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Fourier and Laplace Transforms

Author : H. G. ter Morsche
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A 2003 textbook on Fourier and Laplace transforms for undergraduate and graduate students.

An Introduction to Laplace Transforms and Fourier Series

Author : Phil Dyke
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In this book, there is a strong emphasis on application with the necessary mathematical grounding. There are plenty of worked examples with all solutions provided. This enlarged new edition includes generalised Fourier series and a completely new chapter on wavelets. Only knowledge of elementary trigonometry and calculus are required as prerequisites. An Introduction to Laplace Transforms and Fourier Series will be useful for second and third year undergraduate students in engineering, physics or mathematics, as well as for graduates in any discipline such as financial mathematics, econometrics and biological modelling requiring techniques for solving initial value problems.

An Introduction to Fourier Methods and the Laplace Transformation

Author : Philip Franklin
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Distribution Theory

Author : Gerrit Dijk
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The theory of distributions has numerous applications and is extensively used in mathematics, physics and engineering. There is however relatively little elementary expository literature on distribution theory. This book is intended as an introduction. Starting with the elementary theory of distributions, it proceeds to convolution products of distributions, Fourier and Laplace transforms, tempered distributions, summable distributions and applications. The theory is illustrated by several examples, mostly beginning with the case of the real line and then followed by examples in higher dimensions. This is a justified and practical approach, it helps the reader to become familiar with the subject. A moderate number of exercises are added. It is suitable for a one-semester course at the advanced undergraduate or beginning graduatelevelor for self-study.

Laplace Transforms Essentials

Author : Morteza Shafii-Mousavi
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Topics include the Laplace transform, the inverse Laplace transform, special functions and properties, applications to ordinary linear differential equations, Fourier transforms, applications to integral and difference equations, applications to boundary value problems, and tables.

Fourier Series and Integral Transforms

Author : Allan Pinkus
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Textbook covering the basics of Fourier series, Fourier transforms and Laplace transforms.

Laplace Transforms for Electronic Engineers

Author : James G. Holbrook
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Laplace Transforms for Electronic Engineers, Second (Revised) Edition details the theoretical concepts and practical application of Laplace transformation in the context of electrical engineering. The title is comprised of 10 chapters that cover the whole spectrum of Laplace transform theory that includes advancement, concepts, methods, logic, and application. The book first covers the functions of a complex variable, and then proceeds to tackling the Fourier series and integral, the Laplace transformation, and the inverse Laplace transformation. The next chapter details the Laplace transform theorems. The subsequent chapters talk about the various applications of the Laplace transform theories, such as network analysis, transforms of special waveshapes and pulses, electronic filters, and other specialized applications. The text will be of great interest to electrical engineers and technicians.

The Fast Laplace Transform

Author : Frederick M. Tesche
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Fourier Series and Integral Transforms

Author : Sreenadh S./ Ranganatham S./ Prasad M.V.S.S.N. & Babu, Ramesh V.
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For the Students of B.A., B.Sc. (Third Year) as per UGC MODEL CURRICULUM

Integral Transforms and Their Applications

Author : Lokenath Debnath
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Keeping the style, content, and focus that made the first edition a bestseller, Integral Transforms and their Applications, Second Edition stresses the development of analytical skills rather than the importance of more abstract formulation. The authors provide a working knowledge of the analytical methods required in pure and applied mathematics, physics, and engineering. The second edition includes many new applications, exercises, comments, and observations with some sections entirely rewritten. It contains more than 500 worked examples and exercises with answers as well as hints to selected exercises. The most significant changes in the second edition include: New chapters on fractional calculus and its applications to ordinary and partial differential equations, wavelets and wavelet transformations, and Radon transform Revised chapter on Fourier transforms, including new sections on Fourier transforms of generalized functions, Poissons summation formula, Gibbs phenomenon, and Heisenbergs uncertainty principle A wide variety of applications has been selected from areas of ordinary and partial differential equations, integral equations, fluid mechanics and elasticity, mathematical statistics, fractional ordinary and partial differential equations, and special functions A broad spectrum of exercises at the end of each chapter further develops analytical skills in the theory and applications of transform methods and a deeper insight into the subject A systematic mathematical treatment of the theory and method of integral transforms, the book provides a clear understanding of the subject and its varied applications in mathematics, applied mathematics, physical sciences, and engineering.

Continuous and Discrete Signals and Systems

Author : Samir S. Soliman
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Laplace and Fourier Transforms for Electrical Engineers

Author : Edward J. Craig
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Tables of Laplace Heaviside Fourier and Z Transforms

Author : Martin Healey
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Fourier Analysis and Its Applications

Author : G. B. Folland
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This book presents the theory and applications of Fourier series and integrals, eigenfunction expansions, and related topics, on a level suitable for advanced undergraduates. It includes material on Bessel functions, orthogonal polynomials, and Laplace transforms, and it concludes with chapters on generalized functions and Green's functions for ordinary and partial differential equations. The book deals almost exclusively with aspects of these subjects that are useful in physics and engineering, and includes a wide variety of applications. On the theoretical side, it uses ideas from modern analysis to develop the concepts and reasoning behind the techniques without getting bogged down in the technicalities of rigorous proofs.

Introduction to Partial Differential Equations

Author : Arne Broman
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The self-contained treatment covers Fourier series, orthogonal systems, Fourier and Laplace transforms, Bessel functions, and partial differential equations of the first and second orders. 266 exercises with solutions. 1970 edition.

Laplace and Fourier Transforms

Author : M. D. Raisinghania
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Integral Transforms and Their Applications Third Edition

Author : Lokenath Debnath
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Integral Transforms and Their Applications, Third Edition covers advanced mathematical methods for many applications in science and engineering. The book is suitable as a textbook for senior undergraduate and first-year graduate students and as a reference for professionals in mathematics, engineering, and applied sciences. It presents a systematic development of the underlying theory as well as a modern approach to Fourier, Laplace, Hankel, Mellin, Radon, Gabor, wavelet, and Z transforms and their applications. New to the Third Edition New material on the historical development of classical and modern integral transforms New sections on Fourier transforms of generalized functions, the Poisson summation formula, the Gibbs phenomenon, and the Heisenberg uncertainty principle Revised material on Laplace transforms and double Laplace transforms and their applications New examples of applications in mechanical vibrations, electrical networks, quantum mechanics, integral and functional equations, fluid mechanics, mathematical statistics, special functions, and more New figures that facilitate a clear understanding of physical explanations Updated exercises with solutions, tables of integral transforms, and bibliography Through numerous examples and end-of-chapter exercises, this book develops readers’ analytical and computational skills in the theory and applications of transform methods. It provides accessible working knowledge of the analytical methods and proofs required in pure and applied mathematics, physics, and engineering, preparing readers for subsequent advanced courses and research in these areas.

Fourier Transforms and Approximations

Author : A M Sedletskii
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Three classes of Fourier transforms are presented: Fourier (Laplace) transforms on the halfline, Fourier transforms of measures with compact support and Fourier transforms of rapidly decreasing functions (on whole line). The focus is on the behaviour of Fourier transforms in the region of analyticity and the distribution of their zeros. Applications of results are presented: approximation by exponentials on the finite interval; behavior of the nonharmonic Fourier series; Müntz-Szasz's problem of approximation by powers on unit interval; approximation by weighted exponentials on whole line.

Integral Transforms of Generalized Functions

Author : Brychkov
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English translation (from revised and enlarged versions of the Russian editions of 1977 and 1984) of a reference work which makes available to engineers, physicists and applied mathematicians theoretical and tabular material pertaining to certain extensions of standard integral transform techniques. Diverse transforms are touched upon, but the emphasis (particularly in the tables) is on generalized Fourier and Laplace transforms. Some multi-dimensional results are presented. Expensive, but nicely produced, and redundant with nothing standard to the reference shelves of mathematical libraries. (NW) Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Pragati s Laplace and Fourier Transforms

Author : J. K. Goyal
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