know what you'll come across. The Wiley Graphic Standards Field Guide to Home Inspections gives you fast access to the information you need when you're on-site and under pressure. Presented in a highly visual and easily portable format, the Graphic Standards Field Guide to Home Inspections is organized according to CSI's Masterformat standards of practice. It covers everything from inspection preparation to on-site safety, conveying the most common answers with practical instruction about home inspections that the professional inspector, architect, engineer, or contractor needs to access quickly out in the field to evaluate an existing residential property. The Field Guide to Home Inspections extends the Graphic Standards experience outside of the office and into the field, with: Quick access to essential information wherever you are Graphic Standards-quality details accompanied by real-world photographs of the common conditions you'll find in residential buildings Illustrations that help you troubleshoot problems, along with on-the-spot solutions Compact format that's easy to reference and carry along The Graphic Standards Field Guide to Home Inspections is the ideal companion for the on-the-go professional home inspector.

Level Playing Fields

Author : Peter Morris
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Ben-Zion Gold's memoir brings to life the world of a million Jews in pre-World War II Poland who were later destroyed by the Nazis. Warmly recalling the relationships, rituals, observances, and celebrations, Gold evokes the sense of family and faith that helped him through the catastrophe that followed.

Jake Maddox Home Field Football

Author : Jake Maddox
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Mason is the newest addition to the Clearwater Middle School football team. His new team is nothing like his old one. The coach doesn't have much time for practice, the field and equipment are old and worn, and no one even wants to be quarterback. Can Mason help out his new home team?

At Home and in the Field

Author : Suzanne S. Finney
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Crossing disciplinary boundaries, At Home and in the Field is an anthology of twenty-first century ethnographic research and writing about the global worlds of home and disjuncture in Asia and the Pacific Islands. These stories reveal novel insights into the serendipitous nature of fieldwork. Unique in its inclusion of "homework"—ethnography that directly engages with issues and identities in which the ethnographer finds political solidarity and belonging in fields at home—the anthology contributes to growing trends that complicate the distinction between "insiders" and "outsiders." The obligations that fieldwork engenders among researchers and local communities are exemplified by contributors who are often socially engaged with the peoples and places they work. In its focus on Asia and the Pacific Islands, the collection offers ethnographic updates on topics that range from ritual money burning in China to the militarization of Hawai'i to the social role of text messages in identifying marriage partners in Vanuatu to the cultural power of robots in Japan. Thought provoking, sometimes humorous, these cultural encounters will resonate with readers and provide valuable talking points for exploring the human diversity that makes the study of ourselves and each other simultaneously rewarding and challenging.

Protecting Food Safety When Shooting Field Dressing Bringing a Deer Home

Author :
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Your Spiritual Home Field Advantage A Book about Intimate Relationships

Author : Lisa Brabo
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Intimate Relationships can be a struggle. Hard to figure out. . Is your relationship right for you? . Why do some people find their perfect mates and others do not? . Can you "re-fresh" a relationship that's gone stale? What is a fresh, healthy relationship like? . Does everyone have a one-and-only true love? . Is love at first sight possible? . Do you feel alone in your relationship, but aren't sure what to do about it? . How can you feel so strongly about someone but that person not feel the same about you? . What does your relationship say about you? In Your Spiritual Home Field Advantage: A Book About Intimate Relationships, Dr. Brabo explores these perplexing questions and offers a model for understanding and thriving in the crazy world of love.

The Log Home Maintenance Guide A Field Guide for Identifying Preventing and Solving Problems

Author : Gary Schroeder
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Provides information on a variety of maintenance issues found in log homes, covering such topics as insects and pests, caulking and chinking, finishes, decks, log restoration, and roofs.

Fields of Play

Author : Noel Dyck
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Thousands of children participate in community sports every year, enjoying recreation time with their peers, getting healthy exercise, and learning a variety of personal and group skills. At the same time, children's sports are not without controversy: parents can be overly invested in their children's exploits, competitive success is often the focus, and rising costs can limit participation. Consider, too, that these activities, billed as being for the kids, are often overlaid with other agendas by the adults who volunteer, work, and generally support children's sports. Noel Dyck incorporates nearly two decades of ethnographic field research into this anthropologically informed account that illustrates how all those involved in children's sports—boys and girls, parents, coaches, and sport officials—shape these complex, vibrant fields of play. In the process, he explores larger questions and debates about contemporary family and community and the shaping of childhood, youth, and adulthood. Bridging anthropology, sport studies, and childhood studies, Fields of Play offers a rich understanding of an area that has, to date, gained relatively little attention by social scientists.

Yielding the Harvest of a Ripe Field Preparing to go Home

Author : Johnnie L. Pharms
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Constructing the Field

Author : Vered Amit
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Ethnographic fieldwork is traditionally seen as what distinguishes social and cultural anthropology from the other social sciences. This collection responds to the inte nsifying scrutiny of fieldwork in recent years. It challenges the idea of the necessity for the total immersion of the ethnographer in the field, and for the clear separation of professional and personal areas of activity. The very existence of 'the field' as an entity separate from everyday life is questioned. Fresh perspectives on contemporary fieldwork are provided by diverse case-studies from across North America and Europe. These contributions give a thorough appraisal of what fieldwork is and should be, and an extra dimension is added through fascinating accounts of the personal experiences of anthropologists in the field.