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Fields of Home

Author : Marita Conlon-McKenna
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The final book in the famine trilogy For Eily, Michael and Peggy the memory of the famine is still strong. But Mary-Brigid, Eily's first child, has the future to look forward to. What kind of future is it? Ireland is in turmoil, with evictions, burnings, secret meetings, fights over land. Eily and her family may be thrown off their farm. Michael may lose his job in the big house. And Peggy, in America, feels trapped in her role as a maid. Will they ever have land and a home they can call their own? Eily, Michael and Peggy have once shown great courage. Now this courage is called on again … The other titles in the Famine trilogy are Under the Hawthorn Tree and Wildflower Girl. A study guide to Under the Hawthorn tree is also available.

The Fields of Home

Author : Ralph Moody
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The fatherless Moody family moved from Colorado to Medford, Massachusetts, in 1912, when Ralph was entering his teens. "I tried as hard as I could to be a city boy, but I didn't have very good luck," he says at the beginning of The Fields of Home. "Just little things that would have been all right in Colorado were always getting me in trouble." So he is sent to his grandfather's farm in Maine, where he finds a new set of adventures.

The Cotton Fields of Home

Author : Sarah Haley Head
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Will Campbell, reared in poverty and restrictive religious beliefs, endures the slavish labor of a tenant farmer's, while facing death from floods, rabid dogs and, finally, war.

Titles of Completed Theses in Home Economics and Related Fields in Colleges and Universities of the United States

Author :
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Home Environments

Author : Irwin Altman
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The present volume in the series focuses on homes, residences, and dwellings. Although many fields have had a long-standing interest in different aspects of home environments, the topic has recently come to the forefront in the interdisciplinary environment and behavior field. Researchers and theorists from many disciplines have begun to meet regularly, share ideas and perspectives, and move the investigation of psychological, social, and behavioral aspects of home environments to the central arena of environment and behavior studies. This volume representative-though not comprehensive attempts to provide a sampling of contemporary perspectives on the study of home environments. As in previous volumes, the authors are drawn from a variety of disciplines, including environmental design fields of architecture and planning, and from the social science fields of psychology, sociology, anthropology, and history. This diversity of authors and perspectives makes salient the principle that the study of homes in relation to behav ior requires the contributions of many disciplines. Moreover, the chap ters in this volume reflect an array of research and theoretical view points, different scales of home environments (e.g., objects and areas, the home as a whole, the home as embedded in neighborhood and communities, etc.), design and policy issues, and, necessarily, a com parative and cross-cultural perspective. Home environments are at the core of human life in most cultures, and it is hoped that the contributions to this volume display the excite ment, potential, and importance of research and theory on homes.

Fields of Grace Devotional Thoughts

Author : George Gaffga
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As I sit down to write a second devotional book my goal is to provide encouragement for living the Kingdom of God in the here and now. I would also like to challenge us, stretch us and comfort us. I say us because I am a fellow traveler on this journey of faith. I have had many of the same struggles, disappointments and failures, and also have been refreshed by the exuberant grace of our God. Jesus said the way to life is narrow. He did not mean exclusive or difficult. He meant that people don't want to be students. For those willing to make the effort they will discover his yoke is easy and his burden is light. Those who think it hard have looked at Jesus from too far a distance. I love this quote from G.K. Chesterton: "Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried."

Home Missions Annual Report of the Presbyterian Board of Home Missions

Author : Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Board of Home Missions
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The Landscape of Home

Author : Jeff Lee
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An anthology of some of the most evocative writing focusing on our vast natural heritage, along with pieces that address pressing land issues facing the West. This collection not only paints a vivid portrait of life in the Rocky Mountains, it also presents some of the finest nonfiction writing to be found in America today. This is a perfect selection that is bound to sink reader's roots deeper in the landscape of home.

Fields of Combat

Author : Erin P. Finley
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"If you consider Iraq—like I do, probably twenty-nine out of thirty days—to be the pinnacle of your life, then where do you go from there? And I'm sure that a lot of veterans feel that way. To them, that was it. That was everything. So now what? They have to find something meaningful and purposeful." "When I got back from Afghanistan, there was not even so much as a briefing that said, 'Let us know if you're having problems.' There wasn't so much as a phone number. There was literally nothing." "I knew it was crazy. I was thinking, the guy on the roof's either a sniper or he's going to radio ahead. And then I thought, this is San Antonio. There's not snipers on the roof, nobody's going to blow me up here." "Whenever I look at people back here at home, I know what they're going to look like dead. I know what they look like with their brains blown out or jaws blown off or eyes pulled out. When I look at somebody I see that, to this day." —Voices of veterans interviewed in Fields of Combat For many of the 1.6 million U.S. service members who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001, the trip home is only the beginning of a longer journey. Many undergo an awkward period of readjustment to civilian life after long deployments. Some veterans may find themselves drinking too much, unable to sleep or waking from unspeakable dreams, lashing out at friends and loved ones. Over time, some will struggle so profoundly that they eventually are diagnosed with post-traumatic stress Disorder (PTSD). Both heartbreaking and hopeful, Fields of Combat tells the story of how American veterans and their families navigate the return home. Following a group of veterans and their personal stories of war, trauma, and recovery, Erin P. Finley illustrates the devastating impact PTSD can have on veterans and their families. Finley sensitively explores issues of substance abuse, failed relationships, domestic violence, and even suicide and also challenges popular ideas of PTSD as incurable and permanently debilitating. Drawing on rich, often searing ethnographic material, Finley examines the cultural, political, and historical influences that shape individual experiences of PTSD and how its sufferers are perceived by the military, medical personnel, and society at large. Despite widespread media coverage and public controversy over the military's response to wounded and traumatized service members, debate continues over how best to provide treatment and compensation for service-related disabilities. Meanwhile, new and highly effective treatments are revolutionizing how the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides trauma care, redefining the way PTSD itself is understood in the process. Carefully and compassionately untangling each of these conflicts, Fields of Combat reveals the very real implications they have for veterans living with PTSD and offers recommendations to improve how we care for this vulnerable but resilient population.

Reminiscences of an Octogenarian in the Fields of Industrial and Social Reform

Author : Joshua King Ingalls
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The Fields of Abucay

Author : Winford Lewis Allen
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A love story set in the picturesque country of Ireland, with its majestic mountains and rolling emerald green valleys, a somber place where you fall in love. Christina O'Riley was working in New York at a dead end job, until a call from a lawyer in Ireland changed her life forever. An Uncle, whom she never knew existed, had left her his entire estate. What she didn't know was the mysteries that surrounded Willlington Castle and the two hundred-year-old portrait of a man that would change her life forever. To unlock the secrets would put her life in danger, Until . . . Reece Wellington a handsome and arrogant ghost living in the castle for over two hundred years falls in love with the green-eyed beauty, Christina O'Riley. He knew the secrets she was searching for, but was hesitant in telling her, until he gained her trust and unlocked the passionate fire inside her. He vowed to protect her from the evils of the castle, what he wasn't prepared for was the hurt and pain he would cause her. As Christina searches deeper into her heritage, her life in threatened by the secrets behind Wellington Castle and her love for Reece is jeopardized in her search for the truth. There love for each other only brings about conflict. How could they build a life together, when they were separated by the afterlife of time, and what was in store for them when they finally committed to the haunting love they both tried to resist.

Agricultural Change and Peasant Choice in a Thai Village

Author : Michael Moerman
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Fields of Play

Author : Noel Dyck
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Thousands of children participate in community sports every year, enjoying recreation time with their peers, getting healthy exercise, and learning a variety of personal and group skills. At the same time, children's sports are not without controversy: parents can be overly invested in their children's exploits, competitive success is often the focus, and rising costs can limit participation. Consider, too, that these activities, billed as being for the kids, are often overlaid with other agendas by the adults who volunteer, work, and generally support children's sports. Noel Dyck incorporates nearly two decades of ethnographic field research into this anthropologically informed account that illustrates how all those involved in children's sports—boys and girls, parents, coaches, and sport officials—shape these complex, vibrant fields of play. In the process, he explores larger questions and debates about contemporary family and community and the shaping of childhood, youth, and adulthood. Bridging anthropology, sport studies, and childhood studies, Fields of Play offers a rich understanding of an area that has, to date, gained relatively little attention by social scientists.

Home Mission work

Author : Thomas Cochrane (Minister of the Pleasance Church, Edinburgh.)
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Home Rule in Greenland

Author : Isi Foighel
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Home Rule was implemented in Greenland in 1979.

Fields of Dreams

Author : Donald Minehart
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Home Mission Monthly

Author :
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Delivering Home based Services

Author : Susan F. Allen
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Service providers are increasingly called upon to serve clients at home, a setting even a seasoned professional can find difficult to negotiate. From monitoring the health of older populations to managing paroled offenders, preventing child abuse, and reunifying families, home-based services require models that ensure positive outcomes and address the ethical dilemmas that might arise in such sensitive contexts. The contributors to this volume are national experts in diverse fields of social work practice, policy, and research. Treating the home as an ecological setting that guides human development and family interaction, they present rationales for and overviews of evidence-based models across an array of populations and fields of practice. Part 1 provides historical background and contemporary applications for home-based services, highlighting ethical, administrative, and supervision issues and summarizing the social policies that shape service delivery. Part 2 addresses home-based practice in such fields as child and adult mental health, school social work, and hospice care, detailing the particular population being treated, the policy and agency context, theories and empirical data, and practice guidelines. Part 3, the editors present a unifying framework and suggest future directions for home-based social work.

The Fields of Great Britain

Author : Hugh Clements
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Strategic Guidelines for the EU s Next Justice and Home Affairs Programme Steady as She Goes HL 173

Author : Great Britain: Parliament: House of Lords: European Union Committee
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Review of the Stockholm Programme (2010-2014) and recommendations for the successor JHA programme.