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Genocide War Crimes and the West

Author : Doctor Adam Jones
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Genocide and war crimes are increasingly the focus of scholarly and activist attention. Much controversy exists over how, precisely, these grim phenomena should be defined and conceptualized. Genocide, War Crimes & the West tackles this controversy, and clarifies our understanding of an important but under-researched dimension: the involvement of the US and other liberal democracies in actions that are conventionally depicted as the exclusive province of totalitarian and authoritarian regimes. Many of the authors are eminent scholars and/or renowned activists; in most cases, their contributions are specifically written for this volume. In the opening and closing sections of the book, analytical issues are considered, including questions of responsibility for genocide and war crimes, and institutional responses at both the domestic and international levels. The central section is devoted to an unprecedentedly broad range of original case studies of western involvement, or alleged involvement, in war crimes and genocide. At a moment in history when terrorism has become a near universal focus of public attention, this volume makes clear why the West, as a result of both its historical legacy and contemporary actions, so often excites widespread resentment and opposition throughout the rest of the world.

Exam Prep for Genocide War Crimes and the West History

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Encyclopedia of War Crimes and Genocide

Author : Leslie Alan Horvitz
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Entries address topics related to genocide, crimes against humanity and peace, and human rights violations; profile perpetrators including Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, and Idi Amin; and discuss institutions set up to prosecute these crimes in countries around the world.

Cultural Practices Political Possibilities

Author : Rohee Dasgupta
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Culture has long been regarded as one of the most complicated concepts in the social sciences, possibly over theorized. Its ubiquity, tangled senses of particularity and the almost universal recognition of that assumed particularity require an extended vocabulary for framing the politics embedded in it. Cultural Practices, Political Possibilities attempts to explain the political significance and overlaps of cultural constructions as witnessed in global-local clashes, convergences of texts and contexts, within the state and community, identity and the self. Through various case-studies, concepts and interdisciplinary perspectives, the multinational group of authors from diverse academic backgrounds interprets cultural constructions of politics as factionalizing, identitarian, situational and particularistic in their links, affirmations and consequential divides. Each contribution, in its unique way explores the performative asymmetries and contradictions witnessed in diverse cultural interactions that shape new areas of political investigation. The book will be welcomed by students of international relations, environmental politics, sociology, anthropology and cultural studies.

The End of Tolerance

Author : Arun Kundnani
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Is Britain becoming a more racist society? Leading media commentator Arun Kundnani looks behind media hysteria to show how multicultural Britain is under attack by government policies and vitriolic press campaigns that play upon fear and encourage racism. Exacerbated by the attacks of 9/11 and 7/7, Kundnani argues that a new form of racism is emerging, one that is based on a systemic failure to understand the causes of forced migration, global terrorism, and social segregation. The result is a climate of hatred, especially against Muslims and asylum seekers. Communities are more divided than ever. Yet the government presses ahead with flawed policies and antiterrorist legislation that creates further resentment. Behind it all lies a refusal to grasp the ways in which the world has been changed by globalization. What can be done? This timely and precise analysis is a useful account of why racism is now thriving and what can be done to stop it. It will be of interest to anyone who is appalled by the current state of race relations in Britain and it should be required readding for all policy makers

Perspectives on Global Development and Technology

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Reparations for Victims of Genocide War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity

Author : Carla Ferstman
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This 2nd edition of Reparations for Victims of Genocide, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity provides a rich tapestry of practice in the evolving field of reparations. It provides new chapters and expert reflections on developments in all parts of the world. First published in a hardbound edition, this second, fully revised and updated edition, is now available in paperback.

A People Betrayed

Author : Linda Melvern
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Melvern reveals how the great powers failed to heed the warnings of the coming catastrophe, and refused to recognise it when, in 1994, up to one million people were killed in Rwanda in a deliberate, public and political campaign.

Debates on the Holocaust

Author : Tom Lawson
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Debates on the Holocaust is the first attempt to survey the development of Holocaust historiography for a generation. It analyses the development of history writing on the destruction of the European Jews from just before the end of the Second World War to the present day, and argues forcefully that history writing is as much about the present as it is the past. The book guides the reader through the major debates in Holocaust historiography and shows how all of these controversies are as much products of their own time as they are attempts to uncover the past. Debates on the Holocaust will appeal to sixth form and undergraduate students and their teachers, Holocaust historians and anyone interested in either the destruction of the European Jews or in the process by which we access and understand the past.

The Ecologist

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Serbia s Secret War

Author : Philip J. Cohen
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An entire piece of Serbian history is missing. And in the middle of the latest Yugoslav war - Europe's worst blood bath since World War II - Serbian politicians, propagandists, and revisionist historians have made a cynical attempt at replacing the missing piece by rewriting the Holocaust record. They claim that Serbs were not Nazi collaborators in genocide, but purely victims of the same atrocities that befell the Jews; and that Serbian aspirations for a Greater Serbia are not driven by a murderous, nationalistic hatred, but rather are propelled by a victim's desire to lay claim to a safe homeland, a Serbian Promised Land. Thus has the current spilling of blood been justified. Philip J. Cohen argues that the existence of such a propaganda campaign, emanating from Belgrade, began in the earliest days of the post-World War II era and, since then, has been reflected in the world media, as well as in popular commentary and scholarly analysis. More astonishing is that this campaign has been widely successful, particularly in Israel. Remarkable for its broad portrayal and penetrating examination of the Yugoslav social and political experience, Serbia's Secret War draws heavily on documents that have been previously unavailable to the West. Some of the written record has been translated and is published here for the first time. Destined to be regarded as an important contribution to the field, Cohen's careful study of the Serbian role in the Second World War will dramatically alter how scholars, policy makers, and the general public view the bloodshed in the former Yugoslavia - and how they will come to understand the reasons behind it.

Weapons Warfare Warfare culture and concepts

Author : John Powell
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Presents information about weaponry, tactics, and modes of warfare worldwide, from ancient times to the present, and discusses the cultural, sociopolitical, and ethical aspects of weaponry and warfare.

Genocide in Bangladesh

Author : Kalyan Chaudhuri
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The Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law

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Australia and the United Nations

Author : James Cotton
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This landmark reference work is the first complete history of Australia and its relationship with, and role within, the United Nations. On 17 January 1946, when the United Nations Security Council held its inaugural session, an Australian representative, Norman Makin, presided.If all members adhered to the principles of the United Nations Charter, predicted Makin, the United Nations would become "a great power for the good of the world, bringing that freedom from fear, which is necessary before we can hope for progress and welfare in all lands". Australia and the United Nations traces how Australia committed itself to the United Nations project, from before the convening of the first United Nations Security Council until the eve of its election to a fifth term on that body. The book begins with Australian involvement with the organisation that preceded the United Nations, the League of Nations. It then analyses the role played by Australian Minister for External Affairs, HV Evatt, and his staff in framing the United Nations Charter at San Francisco in 1945. Three chapters analyse Australia's diplomacy towards the Security Council, its efforts in peacekeeping, and evolving policies and attitudes towards arms control and disarmament. Two chapters discuss Australia's engagement with the United Nations' manifold specialised agencies and the role of the broader UN family in development. Another two chapters are devoted to a study of Australia's role in areas of United Nations operation only dimly foreseen by its founders at San Francisco-decolonisation and the environment. The two final chapters examine Australia's contribution to the promotion of human rights and international law and the important role it has played seeking to improve the United Nations' performance to equip it to meet new challenges in global politics. Australia and the United Nations tells us what was done in the past, and why. It is essential reading for anyone who wants to better understand Australia's multilateral diplomacy, and our future choices.

The Oxford Companion to Black British History

Author : David Dabydeen
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The Oxford Companion to Black British History is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the long and fascinating history of black people in the British Isles, from African auxiliaries stationed on Hadrian's Wall in the 2nd century AD, through John Edmonstone, who taughttaxidermy to Charles Darwin, Mary Seacole, the 'Black Florence Nightingale', and Walter Tull, footballer and First World War officer, to the 'Windrush Generation' and our own day. Extended entries for key concepts, such as Emancipation and Reparations. It is a timely book: the Qualifications andCurriculum Authority highlighted in their annual report of December 2005 the need to give more attention to the wider teaching of black history. OCBBH brings together a unique collection of articles which provides an overview of the black presence in Britain, and the rich and diverse contributionmade to British society.

Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity

Author : Dinah Shelton
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This volume, covering entries T-Z, presents information on those acts that fall within the definitions developed over the past century of crimes under international law: war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity.

The Specter of Genocide

Author : Strassler Professor in Holocaust History Center for Holocaust Studies Department of History Robert Gellately
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Offers an up-to-date, comprehensive history and analyses of multiple cases of genocide and genocidal acts.


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A Nation is Born

Author : Kabir Chowdhury
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Papers and report of the proceedings.