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Football Mad

Author : John Goodwin
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Four goal-scoring books in one! ·Mark's Dream Team ·Nice One, Sam! ·There's Only One Danny Ogle ·The Worst Team in the World Kick it, pass it, head it, cross it, live it, dream it - SCORE! If you're mad about football, you'd be mad to miss this book! Four awesome stories about all kinds of players - some great, some rubbish, some fair, some foul - all MAD ABOUT FOOTBALL! Whether you like to play football, watch football, wear your team's shirt, or just love kicking a ball around the garden, there's a story in here for you. Black and white illustrations throughout.

Football Mad

Author : Igloo Books Ltd
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With 4 noisy sounds, join in with the crowd as they clap and cheer at the most exciting match of the season!

Football Mad 2

Author : Paul Stewart
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Football mad Dad

Author : Sue Mongredien
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Jake Jones has got the best left foot in his school. But Jake's dad is football-mad, and insists on standing at the sidelines causing havoc - until one day Mr Jones is given the red card.

Football Mad 4

Author : Paul Stewart
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The boys from St Botolph's are facing their sternest test yet, a battle for the Charity Shield against St Botolph's Girl's Team They're feeling cocky, until they watch the girls train. Suddenly the heat is on - and it's not the girls feeling the pressure. This match is not going to be a walkover.

Football Mad

Author : Stuart Coupe
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Mad About Football

Author : Judith Heneghan
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Find out how to perfect your skills, from dribbling and passing to scoring and saving goals, play competitively for a club and expand your abilities into captaining a team. Whether you're new to football or looking to develop your skills, this book will tell you everything you need to know, from finding out what are the best things about being able to play football well to discovering what it takes to become a champion footballer. Discover advice from experts and top tips on how to improve, plus a quiz so you can find out how mad about football you really are! The Mad About series of books helps children age 8+ perfect a variety of hobbies and skills, from art and cartoons to football and gymnastics.

Football Mad Libs

Author : Matthew Doyle
File Size : 32.26 MB
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ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME! Football Mad Libs: Touchdown is the ultimate set of American football mad libs. Hire new defensive coordinators, give interviews, and more! Complete story after story and laugh along with your friends and family. It's time for you to be the author of your very own football themed story. How are you going to tell it? BONUS: Double the mad libs for TWICE the fun!

Football Mad 3

Author : Paul Stewart
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St Botolph's are hoping for a cup final hat trick. Danny is worried that he won't even get to play. The new coach has it in for him and Danny feels victimised, but why? For sure, if he can't get it sorted, the hat trick will be just a dream.

Football Crazy

Author : Greg Williams
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Razor sharp follow-up to the bestselling Diamond Geezers, depicting the harrowing rise and fall of Gazza-type football star, Lee Sweeney. A savage insight into the life of a celebrity. Lee Sweeney may be England's best footballer in a decade, but he's also the number one tabloid anti-hero. His marriage has gone bad, his club is struggling for success, he's being asked to throw games in return for hefty bribes, and his squaddie brother, Colin, is out of the army and out to torment him. His agent's bent. His wife keeps running off to Florida with her mother. He's fallen for a page-three princess. He's mad for booze. He's mad for fame. He's mad for money. He's football crazy.

Football Forfeits

Author : Zac Marks
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Are you looking for the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for your football-mad kid or teenager? Football Forfeits is a great way for kids to stay fit, have loads of fun, and take on their mates with a whole host of different challenges! Best of all, there are over thirty forfeits to choose from for the loser of each round! Football Forfeits can be used when meeting up with mates for a regular kickaround or as an activity for a birthday party or football-themed sleepover! It can be played by just two people or by a large group and games can take place in a garden or at the park. So, if you know someone who loves football, likes a laugh, and doesn't mind taking a risk, then let's go! It's time for some Football Forfeits! Football Forfeits is recommended for ages 10+. Please note that many of the forfeits are similar to those in other books in the series.

Football MAD Activity Book

Author : Jack Silas
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★The ULTIMATE football activity book for football mad kids!★ The perfect gift for dedicated footy fans everywhere. Book contents: * Match em' ups * Ultimate team selections * Design your own boots * Spot-the-difference * Colouring pages * Create your mascots * Design your own kits * Word searches * Mazes * Design your own club crests * Design your own cups Book details: * 21.5 x 28 cm * High quality silky matte cover * High quality white pages

Mad for It

Author : Andy Mitten
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SOCCER (ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL). A celebration of the classic football derby matches. From the Celtic--Rangers rivalry and Tyneside derby to the biggest global clashes from Barcelona to Buenos Aires, journalist Andy Mitten uses the fans' own words and stories to illuminate the conflicts, tensions, histories and culture behind these fascinating games. These are football matches that are far more than a game. Often a microcosm of life in a city, there are countless rivalries between clubs which are steeped in a historical enmity based on class, religion, politics, envy or philosophy. This in turn provides a fresh and revealing insight into the people who make these matches matter -- the fans -- using their own words and stories to illuminate the conflicts, tension and histories behind the games. He also interviews players, managers, politicians, local journalists and agents drawing out differing opinions and perspectives on the beautiful game.

A Football Compendium

Author : Peter J. Seddon
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The second edition of this indispensable guide to British (not American) football contains over 7,000 entries arranged in fourteen chapters. With greatly increased coverage of football films and music, every facet of association football from 1863 to the present is covered. Knowledgeable essays, reviews, and annotations guide the reader through the wealth of UK literature. This is a significant addition to the literature of association football, and required reading for collectors and fans of the game.

The Mad Dog 100

Author : Chris Russo
File Size : 42.15 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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THE ESSENTIAL BOOK FOR ANY SPORTS FAN, FROM ONE OF THE REIGNING KINGS OF SPORTS TALK RADIO, CHRISTOPHER “MAD DOG” RUSSO Which was the greater achievement, Ted Williams’s .406 season or Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak? Who’d be left standing in a battle between Joe Louis and Mohammed Ali? Which NBA team was the greatest of all time—the ’66–’67 Celtics? The ’71–’72 Lakers? What about the ’95–’96 Bulls? Who would dominate the ultimate Pebble Beach showdown—Ben Hogan or Tiger Woods? Who was the most important athlete of the twentieth century? You’re a sports fan. You love a good argument and you’ll defend your position as fervently as Michael Jordan at crunch time. You’ll analyze games and terrible calls, throw out stats to prove a point, and heatedly debate whether a player is an overachiever—or merely overpaid. Now, in his long-awaited and completely original book, Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo sets up and breaks down the one hundred greatest sports arguments of all time. In classic Mad Dog style, each chapter tackles a classic sports debate and takes sides with the clear, step-by-step opinions that have made Russo one of the top radio personalities in the country. The Mad Dog 100 covers it all: from baseball (Who really should go to Cooperstown?), to basketball (Chamberlain, Russell, or Shaq: who’s the NBA’s most dominant center ever?), to football (Who is the greatest NFL quarterback ever?), to hockey (What are the greatest hockey dynasties of all time?)—and is a catch-all of other crucial modern-day sports questions like: Is instant replay really worth it? What’s the true role of performance-enhancing drugs? Are salary caps really necessary? Whether you’re reading The Mad Dog 100 or debating these sports arguments with friends, this is the definitive companion for any self-respecting sports fan.

Eat Coach Sleep Repeat

Author : Gem Publishing
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Grab this amazing Notebook to help put some organization into your life or someone else's life! This would be a fantastic gift for any loved one for any occasion.

King Football

Author : Michael Oriard
File Size : 57.58 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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King Football: Sport and Spectacle in the Golden Age of Radio and Newsreels, Movies and Magazines, the Weekly and the Daily Press

Football Hooligans

Author : Gary Armstrong
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This book examines how groups of young male fans come to be defined and identified as football `hooligans and challenges the assumption that violence is wholly central to the match-day experience for these supporters. Rather, the creation of identity is at the root of hooliganism, with all the cultural values and rituals, codes of honour and shame, and communal patterns of behaviour and consumption that accompany it. The author locates hooliganism historically within the milieu of an industrial working class culture and examines ideas of performance and ritual encompassed in idealized masculinity. The book is based on a decades in-depth study of the `Blades, a group of football fans supporting Sheffield United, who are notorious for their hooliganism. It contributes to the debate on football hooliganism by challenging many traditionally-held notions of hooliganism and by providing the first anthropological study of football violence. The book also debunks the myth that violence between football fans is organized by `generals operating within hierarchically structured groups. Falsehoods such as this, it is argued, are advanced to augment the powers of the police and media in redefining and controlling particular groups of individuals whose behaviour does not fit easily within increasingly constrictive codes of social conduct. This book represents essential reading not only for undergraduates of social anthropology, sociology and criminology but also for the general reader with an interest in football culture.

Football Crazy Activity Book For Kids Age 8 12

Author : Creative Kids Studio
File Size : 42.9 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Football Crazy Activity Book is bursting with footie-inspired puzzles, brainteasers, colouring pages, quizzes, mazes, spot-the-ball and loads more.Created specially for football mad kids age 8-12yrs, there's hours of creative and brain stimulating fun - all you need are pencil and pens. Boys and girls, no matter which team they support will love this anti-boredom, large format edition in A4. Perfect for birthdays, Christmas and holidays. See the full range of Football Crazy books including: Football Crazy Wordsearch For Kids Age 5-7 Football Crazy Wordsearch For Kids Age 8-12 Football Crazy Colouring Book For Kids Age 4-7 Football Crazy Colouring Book For Kids Age 8-12 Football Crazy Activity Book For Kids Age 4-7 Football Crazy Activity Book For Kids Age 8-12

Sons of Guns

Author : Matt Watson
File Size : 87.64 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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When the AFL's father-son rule was introduced in the 1940s, it gave emerging players the chance to live out the ultimate lifelong dream: to play for the same beloved club as their fathers. This is about as sentimental as football gets. Today some of the AFL's finest players are the sons of guns - legends like Mitchell, Ablett, Watson, Shaw, Fletcher, Kennedy, Hawkins, to name just a few - and many of them have given frank and candid interviews for this book. Sons of Guns takes us inside a number of these famous footballing families - the successes, failures and incidents that have never before been made public. The fathers confide doubts about whether their sons would ever make it, and the incredible pride when they did, while the sons describe overcoming the burden of their surname to forge their own identity. This is an insightful and hugely inspiring book about generations of men in the same family who shared the dedication, courage, toughness and desire it takes to succeed at the ultimate level. 'These true stories from and about footballing dynasties are a delight. The Australian