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Fluff the Farting Fish

Author : Michael Rosen
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A brand-new creation from this hilarious collaboration between the famous poet and the exceptional illustrator! Elvie is desperate for a puppy that she can train up to do amazing tricks. One day Mum went out to get the puppy. What?!!! Really??? A puppy??? Yes!!! How brilliant is that????!!!! And she came back with the puppy. What?!!! Really???? A puppy??? Well, actually, She came back with... .....a fish. But Elvie, desperate to fulfill her dream of having a performing pet, trains the fish. He can't sit, he won't bark on command, but he does have a very special fishy talent all of his own.

100 Children s Books

Author : Colin Salter
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Colin Salter is the co-author of Everything You Need to Know About Everything You Need to Know About Inventions. He is a history and science writer with a fascination for how things work, and how they used to work. He has written about everything, including

Burping Bertha

Author : Michael Rosen
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On an ordinary morning, in an ordinary flat, an up-till-now perfectly ordinary Bertha does an extraordinary burp. A burp so extraordinary, it knocks things over. A burp so humongously big that very soon it's causing havoc in the school canteen, the playground, not to mention her grandad's apple trees... Such a burptastic secret cannot stay quiet for long. And soon enough it lands Bertha her very own celebrity stardom...but is it all just a lot of hot air?

In a Fishbone Church

Author : Catherine Chidgey
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When Clifford Stilton dies, his son Gene crams his carefully kept diaries into a hall cupboard – but Clifford's words have too much life in them to be ignored, and start to permeate his family's world. Clifford taught Gene about how to find rocks and fossils, and about how to kill birds and fish. Gene passes on a similar inheritance to his daughters, Bridget and Christina – they have their own ways of digging and discovering the past, keeping an account of life, watching out for the varieties of death that lie hidden. Etta their mother tells a very different story of her 1940s childhood. In a Fishbone Church spans continents and decades. From the Berlin rave scene to the Canterbury duck season, from the rural 1950s to the cosmopolitan present, these five vivid lives cohere in a deeply affecting and exhilarating novel. In a Fishbone Church, Catherine Chidgey's acclaimed debut, won the Hubert Church Award for Best First Book in the Montana New Zealand Book Awards, the Adam Award, the regional Commonwealth Prize for Best First Novel, and a Betty Trask Award in the UK, where it was also longlisted for the Orange Prize. First published in 1998, it has been a bestseller in New Zealand and has been published around the world.

An universal etymological English dictionary The twenty first edition etc

Author : Nathan BAILEY
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Reise Know How Kauderwelsch Australian Slang English Down Under Kauderwelsch Sprachf hrer

Author : Elfi H. M. Gilissen
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Der Versuch, die Grundkenntnisse des Oz-Talk zu erlernen, sollte für jeden Besucher des fünften Kontinents Voraussetzung für diesen Abstecher sein. Den Slang Australiens prägen natürlich die Aussies selbst, und die sind vom Naturell her eher deftig, ein wenig rauh (wie ihr Land), meist aber herzlich. Gesprochen wird nach dem Motto "nur so viel wie nötig, dafür so schnell wie möglich". Böse Zungen behaupten, Aussies müssten so schnell sprechen und dabei den Mund kaum aufmachen, um sich vor lästigen Fliegen zu schützen, die, sitzen sie erst einmal zwischen den Zähnen, dem Geschmack des Bieres abträglich sind. Werden dazu noch silbenweise Wörter verschluckt, die Reste aber mit unverständlichen Kunstwörtern vermischt, dann kann die Verständigung schon schwierig werden. Aber "no worries", um sich auf den Ernstfall vorzubereiten, dafür gibt es ja dieses Buch! Was man von einer Sprache in der Schule lernt, ist eine Sache, was man wirklich spricht, eine andere. Für Reisende, die nicht nur verstanden werden möchten, sondern auch verstehen wollen, "was Sache ist", bieten die Slang-Titel der Kauderwelsch-Reihe Wörter, Sätze und Ausdrücke der Umgangssprache, die man täglich hört, aber vom Lehrer verschwiegen wurden und auch kaum im Wörterbuch zu finden sind.

Everything I Know About Women I Learned from My Tractor

Author : Roger Welsch Motorbooks International
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Favorite Recipes of California Winemakers

Author : Wine Advisory Board
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This cookbook is dedicated to a simple, well-known truth: good food is even better with wine. This book features recipes from more than 200 dedicated vintners and their families who have have contributed more than 500 time-tested recipes.


Author :
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A Life of Gratitude

Author : Beth Reed
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In April 2009, my daughter knowing the journey I was on, asked me to join her as she tried to make her life more positive. She suggested that her grandmother, she and I email each other daily with things we were grateful for. Her hope was that it would brighten her outlook on life and make her a more positive person. What follows are selected emails from that journey and how her simple request changed my life. My wish for you today is that you take what my daughter has started and make it your own.

Christian Ludwig Teutsch Englisches Lexicon

Author : Christian Ludovici
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The Best of The Total Outdoorsman

Author : T. Edward Nickens
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"Be a total outdoorsman. T. Edward Nickens and the experts at Field & Stream share their collective wisdom to demystify the natural world around us, revealing the essential outdoor skills handed down from generation to generation. The Best of the Total Outdoorsman provides tried-and-true techniques and tactics that will inspire new adventures and expand the proficiency of the most grizzled experts."--Page [4] of cover.

Field Stream Best of Total Outdoorsman

Author : T. Edward Nickens
File Size : 39.17 MB
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One of the most successful books on the outdoors of recent times is now back in a new paperback edition! Field & Stream: Best of Total Outdoorsman contains over 500 tips on everything from hunting, fishing and campsite cooking as well as survival advice to stay safe in the great outdoors. With practical information for the beginner and advanced outdoorsman, this updated paperback edition of Weldon Owen’s bestselling Outdoorsman books contains field-tested tips on everything outdoors, from pitching a tent in the snow to building a fire in the rain, to making a cozy shelter from a pile of leaves. Readers will fish smarter, hunt better, and learn to survive even the most unexpected situations. The latest of Weldon Owen’s successful Outdoor titles, which have sold over 1 million copies to date, compiles the practical and inspirational guidance from T. Edward Nickens, Editor-at-Large for Field & Stream magazine and contributing editor of Audubon magazine, and puts it in a more affordable package.

Linguistic Archaeology

Author : Edo Nyland
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Both of Edo Nyland's theses are in contradiction to current opinions of linguists, who tend to suppose polygenesis of language families and language changes caused by natural evolution. Unbelievable? Edo Nyland gives many convincing proofs in this book: There are hundreds of examples of words, taken from different languages, being decoded by the same method, revealing their hidden meaning. The decoding method is successfully applied to the translation of the forgotten language OGAM, the remains of which are found on standing stones of Ireland, Scotland and North America. Other currently available translations of Linear-B Text on Cretan clay tablets, supposed to be written in ancient Greek, and of the enigmatic book AURAICEPT of the Benedictine monks, supposed to written in Celtic language, have been considerably improved by the same decoding method. Edo Nyland's, web site, where he presents the contents of this book, has been selected as a featured site in Lightspan's StudyWeb as one of the best educational resources on the Web. The book can be read easily by interested laymen. Scholars of linguistics, stone-age and medieval history, religion and anthropology might use this book for a critical revision of their current paradigms.

A New English Dictionary

Author : John Kersey
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How Not to Drown

Author : Jaimee Wriston
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From WILLA Literary Award-winning author Jaimee Wriston comes a novel for fans of Jami Attenberg and Elizabeth Strout about a former model whose undisciplined granddaughter turns her fastidious, controlled life upside down, forcing her to confront what she values. Amelia MacQueen has lost her favorite son, Gavin, to a suspicious drowning, for which her daughter-in-law has been convicted. She’s been awarded temporary custody of Gavin and Cassie's twelve-year-old daughter, Heaven, a name that makes Amelia cringe. Reluctantly, she takes Heaven in, but asks the girl to call her Grandmelia instead of Grandma, a name that doesn't make Amelia feel quite so old. The daughter of drug addicts, who has long been left to her own devices, Heaven does not appreciate her grandmother’s constant critical ministrations, and the pair quickly butt heads. She instead bonds with Uncle Daniel, Amelia's older, agoraphobic son, who never leaves his bedroom. Through the wall between their rooms, Daniel spins Celtic tales for Heaven from the Isle of Skye, where the family's ancestors lived, including fifteen-year-old Maggie, who mysteriously disappeared crossing the Atlantic many years ago. Heaven decides that the best way to deal with bullying at school is to become a siren from one of Uncle Daniels's stories. She sings "drowning songs" in the swim team pool, luring mean girl Bethany Harrison under at the deep end. Then, Amelia comes home one day to find her granddaughter serving Oreos to the cops who picked her up for "snaking" junk food from the neighborhood. As much as Amelia loved Gavin, Heaven is the last thing Amelia would have asked for, but when Heaven goes missing during a dangerous storm one night, Amelia is forced to reexamine her outlook on family. In vivid prose, Jaimee Wriston tells a wry multi-generational tale of redemption, exploring the bonds that make and break a family and the transformative power of storytelling.

Christian Ludwig s Complete Dictionary English and German and German and English

Author : Christian Ludovici
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Danny Baker s Silly Olympics The Wibbly Wobbly Jelly Belly Flop 100 Unofficial

Author : Steve Hartley
File Size : 59.60 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A bumper bind-up of the first two hilarious DANNY BAKER stories (THE WORLD'S BIGGEST BOGEY and THE WORLD'S AWESOMEST AIR-BARF) – plus a sensational new story – THE SILLY OLYMPICS! (100% Unofficial!). Cheer Danny and his friends on as they bravely attempt to break the World Record for Jelly Belly Flopping, Custard Pie Flinging and Picking Up Baked Beans While Wearing Boxing Gloves! The competition is tough, but Danny is determined to hop, skip and boing his way to a gold medal (and a new World Record!).

Norwegian Dictionary

Author : Forlang A.S. Cappelens
File Size : 81.23 MB
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First published in 1994. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.


Author : Paul Dickson
File Size : 56.93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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An updated, categorically arranged dictionary of American slang and popular culture features more than ten thousand entries that cover such topics as the Internet, extreme sports, the drug culture, politics, entertainment, business, and more, along with introductory narratives and sidebars that reveal how terms and phrases relate to the subcultures that spawned them.