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Fluff the Farting Fish

Author : Michael Rosen
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A brand-new creation from this hilarious collaboration between the famous poet and the exceptional illustrator! Elvie is desperate for a puppy that she can train up to do amazing tricks. One day Mum went out to get the puppy. What?!!! Really??? A puppy??? Yes!!! How brilliant is that????!!!! And she came back with the puppy. What?!!! Really???? A puppy??? Well, actually, She came back with... .....a fish. But Elvie, desperate to fulfill her dream of having a performing pet, trains the fish. He can't sit, he won't bark on command, but he does have a very special fishy talent all of his own.

An universal etymological English dictionary The twenty first edition etc

Author : Nathan BAILEY
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Best of The Total Outdoorsman

Author : T. Edward Nickens
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"Be a total outdoorsman. T. Edward Nickens and the experts at Field & Stream share their collective wisdom to demystify the natural world around us, revealing the essential outdoor skills handed down from generation to generation. The Best of the Total Outdoorsman provides tried-and-true techniques and tactics that will inspire new adventures and expand the proficiency of the most grizzled experts."--Page [4] of cover.

The University of Chicago Spanish English Dictionary Fifth Edition

Author : David A. Pharies
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Incorporating new words and meanings from both languages, a revised dictionary offers speakers of both Spanish and English a bilingual resource with thousands of new entries, language and grammar guides, and pronunciation keys.

A New English Dictionary

Author : John Kersey
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Master and God

Author : Lindsey Davis
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From New York Times bestselling novelist Lindsey Davis comes an epic novel of first-century Rome and the Emperor Domitian, known to all of the Roman world as Master and God Set in the reign of the Emperor Domitian in first-century Rome, Master and God is Lindsey Davis's meticulously researched epic novel of the life and times surrounding the last of the Flavian dynasty of emperors. Gaius Vinius is a reluctant Praetorian Guard—the Emperor's personal guard—and a man with a disastrous marriage history. Flavia Lucilla is also in the imperial court and she is responsible not only for having created the ridiculous hairstyle worn by the imperial ladies but for also making toupees for the balding and increasingly paranoid emperor. The two of them are brought together in an unlikely manner—a devastating fire in Rome—which then leads to a lifelong friendship.Together they watch Domitian's once talented rule unravel into madness and cruelty, until the people closest to him conspire to delete him from history. As an imperial bodyguard, Vinius then faces a tough decision. Master and God is a compelling novel of the Roman Empire—from the height of power to the depths of madness—told from the perspective of two courtiers and unlikely friends who together are the witnesses to history.

The Scots Word Book

Author : William Graham
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Author : Paul Dickson
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An updated, categorically arranged dictionary of American slang and popular culture features more than ten thousand entries that cover such topics as the Internet, extreme sports, the drug culture, politics, entertainment, business, and more, along with introductory narratives and sidebars that reveal how terms and phrases relate to the subcultures that spawned them.

Publication of the American Dialect Society

Author :
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Author : American Dialect Society
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American Speech

Author : Louise Pound
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Comparative Kadai

Author : Kenneth Lee Pike
File Size : 36.58 MB
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Contains thirteen papers on these Kadai languages: Kam, Sui, Maonan, Mulam, Mak, Then, Ai-Cham, Be, Hlai (Li) and Lakkia.

An Index by Region Usage and Etymology to the Dictionary of American Regional English Volumes I and II

Author : Allan A. Metcalf
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Duke University Press publishes the index to the Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE). DARE, which William Safire has called the most exciting linguistic project going on in the United States, documents the English language as it has been spoken for more than three hundred years. The index organizes words according to region, usage, and etymology and is an essential companion to DARE.

English Basque Basque English Dictionary

Author : Joseph Eiguren
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Language and Culture in Persian

Author : Paul Sprachman
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"This book is a full course in Persian Lite. It offers sophisticated insights into the language without requiring months of laborious study. The book will interest both general readers and language specialists, especially autodidacts who want to learn about the languages and cultures of the modern Middle East and Central Asia but do not have time for formal language instruction. The type of language and culture awareness the book promotes not only helps one understand the way millions of people communicate in Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, and Tajikistan, but it also fosters an awareness of basic features of Arabic, Hindi, Kashmiri, Pashto, and other languages that have either contributed to the development of modern Persian or have been influenced by it.".

A Dictionary of the Northern Dialect of Lisu China and Southeast Asia

Author : David Bradley
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Consumer Health Nutrition Index

Author :
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Tagalog English English Tagalog Dictionary

Author : Carl R. Galvez Rubino
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Tagalog, also known as Pilipino, is the national language of the Philippines and has over 17 million speakers worldwide. Now expanded and completely updated, this best-selling reference is designed for students of Tagalog and native or heritage Tagalog speakers in need of a bilingual dictionary. Filipino Americans number over 3.8 million, making them the second largest Asian American community after Chinese Americans. Large Filipino immigrant communities are also found in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Japan and Australia. Tagalog Standard Dictionary: Revised & Expanded Edition includes a grammatical introduction to the language, a vocabulary appendix with numbers and menu terms. It provides over 20,000 total dictionary entries, with idiomatic expressions, slang, loan words and derivations.

A Concordance to the Complete Poems of E E Cummings

Author : Kate McBride
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An English and Spanish dictionary of slang and unconventional language

Author : Delfín Carbonell Basset
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Este diccionario abarca las palabras y frases de uso familiar, corriente e informal de los idiomas castellano peninsular e inglés americano que no se reseñan en los léxicos bilingües. Incluye las voces que los nativos emplean en la vida cotidiana y que el foráneo siempre desconoce. Analiza de forma exhaustiva cada voz o registro, clasificándolo, definiéndolo en lenguaje normal estándar, acompañado de su traducción y sinónomos y ejemplificando el uso. The one and only English-Spanish Dictionary of Slang. The words and phrases standard dictionaries do not carry. The everyday language of Americans and Spaniards. The four-letter words, insults, terms of endearment, sexist innuendoes, and more, that you will hear from native speakers. A tool for translators, teachers, writers, interpreters. A must for those who wish to know the Spanish and English of everyday life. Nowhere else will you find such a treasure of tabbo and unconventional English and Spanish.